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tv   [untitled]    September 5, 2012 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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killed another one. speech separatist. currently being held by police. with. neutrality. territorial disputes.
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inside the country with. neighboring states. deep inside the syrian conflict right now. as the conflict in syria continues to unfold under the watchful gaze of the world's media there are all those that say that we aren't receiving the full picture of what's going on on the ground in the embattled middle eastern country now one of those people joins me right now manuel oxon the writer thank you very much for speaking to me thank you well to start off how long were you in syria and where were you mean what did you see i was for nine days in syria in july and i was exactly the time when the so-called bentyl of damascus was reaching and i was
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inside the mosque with all the time and i could compare every day the worldwide media coverage with what i saw with my own eyes now what you saw while you were on the ground in syria doesn't seem to fit with what we're seeing on our t.v. screens does it well at first it is a difference everybody saw what's in damascus because the worldwide media coverage of the mainstream media coverage claimed that the massacres is what's at that time when this so-called battle of the massacres that massacres will cain or the opposition of the rebel to the armed opposition called this operation they were seeing that hold the mouse because it's on fire their heavy fighting so i think even a couple of days later when the battle was reaching they were saying that now the rebels are so close to the city center that they are a power to conquer now the city the government will fall i was inside the city and then you didn't see any of them therefore there was no war in the city of course
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they were in some suburbs you saw that that they were fighting but it wasn't at all a better reaching inside the city now in terms of the scale of this conflict nine days isn't a whole lot of time to spend on the ground there has been going on for over a year what you saw though did you feel that that was typical of what was the beliefs and feelings of people in syria in general what i didn't we. this is the beginning what what happened in march or in april last year when when the demonstrations and so on began and what eyewitnesses i spoke to a lot of people who are not outspoken not with the syrian government and they didn't have any problems to tell me as a foreign journalist that they are not with their government but in this is i think the most important difference to the media coverage here they were all against this war which is now raging so they said all of the we are not with our government right now we support our army in pushing back the foreign terrorists from our
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countries so then we can make the changes and the reforms we need in our country now you've been quite critical of german foreign policy concerning syria one of the main problems for you well first of all it's really ridiculous how drew many seems to react on what is happening in syria because. i got very much the impression that the german policy makers the german politicians get all their information by the mainstream media and i ask myself why did we use to have an embassy in this country why did we use to have diplomatic personnel in this country and by the way why do we have a secret service who is monitoring what is going on we are doing a lot of things based on. more or less very very bad information sources but when it comes out later that it's wrong we don't step back now their example which is maybe a little bit more funny if you compared but it's serious of course if you look of about the political consequence of the tapes was the so-called syrian gager if you
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remember last year in june there are several n.g.o.s homosexuals in she owes where not just to clarify what you're speaking about was a a blog that was supposed to be from a lesbian woman in syria that turned out to actually be written by a man based in scotland. so so it was it came out in june there was a big campaign they were claiming that this syrian girl which never existed which is also it well known today that she never existed that she was arrested by the assad security forces so the german chairman for for human rights in the german foreign ministry marcos learning from the liberal party was immediately reacting he gave a statement on what happened and he was saying this is showing obvious that there's a sub government is not taking seriously the reforms in t. show the release immediately i mean up dollar so what came out i think just two or
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two or three days later it came out that it was as you say at the u.s. american guy located in scotland to making this block so it was a complete fraud so what was for me interesting as a journalist where two questions the first question was how does it how does it manage that german official is reacting so quick. such an issue and the second much more important question is when it comes out later that it is also fraught how do we react do we say sorry do we take it back do we corrected for the german audience are you a critique of of the citizen journalism i'm not i'm not criticizing it generally because this citizen journalism can be a really important instrument but what we learn about the within the conflict of syria is that this so-called citizen journalism is abused by several the end shiels by by lobby groups who are abusing like their life for what for what ends are they being abused for making pressure on politicians for making decisions for example
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the decision of breaking up diplomatic relations with a country that is the decision to support with financial means and with technology means the so-called opposition to make. but who gains from that no nobody makes a decision nobody pushes this hard without gaining something and what you're saying who gains out of the situation you put forward well they have they are there are a couple of interest groups who benefit from such a politics you have it first the interest groups of the big interests interest groups of the western governments who want to have the regime change there and who are supporting that the information you get from these countries are very much one sided or money that where you are speaking about information there was a statement it came out from a senior u.s. military official who said that if you want information on syria first call is always to germany germany is far more involved in this than most people think only
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yes unforgivably and it's really really very embarrassing for for germany because what i don't see what i really don't see is any german national interest so in my opinion this shows in particular foreign politics that germany's they're not really acting like a super in state should do me personally i don't see a necessity why we should. invite fifty syrian opposition worlds to germany to educate them in berlin by educate what do you mean political trading what we are doing by that is that we support the overthrow of the syrian government we are interfering in syrian why shouldn't germany train these people and how the democratic process works to make sure that syria isn't run by the guy with the most guns in his hands is that our german chop is that our german shock to train people from all over the road what happens if their government is overthrown and a revolution is taking palace what with the russian what the russians say if if we train our people to overthrow putin what would the u.s. american see if we train now here by taxpayers money so we all donating this is the
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germans for a revolution in u.s. or in any other country so we are now or in that case of syria maybe the populations are look this government is so cruel and this assad is so mean he's so brutally slaughter it's good that we train these people because it basis and we were talking before on this wrong information and they don't that's wrong image about what is going on that country so you see this this fits together but as i said if this is really my point of view it's not our job as germans to educate them to train people for taking over governments in other countries it's not our job to do our job is to get good relations to put the government's existing this is my point well this conflict in syria isn't going anywhere anytime soon it does seem and it's plenty much more we could talk about safer now thank you very much ben well thank you.
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i had a family i lived in a fairly nice community wasn't which was an upscale it was just like you know archie bunker society ok then they started showing up what happened was my company decided i could get cheap labor and they got rid of. rosa legally legally we have to get up every morning we have to go to work and you know we have to pay our bills and we have to do it and that's just the american dream and if you want the american dream you have to go by the last i figure it's here's one of the major trails and states. i watch and they run run down my property and about this noise. all those people mean that cockroaches from coming
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over the wire is protecting the country and the kind of guy who doesn't mind goodness pay and sturdy so i come out here you know we're all immigrants as well that we all do some somewhere else. wealthy british style sun it's time to rise.
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if blind russia would be so much brighter if you knew about someone from funniest impressions. whose friends totty dot com. they were young and high flying. their careers were on takeoff. that flight for them was one of many. and the last one. locomotive. leaving the ice on archy. in his first t.v. interview since his inauguration one of what if mitt romney gets in a could you work with him sarah. will work with whoever gets elected as president
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by the american people but our effort will only be as efficient as our partners allow it to be bloody near putin speaks exclusively to r.t. .
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headlines on our t.v. one person is killed another injured in the back by a gunman who opened fire during the victory speech of the newly elected separatist premier suspect currently is being held by police. and the un accuses foreign nations of escalating the syrian conflict by supplying arms to all sides as fighting in the main cities forces thousands to flee the violence has displaced more than a million inside the country with over two hundred thousand refugees now in neighboring states. and with barack obama pitching for reelection his government is trying to mend strained ties with china but beijing has criticised washington for backing regional allies while claiming neutrality over asia pacific territorial
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disputes. let's get into now the world of course you know good to see you today and you too guessing that you know moscow is going to be figuring rather heavily into a bulletin today you've got it in war now. because today now no man won the first ice hockey game of the year a little bit earlier and also their football counterparts are being linked with a move for our shop and we've got more in both those stories and much more right now right. thanks for joining us this is a big sport today we have got plenty head for you including. dynamic return p.h.l. champions the now moscow age run a shop on card three two on penalties in the opening match of the new season. transfer talk british media report that i had
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a favor attack around three our shop and is set to leave arsenal for a permanent move to moscow. breaking new ground the first f.i.f.a. sanction motorsport event to ever take place in russia wraps up just outside. a let's start with ice hockey where the fifth season of the kontinental hockey league is underway the annual first vs second curtain raiser saying defending champions to come from behind to claim a shootout win over our vanguard and lifting or girl luck motif cup causing team to top off watch the action for us. to additionally the cup winners faced the finalists once again in the opening fixture of the new season and it seemed as if the previous season had never stopped as cup holders denominate took to the ice to meet are on guard the game turn out to be a repeat of last season's final where the must go away team beat the omes side to leave the trophy in a seven match the real one eight minutes into the opening period and i'm done
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korean and rifled back home to give on guard and one thing lead it to some time to get back into it but denise conquer if levelled matters four minutes before the end of the second converging on a powerplay and the blue and white should have scored in the material by bank of failed to capitalize on a penalty shot however the playoff top scorer me haleigh neeson did give denominate two one lead in a powerplay in the decisive period but seven minutes before the final buzzer i wonder. may the old square again. one time to pinpoint bass from alexander for a lot of on a counterattack this core line didn't change in the overtime and the game went to shoot out thirty year old forward for all or was the only a longer plead to put his name on the scoreboard in the shoot out wild in a new signing swede that he heard and that exceeds with both send the box into the back of the net speak to kill it to wrap up the blue and whites first when they
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were separated by i think especially for the second period we were the better team or. at least i think so do better than we did and even score a little bit more goals it was the first match so we were a little bit overwhelmed by you motions is good that we managed to win the and earn points so do you know i came from behind this shootout tweener over their rivals from the eastern conference in the opening cracker and defeat k h l season promises to meet the high expectations and become the best in the history constantine but out of. the scarred house clearly demonstrated leadership skills way beyond his years prompting his colorado avalanche to make in the n.h.l. is youngest ever team captain the swede as he aged only nineteen the league meanwhile is still locked in a labor stalemates with a lockout now looking crease in the lackey. expect to see it all supposed to not.
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but at the same time let me know if you are ready for the recession was rumored for it so. let's talk football russia kick off the road to rio twenty four campaign this week fabio capello's charge is gearing up to take on northern ireland in a world cup qualifier on friday but for the first time in a long time there will be no they're after these new teams captaincy the arsenal are talking was promptly left out of the squad altogether for this weekend's clash it's now believed he could be about to leave london for a permanent move to. the thirty one year old feeling term president boss is enough after a long move to simply give berg last season british newspaper reports claiming arsenal are ready for that arshad and go on a free transfer. was a neat new fifty million dollars. will be settling down up north soon as he prepares to take the field with former portuguese league rival a new team at hulk incent petersburg but for now the belgian midfielder is focused on helping his national team in the world cup qualifiers the twenty three year old
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pictured on the right is a busy man these days as he gets to travel to cardiff with this come potteries this week for about the with wales that take place on friday expectations are also going to be huge once he arrives in russia as he becomes the third biggest transfer this summer signing. of becoming a champions league contender with the two additions with former benfica man fit so eager to prove his worth in the northern capital a move to the worst it's not up to me to say whether i'm worth forty million euro or not you have to ask the person who bought it for me it is prove that zenaida really wanted me and trusted me and it's up to me when i go there to do the maximum for the club. and golf america's ryder cup captain davis love the third house picked his wild card for the competition which begins later this month steve stricker justin johnson brad snedeker and two thousand and three u.s. open champion jim furyk the chosen ones joining tiger woods and co as team usa seek to wrestle the trophy away from defending champions europe we have a great a team
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a team member new nucleus that we got as ounce of the p.g.a. championship with keegan bradley jason dufner zach johnson. phil mickelson webb simpson bubba watson and tiger woods an incredible a they've been playing great obviously all year we're very excited about them i couldn't be excited more excited about our team to rugby union where warren gatland has been named as the british lions coach for next year's tour of australia on hong kong the new zealander will become only the second foreigner to coach the lions in the one hundred twenty five year history they fail to win the tour since ranking ninety seven gallon the remaining us wheels coach wants the tour is over next year's campaign features ten matches the first of which will be against a bear ins and hong kong on three tests against the wallabies in brisbane melbourne and sydney for me was surreal really it's a minute to minute i want to. it's will be the pinnacle of creativity something to
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be in charge of the lawns and i really to know what it's the history of that little girl on the rings and so that we. know that his theories are using a very very special formula one ferrari are gearing up for their home free there are eight stages left this season including this weekend's race in silly ferrari's fernando alonso currently the man to catch with a twenty four point lead at the top of the drivers' championship. the most important race of the year. we had a race in at home we have a lot of support from all the good forces. your story has been always very good but the few months or so. i will perform on sunday. another slice of motor sport history has been made in russia they g t one championships holding a stage of their world ter in moscow for the very first time at the weekend it follows an earlier in or girl event in superbikes. more on this particular event
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not only was it the first time that the g.t. championship had come to russia but also for the first time the she both the g.t. won the world championships and the mostly amateur g.t. three european championships lined up together on the same grid. despite bad with that and little knowledge of the newly built moscow raceway track the drivers were quick to adapt belgian audi club team w quality completed a solid g.t. one qualifying race florence one full and still fun for the telly secured ball position well oliver jarvis and frank steep finished third at the same time g.t. three championship leaders maximillian burke and dominic bowman won the battle with the treacherous conditions to take the first race we know it's a first time we were assisted to do wanker guys and i had a lot of fun it was not easy to. contact with us to do my race
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my target was to get a good gap to have to do is very guys but overall it was a great race meanwhile nova drive a pair. and saves a company claim they made in g t three victory in an incident packed race two while the battling g t one was in full flow but it wasn't without its glitches as the safety car had to be deployed twice g to stand in water on the track. however it was the hexis racing mclaren team who recorded the hard fought want to finish this off i know we had an amazing car and. did a fantastic result for the team and again for the championship it's beautiful does a great deal here and russia the mclaren drivers secured victory by over twenty five seconds which puts them back in contention in the driver's championship second was the ceased the car of alviro parenting and did what jim was did well stipulation jarvis took third bringing to an end
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a very challenging debut in russia. chose. moscow region challenging one and a historic one great stuff that is your sport fly whether it's next. well for the future science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. in his first t.v. interview since his inauguration. you might just as well i'm not one tonne of all of its inmates and bring them to syria to do the fighting they're practically the same calling to people bloody near putin speaks exclusively to r.t. .
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