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tv   [untitled]    September 5, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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one person was killed and another injured in quebec by a gunman who opened fire during the victory speech of the newly elected separatist premier at. the un accuses foreign nations of escalating the syrian conflict by supplying arms to all sides fighting in the main cities forces thousands to flee. with barack obama pitching for reelection the u.s. tries to mend strained ties with beijing china wants washington to keep its nose out of asia pacific.
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online on screen international news and comment live from the new center here in moscow the forty year old man has been shot dead of the separatist election victory rally in the canadian province of quebec one other person was injured and a suspect is being held by police the shooting interrupted the acceptance speech of premier poorly moron who was telling his supporters that quebec needs to become a sovereign country canadian radio journalist michael boy said this will have consequences for an already divided society. it was where the victory speech was being held and. essentially was did what they call the pac tea cake was that was elected that they had been in opposition for quite some time and they were elected as the minority government that's when when the leader was making her victory speech and she was hustled off the stage very quickly then we later learned from what we saw on cameras outside is that somebody was arrested somebody burst
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into the back of the building then shot somebody in the vestibule so one man died another injured and somebody else was taken to hospital for a shock that's a very sad because as he was being hauled away into the cop cars that he said you know the english will are waking up and we're referring to you know the very defensive nature of. you know their years and years and years of confrontation about you know about the party and their ideas to separate fact from the rest of the country and it's a very divisive topic and the fact that they were elected as a minority as many see it as a defeat and of threat. to come back and canada as a whole country the separatist party has said during the election campaign that they're not going to hold a referendum if the time is not right if that's not really what the population wants really what we're hearing is that it's only about twenty eight percent of the population that would affect the border referendum if we were to have one so it is
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it is relatively low comparison to what we've seen in the past lot of angle phones or are fraid of his that they will feed is as an attack from that the english on the french which you know certainly is the case you can take the actions of one person and spread it on the thousands and thousands of people there's a certain fear that there will be more more anglo hatred in the province independent journalist robert honey believes that the english and french speaking canadians will continue to grow further a strange day. it would be nice to believe that the man is just a lunatic it's pretty clear email be a lunatic but he is motivated by the divisions in canada one has to remember that divisions go both ways. because the english canadians under the british empire always ruled the roost the french canadians began to become very bitter about this and inevitably over time that's caused many problems and they want autonomy and i think that it is going to revive
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a passion of the civil service the right way to put it that's putting in just a little bit emotional obviously it will and some english canadians feel very strongly about this as of course to some french i don't think the. it's going to change us long term view of that situation of quebec in canada tactically obviously she isn't going to want to stir up passions in in quebec where i would certainly hope not well clearly the people who feel passionately that quebec should remain part of a canadian nation are never going to trust her because she lost a party which believes in the maximum amount of autonomy so correct they can get a referendum through voting for independence at the moment and maybe in their hearts that's not really what they want but they have achieved the autonomy in language and in other things which has been very important to them i don't
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personally believe if you ask me what i really feel. complete independence is on the cards but real autonomy yes definitely. there are moves for independence over in europe and municipality in catalonia has reportedly proclaimed its autonomy from spain central government get off a man's as a member of right wing belgian political party vlaams belang which wants independence for flanders region from belgium he believes he calls for sovereignty come because people feel they're very identity is under attack. but fronts are coming from the fact that almost always greater and larger entities try to abolish the ethnic reality and languages the culture of cetera from people that are more normally should be independent or should have their sovereignty that they are all both always more and more abolished by a greater entities like european union etc and it should be more modern in our view
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too to acknowledge that smaller entities are a better way to deal with things when people are not hurt by the authorities or part of their government they try to get signals through elections and these signals are not being ignored and more if they are ignored for instance by the european union or any other entity well people in democratic elections will revise their the way they are treated by these institutions and this institution should deal more with the realities and should not go on the way they are doing now. well coming up in just a few minutes from now on to the pussy riot phenomenon we take a closer look at the motives and methods behind the fame and infamy the controversial russian punk band. clashes between government troops and rebels are continuing in syria's largest city of aleppo with assad's
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forces and strikes and opposition forces activists say violence that killed over one hundred people monday with the free syrian army claiming to be winning the phones the syrian government insists they'll be no negotiations until security is achieved meanwhile the new york the u.n. chief thank you has blamed weapon supplies to both sides of the conflict spreading misery and turning into a brutal war these were important as the details. the secretary general of the u.n. bonn ki-moon addressed the international body giving them an update on the crisis in syria saying the humanitarian circumstance and situation there is only deteriorating and getting worse by the day according to the u.n. chief he said that the humanitarian response on the part of the u.n. is getting harder and harder because the response plan that the u.n. has set up is only half funded and it's supposed to be fully funded at one hundred eighty million dollars so he said as austerity measures are being implemented by
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countries all around the world less countries are donating to a mission that is supposed to be helping out those syrians in need now the general assembly was very interested in eager to hear from mr lockhart rahimi he is the new joint special representative for syria mr brahimi replaced kofi annan he said when addressing the general assembly that it will be up to the syrians and only the syrians to decide the fate of their future mr brahimi will be traveling to cairo in the coming days to meet with the secretary general of the arab league and then he will be traveling to the mask. yes to meet with syrian president bashar al assad so clearly he has his work cut out for him in the coming days and weeks ahead but of course syria is staying a priority within the united nations general assembly and the security council weeks we can expect for a lot of more conversations to be taking place in the month of september when the
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u.n. general assembly debate begins in the next coming weeks. president vladimir putin has given r.t. an exclusive interview his first since returning to power he was pushing his views on the case of the russian punk band pussy riot three of its members were jailed for two years after staging a punk prayer in the country's main cathedral. in his first t.v. interview since his inauguration. i'm aware of the case but i'm not getting involved in any way. bloodier putin speaks exclusively to r.t. . the scandal around pussy riot refuses to go away even weeks after three of its members were jailed that's because an old and controversial video involving the group has been unearthed what is really nicholas has the details. they are inherently members of the our group why not i and i'm talking about the oh who seem to be concerned with making a political statement at least that's what they claim but they seem to be more concerned with the reaction that they get the message therefore becomes secondary
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and tertiary and the primary reason they are actually doing what they're doing seems to be to get a rise out of the public to get some sort of a provocative emotional response so this is exactly what the president what the see right seem to have been doing for example one of course the latest on the loudest such performance was the punk prayer the so-called punk prayer the crisis where they were jumping out by the altar on the pulpit and yelling things which were rather press trained to the church of course three members off group with you right were convicted and sentenced to two years in prison now there was also another case which also made waves and was really concerned considered provocative by a lot of russians but it's not so well known in the west this of course involves one of the members of the pussy riot group and you have to remember that there is almost a dozen girls in there one of the members performed a sexual act with the chick and that of course was rather provocative and wasn't quite clear what exactly they were trying to convey with that message that of
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course was also filmed and broadcast and also was supposed to carry some sort of a message and also there was a third incident which isn't so well known and russia or especially in the west and that was the incident in which just until according to one of those who work in victims that is really just in the crisis because he drawled she was just a bit in the end one of the stunts where they didn't get a. good hanging and one of the supermarkets and moscow where they were having supposedly migrant workers and gays and you have to remember that it's a decision where it rather the reaction to the sentencing of just three members of pussy riot. the public remains quite split some believe that they shouldn't have got. those two year prison sentence says others believe that they got exactly what they asked for and that is popularity and one is spent for doing things which are considered offensive by a lot of people because now of course all of the things considering press the ride
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and much more will be covered in an explosive interview that the russian president was and has given it to are of course you can watch that interview on thursday. in america the democrats trying to drum up support for barack obama's reelection in november the highlight of his party's national convention in north carolina so far is an emotional speech from the first lady who praised her husband and called on americans to give him four more years in office while some of the other key democrats took the fall to big back criticism from republicans and responded to their own attacks on mitt romney in his campaign but you kind of it's a comedy tied in polls but one tony suggested a bomb had the most pre-convention ratings of any incumbent president since the 1980's had to business with a david swanson i spoke to one of the early here not he says that both men a very poor choice for coaches looking for real change. in either one of these parties will make a dramatic shift to john do the so-called bush tax cuts that obama has kept in
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place in the end to ask the super wealthy and the corporations to pay their share to shift the massive military spending to education and environmental protection and so forth that's not in the interests of either of these parties some less the public rises up in a major way and compels them and it's going to have to do that independently inferring that force to bear on on both parties and the entire culture but we need not give our allegiance to either of these parties and voters can make a lesser evil choice when they vote but until that day and the next day after they need to be independent citizens pressuring this government not identifying themselves with one half of a corrupt government which is just deadly to to activism. the democrats have criticized mitt romney for his vehement rhetoric against china as the obama administration sixty improve relations with beijing state secretary hillary
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clinton's in the chinese capital for talks but the cancellation of a shadow meeting with the vice president of brazil next leader is being seen as a snub to her well clinton's visit comes amid rising diplomatic tensions beijing as want washington to stay out of the country's territorial disputes with several other nations off the chinese coast comedy stages threaten to use force to defend its claims to a chain of islands there clinton says america's position is neutral beijing has accused washington of meddling in the region's affairs has crossed to asia times correspondent previous carafe for some reaction and insight is joining me right now from. earlier this year made it clear that washington views china as a potential threat to america's shifting more military focus to the asia pacific region so why is the u.s. now trying to mend ties with beijing. you know this is the only way this should. if this may be
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a michelle obama there will be to talk to the leadership you know with hillary clinton is impossible her court let's put it this way everything is horrible she is not respected even in the media if you read what sin wa and global times are written about her it gets even personal now if they don't believe it they know that the whole thing. the strategic people that was announced by obama earlier this year at the pentagon by the way it's strategic game by the way and they know that they simply cannot trust what any u.s. administration and the pentagon say because they know that for the past twenty years or so the pentagon has been a large gave me this. competition clash between the u.s. and china so the next leadership is going to be even more weary of what's coming from the west if we have a romney administration specked even no visits to china in the in the near future
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because mitt romney himself on the record here is being blaming china for everything bad under the sun it is happening in the west but surely both need each other certainly economically i mean there we have one trillion dollars of u.s. debt being held. that the two can't really afford to fall out can they. no of course not and look there is a rumor in beijing this past few days and week that the genie is breezy clee rearranging they are a gold reserves into one kilo pieces and they're going to flood the market sooner or later and they're going to back up a new reserve currency we absolutely us down the amount of gold that they have of course this is speculation has been discussed in hong kong a lot i was there last week this goes to show that. there is of course
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a symbiotic between the international financial system and china is a big part of this rejuvenation export of the at least a proving to the utter collapse of western capitalism but at the same time they are working to change the rules of the game the rules of the game for them the next step is an international reserve currency or a basket of currencies including do you want and everywhere you go all over the world people are asking ok we want a convertible you want because then we're going to place our investments in you want to love u.s. dollars anymore pepito talking about economics that what about the military aspect to obviously america shifting more military focus to asia pacific is there really any danger that we could see some form of military conflict between the two pounds . no no basically what the pentagon has been worried gamey and guess gaming let's put it this way they want to have a sort of
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a pentagon patrol of the indian ocean the strait of mt they already have an effect on the strait of malaka and the south china sea in the south china sea no more in direct the way this is going to be subcontracted to u.s. allies in so the association of the southeast asian nations now it's being more or less manipulated specially by the state department under hillary to become a sort of as vast brock's sea of u.s. interests in southeast asia this is not going toward there ten countries in. this period agendas you have for instance me m r which is a wildcard they're trying to play due west against china you have very staunch allies of the west like singapore for instance which is a kind of aircraft carrier of the us implemented right in the middle of cells and we have indonesia who wants to be independent we have the philippines of course very much attached to us but it's
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a mixed bag and all of them they need very good relations commercial trade relations with china blast the fact that they have a very important chinese diaspora in each of these countries and they happen to be part of the business elite in all of these countries as well so it's counterproductive if the pentagon thinks they're going to provoke china into some kind of military confrontation in their own backyard which is the south china sea so briefly it's all about image and so perception is it i mean the us is still considered the world's only superpower yet yes how far behind is china now and how long could actually take to catch up and perhaps even dominate on the international stage just very briefly. look very briefly militarily it's impossible to defend i'm going to has a perception that the china the chinese navies modernising very fast and will catch up with us navy no this is going to take at least fifteen to twenty years to the wrong way and we didn't even have a nuclear aircraft carrier for instance they're working on the first one for that
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matter so basically this is a policy of intimidation of the chinese in their own backyards question this hour is trying to see because of the oil and gas the needs to be exploited for china's all but for other countries in southeast asia and the americans found a way to infiltrate the problem and the chinese that they write about it now outspokenly they know what's going on the saying is what are they going to do to counterpunch the us live from new york times correspondent pepe escobar thanks a lot. while the u.s. is trying to get things straight with china top u.s. business delegation is preparing to head to karo later in the week to renew trade ties with egypt now ruled by islam as leader american joints microsoft and general electric will be represented amy to cash in on the work needed to pull the state's economy out of the arab spring rubble for more let's cross to political sociologists from the american university in cairo where it looks like the u.s.
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is willing to turn a blind eye to who is actually in power and concentrate on strategic relations why is egypt so important for washington. egypt is the call of the world it is one so the total population if you look at historically egypt syria iraq iran and turkey dominated the middle east and through us everything in the middle east in the last thirty years. was helping the united states in the invasion of iraq in the mideast thing the palestinian. peace talks. egypt was serving the us too much. is trying to continue the same policy but it was some rhetorical distance some symbolic acts that he is independent for example it was his first visit first visit
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by any is actually the. thirty years no egyptian leader when he went there but did he break or any strategic alliance with the iranians no he went. on iranian policy on its policies on syria. and please the gulf states big finances of the egyptian economy and also he pleases the americans and the israelis and nobody was showing anything is happening remember the arab spring is all about putting the house and all the internal situation it is not about foreign policy and i don't see any a structural change an egyptian foreign policy since. the president is continuing the same old policy of mubarak but with this stance and some with some symbolism. but really clearly trying to get a fine balance between. the american interests and also what's happening in syria
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also the interest with iran and israel of course all involved with this very difficult position for morsi to be in at the moment is it not. of course it is very difficult it was very difficult for both of them or bar also. now here is different for mubarak he enjoys popular support and he can do a lot of things that would serve the americans with cultural and religious missing . he has a good relationship with the gulf states he has a good relationship with turkey he can do a lot of things that. he can still be mediating between hamas and fattah and the americans want there is where you want to put just briefly since the regime change clearly the aftermath the economic situation in egypt is very very difficult life for the average egyptian must be very tough at the moment just how difficult will
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it be though for that for egypt to turn into a regional powerhouse again i mean is it economically going to recover quickly and therefore be politically stable enough to become a very important center. egypt depends on its soft power political power its history was in the economy if you remember egypt was rising in the sixty's not because of its economy because it was lost and also the very important role and he was playing political cause here and this is the most he is trying to present that he is a democratically elected president in a sea of tyranny. he is enjoying a lot of popularity even among the gulf states who dealt with him in the beginning who will come in his speech and they found that he is. leader and he is now competing with visions of powers and filling the void that egypt did in the last thirty years. trying to bring back to the original political gain. political
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sociologist thank you for your time. one of brings us to twenty five minutes past the hour and we now cross over to the business desk with marina she's coming next for us with a final review of the trading day tell us. well today i have to say it's been a choppy trading session across the board but the main story that dominated here in russia was gasp of course because the european commission has launched an official investigation into its activities in europe the problems the year after brussels surprise russian energy for him and its customers with unexpected rates at the offices the trust watchdog will focus on whether gas from pushed up prices and hindered competition in eastern and central europe gas from says it's prepared for the dialogue on the issue and remind the company is outside of the jurisdictions across all its investigation could result in heavy fines and why the company
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changes trade practices. wall street is the only one trader right now and they're as i said choppy trading session it was my losses in the beginning that makes sense right now and it's and makes the i guess. we're seeing the dow adding just an awesome and. well one company whose shares are wrong thing right now one point there were down thirteen percent that's not a loss after the release of its black sheep smartphone it comes with want to charge an ability a camera that minimizes blurry photos and many other great options box investors were disappointed with his choice of a windows operating system it's not as popular as apple's i os or google's android and many application developers simply avoid it that's where it concerns over future sellers of the new lumia as popular apps and short demand on smartphones. are european markets are you seeing the close in picture of the day mixed one he once again everyone is waiting to hear what will happen on thursday when the
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european central bank will meet and of course see what will happen with its bond buying program we are waiting to hear results about that action hopefully for investors when it comes to currencies the euro still strengthen against the u.s. dollar the ruble was mixed against both major currencies you can see there exactly what happened when it comes to the russian markets decline in oil prices made of really hard for russian investors to remain optimistic results in the r.t.s. and the myself setting around one percent and then not saw the day shaped up in about nine hours the wonderful katie will pick up where i left off for now back to you bill thanks very much in the marine have a good night to you very shortly peter lavelle and these guests will be holding a heated debate on whether barack obama was able to win back the trust of his electorate this in a recap of our top stories coming your way in just a couple of moments.
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in his first t.v. interview since his inauguration seeking the start the so used to the u.s. and its allies went into afghanistan used them and now they're looking forward to getting out bloody near putin speaks exclusively to r.t. . spanning continents. and oceans the connections. come the billion empower the pacific. the russian apec summit on r.t.e.
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. culture is that so much excitement in which of course he was going to come here in a relaxed last evening and even slightly bizarre republican convention nominee mitt romney for president now it's time for the democrats to reaffirm their. news today violence is once again flared up the fees are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are old today. from. the.


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