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tv   [untitled]    September 6, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. these are your headlines the president of the dangers of intervening in a conflict. and sharing his views on global affairs exclusively with in his first interview since returning to. police and. government demonstrators equal rights from the country. one person was critically injured in the clashes. took to the streets in protest of jail sentences against prominent. democrats named barack obama.
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as the. last four years have been dogged by broken promises as well as the country's growing so. the headlines on our next. the former chief accountant for the european commission. gives us a take on the status of the. economy on the issue of botched leadership this is art . as european politicians go back to school after the summer break i'm talking to m.e.p.a. martyr and dress and who used to be the european commission's chief accountant with the eurozone crisis rumbling on we're talking about her predictions for the challenges that face the european union in the next season marchand dress and
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thanks very much for talking to us today now eight leaders have been bracing themselves for a market panic over the summer but that never really happened does that mean that financially we're now out of the woods well i think what's happening is that people are still in markets are still awaiting for the outcome this thursday of the poly sci of the board that deals with policy in the european central bank and there's also the decision of the german court about. their realty mechanism so i think. it's too early to say if we are out of the woods i think we are a long way ahead to be out of the woods if we ever are. but i think there today you know it's too early do you feel then that the euro as a single currency is still under threat yes for me it's the plea and the threat
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what will come out of this meetings that i have mentioned is probably. a way to sort out the most immediate problem which is the fact that italy and spain are having to buy real it's really high interest rates. but the essence is that the economy is not growing the essence is that unemployment is currently part of this bailout is going to. banks that are in very bad check namely in spain now in my view those banks should be closed those be like. our waste of money let's take some of those issues separately that you mentioned that a german court is going to decide on the legality of the fiscal pact for germany what will the court's decision be in your view i think the germans will be sort of
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forced to agree to this not not the pact in itself but the fund their stability fund which is going to bail out all the member states that are in trouble and i think they're going to agree now the issue with these funds is that it has very important ties to austerity measures and then you know it comes it is left to the interpretation of the different member states what they interpreted as austerity measures but at the end of the day austerity become a dirty word particularly in say ireland and greece and bailouts amongst the people of germany are deeply unpopular and yes they are you know all around me an article in the wall street journal a couple of days ago and he was showing arland precisely as an example of how they're coming out of the price well i told him yesterday have you spoken to
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the irish people that's the issue you know they speak. with the prime ministers and the governmental officials but the people who are suffering the austerity measures are the people in the street and nobody's talking to those people i have spoken to irish people and they are very uncomfortable with the measures how likely do you think it is that the european central bank will ride once again to the rescue and how long are they going to be able to keep on doing that for raggy sort of hinted i would say is to the fact that he would. find it legal according to the treaties for the european central bank to buy bonds from the government on the secondary market so this would sort of give some air to the member states in that they would be able to get financing at a cost but on the other side this means printing money so so the feeling then is
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that they. could buy these sovereign bonds but if it does that it will impose tougher conditions austerity on the countries and the countries don't want to agree to that yet but it seems that if the e.c.b. buys the bonds the tie to the sterett in measures is more vague than it is if actually the funds stability fund is used to. finance this member states in trouble i mean this all these mechanisms are fairly new and i think the legality of this legal framework has not been well thought out and it seems from what you're saying that everyone is is in the dark corner is that there are these quite complicated measures going on which are perceived differently by different countries depending on their economic position in spain for example they are trying to force the prime minister to actually ask
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for the bailout now there's a total confusion because before the summer supposedly spain go to a bailout for its banks and now it seems it's going to ask for another bailout to save its own economy. it's not clear if the bailout of the banks was subject with your stereotype not as a memorandum of understanding still to be signed. and there's a complete confusion but at the end of the this is again. money that's going to have to be printed that it's not this money doesn't actually exist this doesn't sound like an economic bloc that's working its way out of a crisis in a coherent fashion no well for me it's no surprise you know i was in that commission and actually the people in the commission live in the rivalry tower they don't actually understand what the issue is with the economy in the european union
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and we are where we are because of the lack of discipline of the member states but very much also because of the lack of control of the european commission on the policy that they have put out this crisis is to a certain extent or to a large extent the result of the good or bad policies that they put in place but they don't assume any responsibility angle or merkel the german chancellor has just come back from a trip to china where she tried to restore the confidence of chinese investors in europe how attractive do you think european assets are at the moment to nations like the chinese the european union the european parliament even have legislated in a way that they have opened our markets totally to the chinese and other. markets are other investors and. right now you know they have an easy ride
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really but this is this is a problem for us because our industry has ceased to grow because you know these people are being buried in our markets so china for me not the solution the solution for us in europe is enhanced in our industry growing our industries and people getting people employed so that's the price that european countries might pay for chinese investment basically yes i mean if i had to decide i wouldn't be very happy about chinese investment obviously in terms of prices. you know you have to do the best you can but in china for us. does not represent a big opportunity i think we represent more an opportunity for them than they do for us. in other countries bulk area has just frozen its plans to join the euro
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zone it does remain a member of the e.u. what advantages do you think bulgaria gets by being a part of the european union but not a part of the euro zone well it gets the funding you know the issue about the structural funding because all this new comers into the european union are now getting the big bark of the funding whereas the old ones like greece and spain and italy and france and the u.k. obviously are getting less so i think the bulgarians have been very clever for i mean they are getting out of the euro problem but still they remain. big important proceed paeans of structure of funding. of all the issues that we've talked about now that the european union has gone sort of back to school what will you be focusing on what's your major concern. well obviously major concern. for. economic point of view what are they
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proposing to create employment and i haven't heard good ideas in this regard. from a budget point of view you know i think the budget should the european union budget should be reduced you know we have invested more than one hundred and fifty billion in the last year and in the decades an average of one hundred thirty and what have we got you know we've got the crisis the ratings agency moody's has revised its outlook for the european union's debt rating to negative what does that mean for investors in european countries and also in the euro well it's bad news obviously for european countries for the eurozone as a whole i mean credit rating agencies are part of the problem not part of the solution because obviously they take certain parameters and they are of course in a way with the rating for seeing you know the interest rates go up. so this is
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a problem that i really don't know how it's going to be sought the european union wants to have centralized but everything they centralized doesn't work afterwards. i think it's really by a new standard showing that for me the euro has a short life it. trying to say thank you very much i think.
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miley's english is going to be so much brighter if you move the song from phones to impression it's. nice clean start totty dot com. i had a family i lived in a fairly nice community wasn't which was an upscale it was just like you know archie bunker society ok then they started showing up here what happened was my company decided i could get cheap labor and they got rid of us. this is their goal rosa eaglets line legally we have to get up every morning we have to go to work and you know we have to pay our bills and we have to do it and it that's just the american dream and if you want the american dream you have to go by the laws i figure is here's one of the major trails in the united states and. i watch
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and they run run down my property and something about this noise. bothers a little mean the cockroaches from coming over the wire is protecting the country i'm the kind of guy who doesn't mind it is pants dirty so i come out here you know we're all immigrants as well that we all came from somewhere else. they were young and high flying. their careers were on takeoff. that flight for them was one of many. and the last one. locomotive. leaving the. monarchy. spanning continents. and oceans of connections. come to.
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empower the pacific. the russian apec summit on r.t. . the headlines on our t.v. president putin warns of the dangers of intervening into conflicts of broad saying nato might need to reassess its stance on syria or russia's leader sharing his views on global affairs exclusively with odds he in his first interview since returning to power. police fired tear gas and shotguns at anti-government demonstrators who are dividing equal rights from the country's sunni rulers a one person critically injured people taking to the streets in protest of jail sentences against prominent activists. and the democrats named barack obama for u.s. president as they rally support for his campaign but his last four years have been
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dogged by broken promises as well as the country's growing debt and unemployment. for the sports man paul scott is here now with all the latest action headlines you're watching artsy. you very much rory welcome along to the sports headlines here's what's coming up. full set maria sharapova remains on course for her second grand slam success of the year reaching the semifinals of the u.s. open with a three set win over marion bartoli in new york. meanwhile over and out in the men's draw world number one or two federer crashes out of the quarter final stage after a surprise for sec defeat to thomas but it. on the gold rush russia surpassed that beijing paralympic medal tally with a few days of competition still left in london. the first time
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a santa maria sharapova has booked her place in the semifinals of the u.s. open she came from a set down in her reign affected lost a tie with marion bartoli waiting for love in the first one play regime down wednesday battling julie to the new six for drop of a however bounced back to see out the win but how close in the semifinals question now faces top seed tortilla as a banker. i think we both play pretty aggressive game. you know we're competitive we like to win. but she's had such a solid year this year you know kind of her break there in terms of grand slam being so solid so consistently number one the world first time meanwhile serena williams made a hat trick of two thousand and twelve grand slam winners into the semifinals an event of it in straight sets to set up a law school tie with italy sorry. that sell out on e bay how compadre roberta vinci in straight sets six to six for the school and she
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remains on course to reach our second grand slam final of the year after losing to assure us of the in paris. well there was a massive shock in the men's quarter finals as world number one and top seed roger federer crashed out he went down in four sets to big serving sixteen thomas but it from the czech republic the twenty six year old now faces britain's andy murray in the semifinals. i'm going to be beating the three sets in that you know not to get even any trouble you know i was i was always you know careful that anything could happen and actually it happened in the in the third circuit you know stronger. but. you know even more happy with with the way that i was able to to you know. pressure and you know it's something extra for us that mari the third seed earlier became
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the first man through to the semi's it was an easy no against croatia is a modern chimichurri who at one stage was a set and five one up before the tide turned the scot i mention coming through in four three six seven six six two six love the final score like. meanwhile the curtain has come down an alley roddick's career the american lost his last sixteen clash with large in time juan martin del potro bringing to an end his twelve year professional career which saw him win the u.s. open in two thousand and three and reached three wimbledon finals but i fell right at the back end of the golden generation of health and so i was just the cards that were dealt but. as tough a situation it is in the grand scheme of things it's a dream i mean it's something you want i mean that's not hard for someone who's got a you know however many kids and is working two jobs but that's hard you know what
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i did you know it was a hard. elsewhere a legend of italian football has found a new home down under the event to stillwater alexandra del piero signing with sydney f.c. on a two year deal worth around one point five million dollars per season the thirty seven year old's moves to highest profile citing an ailing history all time leading goalscorer insisting he wants to add australian titles to his six set of backgrounds and won a champions league winner's medal the two thousand and six world cup winner plenty of interest from around the globe with liverpool southampton and braga among the club so you have reportedly been vying for his services. but it was i'm going to play for sydney to try and score for sydney and try to win for sydney and also try to get australian football to evolve with my suggestions this determination and one day i hope to play in packs a doom's now in golf ahead of this weekend's of b.m.w. championship tiger woods says sent out an ominous message to the rest of the field
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the thirty six year old says some aspects of his game a better now than they ever have been. i've really hit the ball well you know this entire tire year especially summer on not really hit it well and it's just a matter of you know making a few more parts and a couple more up and downs here and there i've started to do that now so that's a good sign and the work i've put in with sean it's really coming together i'm driving the ball probably better than i ever have i'm hitting a further i'm hitting a straighter which is a nice combo and i think my statistics kind of reflect that which is great because sure you know where i was and how bad i was driving it to now you know how well i'm driving. now to the world of cycling where a former teammate of lance armstrong says allegations that he's a drug cheat a true tyler hamilton ride with armstrong at the u.s. postal service team from one thousand nine hundred eighty two thousand and one the accusations are made in his new book entitled the secret race inside the hidden
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world of the tour de france doping cover ups on winning at all costs in eight hamilton says armstrong and he used illegal doping techniques strongly denies all allegations although he recently dropped his challenge of charges brought by the u.s. anti-doping agency. the doping started on us postal before lance was there. so it's not like he came in and brought this doping culture you know in the culture was already in the sport. and you know obviously it continued when he came in and then we actually like took a step up and. you know i was encouraged to the blood of the first time in the year two thousand. that was with lance meanwhile alberto contador now is the spanish rolls off to a sensational windstorm seven to respond you don't return to the sport last month after serving about data to a diving ban himself the twenty nine year old won the royal tour in the only other time he competed in two thousand and eight and now has
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a one minute fifty two second lead with four stages left. to the paralympics now in london what team russia has drastically improved on his medal tally from beijing four years ago the country moving into second place in the overall medal standings with seventy three including twenty eight golds most wins coming in athletics and swimming but there were also a number of first time successes as roman costa refound out. it's taken race it should but it got fifteen long years to finally clinch paralympic gold yes there were several world and continental goals in the run up to the most significant start of her life but all those achievements faith in comparison to what she accomplished in london but he has them way when i come home from the paralympics thank god for this victory and that he saved my life because i was on the verge of death at the end of last year then i'll meet my friends and will celebrate my great performance russian athletes are traditionally strong in track and field and swimming disciplines and proved just that in london as well with the medal counts
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going into double digits in both events in a bout of one gold in the fifteen hundred metres that becoming her second top paralympic calculate in eight years. i devote this look to reach to those who supported me but first of all i devoted to my coach and his wife because if it wasn't for them this victory would have never happened at all they are like my second parents like doctors and psychologists. with a few days still to go the love them paralympics are russia has already surpassed its medal count in beijing four years ago it's now clear that the hold still of the next winter games in sochi will fight for a place in the top three but more importantly russia continues to show an upward trend when it comes to the medal count and the number of athletes participating as well. from the paralympic park in london. to boxing now avatar klitschko is aiming to end man world is run of perfection on saturday the elder of
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the ukrainian brothers putting his w.b.c. heavyweight belt on the line in moscow against the syrian born german who don't beat him in twenty one professional fights the clash may be one of the last chances for fans to catch the heavyweight legend in action with politics very much on the pitch goes mind and it appears there's no sparring opponent too small for the twenty seven year old who seems in high spirits as you can see ahead of one of the biggest fights of his career to date klitschko though is a big favorite having not lost since his super fight with lennox lewis back in two thousand and three the forty one year old seeking to extend his legacy by hanging on to the belt once held by legends such as muhammad ali mike tyson and of course lewis himself. and finally so i saw in the k h l the league's all time leading scorer alexander radulov got off to a losing starts with his new side sales car young man a loss to one nil in a moscow. to make in with the only goal there while i'm more than three one on
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telling lies. and that is all from the world of sport now there's plenty more later here on r.t. the world whether it's next. download the official application to self choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from alzheimer's now t.v. is not required to watch on t.v. all you need is your mobile device to watch on t.v. any time. in his first t.v. interview since his inauguration. but i'm aware of the pussy riot case but i'm not getting involved in any way. bloody near putin speaks exclusively to r.t.
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they were young and high flying. their careers were on takeoff.
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that flight for them was one of many. and the last one. locomotive. leaving the ice one or two. their conduced childhood was overshadowed by this tragedy. they still feel the fear they faced. and remember every second of this nightmare. it will remain in their memories and hearts forever. the town of anderson soldiers . and innocent victims. last.


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