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tv   [untitled]    September 6, 2012 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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if you. see from stupid. stunts on t.v. dot com. it's a six thirty pm here in the russian capital. right now your headlines are the russian president says western backed rebels in syria are basically guantanamo bay detainees runamuck putin spoke exclusively to r.t. in his first t.v. interview since returning to the. france reportedly considers giving syrian rebels heavy artillery as part of increased support for government forces paris is moving to protect opposition and help them create
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a government in waiting. for the european central bank announces a new anti crisis plan based on potentially unlimited bond buying from struggling eurozone nations key e.u. leaders are holding meetings across the continent. about still believe they should just let the euro collapse. with the eurozone up next laura smith interviews a former chief accountant for the european commission. and she gives us her take on the status of the e.u. economy and the issues with leadership. as european politicians go back to school after the summer break i'm talking to m.e.p.a. martyr and dress and who used to be the european commission's chief accountant with the eurozone crisis rumbling on we're talking about her predictions for the challenges that face the european union in the next season marchand dress and
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thanks very much for talking to us today now in your leaders have been bracing themselves for a market panic over the summer but that never really happened does that mean that financially we're now out of the woods well i think what's happening is that people are still in markets are still awaiting for the outcome this thursday of the poly sci of the board that deals with policy in the european central bank and there's also the decision of the german court about. their realty mechanism so i think. it's too early to say if we are out of the woods i think we are a long way ahead to be out of the woods if we ever are. but i think there today you know it's too early do you feel then that the euro as a single currency is still under threat yes for me it's the plea and the threat
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what will come out of this meetings that i have mentioned is probably. way to sort out the most immediate problem which is the fact that italy and spain are having to buy real it's really high interest rates. but the essence is that the economy is not growing the essence is that unemployment is currently part of this bailout is going to. banks that are in very bad check namely in spain now in my view those banks should be closed those pay less. our waste of money let's take some of those issues separately that you mentioned that a german court is going to decide on the legality of the fiscal pact for germany what will the court's decision be in your view i think the germans will be sort of
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forced to agree to this not not the pact in itself but the fund their stability fund which is going to bail out all the member states that are in trouble and i think they're going to agree now the issue with these funds is that it has very important ties to austerity measures and then you know it comes it is left to the interpretation of the different member states what they interpreted as austerity measures but at the end of the day austerity become a dirty word particularly in say ireland and greece and bailouts amongst the people of germany are deeply unpopular and yes they are you know all around me an article in the wall street journal a couple of days ago and he was showing arland precisely as an example of how they're coming out of the price well i told him yesterday have you spoken to
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the irish people that's the issue you know they speak. with the prime ministers and the governmental officials but the people who are suffering the austerity measures are the people in the street and nobody's talking to these people i have spoken to irish people and they are very uncomfortable with the measures how likely do you think it is that the european central bank will ride once again to the rescue and how long are they going to be able to keep on doing that for raggy sort of hinted i would say. to the fact that he would. find it legally according to the treaties for the european central bank to buy bonds from the government on the secondary market so this would sort of give some air to the member states in that they would be able to get financing at long cost but on the other side this means printing money so so
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the feeling that is that they. could buy these sovereign bonds but if it does that it will impose tougher conditions austerity on the countries and the countries don't want to agree to that. but it seems that if the e.c.b. buys the bonds the tie to the sterett in measures is more vague than it is if actually the funds stability fund is used to. finance this member states in trouble i mean this all these mechanisms are fairly new and i think the legality of this legal framework has not been well thought out and it seems from what you're saying that everyone is is in the dark corner is that there are these quite complicated measures going on which are perceived differently by different countries depending on their economic position in spain for example they are trying to force the prime minister to actually ask
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for the bailout now there's a total confusion because before the summer supposedly spain go to a bailout for its banks and now it seems it's going to ask for another bailout to save its own economy. it's not clear if the bailout of the banks was subject to their stereotype lasers or not there's a memorandum of understanding still to be signed. and there's a complete confusion but at the end of the day they see this again you know money that's going to have to be printed that it's not this money doesn't actually exist this doesn't sound like an economic bloc that's working its way out of a crisis in a coherent fashion you know well for me it's no surprise you know i was in that commission and actually the people in the commission live in the rivalry tower they don't actually understand what the issue is with the economy in the european union
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and we are where we are because of the lack of discipline of the member states but very much also because of the lack of control of the european commission on the policy that they have put out this crisis is to a certain extent or to a large extent the result of the good or bad policies that they put in place but they don't assume any responsibility angle or merkel the german chancellor has just come back from a trip to china where she tried to restore the confidence of chinese investors in europe how attractive do you think european assets are at the moment to nations like the chinese the european union the european parliament even have legislated in a way that they have opened our markets totally to the chinese and other. markets are other investors and. right now you know they have an easy ride
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really but this is this is a problem for us because our industry has ceased to grow because you know these people are being buried in our markets so china for me not the solution the solution for us in europe is enhanced in our industry growing our industries and people getting people employed so that's the price that european countries might pay for chinese investment basically yes i mean if i had to decide they wouldn't be very happy about chinese investment obviously in terms of prices. you know you have to do the best you can but in china for us. does not represent a big opportunity i think we represent more an opportunity for them than they do for us. in other countries bulk area has just frozen its plans to join the euro
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zone it does remain a member of the e.u. what advantages do you think bulgaria gets by being a part of the european union but not a part of the euro zone well it gets the funding you know these things issue about the structural funding because all this new comers into the european union are now getting the big bag of the funding whereas the old ones like greece and spain and italy and france and the u.k. obviously are getting less so i think the bulgarians have been very clever for i mean they're they are getting out of the euro problem but still they remain. big important proceed paeans of structure of funding. of all the issues that we've talked about now that the european union has gone sort of back to school what will you be focusing on what's your major concern. well obviously major concern. for. economic point of view what are they
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proposing to create employment and i haven't heard good ideas in this regard. from a budget point of view you know i think the budget trued the european union budget should be with you you know we have invested more than one hundred and fifty billion in the last year and in the decades an average of one hundred thirty and what have we got you know we've got the crisis the ratings agency moody's has revised its outlook for the european union's debt rating to negative what does that mean for investors in european countries and also in the euro well it's bad news obviously for european countries for the eurozone as a whole i mean credit rating agencies are part of the problem not part of the solution because obviously they take certain parameters and they are of course in
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a way with the rating for seeing you know the interest rates go up. so this is a problem that i really don't know how it's going to be sought the european union wants to have centralized but everything they centralized doesn't work afterwards. i think it's really by a new standard showing that for me the euro has a short life it. thank you very much thank you. they were young and high flying. their careers were on takeoff. that flight for them was one of many. and the last one.
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the headlines on our team the russian president says western backed rebels in syria basically. detainee's run. much much more and of exclusive interview to watch. as a front a series of meetings between e.u. leaders having another go at solving the financial crisis. should just let the euro . and france reportedly consider giving syrian rebels heavy artillery as part of increased support for antigovernment. it is time to join you know neal for the
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latest battle the world of sports good to see you today the russian jock and all of that is maria sharapova showing no signs of slowing down at the u.s. open that is exactly right rory up of a she wants her second grand slam of the season after winning the french open and she's looking pretty good she's now into the semifinals stateside we're going to look at how she got there in just a second. thanks for joining us this is sports day we have got plenty of good stuff ahead for you including all the. final preps russia holer las training session before friday's opening world cup qualifying clash with northern ireland in moscow. next game maria sharapova remains on course for her second grand slam success of the year following victory over marion bartoli in the quarterfinals at the u.s.
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open. and hitting at that heights russia surpassed their beijing paralympics medal tally with a few days of competition still left to go into. russia have held their final training session ahead of their opening world cup twenty eight fourteen qualifier with northern ireland the clash will mark fabio capello's first competitive match in charge while the team will also have a new captain with eager to myself given the honor of leading his country richard van port fleet has more. it's astonishing statistic but russia having qualified for a world come since two thousand and two months will in fact be a compelling has been brewing to try and change just fine. russia coming off the back of a disappointing campaign at the euro two thousand and twelve finals but the timing is confident he's seen enough positives to help his side to get to brazil in two thousand and fourteen what happened to the past is.
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in the good. but i think always in my mind to see for what to achieve absolutely. the next. will be really really good i think the team that we go with these good team the games they did played in the euros they played some games really really way. and i want to see the same. spirit the same the team the same as thigh that they saw in some games that they played here. capello will have a fully fit squad to choose from all the players are based in russia and of course there's no under the shadow of in who's been dropped italian as an ounce for jimmy to come bard over who's been following form the spartak so far this season will start at left back however he could be a bit short of striking options were just to fit forwards however this isn't something that's worrying capello his moment in. the open after the game against
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an outlander would be fit. but i think these two for one i selected three four was he he selected twenty four players after the game who decided to open up for someone with the jury. who would select new players friday will be a proud moment that you're going to need serve or captain his country in a competitive match for the first time as he's developed into one of the best defensive midfielders in europe however he's expecting a tough physical test against the northern irish you know the gold i think bill played very aggressively against us we must make sure that our pressing game is good and take the game to them if we manage to do that then i'm sure it will be fine there's still some ill feeling from the fans towards the russian team pulling back poor display in poland and ukraine and it's unlikely that friday's game will be a ceremony however capello's men put in a good performance and get all three points that could go
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a long way to getting the fans back for of the turnstiles russia will start as i was in favor of some friday as they go about two thousand and fourteen world cup qualifying campaign underway against northern ireland while her opponents have a reputation of being a very difficult team to play against and probably a capello's team will have to be very very best if they want to come away of all three points richardson was played r.t. moscow. frank reichardt will see some familiar faces on the pitch when his saudi arabia squad meet world and european champions spain in a friendly also on friday the former boss on the monitor hoping to apply some of that new camp style against the number one team in the land first of all you have to enjoy. playing against such high quality players. it can bring you much for the future because you see them acting you see them handling the ball you see them playing together. ball position so you can learn a lot of it but i think we have to make the best of it. not be
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afraid enjoy the game. think we can but of course there's a lot of difference. let's talk tennis where maria sharapova has booked her place in the semifinals of the u.s. open the russian fighting back from a set daryn and her reign affected lost a tie with marion bartoli leading four zero in the first one play resumed whedon's their bartoli julie took the opener six four. times parkwood style to secure the win up with her place in the semi where she now faces top seed victoria azarenka. but i think we both played pretty aggressive game. competitors to win. but she's had such a sear you know kind of her breakthrough in terms of winning the grand slam being so sad so consistently remember on the world the first time. while there was a shock in the men's quarterfinals as world number one on top seed roger federer
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crushed the swiss going down in four sets to the big serving sixteen times burdick from the czech republic to twenty six will now face a spot on the murray in the semifinal. you know. i'm going to be on the road. to get even any trouble so you know i was i was always you know careful that anything could happen and actually it happened in the in the third so that you know stronger. but. you know even more happy with the way that i was able to to you know. pressure and you know it's something extra for us but murray the third seed earlier became the first man through to the semi's it's wasn't easy though against korea. who had one stage was a set and five one before the tide turned the squat bench leaping from four three
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six seven six six two six zero five. now the curtain has come down and andy roddick's career the american losing his last sixteen clash with argentina one at martin del potro at the u.s. open bringing to an end his twelve year career which saw him win flushing adams in two thousand and three and reach three wimbledon finals. but i fell right of the back end of the golden generation so i was just the cards that we're dealt but. as tough a situation it is in the grand scheme of things it's a dream i mean it's something you want i mean that's not hard for someone who's got a you know however many kids and is working two jobs but food that's hard you know what i did it wasn't hard the klitschko brothers better look at freddie's bike former england cricket star freddie flintoff is set to try his luck as a heavyweight boxer flintoff stating he wants this down to two with the sport's
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biggest specimens the thirty four year old sons one point one three meters tall himself on a round hundred kilograms to size might not be an issue but punch is he the former all rounder and listening former world featherweight champion barring the greatest part of his training stuff flintoff could yet face another multi sports star former all black rugby star sonny bill williams is heavyweight champion and you have to win. but could be a fun clash to the paralympics in london finally where team russia have a must that they and proved on their medal tally from beijing four years ago despite the british event still being far from finished the country moving up to second place in the overall medal standings with seventy three including twenty eight goals but i'm on cos river has the latest from the english capital. it's taken racist but i got fifteen long years to find it clinch paralympic gold yes there were several world and continental goals in the run up to the most significant start of her life but all those achievements faith in comparison to
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what she accomplished in london but he has them way when i come home from the paralympics thank god for the snake terry and that he saved my life because i was on the verge of death at the end of last year then my friends and will celebrate my great performance the russian athletes our tradition of the strong in track and field and swimming disciplines and proved just that in london as well with the medal counts going into double digits in both events and then a bout of gold in the fifteen hundred metres that becoming her second top paralympic calculate in eight years but if. i devote the stick to reach of those who supported me but first of all i devoted to my coach and his wife because if it wasn't for them this victory would have never happened at all they are like my second parents like doctors and psychologists. with a few days still to go with a lot of them paralympics are russia has already surpassed its medal count in beijing four years ago it's now clear that the host of the nextel winter games in
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sochi will fight for a place and that's all free but more importantly russia continues to show an outward trend when it comes to the medal count and the number of athletes participating as well cost of artsy from the paralympic park in london you think great achievement there and that is all your sport for world weather is next year and twenty four hour r.t. . in his first t.v. interview since his inauguration not a gun there's enough so you might just as well unlock one ton of all of its inmates and bring them to syria to do the fighting they're practically the same kind of people flooding your putin speaks exclusively to r.t. . they're conduce childhood was overshadowed by this tragedy.
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they still feel the fear they faced. and remember every second of this nightmare. it will remain in their memories and hearts forever. the town and using so. innocent to. tom a little angels on augie. and
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