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tv   [untitled]    September 6, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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hello i'm tom are going to washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture well bill clinton stole the show at the d.n.c. last night a little bit warren showed exactly why she needs to be in washington what impact of war and speech have on the d.n.c. and on the progressive movement also we'll get a live reaction from congresswoman jan schakowsky is the d.n.c. continues in charlotte and as president obama prepares to address the nation about why he deserves four more years.
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you need to know this bill clinton's d.n.c. speech wednesday night stole the show but true progress is around the nation where better represented by a different speaker on wednesday we have to look to clinton's speech a little later but we begin tonight with a loser both war she's a long time champion for the middle class the architect of the consumer financial protection bureau which stands up for consumers against banks toure's and she's running for the senate from massachusetts she's also a truth teller here she was explaining the dire situation the middle class in america is currently in. the system is rigged against them and here's the painful part they're right. the system is very. look around oil companies guzzle they own billions in profits billionaires pay a lower tax rates than their secretaries. and wall street c.e.o.'s the same
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ones who wrecked our economy and destroyed millions of jobs still strut around congress no shame demanding favors and acting like we should thank them just anyone here have a problem with that she's right the game is rigged things are as bad as they seem our nation has undergone a corporate coup d'etat and elizabeth warren knows it and a rare departure from the rhetoric and palm been circumstance that normally accompanies political conventions or i'm told the american people some inconvenient truths truths that americans must understand before steps can be taken to the game for the middle class or and then turn to the republican vision for america the vision that was exalted last week in tampa at the r n c that we're all alone in this and it's every man for himself she took a sledgehammer to that vision. we are bound to each other and we are called
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to act not to sit not to wait but to act all of us to gather generation after generation americans have answered that call and now we are called again we are called to restore opportunity for every american we are called to feel the america's working families a fighting chance we're told to build something solid so the next generation can build something better in other words you didn't build it we built it but the best part of warren speech on wednesday is when she took on corporate personhood an issue that's only recently gotten the attention and debate it deserves take a look. net romney's the guy who said corporations are people. no governor romney corporations are not people i thank you
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god thank you thank you thank you i was i was the was i had to ask you guys thank you very much and we run it for people and that is what matters that landmark one of the first times a political convention history at the issue of corporate personhood was given the spotlight one of the most important issues of our time and elizabeth warren was talking about warren represents the direction that the days democratic party needs to move it out of states of america is in a crisis and americans everywhere want a revolutionary leader who's willing to tell the truth. who knows the principles
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this nation was founded on and is willing to take on the oligarchy who are currently in control of most of this country elizabeth warren embodies all those priorities that's why it's absolutely crucial that she win the senate seat in massachusetts so that the middle class truly has a hero or heroine in congress someone who has an unwavering commitment to the american worker and the american dream. now for more reaction on warren speech and the convention in charlotte i'm joined by mike papen tonio attorney and host of ring of fire radio mike welcome back tom how are you i am great goods great to see you too mike clinton's speech got the most buzz but wasn't warren speech really what progressivism is all about what it was it reminded us that we should be proud of america we don't want to america to fail i mean we remember the early days of rush limbaugh telling us that he hopes obama fails i remember what he was actually
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saying as he hoped to hope that people would lose more jobs mitch mcconnell than doubled down and he said the whole agenda for the g.o.p. was to make certain that obama fails and what of what he was hoping there is that you could have a situation where more homes would be foreclosed on more people would be put out of work more people would be put out on the street and it's clear if you take if you take this convention which is very positive about america it's very positive about zero and you compare it to the words in the message that we heard out of the republican convention it was clear that the g.o.p. was doubling down on the idea that the way to defeat obama was to help this economy continue to fail and that's what they've shown us almost at every stage if you think about it every turn we've seen the g.o.p. involved we saw them intentionally harming america's credit rating when they walked out of the ceiling. negotiation or when they bragged about destroying obama's american jobs act bill we saw that they were actually proud of that even though
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they understood it was going to affect one point three to two million jobs in america so the distinction is different is very different here the distinction is that you had elizabeth warren you had bill clinton talking about possibilities for this country talking about hope for the country where we had the clown car that we saw down in tampa when it unloaded we saw negative we saw american. can't do this without us and we really we saw a party that was intent on defeating this president every way they could this is a this is a party if you remember they thought something is basic as is outsourcing where obama said we have to have a bill where we stop outsourcing our jobs republicans fought that this is a republican party that stands for everything that's opposite of what it was with warren was talking about what bill clinton was talking about it's a pitiful situation when you compare these two conventions i think very well said.
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tim carpenter who co-founded the progressive democrats of america p.t. america or one of the great organizations activist organizations you know this is some e-mail yesterday saying that it looked to him like the the choice of speakers of people like elizabeth warren at the d.n.c. at the convention was actually pushing the entire party in a more progressive direction do you have that sense and if so in the minute we have left here what can we all do to move the democratic party more in the direction the lives of the war and then in the direction of you know some of the the old conservative democrats well i think elizabeth warren did it and she did it in a way that we it's easy to deliver and that is when she says corporations are not people that the crowd went crazy because in their heart they're tired of being equated to a cold corporation they understood just like she said this fight that we have the next four years during the obama administration is to make certain that we put
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people first that we put people where it comes to benefits rather than corporations . comes to benefits and i think i think she she connected and what democrats have to do progressive democrats have to continue pushing that message on frankly administration that's been very slow to respond to the idea that people matter just as much as corporations like to have and tony a brilliant. alice's thank you so much for being with us tonight thank you joan and now for more reaction from the d.n.c. in charlotte north carolina i'm joined by congresswoman jan schakowsky representing illinois ninth district congresswoman welcome thanks so much time glad to be with you it's great to have you with us tonight between sandra flock and elizabeth warren and bill cohen what was the energy like at the d.n.c. last night oh it's been incredible on the floor of the the convention people are so excited leaping to their feet up and down it's just a luck check it really is in there it's fabulous i haven't seen so much enthusiasm
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in one room i can't remember where and that's that's great let me ask you a similar question what i'd just as might have in tonio is a your sense that through the choice of speakers or perhaps some some of the speakers choice of speeches that this convention is actually moving the democratic party in a more progressive direction. well i certainly was thinking as a progressive sitting on the floor of the convention how proud i am to be a democrat of this stomach of this democratic party and absolutely i mean on the social issues too you know so many people have talked about the wonderful repeal of don't ask don't tell about marriage equality about women's right to choose and it's quite remarkable and but beyond that economic issues and all mung
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them i would include immigration reform the the dreamers and certainly the economic policies of protecting medicare with a real medicare program i love love what secretary sebelius said what's missing from the romney ryan medicare plan is medicare. medicare so. and so yes it's very progressive message throughout it seems that it is and coming out of the d.n.c. do you think that the middle class is going to finally get it that the republicans really have no interest in helping the. well i think that bill clinton did a real lesson you know was it was. a tutorial that he gave for what our message ought to be watching we what we should be saying when we talk to our friends than our neighbors than our coworkers about why they need to vote for barack obama talking about what the republicans really and truly have in mind for
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for us and talking about the arithmetic of their budget which doesn't work for the middle class but it's also been very much about values from michelle obama to the not on the on the bus to you know it's just been so what what really undergirds the democratic party and our democratic candidates are the values that we share and one after another we heard about those a bit but also the specifics we are to have little lad better i have to think that her story resonated with lots of women out there who end up training their replacements the men that get a higher salary than they do for doing the same job and that wonderful woman who was so worried about what would happen if obamacare is repealed to her child who
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has a congenital heart defect so it went from the more general statement of values to the specifics to the legislation to the romney ryan budget and their medicare plan i just think we had it all the the takeaway is we're just what we need to know in order to go forward in the next sixty days i think you can capsulated a perfectly congresswoman jan schakowsky thanks so much for being with us i mean to the bass thank you thank you we'll be right back. here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call a dollar. i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares an awful lot about you sir are a fool you know what that is my terrorist cells in your neighborhood want to give
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us a defeat terrorism they are liberal and the christian public you. can see your beliefs about it but it's clear the corporate media distracts us from what you and i should care about because they're a profit driven industry that sells a sensationalistic garbage he calls it breaking news i'm having martin and we're going to break this that. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom hartman welcome to the big picture.
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tonight president obama will address the d.n.c. and argue for a second term as president out of the states he's going to have a hard act to follow thanks to this guy this guy is if there is someone out there who can frame the argument for why president obama should be reelected and why that is republican party is bad for america anyone better than bill clinton did i
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wednesday night good luck finding them in nearly hour long speech clinton excoriated the republican party he revealed how historically democrats been the party of job creation and republicans have in the party of debt creation and took on trickle down economics. we believe that we're all in this together is a far better philosophy then you're on your who's right. since nine hundred sixty one for fifty two years now the republicans have held the white house twenty eight years the democrats twenty four in those fifty two years our private a-kon to be has produced sixty six million private sector jobs so what's the jobs go over republicans twenty four million them krauts forty two. don't you ever forget when you hear
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them talking about the. republican economic policies quadrupled the national debt before i took office in the twelve years before i took office. the is. in the eight years that. we simply cannot afford to give the reins of government to someone who will double down on trickle down. clinton did the job and frankly brought the house down in charlotte but there's a dark side to bill clinton's speech but he didn't mention is his legacy of free trade or corporate free trade clinton was the chief advocate for getting our nation involved in global free trade throwing us to do agreements like nafta gatt the deputy o. which have devastated american industries and american workers by opening up our borders and giving corporate c.e.o.'s free rein to outsource american jobs to low
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wage nations so-called corporate free trade is the elephant in the room at the d.n.c. corporate free trade is the reason why between one thousand nine hundred nine and two thousand and ten u.s. based transnational corporations laid off one million american workers and hired three point one million foreign workers yet no one's talking about this in charlotte other than senator sherrod brown who's all talk about it anybody who's listening or in tampa last week since republicans love free trade as much as democrats president obama has embraced so-called corporate free trade signing more free trade agreements that will lead to even more american jobs losses point is it isn't time we consider the issue that bill clinton refused to consider last night the issue of how we protect domestic manufacturing again by dropping out of all these so-called free trade agreements joining me now for more on this is austin peterson libertarian commentator and director of production at freedom works austin walkable thank you for having me tom thanks for joining me don't we have. actually
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even before we get to free trade. the whole idea of creating a middle class middle class is are not normal things economically if you look at the history of economics the probably. the number of good writers on this. desolate to tracy was probably the best but that that the normal state of an economy is to have a small number of very rich people a small middle class which is basically the professional class the doctors and the lawyers and the and the mercantile class the shop owners and then a very very large class of the working poor that's what dickens wrote about england that's what europe was for five hundred years of thousand years that's the normal state of economies and middle classes are created by government intervention in economies specifically to create a middle class so why would we not want to do that the united states in particular why would we not want to do that by by going back and looking at alexander hamilton
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alexander hamilton as eleven point plan to say ok let's use our trade policies as a way of keeping jobs here so that we have a middle class here but that is the mercantile lism that you're railing against you have to remember alexander alexander hamilton fought against thomas jefferson in favor of mark into lism alexander stille until the later years of jefferson of course when he actually adopted hamilton's not only in dr brace hamilton some right when he became president right when we came president you know it only took power which is what happens the politicians they say one thing before they get elected and then when they get elected why charlie gibson is no different i know when jefferson was fighting hamilton hamilton was a secretary of the treasury jefferson was secretary of state they were both in george washington kept right so let's talk about the middle class that you really want to create a middle class even paul krugman has argued have made of the basis of one of his thesis that free trade is what alleviate the wrong i debated him on a cruise ship i mean this is the us pariah why how can you say that paul crosses president bill clinton is wrong i mean all of the greatest minds they were after
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all are all wrong i mean i'm with i'm with ross perot on this i'm with alexander hamilton i'm with every president of the united states or. george washington to richard nixon yeah and it wasn't until nixon came along and started talking about you know maybe we shouldn't have these tariffs if we should reduce these terrible what was the whims of the create the great depression it was the smoot hawley tariff you know actually if you go back and you look at the amount of at the at the amount of trade that the united states was engaged in before and after smoot hawley it collapsed no it yes it is a two and a half was what brought us into the great depression to him why is he doing it and why was brought us into the great depression was the collapse of housing values there's a huge housing belt bubble that started in florida one nine hundred twenty i don't let me talk about government in real terms government is the gun in the room my friend and let me ask your of your completely just want let me that's just how political scenario i am and i'm a fan of you want to go to see a burrito across the border in mexico who are you to come into into my house and tell me that are you going to take a gun and stop me from walking across that imaginary border and going to buy in
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a breed oh what exactly is the problem with me going across the border and buying a burrito what does the government have to do with that exactly tom can you please explain that to me i think most people believe that one of the purposes of governments is to is to create a semi permeable membrane around their nation won't go with them and there's a going on racist by the alamo a little million and a raise economic why haven't you heard all of those who right away yes it does all of the right wing radicals who are xenophobic who hate who hate people coming into this into this country in the immigrants they want the same thing that you want they want protectionism because they don't like the muslims and they don't like the fact this guy is not talking to you are giving in to them you are giving power to the people that you hate austin you or you or you're so distorting my position to you know well i mean you my position is very simple if you want to have the energy lines if we want to have a middle class in the united states we have to create it by government policy that is the history of everybody you know that is going to destroy their government's policies politicians do not agree how are you how are you going to create
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a middle class without government going to start a business that's what people do that's how you so you're going to become part of a very. small mercantile middle class what about the working poor i was in the elevator the way to keep when you talk about more i'm going to live where where working people in action orientalism defined is that the government gives a benefit to a corporation and it protects them through tax dollars giving them an incentive to go out and take risks on the taxpayers' dime but a from one of them until then you are a status tom and you i certainly am so then you are pro all of our lives the all of our you know we have right now that you have a limited knowledge no instilled by law i know number there are there's a huge difference between the oligarchy the billionaires who are trying to run who are running actually much of this government and they was a shadow right because of the supreme court absolutely absolutely and it's wrong and it shouldn't be and you're the guy who's defending them no saying no that's very speech private property i'm defending free trade and free markets and liberty
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i'm defending the rights as you want to just open the borders well i would love to see a worker come out a worker who's making fifteen bucks an hour on the auto line in detroit compete with a workers making three dollars an hour late and absolutely to hell with the workers there is because the worker in vietnam because going to make more profit because i work for your dollar which is seen versus that which is unseen tama and remember what happened is it's pitch in here for the corporate oligarchy absolutely no they're the only ones who benefit from internationally they benefit from big government tom because when the corporations get away if you want to call protect hassel a lot of protecting the american workers big government i will agree with you so i see the nationalists thanks for being yes i had tom thanks for being with us and i am a proud nation ok thank you. ok now we go back to a live look at the d.n.c. as democrats prepare to hear for their party leader and the president as it's barack obama joining me now on the ground in charlotte is ellen rather washington bureau chief for the talk radio news service ellen welcome back thank you so much has been a busy week as it really has i know you've been you've played
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a large role in it what grade do you give the democrats overall so far compared to the r n c you are both well i have to say i believe the errancy was a bit more organized but of course president clinton's speech and i thought the sandra fluke speech and i thought the elizabeth warren speech were total and of course michelle obama's speech were totally amazing and you know i got a call from somebody at the r. and c. said to me he couldn't believe how angry president clinton sounded and i thought that is the craziest thing i've ever heard so he was like a sushi chef you know i mean he was full lay in the republicans but he did it with the biggest smile. i thought so too and you know he did give credit to president george w. bush for his pepfar program in africa which is the one thing i always give president george w. bush credit for so i think you did
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a good job. compared i mean i think he did a great job republicans didn't really get much of a bounce coming out of their convention could this race get pretty lopsided coming if you know if there's this huge bump coming out of democrats and a going to happen and look i think we have to see what happens tonight the other thing is of course because of the tradition that the incumbent party goes last the problem is that everybody's paying more attention because it's after labor day. so that may also implements things quite a bit yeah you're absolutely right yes they're in school parents are at home they're watching their you know they watch at night that could make a huge difference fortunately for us elizabeth warren spoke one of those uncomfortable truths last night when she came right out and said the system is rigged the billionaires are paying a lower tax rate than their secretaries it's a rigged system and we need to do something about that i don't recall and it's been
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a long long time since i've heard that kind of truth telling that kind of brutal truth telling in a convention and do you think that she has a possibility of becoming a this is going to help her become the center for massachusetts and b.d. you think she may be a standard bearer for progressives in the democratic party for a long time in other ways well there's a lot i and i actually said yesterday that if she wins her senate race that i would see her is a and and if you know larry clinton does not run because of course you can't have two women on the ticket not going to make it i bet i would see her as a potential vice presidential party nominee yeah i agree i absolutely agree i think that she is she's going to go a long long way in and huge long way and she's absolutely brilliant eleanor our thanks so much for being with us tonight thank you. after the break in progress can progressive still throw their support behind president obama even though he's done very little about the progress of over.
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mr. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harvey welcome to the big picture.


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