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there was a large sea here's a recap of the headlines of the sunday thousands of breeds of protest against pressure a multi-billion year oil storage in the clouds a plan to use the country's creditors and see kids play from the single currency. these spreading crisis doesn't survey france away growing unemployment and for economic growth see the president's approval rating plummet just months after winning office. as democrats and republicans brace themselves for the final battle
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two months ahead of the u.s. presidential election we hear from critics who question whether they have any genuine allies. let's pivot to the east asia pacific nations look for ways to energize economic recovery at a major summit in russia as the u.s. and european economies blonder. russia's budding partnership with china among the other as you space in the country at the moment i touched upon in our exclusive interview with the president of lead me to putin which is coming up right now here are not stay tuned for that. hello are you watching r t with me kevin know him a very pleased to say today that we're joined by the president of the russian federation of let him approaching mr president thank you very much for making the time to talk to us but i want to talk about first of all is the ongoing at the moment apec summit now although a pick is primarily an economic vessel there's
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a lot of politics involved as well and of course a lot of the key players including you including american key players disagree on some very key issues and thinking about syria and thinking about missile defense thinking about iran is there a danger that the politics may stifle get in the way of the big economic deals that the very same key players hoping to sign at this summit or at least talk about science and if. that is true but in fact you just said it yourself a pick was originally conceived as a forum for discussing economic issues therefore we are planning to focus primarily on economic challenges transport global food security and the task of liberalizing the global economy as far as syria and other hotspots are concerned is using the currently in the limelight and we will certainly address them in or deliberations of the forum in bilateral discussions or otherwise they wouldn't be overlooked the . problem of sr you touched on another big subject in the headlines the register
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vents that have been unfolding in syria over the last eighteen months now russia's position has been steadfast all the way along the line here you've said this should be no foreign intervention and it should be the syrian people who do the deciding it should be done through diplomacy however that's a great idea but day in day out innocent lives are being lost on both sides is it time for something more than talking should russia be reassessing its position make me now from what i see it took a listen and put it to you so how come russia is the only one which is expected to revise its stance don't you think our counterparts in negotiations want to revise theirs as well because we'll. looking back at the events in the past few years will see that quite a few of our counterparts initiatives have not played out the way they were intended to take the examples of numerous countries riven by escalating internal conflict the u.s. and its allies went into afghanistan and now they're all thinking about how they
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can get out of the no you sure the situation will be stable for decades to come and look at what's going on in the arab countries what concerns us from what i want to emphasize once again is the current hostilities in syria but at the same time we have just as concerned about the possible consequences of certain decisions should they be taken in or opinion the most important today is ending the violence we must all the warring parties including the government and the so-called rebels the armed opposition to sit down at the negotiating table and decide on a future that would guarantee security for all stakeholders in syria only then should they get down to any practical measures regarding the country's future government system we realize that this country needs a change but this doesn't mean the change should come with bloodshed i believe that the first thing to do is to stop shipping into the war zone which is still going on but we should stop trying to impose unacceptable solutions on either side because
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it is a dead end and i think that's what we should do it's that simple understood mr president other question i'd like to ask you a number of western arab nations have been covertly to start with supporting the f.s.a. the free syrian army some of them doing it openly course the catch here is that the f.s.a. is suspected of hiring a known al qaeda fighters amongst their ranks so the twist in this tale is that a lot of those countries are actually sponsoring terrorism if you like in syria countries that have suffered from terrible terrorism themselves is that a fair assessment. you know when someone aspires to attain and then they see is optimal any means will do as a rule they try will. and do that by hook or by crook and hardly ever think of the consequences that was the case during the war in afghanistan when the soviet union invaded in one nine hundred seventy knowing a tory mob hasn't put the support of the rebel movement there and then basically gave rise to al-qaeda that which later backfired on the united states itself today
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some want to use militants from al qaida or some other organizations with equally radical views to accomplish their goals in syria this policy is dangerous and very shortsighted let's turn over to the united states the upcoming election there which we're all looking forward to very much of course now the reset button with russia was firmly pushed by barack obama over the last four years but still that missile defense shield the headache for russia in the east of europe if obama does win a second term what's going to define the next chapter of russia and america's relations and is it a chap that you can do business with. i believe the over the last four years presidents obama and medvedev have made a lot of progress in strengthening russia u.s. relations we have saw in the new start treaty to go with them backed by the us russia has become a fully fledged member of the world trade organization there are more reasons to be
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optimistic about our bilateral relations with these two you mentioned the u.s. missile defense system is surely one of the key issues on today's agenda because it involves russia's vital interests. and experts understand that a unilateral solution will not in harness global stability in essence the intention is to upset the strategic balance which is a very dangerous thing to do as any involved party would always strive to maintain its offensive capabilities and the entire thing could simply trigger off a race is it possible to find a solution to the problem if president obama is reelected for a second term i mean principle yes it is. but this isn't just about president obama for all i know his desire to work out a solution is quite sincere but almost before this my feeling is that he is a sincere man and that he sincerely wants to implement positive change but can he do it will they let him do it to i mean that there is also the military lobby and
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the department of state which is quite conservative let's imagine for a second we have all the solution the means from now on we jointly assess missile threats and control this defense system together this is a highly sensitive area of national defense i am not sure that our partners are ready for this kind of cooperation with the national so we think you can work with barack obama if you get in what if mitt romney gets in a quote here from just a month or two ago this is the man that if he makes it to the white russia is without question our number one geopolitical foe they fight every cause for the world's worst actors went on to say russia or is not a friendly character on the world stage could you work with them. torsion yes we can we work with whichever president is elected by the american people but our effort will only be as efficient as our partners allow it to be as for mr romney's
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position we understand that this is to a certain extent motivated by election campaign rhetoric but i also think that he was only just clear wrong because such behavior in the international arena is the same as using nationalism and segregation as a tools of us domestic policy its effect in the international arena is the same when a politician a person who aspires to lead a nation especially a great country like the us declares someone to be enemy a priore and by the way this brings something else to mind when we talk about the missile defense system or american partners keep telling us this is not directed against you but what happens if mr romney and believes us to be america's number one photo which is elected as president of the united states in that case the missile defense system will definitely be directed against russia as it is technologically configured exactly for this purpose i'd like to talk about the trial and jailing of pussy riot punk group and there's been much criticism of the
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sentence handed down was too strong was too much and the whole case was just made to big a deal of fat and actually backfire it's brought all people to their cause with a publicist with hindsight it was a beautiful thing but with hindsight you think the case could have been handled differently i have always felt the punishment should be proportionate to the offense no i am not in a position now and would not like in any way to comment on the decision of a russian court but i would rather talk about the moral side of the story. first in case you've never heard of it a couple of years ago one of the band's members put up three effigies in one of moscow's big supermarkets with a sign saying that jews gays and migrant workers should be driven out of moscow i think you're thora he should have looked into their activities back then. after that they staged an orgy in a public place of course people are allowed to do what ever they want to do as long as it's legal for this kind of conduct in a public place should not go unnoticed by the or thirty's then they are loaded
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video on the internet then they turned up at your lock of a cathedral here in moscow causing unholy mayhem look at that and then went to another cathedral and caused mayhem there too you know russians still have painful memories of the early years of soviet rule when thousands of orthodox muslim as well as the clergy from other religions were persecuted and so in general i think the state has to protect the feelings of believers or if you're doing i will not comment on whether the verdict is well grounded in the sentence proportionate to the offense these girls must have lawyers who defend their interests in court they have the right to file an appeal and demand a new hearing and it's up to them it is just a legal issue we've got you with us let's get your thoughts on the ongoing julian assange case in britain i'm sure you've been watching it is a legal battle with britain and with a number of other countries as well but equally his attempts to get asylum in ecuador is no god he's holed up in the ecuadorian embassy what's your opinion of
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britain at one point he was talking about. revoking the embassies diplomatic immunity if they could actually go in and get him that kind of sounds a bit odd when of course you think as well that russia has a number of suspects that russia wants to talk to britain is a kind of topsy turvy situation isn't it but they've given safe harbor in britain. this certainly is an unsettling factor in our relations with the u.k. i used to tell my previous counterparts and friends in the british government not those holding office at the moment the britain happens to be harboring certain individuals who have blood on their hands having waged a real war on russian territory and slaughtered people do you know what i was told in response should come put that's exactly why. the soviet union used to do aiding people like that first of all i'm a former soviet secret service operative myself but i don't know whether the u.s.s.r. used a this sort of people or not simply because i never had anything to do with it but
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even if we assume it did that was back in the cold war era you know there has been a cardinal change in the settings the soviet union is history and what we have today is a new russia how can we allow ourselves to be dominated by our old phobias and outdated perceptions of international relations and the kind of relations between nations it's time to let them go but if we are constantly lectured about how independent britain's judiciary is it makes its own decisions and no one can influence it the one about judy in a song they ruled him to be extradited what is that if it's not a self evident example of a double standard i won't make a definitive statement but as far as i know ecuador has requested guarantees from the swedish government sweden wouldn't hand the soldier over to the united states through no guarantees of being forthcoming at the very least this suggests that we are looking at a politically motivated trial. wealthy
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british soil the sun and some bright spot on the subscriber the point is what you are doing that with. markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars report. he used to. be.
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in the. sunday's then news on the read some stories songs of greene's protest against fresh multi-billion euro stereotypes led to abuse of companies private citizens and kids playing in the single currency blog. from these spreading causes doesn't stay fran├žoise growing unemployment and poison economic growth comes to the president's approval rating plummet just months after winning office and. as democrats and republicans brace themselves for the final battle that's the one thing it was president election we've hear from critics who question whether those that any genuine choice. plaids pivot to the east asia pacific nations
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look in ways that to an advisor economic recovery at a major summit in russia as the u.s. and european economies are found a. small does not sway the entry. hello there thanks for watching the sporting these are the headlines have you a champion vitale klitschko stubbs manuel char in the full frank rich titans. in the sky plus the final very big challenge in the semi's of flushing meadows. and run our lives on the secure pole of the season he seeks a. grumpy picture of. stop the boxing day where the p.c. heavyweight champion vitaly klitschko has successfully defended his title in moscow
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ukrainian beating man will charge in the fourth round by technical knockout one of his punches cut the diamond boy's eyes and the doctor immediately stopped the fight clearly won all four rounds over the contessa leg expressed his disappointment with the outcome claiming he was able to continue and even win the fight with the post fight press conference saying turning to negotiations on a possible rematch however according to the reigning champion char should by this time. i have great respect for you and i want you to give me in there a chance i'm sure fans and most germany and all with the world would like to see one more fight between me indeed and i'm sure you will accept my challenge. when you were my understand your great motivation to fight me once again the problem is you're not the only one who wants it there's a lot of worthy contenders who are waiting for their turn to get a title sean you've already had your chance tonight you've proved evergrey heart
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and fighting spirit but you need to be patient. now in tennis and the mary is three to his second u.s. open final after beating thomas thirty in four sets of flushing meadows although he will have to wait to see he will face next after the other semi between novak djokovic and david ferrer was halted because of rain well the weather was ideal leader when mary was on court and it was burdick who seemed to be dealing better with the strong winds at the start of the seven c. beating roger federer in the quarter as took the first set of seven five but after that murray found his rhythm and won the next six to ten level the match. and then took the out right lead after cruising through the next set six one bird it did show more resistance in the fourth and was up five two in a tie break but mary who won in pick gold last month stormed back to win nine seven four said picture. it's been this big growth. you know of us
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getting the first two of us well actually put the group that's so far so it's just you know sort of the way to get through. to be in the photo and get the chance to put. you know that you know over your book versus you know. sure. i mean of course right now it's it's of course i don't like to i don't like to lose them some of them are. in the same switch which i thought that i had a pretty good chance but you know i would say that the first order to the wind blew it away from me and. probably the second i can see positively that you know i made it i made a semi split agreement you're going to. just go for it while the weather got worse by the time the second semifinal started second seed novak djokovic it was two
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games in a lot. in the first set however fair the four c. then reeled off the next five games and was leading five two before play was suspended. and all that bad weather means the women's final between top see the tory as a rank and serenely williams has been delayed until monday. another new day memorial ice hockey match has been played in aristotle exactly a year after the tragic lack of native plane crash which killed every member of the k h l tain the game between canadian and russian veterans also played to mark the fortieth anniversary of the fabled nine hundred seventy two summit series between the nations match starting with a minute's silence a poignant memory of that terrible september day on the ice the canadian select were seeking to level the series at one of pace and they did just that running out five four when is the narrow but in flooring fixture to remain in games. in canada . because of the rewards we cannot get these guys the only thing we can do now is
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how different sports events in the memory of everything is done to support the thermal use in the last days we conducted several charity games across russia and all of them were devoted to the tragedy which shocked everybody not only in this country but also throughout the world but life goes on and i saw in yours always was and will be. in other news both lewis hamilton and jenson button are in solid positions to add their first ever italian grand prix win to their impressive formula one resumes on sunday hamilton securing pole for the race just ahead of his mclaren team mate what overall leader financial loans they had a date if they get. how martin staying focused on the task at hand amid rumors of a move to miss avies next season history on the twenty seven year old side he would six of the last ten italian events having been won from two thousand and nine world champion button finishing right behind compact with ferrari's for amassing. well
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overall a diplomat and alonzo had technical issues which set him all the way. the spanish still holds a twenty four point lead over sebastian vettel however it will start from. elsewhere the russian football team fly to tell you today as they prepare to face israel in their second world cup qualifier fabio capello's men beat northern ireland to nil in moscow on friday but believe today's tuesday's match will be a lot tougher. when a team is playing at home always more difficult to play against i'm sure when we have to play northern ireland and bowl first we'll find life much tougher we understand of the game against israel will be very difficult for us to go in there to win and get all the points that the paralympics south africa's oscar pistorius has retained his four hundred meter title in the final track and field event of the games while russia a second in the overall medals table going into the final day of competition for
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the country it is seen as a major success as it begins to turn its attention to hosting the winter games in twenty fourteen with more his running costs. if you expected them to triumph in such fashion but with the whole winter games in sochi looming it seems only natural that russia had no option but to storm the paralympic gold you. i'm doing my best to visit kids with disabilities to speak to their parents because you should never give up in any case you can bring your kid to the swimming pool or any other type of sport the main thing is not to give up have a go and go for it and you will definitely reach it the london games have revealed that like many other nations britain also needed a push towards greater acceptance of people with disabilities and the local spectators demonstrated just that by buying up almost all the tickets available that prompted a question to the international paralympic committee whether similar exposure could
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be achieved come the next winter games in sochi i'm confident we will achieve similar levels of. spectators and also a presence of media and as you said the winter sports is not as extended like summer one consequently we need to compare to. who could be interested but there is no question in my mind that all the big countries that you have here. is one of them out of going to also have a lot of in that is because. we have had here has been very important multiple paralympic medalist. will be travelling home with a gold silver and bronze is also the ambassador for the twenty fourteen winter games in russia's black sea resort city of sochi so it's probably safe to say that for her the work is far from over as she is about to switch and. to being the country symbol mr video that you understand who feel all the stadiums because the
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paralympic games are not only the greatest event for people with disabilities but also an example will power and courage for all people not only in sparta and after the games i think the interest in paralympic sports will increase. the closing ceremony will be a landmark for the global paralympic movement and sollecito which is the next capital of the winter games is ready to pick up where london left off and that's continuing to promote limited mobility and universal acceptance for people with disabilities are among costs for a forty you from the headquarters of such a twenty fourteen here in london. now go phil mickelson shares the lead with d.j. sing at the b.m.w. championship after making ten thirties in indiana they californian left and they carted a sixty four to charge at the leaderboard and goes into the final day on sixteen overall along with v.j. saying he found himself in trouble on the cajuns and got activity in style and went
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round in sixty nine lee westwood and world number one remark roy referred to shot back while tiger woods is three shots off the pace. i played well today i had a lot of good shots and was really pleased with the way the round when i was it felt great to make some parts and see the ball roll in i played very similarly yesterday but a lot of parts went up to the lip and just didn't quite ball whereas today they seem to go in and on the european tour there is a four way tie for the late at the k. l. m. open england's graeme stallman's the overnight leader in the netherlands but then let slip a five shot advantage over the last half a dozen holes and is now joined at the top of the leaderboard by spain's going to start. and scotland's got jamieson they are all twelve and going into the final i so that is the sport for the moment more.
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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.


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