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tv   [untitled]    September 10, 2012 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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so. i gather this is all see a quick check of the headlines. bankruptcy under full bloom for greece and the coalition government fails to agree on a fresh multi-billion euros stars the package that the prime minister of france is vital for rescuing the crippled economy. a deadly car bomb last over rocks the syrian city of aleppo shortly also al qaida linked militants pledged support for the syrian rebels that is mountains of the conflict in the country's getting increasingly hydrometer by foreign forces. set is
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breakaway cultural region is to feel well again so overtaken as a group of countries recognizing its independence the prize to remove all of the site a move many believe could threaten to escalate and some. of the apec summit has ended on a promising note for many countries and then. he had a chance to speak exclusively with mexican president felipe calderon about the future of the last american countries relations with its neighbors. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operation through the day.
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so for since i wanted to was going to president thank you for joining us let's talk about relations between the region's countries and the us they're actually quite tense with some of the states how would you describe relations between washington d.c. and mexico city washington ana but of course as you said there are a lot of holes in our relations with the. us but in general we have a good working relationship that's true both of my personal interactions with president obama and the relations between our administrations the u.s. and mexico have a long history of ups and downs and still the case today more than one hundred years ago one mexican at president made a famous poor mexico so far from god. however
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our proximity to the u.s. has its benefits as well as disadvantages it's great to have the world's biggest market just around the corner. a lot of billions of dollars worth of mexican workers is crucial for our economy for the problems we share they are immigration and illegal drugs it's a challenge to be a neighbor to the world's largest illegal drugs consumer market with all the rest of the world trying to smuggle drugs into the u.s. across our border and this complicates our relations but i think we have managed to establish a constructive dialogue at least that's true of my government in order to fight these problems together. but in print at home this program. this year and the u.s. has had to elect a new president do you think anything is likely to change after the election a sexy a miss. nothing changes before the election there is always the temptation
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to join pre-election campaign when the competing parties often undertake fairly unfriendly steps to secure support from various target group there were such incidents in the past i can tell you about whenever some farming cells are in the us was losing a competition because mexican producers its representatives would seek. to question of the mexican economy fortunately no such move this time and hopefully we won't have to face anything like this in the future but i wouldn't want to intrude into the decision making. american people very much hope and mature and responsible relations of the us of mexico enjoy right now be maintaining after the elections. he said you have great economic ties but is there anything that can be done to reduce economic dependence on the economy. saying you know yes we are undertaking steps to achieve that so if you are in an active participation in.
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our efforts to set up it's a significant alliance or with other latin american countries. as well as off a future membership in the transpacific partnership demonstrate our desire to diversify only because of course we realize that the u.s. remain a key partner africa geographic location for me to want to expand our trade. is new mexico in the world. in mexico other words i would very much like mexican goods to go on sale in russia and russia. to come to mexico but we want more tourists to visit us this strategy of diversification that we have recently would make our economy less dependent on the u.s. we are working on it but it's not easy because our economies obviously are heavily intertwined. due to the very obvious reasons. why.
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i'm not a drug trafficking what's your assessment of the progress in the war on drugs do you make of the popular statement that the drug trafficking would shrink if there was a decline in demand in the u.s. so. i mean ok let's start from the very beginning of a practical i don't like the term war because ultimately it's not about the drugs but i would like mexico to become a rule of law state where people feel safe my priority is not to eradicate drugs but to create a secure environment for people and their families. and anyone incased in drug trafficking attack our people we fight them because what they do is illegal i'll tell you what our track is here because there was a time when our law enforcement agencies were degrading shrinking oh they became fragile and laced with corruption to put it simply many of them were failing your book form their twenty's and if that was some case they were taken over by the criminals and of the list you know that in many countries organized crime is
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growing stronger countries police and agencies and this trend prevails. i think our main a key thing is that we've managed to curb this train much because now we're reforming the police force as part of the project to reinforce our government by policemen have to be honest well trained and have access to state of the art equipment that will make. up in this respect i believe we're doing very well. more problem related to violence gang clashes some of what's happening in mexico is typical for all latin american countries where you see not only do criminal gangs smuggle drugs into the u.s. they also attempt to distribute them across latin america. this leads to. in spite of this as last year source significant decline in violence and the number of murders but we're working on it still there is a long way to go. for the second part of your question for yes you know main reason for our drug trafficking problem or place is that the u.s.
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is the main drug consumer in the world. far to mexico and many other countries if the demand for drugs were to decrease in the u.s. on the road we would indeed have problems to deal with a look at the market. and how it is going through economic crises mostly true. i'm not an american plane the global economic crisis. the way i see growth will take place over the next decade mostly occur in the region by six months which is located in latin america the big picture is that our economies are growing enemy new jobs are being created this is same for mexico our economy is growing the new jobs are being created many mexican products can now compete in the global market and the role of growing economies is to give impetus to global growth to use an analogy of previously or economic growth was driven by an engine of
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growth but that would be the european the us economy on what happens now is that the us engine is still in order and while the european one is not only actually pulling the other way. the center of growth is moving to asia pacific and latin america that will play an important role in all of growth that us. how do you explain that in america significant economic growth when. there are different reasons. why and it's especially the case in south america the reason is that these countries produce primary commodities including food my biggest global food prices growth which happens for various reasons but to a large extent of human due to the growing demand in china and india a lot of the economies are producing food such as argentina and brazil grow as well but that's one reason for this is not the case of mexico you know what i see in mexico we're seeing manufacturing grow become more competitive with gasoline we have invested significant ones in infrastructure and higher education one hundred
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thirteen thousand engineers graduate from the mexican universities annually that's more in germany canada. this is given our economy a sizable competitive advantage we offer a lot of benefits to investors because we have lower taxes so now car and cell phone manufacturers can buy the parts they need from any country in the. world which brings their business to a higher competitive level mexico's economic growth and even by manufacturing which is growing much faster the natural resources development on the whole i believe that latin american economies succeeded in finding a balance between i think of maintaining economic stability and ensuring proper distribution of government funds in mexico you can talk of low inflation and almost zero budget deficit investments in the development of money factoring in a range of other factors. create new jobs and drive economic growth. and
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also. it is about health care and education what it would be greatest challenges mexican society is facing. the issue of public safety still withstanding what presidential. at the end of the year and i think the next president needs to continue with the project of building new institutions because we mexicans rest when we have been only police force in place when we put an end to any corruption including a corrupt. judicial agencies and this sense this is our major challenge yes and the other. major economy that we need to run reform and. i believe our major challenges is raising quality of education reform us. as a new president takes office what policy will he. support that's
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a good question for the new president and despite our ideological differences i wish him well possible success because mexico needs all of the stages it goes through to be successful you need the president to enjoy possible support he needs to tackle important national issues like the overall i do know expects any major changes in the economy and i'm hopeful that he will continue with modernization and on the reforms driving mexico the economic competitiveness of the security issues he said himself that he would do all he can to our great governmental institutions points. in social services we have clearly defined the outlines of our health care education and support of the low income population programs and i believe this will continue roughly along the same lines and certainly nuances typical for mexico starting with me. that was the last question where will we see you in the
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future will you be pursuing your political career. as for your second question i learned from my father when i was very young that politics is about serving the people for the common good as a citizen of my country i will do my best in order to achieve this goal in this respect i will continue working for the good of mexico on the other hand mexican law does not allow the president to be reelected whether six twelve or eighteen years after his term has ended and so i'm at the end of my part of my career in politics president is the highest position one can ever hope to hold but i am fifty years old now and i have every intention to live another fifty years or so in good health i hope that science will find a way to increase longevity the long and eventful life of my intent elite be connected with my calling to serve my people although so far i couldn't tell you what it is exactly i'll be doing well in the future my expenses are working for the
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kind of teaching writing really know a lot of the soviets read that time with my children they were little. and now they are teenagers and i would like to be there for them but that's how i see my future so when i go back to politics eventually. reeling with infrastructure projects i'm not sure. thank you for the interview thank you. see a story. thank you understand it. and realize everything is.
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the top stories on sea bottom from sea under full moon for greece now the coalition government plans to agree on a french multi-billion eurostar is the package that the prime minister passes by to rescue the proposed economy. a deadly car bomb blast the bronx the figure and city of aleppo sure and all kinds of minutes and pledged support for the syrian rebels as fears monster of the conflict in the country is getting increasingly high charged by foreign forces. as a breakaway kosovo region is to formally gain sovereignty as a group of countries recognizing its independence prepares to remove all of the sights and move many believe could threaten to escalate i think tensions. as the
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headlines for you sport is that exist without injury. thanks for watching and these are the headlines jumping for joy serena williams playing di fourth u.s. open title after a thrilling victory i was victorious as a ranker. defending can never djokovic phrases past time for that to set up a final showdown with andy murray. and golden and the paralympics closing star athlete finish on a high in london. but first arena williams has won the u.s. open for a fourth time in american beating world number one victoria azarenka in three sets to end what has been a fabulous summer williams one woman and two william pitt gold medals before the last grand slam of the season and not to be cruising after winning the first set
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six two against the parachute however as the rancor fought back brilliantly winning the next set six two to bring herself level. and was even serving for the match in the decider only for williams to reel off four games in a row to win seven five this fifteenth grand slam title the american looked at my favorite group if you like on her back at the end before getting up to celebrate and afterward said victory was one of the streets with. i really enjoyed winning said i would be lying if i said that i wanted to be you know this but it's you know it's nothing is more exciting than winning such a tight match and a grand slam final at this moment you know i have no regrets i felt like i
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gave it all you know. i could have gotten my way probably yes you know but it didn't and it really really hurts and you know those emotions can't come out and. you feel sad but it's time to. really realize what happened today know was a great match is just it was close but not. his place in the men's final against andy murray the defending champion david ferrer returned to finish their match after a tornado warning the day before and low for their serve to take the first set it was all joke of each after that this mammoth twenty five point rally ending with a sizzling crosscourt backhand from this to level at a set all. just went on and on. but djokovic tried to trump
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card. easy win the next to say six one six four for the matching faces mary in the final on monday and expects that to be tight. most of our virtues that we played against each other were very close. on the small margins that so the winner and that's something that you is expected to win because we have a similar games and. we are we're big rivals. we have been talk of the mets game for a long time so we know each other really well. the last match years one of the only games also a close one but it's a different surface so you know it's a different surface different tactics apply so we'll see you know tomorrow i guess there's no clear favorite now in formula one mclaren's lewis hamilton has won the italian graeme pray for the first time from pole to clinch his twentieth career victory and go second in the overall standings this was
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a dominant performance from the britain who held off the threat of so your pet is late on the next can also enjoy the race crowing his way up from twelfth on the grid to pick up pace third podium finish of the season however you have to share the spotlight with fernando along the spaniard stayed his ferrari to place their own race and now leads the championship by eight points ahead of hamilton the seven races to gauge the pressure of returning to your icon and is a point for the back after coming in fair while other title contenders hopes took a blow including red bull gio sebastian vettel and mark webber to finish along with jenson button. now i do i it's been fantastic to win here the defense crowd i was so happy for my team i was really a fantastic i know it's a two time champion is incredible i am i. know the news rory mcilroy has won the
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b.m.w. championship in indiana to claim his second golf title in his many weeks at the northern irishman started the day a shot behind joint leaders phil mickelson and v.j. seeing in those two were looking good early on mickelson bearing this forty two foot chip for birdie while singh was also showing good full. but it was mcelroy who took the lead on the tenth. after this approach coming up which saw the ball rolled within a few feet of the hole and he went on to carve a five under sixty seven for two shot victory and a check of just under one and a half million dollars he goes into the tour championship in a fortnight as the favorite to pocket it and million dollar jackpot. this is the best golf i've ever played for sure to win three out of my last four starts you know one of those being a major to be in playoffs. and sweden's but
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hansen is also enjoying the perfect warm up for the ryder cup in three weeks time i see. them i would like to see the netherlands and clinches fifty were paint or title the victory was all the more impressive was the sweet paying close to be true to his baby so most of political capital on friday played on the cards in the final round of sixty seven. to make that part then i was struggling in the you know a little bit towards the end i was hitting some new shot them yes there may grab a long part you know for. walking up the last dollar forty if i can make that it's going to take a lot for the average guys to catch up so if you're fantastic feeling. the paralympics have come to an end in spectacular fashion a huge fireworks display over the athletic stadium bringing to an end a very successful games for russia the country won the men's football tournament on the last day with the one the victory over ukraine that was goal number thirty six for russia in london and that's to be sure second place finish in the medal table
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behind china and achievement celebrated with a formal reception in the british capital cost of reports. to london's paralympic games so the russian athletes cemented their place among the world's best their success is attributed to several factors primarily the russians no longer feel at a disadvantage when it comes to equipment or training facilities but equally important is increasing social inclusion which among other things resulted in more competitors. and large power base behind the paralympic team include more people who will face problems with skills. if the performance of sport. by this method is the best methods to. get to more of the more credible and more
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successful. the majority of gold medals came through athletics and swimming but sports where the podium was previously unattainable like or sheree for instance now seems closer than ever following russia's sweep of medals in one of the disciplines in a push pull my path to paralympic success was a difficult one i also took part in the beijing games though i was only eleventh back then but i've been doing great have a since i've won medals both on the world of european stage go into these london games so my form has been building up and in the end i was strong enough to win here in london. so the paralympics are now moving on to inspire other nations in twenty fourteen it will be the russian winter fest and so years later sunny brazil will welcome the summer athletes but it all began to right here in the u.k. sixty four years ago stock magical games became the first ever recognized sporting
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event for people with disabilities the year was nine hundred forty eight and all german neurologist dr and the good men wanted was to speed up. the rebel it's asian bro says four sixteen british world war two veterans and it makes me wonder if he ever dreamt that he's notion to help if you will eventually transform into an international celebration for over forty two hundred athletes on cost of artsy. u.k. . finally gets to a story that proves you should never give up or celebrate before crossing the finish line as the most go international pains ended and they're very much a draw on sunday after running neck and neck for the how rice is the right pelted down in central moscow russia's feed. pulled away from compound mikail called the finishing line in sight races in celebration only for cool calls to prove they couldn't be separated from the day they need and when they shed the gold medal the
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thundering rain didn't get to run this in taking them i suppose and you think having these drivers surprised by the act think the weather was the best thing in discussions but i think having the reindeer in the marathon only helped us and thanks to you we work together and go to great result with today's race. that is all the sport for the moment. mission free cretaceous free. for charges free. arrangement free. three stooges free. download free broadcast clothing videos for your media projects a free video don the hard time. wealthy british style it's
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time to rise. to the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports on our dear mom i'm sorry that i had to do this i've been in so much pain in the past year that i can't take it anymore the stomach and chest pains have been getting worse and no doctor has been able to help me please know that i'll finally be at peace and with no more pain i wish i could have had a life with it was a bit well he's pictured her being my wife and mother to my kids i love you all see you all in heaven when your time comes i'm going to meet jesus christ. thousands of u.s. troops in iraq received one of these drugs a drug called lariam and it may have prevented many soldiers from getting sick the question tonight is whether or not soldiers were adequately warned about its rare
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side effects serious life change and side effects.
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