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tv   [untitled]    September 11, 2012 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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implement ways of controlling the expanse of distance from it to keep it safe which will move. one note you could trust the government if you go to. hell again this is all see a quick check of the headlines. the new international peace and boys preparing to take his mission to syria but admits it's nearly impossible while this in the country is reaching new levels it's emerged that at least twenty government soldiers have been killed in a mass execution by the rebels. occupy entrapment revealed tuxes police infiltrate the protest movement in houston charging acts of it with obscure crimes that undercover officers apparently settle. on one of the walls and was
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renowned for human rights lawyers he was top until his gold trust it's been june and a song that we can expound on remains holed up in ecuador's london embassy while defines between us silence and extradition continues. so the man fighting a song corner gas so on who faced up to chilean dictator augusto pinochet explains the tough task ahead of him in how taking on britain and the us. a sponsored day of the studio we have juillet ourselves as a lawyer a force that is judged famous for living high profile criminal cases drug trafficking corruption and terrorism he also issued the arrest warrant for forward chilean dictator augusto pinochet but this other song hello mr garcia well this had hello north of you said that everything that's happening to us is extreme and just as why is that. it isn't justice because the u.s.
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is conducting a criminal investigation into we killings and that's according to a few but nevertheless very reliable reports in which this case targets mostly julian assange but other founders of the organization are also involved in this respect it is absolutely clear to us that such investigation and prosecution i would join a list who is in essence just doing his job violates freedom of speech in the us the country which prides itself in always defending freedom of speech feel of value firmly stipulated ensconced. that this is a big concern and largely these was the reason why jewel in a sense decided to seek refuge from sweden in the ecuadorian embassy because he knew that he could have been extradited to the u.s. for that's what it was all about and ecuador took this responsibility and granted diplomatic and political asylum to julian asuncion so mr assad and his defense team
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don't have to justify this decision and he exercised his fundamental right here it is clear that political asylum was granted because julian essential is facing terrible injustice and this is what we are fighting against at the moment and we will continue to fight and prove that there is no reason to prosecute mr sons who also julius songs. it's ready to give you statement he is ready to be questioned in sweden submit himself to other procedures but only if he is guaranteed that it would not lead to more complicated games in which he's right to freedom of speech and information would be violated so the link is nothing you say that you have proof of that the us is conduct of the secret investigation do you think it's legal to conduct such investigations. and make every country has
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a practice of conducting secret investigations of course if there are good reasons for that we don't know whether the us has such a reason in this case but we know for sure that the case has been know that the us government admitted the fact and we also know that no official charges have been brought against mr asunder so far but it only means he's not charged at the moment they could as well charge him and danny time in the future but we also know that the u.s. continues to give their day there on the case and theoretically it could be the source for an indictment which would supposedly be used to issue an international arrest warrant. in line with us law we have sent a request to the american authorities to confirm that they're indeed conducting an investigation of his or today's if that's so why then is mr is songes defense not taking part in it if the defense has no access to the case that in what ways the
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own go on collection of evidence consistent with us legislation. as soon as we clear that up we'll be able to say whether in this case is in line with the law so florey the statements made by some prominent american politicians indicate that he could be indicted under the espionage act l all which has not been enforced since the cold war. i don't think mr a song she's a spy he merely published information he received from outside sources through we kill it's with information that was a bailable to thousands of people all he did was exercise he's right to freedom of information he received and shared that i'm much more surprised that there has been known best to get into the glaring crimes documented in those leaked reports featuring the us interference by different channels of information or proxies in
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various states with issues that have absolutely no relation to either national security or the safety of the american citizens who are defense but rather are indicative of the internal disorder in the united states. and this is going to help us in the senate before we talk about his possible extradition to the u.s. you said that julian assad is not avoiding prosecution it's with his avoiding extradition to the u.s. you also mentioned that this wish case against join us sounds has no grounds and the charges that were brought against him are not there a clear what did you mean by that. but if. i meant that according to the information we have. this case i mean the testimony of julian asuncion some documents that we were able to get our hands august this case has no grounds for when he came to do you think and the courts are not here to rule it on his extradition case julian assange told swedish prosecutors that he was ready to
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cooperate he said that earlier today before he left with a human offered to come back for questioning with you and he still ready to do the only now he's asking for the prosecutor to come to the u.k. and the question of his this is not rebellious behavior on the contrary we respect the judicial system moves with you know we have no objective reasons not to trust him but we think that their approach is too harsh you know they want julian assange stuck out to sweden for western style in your opinion why did sweden take this as you say harsh approach you sad that you can accept their terms under one condition but is there some legal framework for this how can a country guarantee that it won't extradite a person and to another country in the future. not musical possible we don't all poor are doing everything we can there are two thousand years here that we are considering over is the sure the u.k. has legally obliged to fulfill its wooden's demands i mean there's the supreme
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court only this ruler with what we think it is also their obligation to protect mr sanchez riding to political asylum for barry and we think that this ride into political asylum needs to be defended and they're going to this point we consider probable i don't understand why julian a son she needs to be one resident in person at this question to him there that's their intimate affair but nobody can explain to us why these hasta happen in sweden or not in london and especially now when he has been granted political asylum and he's under diplomatic protection of the ecuadorian embassy but the guarantees have to be determined so how likely is it that's when being aware of that death. wilkens practiced in the us will accept a sauce that we don't know we don't even know whether swim in the would agree to extradite julian assange there is a certain procedure three years or when any country doesn't administer gap until
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hunnish mentees requested to extradite if a person you know has to be sure of why the request your theory except that the death penalty will not be carried out even if it is passed it's not even about administering a moment not administering the death penalty anymore it's rather a recognised right of political and diplomatic asylum or food there is it comes your ecuador and i state that it makes scenes that he says he's belittled rather than criminal. so we can't really discuss extradition tell us is because julian assange has been granted political asylum noise that there is no chance of an axe or dish in requests to be satisfied but the thing is this is a case of i was here in the region and to have human rights to ecuador is decision to grandchildren a sanchez silence is not ok he's a right to work with you because that's not a running receipt he becomes one when it's recognized right now julian assange says if a political arrest. cannot be prosecuted for the actions that serve as the basis for
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his rather seeking asylum in the first place. the problem is that he can only exercise this constitutional right. and actually he's exercising or right now he can't be attacked or arrest to go storming the embassy would be inconceivable especially after those statements made by such international organizations as organization of american states and before that the u.n. in accordance with the security council resolution that indium the attacks on the british embassy in tehran last november and read to rated that graham he says of embassies are inviolate. i think britain made a whole threat. and yes he's exercising his rights but in a very limited fashion as if he's living in the embassy under its protection you know exactly every limited fashion that he has been granted asylum but he's staying in a small room with just four square meters and this could go on water for
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a long time and this has simply tried to wear the british authorities out and. no i mean there is no time limit to resolve this situation it diplomatic solution is possible i don't know whether this is being discussed and whether there is any progress and a legal solution is also possible of both countries go to the international court of justice who is rulings there are bound to be all in all julian assange and he supporters are powerless and the pain is so political diplomatic or legal decision that we can express our opinions we can contribute to the process by providing documents and expertise we can give advice on what to do but we can't make the final decision because we are not authorized to julian assange has a right to political asylum and it can be disputed and defended but he's not the one deciding the outcome. thank you very much mr herself and to thank you.
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line in motion and which brightened if you knew me poundstone from feinstein pressure. for instance on t. dot com. i've had to execution dates in believe me or just pay me one to two the execution date is enough for anybody to go through my life to. be no more than fifty percent of the people who are if you didn't texas are not. why you know live in north darfur is like. this
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it's like you know we execute our convicted capital murder we have the highest execution rate in america we're not afraid to do it we do it well this becomes a point when death becomes. our avenue i hope. i will get a letter your dad is due to be executed next week then as a fierce scary moment for you to know you can loose here want to be appearing at the in a manner of me saying that's he it's time to go. and i would lead him into the to the best chamber of. commerce trade till after they were dating.
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the top stories on all see the new international peace envoy is preparing to take its mission to syria but it made its need even possible violence in the country's reaching new levels it's emerged that at least twenty government soldiers have been killed in a monster execution by rebels. also offered by entrapment revealed tuxes police infiltrate the protest movement in houston treasury occiput stored at a skill crimes that undercover officers apparently set up. one of the world's most renowned for human rights lawyers says he wants top until his gold justice for june announced on the show that we can expound on remains holed up in ecuador's london embassy while defined between asylum and extradition continued needs. and those are
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the headlines for you sport news is next with. hello there good to have you company and here's what is coming up over the next few minutes victorious at last andy murray wins the u.s. open against novak djokovic to claim his first grand slam title. while russia arrived in israel looking to make it two wins from to win their world cup qualifying campaign. and the son of the first signs banshees in real madrid at the russian premier league side strength and for you. but first andy murray has won the u.s. open the briton winning his first grand slam after a five set thriller against novak djokovic flushing meadows murray had been in four grand slam finals before and lost all of them but had a dream start on court taking the first set on
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a tie break. and then went on to take two sets to love lead after winning the next seven five. after joke of it sends the ball wide but this one five grand slam wasn't thinking these things through the third to pull a set back and then levelled the match by taking the next set next set six three. no one that ever come back from to set stand when we saw us open for over sixty years but murray don't think to make sure it wasn't going to happen this time and we're serving for the match at five djokovic thank you so impatient to andy murray his first grand slam title and britain's first grand slam winner fred perry won us i think it's. very sad saying cool. it was incredibly tough. well to say felt. relief
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is probably. the best for those who choose to you know describe feeling just. so very very honest to come through because if i lost this one from two sets the scene. is a bad loss you know there's no question about it. i'm disappointed to lose the match but. in the back of my mind i knew would i give it all i really really try to fight fight my back fight my way back through and. i had the great opponent today he deserved to win this grand slam wouldn't anybody i'm sure because . over the years he's been a top player he's been so close last for finals now as won it so i would like to congratulate him definitely you know happy that he you want to now another nice russian case fabio capello is after three points against israel tonight and they
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will cup qualifier in tel aviv the russians begun their world cup qualifying campaign with the two know when i've been northern ireland to moscow while israel could only muster a one one draw and has a big yard however capello is expecting a tough test the saving and sees it as a crucial game if russia are to qualify automatically for the world cup in two years' time while his place a three points are more important than the performance. we qualify. for me about that would be difficult to. gain or to play these things games you know the board to have a story we. can only dream but i'm almost always game to do need to bring to my game my games day by day and this is an important reason for that i only have the beginning with israel to be a very difficult game for us going back to the game with northern ireland the most to. porton thing for us was getting all three points especially as this was our first group game and i'm glad we managed to do this of course the quality of
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football we play is important but for me at present the most important thing is that we get the result we need and for the team as well if we win two nearly against israel i'll be very happy. when asked for israel they will be hoping to repeat the home victory over russia five years ago then i last minute goal almost ended russia's hopes of qualifying for euro two thousand and eight and israel kept in your seat been eyeing believes another win for his country is possible. i can only say. they were a great team and even now they have a lot of quality players and i think it would be. before i think that different this last game it was important for russia not for us. to get a report that for both sides i think it would be. much more pressure for courtside then hopefully we will do the same result in the game so let's look at russia at
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the moment then it is poor school who beat luxembourg last time. tonight was northern ireland and to take luxembourg. elsewhere defending world cup champions spain begin their qualifying campaign with a trip to georgia including pi it's a tricky fixture. someone has done anything it's clear that nothing is guaranteed even be the world of european champions does not guarantee anything these are difficult trips we've been analyzing the georgian team they have high quality players and will make it very difficult for us this is a world cup qualifying game and nothing will be easy. and england have also been training ahead of tuesday's match against ukraine at wembley the three lines are without veteran defender john terry he was out with an ankle injury the chelsea man picked up or not during their five nil drubbing of moldova in their opening qualify on friday when your theory walcott is also ruled out due to
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a virus adding to england's wrong injury list and to fill the gaps manager roy hodgson has called up seventeen year old liverpool winger. who's made just five first thing that appearances for the reds as well as bringing in even more young blood. we were the limit when we lost the call but you know the theo walcott's had to go home and just to be monitored although we think he's going to be ok it was a good opportunity i thought to invite some younger players to come in and be a part of the atmosphere i still think we have enough players to deal with the game we have more than the eleven certainly that we need. and following his twitter starlin's james mclean stays on the bench for his side's friendly with a man tonight mcclain wrote that his exclusion from the changer in their two one win over kazakstan in last week's qualify it was a joke and also used an expletive in his tweet but i'll encourage giovanni trapattoni says he's no problem with the sunderland star has apologized and struck
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at kevin doyle thinks the episode might have even helped with playing normally so we said. you know it's not acceptable and he knew that as well. you know. detroit. really is and i think you should never think it could be you know. we ended up the next job you know if you know it's going it's got to be good because it's probably going to get into this group a bit more because we've all been. going to go for a good look at the opening. while here in moscow less than a day are has been officially unveiled as a new player the twenty seven year old midfielder arrived. after a low key transfer window for the rich dagestani hitting side have also signed. it all from fellow russian side and a general director says they are targeting nothing less than europa league trophy this season and they are is eager to help them along. i'm really motivated
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i'm coming to russia is a new challenge for me of course it will take me some time to a new place but i hope to find my rhythm as soon as possible try to make the best use of all the experience i've gained while playing in europe until she win a title this season. finally russia's paralympians have returned home to a hero's welcome they got a record thirty six gold medals at the paralympics in london which and this weekend and that gave him a second place in the medals table dozens turned out to greet them when they returned to moscow in a record level of success for their country. and around one million people lined the streets of london to cheer on great britain's olympic and paralympic heroes after the curtain fell on the twenty twelve games the world's fastest long distance runner my farah headline the festivities while the mare of london boris johnson alongside the flight's britain's other most decorated cyclists occasionally
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victoria pendleton to see the all the pros at the prize both games have been deemed a major success for record audiences attending i'm watching the paralympic events and the british prime minister david cameron said thank you to everyone involved especially the africans. are you going to inspire a generation and that is exactly what you are doing if other people's children are anything like they are dreaming big bradley wiggins or jess ennis or dave or johnny pico the begging the parents to set up many olympics that's thinking about sport and disability in ways they never did before. so that brings us the end of the sports we've got more.
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news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are old today.
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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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i'm in sochi the only city in europe i'm the host of the twenty fourth she in winter the pick a. song she. sang a. song. thank you. a. dog days are. the pride days it. calms. the sun sea it's so true. the emission free cretaceous free transport charges free. range humans free. free stooge i free. download free blog loaded video for your media projects and free mediocre.


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