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tv   [untitled]    September 12, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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breaking news here on r.g.p. this hour i'm barack has an ambassador to libya and the consul were among those killed when a bomb mob stormed the u.s. consulate in benghazi that's according to the libyan government but the u.s. has yet to give any confirmation. bailouts go ahead a german court gives a green light to the permanent eurozone rescue fund. that paves the way you put into joy in the five hundred billion euro facility there are conditions attached all the latest from the german capital coming up shortly. and
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a one and a half million people in catalonia take through the streets to demand independence from spain as taxes and car pileup in the country's wealthiest region. here watching our live from moscow with me tom would say first libya's interior ministry says the u.s. ambassador and the consul in libya have been killed in an attack on the consulate in the city of benghazi the american diplomatic missions in libya and egypt were raided by angry mobs over a u.s. made film said to insult the prophet muhammad now we'll go back to that story a little bit later with our middle east correspondent policia who have more on the details. now oppose the revolution in libya and egypt could only see a further rise in extremism and instability says nadal has sami an assistant
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professor of middle east and islamics politics at the university of denver people like this i think are looking for a reaction they deeply are trying to promote a clash of civilizations and think americans are going to have to get used to defected as societies open up you're going to see protests such as these bikes stream ist elements it's not just liberals and democrats and seculars secularists who have the right to protest but so do you know members of extreme fundamentalist groups they also have that right to challenge yours to keep them within the framework of the lost and to prevent them from creating instability in overturning and overthrowing egypt's democratic transition there is fear that we're going to see copycat sort of demonstrations. throughout the arab and muslim world and and let's hope that cooler pressure cooler heads can prevail fred we're going to go over to our tease middle east correspondent polis leah who's got the latest on the libya as we know paula good to see you there again what more do you know about the
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storming of the consulate. well we're just receiving news now that in addition to the killing of the american ambassador to libya his consular has also been killed now these statements are coming from the libyan interior ministry that is in addition to these two there are at least two other high ranking american officials who were killed in an attack a rocket attack on the consulate last night tuesday we're also hearing that at least eighteen people in that embassy were injured at this stage we have no further information other than that a statement which was released by the libyan authorities say that the ambassador had died from suffocation what we do understand is that an armed group stormed the consulate building they set it on fire and by all accounts much of this building has been burned to the ground in addition to those eyewitnesses who were there say that they heard gunfire coming from both libyan security forces and the attackers
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themselves and we have seen some reports at least suggesting that some half a dozen libyan security forces were taken from the scene in ambulances there is very little known at this stage about the american ambassador to the consulate in benghazi in libya other than the fact that he was the american envoy to the libyan opposition during the revolution in that country which is certainly does suggest that you now have a situation where the rebels are killing their own counterpart what we are witnessing more and more is increasing and raced and violence in these post revolution countries that are receiving backing by the united states now paula was such a violent reaction to the spill. this storming and essentially what appears to be the apparent murder of both the ambassador and the consulate of the american consulate in benghazi comes just hours after a mass demonstration of at least some two thousand protesters in the egyptian capital
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city of cairo what happened there is that an american film that was produced by an american based company was released that many say was insulting to the prophet mohammed now some of our viewers will be familiar with the name terry jones he was the christian pastor that was involved in the koran burning that saw widespread demonstrations across afghanistan and he too was involved in this full that he says was a satirical look at prophet mohammed but certainly hasn't been received like that at least not in egypt now what we had in egypt was indignation people taking to the streets they pulled down the flag of the american embassy that appeared replaced it with a black flag that sid there is no god that we know that and that egyptian police are now on standby for for the protests today wednesday in the capital city of cairo police are gathering as we speak at the same time we're also hearing of
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demonstrations being planned in tunis the capital city of chile both of these will be anti american demonstrations again showing just how volatile this region is particularly in these post revolution climate that has seen these countries in a and in an instability largely because of what has happened in a lot of confusion over the role of wisdom powers in these so-called revolutionary process. right there is r.t. is middle east correspondent a policy giving us the latest on the story thank you. now egypt's new president has angered some hardliners by not yet speaking out about the film mohamed morsi though has been working to establish trade ties with washington to secure funds to help revive his country's economy but as our g.'s guy energy can replay explains as such support comes at a high political price. egyptian needs money and the us needs to preserve its leverage in egypt so how do you make those who needs meet without going back to
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mubarak style leadership which egyptians rose up to the polls earlier in september the egyptian president accepted a delegation of u.s. officials as well as the c.e.o.'s of some fifty u.s. corporations looking to do business in egypt many of whom already have billions invested in the country mohammed morsi told them what they wanted to hear that their investments were secure that he would help the companies expend in egypt by reducing red tape and last but not least that he would respect the peace treaty where this will as he's pretty sesar had in other words he set the hopes high with american officials and businessman the president is continuing the same old policy of mubarak but with the distance and some authority and some symbolism the he enjoys popular support and he can do a lot of things that would serve the americans with cultural blessing and religious missing top president morsi scored another point with the u.s.
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when during a visit to iran he slammed the our saddam regime and called for an intervention in syria regime about one point park six billion u.s. dollars in aid and on top of that back in august they received two billion dollars who qatar and of course the u.s. and qatar to the leading hawks on syria so when you receiving got much money from the u.s. and the charts hardly surprising go to a summit and criticize syria it's not a big surprise really u.s. aid always comes with strings attached for instance much of the military aid money to egypt has been spent in the u.s. and weapons and services contracts with u.s. companies as for the rest is essentially a pariah hey are who are maintaining the treaty with washington is now negotiating another package of perks for egypt one billion dollars in debt relief and around four. hundred million dollars to improve the business climate in egypt but for the u.s. aid means business as the deputy director of one of the american aid distribution
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agencies said for every dollar davis they get eight dollars back in u.s. exports but u.s. policy on egypt apparently stays the same it could be phrased nothing personal just business the question for egyptians remains whether their new leader will ever pursue independent policies or whether he'll end up doing washington's bidding as he's pretty sesar did in washington i'm going to shaken. the years owns a merry go round of bailouts can continue germany's federal call to rules a new five hundred billion euro rescue fund is legal and berlin can join the euro zone's paul howes is crucial for funneling cash to fading economies and containing the crisis archies pita olive oil reports. by rejecting a complaint against the european state billets the mechanism a five hundred billion euro part what they've said is that they can be signed into german law now they say that comes with some conditions though the maximum amount
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will be able to be put in is one hundred and ninety billion now if they want to put in any more than that they're going to have to go to the they can have to go to the bundestag and it's going to have to be a vote on it also both houses of the german parliament are going to have to be kept up to date with exactly what that money is being spent on it's a political success for. merkel she fact they system whole heartedly and of course she's got an election coming up next year she couldn't afford any major embarrassment however the fact that it has to go through a vote in the bundesliga and at the amount has been kept could mean that she faces a few internal problems inside the journal german parliament if they want to try and increase the amount of money germany is going to give to those failing economies in the rest of the eurozone the five hundred billion euro ports that's not infinite it's got it's not a bottomless pit of cash what happens if other countries for by the way at the
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moment we're seeing greece needing that bailout money desperately what happens if all of that bailout money or too much of that bailout money spent on greece and say countries like italy or spain slipped into the economic mire does that mean that this is simply no cash left put them in terms of greece i say they will be quite happy to hear that this is gone through but there's a huge meeting taking place in the country on wednesday now that is a meeting between the heads of the coalition the ruling coalition government there they have problems they can't decide how they're going to make the huge over ten billion worth. of budget cuts they can decide how they're going to do that without hurting the greek people too much so it could end up if they can't make those cuts all of this decision in germany might have fallen by the wayside because the bottom line is if greece doesn't cut they don't get bailout money whatever the german constitutional court ruled. right let's not talk to risk consultant john hulsman
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who joins us from rottenberg in germany now he's going to shed some light on the story well good to see you there mr houseman can see only the euro zone nations breath a sigh of relief now i mean that they know they will continue getting rescue care cash can they be relieved. well i mean going to get a sense yes i think peter's report out on the head last time i spoke to i said look the court's going to say yes there's no way they'll say no it would destroy the euro and we'd be in a global depression they're not going to say no the key is always been the fine prince and as peter pointed out before but a friend here is really telling the germans are stirring up hostages to fortune they're going to need more than the five hundred billion euro because italy and spain to some extent certainly spain will need a bailout greece probably will need a third bailout and then have to go back to not going to stop because the cork out german liability to one hundred ninety billion euro sounds like a lot of money frankly it's not given the money they're going to need and it's some point somebody in the bow to stop it's going to get up and say this is madness we
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can no longer pay for the rest of europe so yes they jump one hurdle but it's a very long race so effectively the code has been doles to the cycle of date and bailouts in the eurozone is this really the way forward well they didn't they didn't typical court ruling to european court ruling they set everything up to now is fine but they also said there can be no unlimited liability meaning this can go on forever that we don't say ad infinitum we're going to bail out everyone else in europe if you like today the dutch are going to vote even though they're going to elect a vaguely pro european coalition in the end more and more hostages to fortune there they've said flat out the greeks don't get another euro from us the germans say we're not going to pay more than one hundred ninety billion without going back to our people here are beginning to see these points of friction coming up more and more and more often and as they do eventually you're going to have the problem to deal with totally donor weary supporters in the north and so i think that there's still a long way to go in this crisis because they haven't solved the ultimate problem
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these countries in the south remain on life support the countries in the north are going to have to pay for them forever and so you get economic productivity on the table were just thrown plates in the air as a house by the conditions imposed by the quote i mean the germany cancun kenya funneling cash to its neighbors indefinitely. what happens if an economy as big as it to be runs out of money well that's italy and spain greece is a minnow it's two percent of the euro so italy and spain are serious places there is no doubt that spain is going to need more money italy under very good leadership of prime minister monti if it's going to avoid it but if spain goes in for a full bailout beyond their bank bailout of the hundred billion euro if you add in the greek totals as peter pointed out your super going to run out of money and then you have to go back to a very angry german populace represented by their parliament and say ok we were wrong we were kidding we need more money they need more challenges and more importantly more political challenges the finns say maybe greece should leave the euro they are a contributor the dutch say you know maybe we are not for more european integration
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of our pension money has to be cut you're beginning to see a group of people in the north say we need limits on what we do at the very moment the countries in the south say we need more money they're stirring up a world of hurt for the future i mean not everybody is happy with these bailouts some thirty seven thousand people signed a petition also in the court to block the permanent bailout fund and bring the decision to a referendum how the german taxpayer has taken the court's decision just briefly i think at the moment they're going to put up with it but as you say if you look at the numbers two thirds of germans want to stop paying for the rest of europe and that is a huge hostage to fortune chancellor merkel storing up for the future. ok right so we're going to leave it right there mr john hulsman risk consultant giving us his thoughts on this thanks thank you. ride while in spanish got a loonie a wanted a half million people took to the streets of the regional capital bustling not to
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call for independence the end already attracted a record turnout has got to none yet struggles under madrid's economic policies authorities they are demanding a five billion euro bailout from central government sociologist scuttles del clauses says the current leadership is attacking autonomy movements in the regions . well the economic situation in. like in the rest of spain is catastrophic and getting worse the difference between this year and last year particularly is that now the point of view of a lot is in the government and it's there a lot more aggressively centralist and and it's and there are a lot more aggressive against sort of the autonomous rights the regions that that feel themselves as nations like a balloon you know or the basque region or a lot more aggressive in imposing that sort of identity upon them the people that were out in the streets yesterday calling for independence from spain were to
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a large extent extremely diverse in terms of what their outlook is on economic policy on democratic mechanisms on a number of issues and it's really kind of hard to say who would have the germany there it's a very very very wide palette and and yeah it certainly doesn't it doesn't look very certain about it that way they are debate is at the forefront for voters in the netherlands as they go to the polls to choose whether country heads next the center right and center left party are neck and neck both expected to stick to the deficit reduction policies but people in the country are tired of austerity with a septic parties ready for last minute gains. reports. it was back in ninety ninety two when a treaty was signed a vision with maastricht in the netherlands establishing the economic and monetary union later paving the way for the creation of the single currency but today mounting a euro skepticism has spread to even countries considered poor eurozone nations
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including the very one where it all began and the dutch are taking their discontent to the polls so i don't know at this moment what is the best this for europe i have my jobs because of greece. and the shelf it's in the netherlands it's a pro european country of course it shouldn't come to the stream level that we see with greece now in a repeated fashion this annoyance among the dutch at having to bail out greece again and again has reached a point where some dutch customers refuse to pay the bill of greek restaurants because well they've already paid with bailout money taking on a euro skeptic and anti brussels stat has become a popular campaign strategy from the far right freedom party which is called for the return of the dutch guilder to the once fringe leftist socialist party openly challenging the german led a stair the strategy for europe well we're protesting against our liberal government you know makes
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a distinction between the rich. much much bigger gap part of the problem is you know did europe brussels has a lot of power now people feel like they have nothing to say about what's going on with their money or we cannot make our own decisions anymore about our housing projects about our social system about their pensions people do not want to see a united europe is ok you know but you only need a united europe to make sure this peace we can do together and that there's no borders is all right but you know having just of small group of people over liberal people in brussels making up how we how we spend our money the socialist sort of popularity in the past weeks and all those support has waned slightly they're still expected to increase their seats in parliament we can see in europe. protests. are becoming less convinced of the rationality of
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continued austerity policies and begin to vote for parties who oppose the logical for stereotypic we've seen it in france we've seen it in regional elections in germany which makes america very worried about the elections next year and how the dutch vote could very well tip the balance of sentiment among citizens of the so-called core of the euro zone tester sylvia r.t. the netherlands. but just fall in a plane crash in russia's far use has risen to at least ten after a four year old girl who survived the impact die before she could be taken to hospital fourteen people including two crew members were on board at the time of the crash four passengers are confirmed to have survived but assert to be in a critical condition the antonov twenty eight on a commercial flight in russia's far east made a false landing ten kilometers from the destination airport no course has yet been
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established for the accident thursday has been declared a day of mourning comes in. a brief look at other news making headlines around the world now factory fires in human nature pakistani cities have killed over two hundred seventy people and injured dozens more the first place there dozens of lives that are a shoe factory in lahore erupted when employees were trying to turn on a generator during a blackout the second fire at a garment workshop in karachi killed dozens of people the blazes have angered the public over the authorities failure to address energy issues in the. mariel ceremonies have been held across the u.s. to mark the eleventh anniversary of the nine eleven tragedy the terrorist attack left more than three thousand people dead and injured rocking michelle obama knowledge the day with a minute's silence at the white house it was time for moment when
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a hijacked passenger plane crashed into the north tower of the world trade center in new york eleven years ago the attacks i've told you have been lost a minute by osama bin laden prompted america's war on terror. so the african politician julius malema has called for a national mind striking the escalation of the labor disorder that has already halted production at two platinum and gold mines his speech was punctuated by the cheers of thousands of mine workers meanwhile the. thousands more strikers must on the hospital in murray gone away some miners are being treated they claim they were tortured by police the un wrestles back last month when police shot dead thirty four striking miners. the un's new envoy to syria plans to travel to the country this week in an effort to regulate the situation the has also planned a meeting with president assad on his first mission to the country battles between
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pro and anti government forces continue in syria's largest city aleppo human rights groups claim the fighting is the airport which is still held by pro us forces on sunday a car bomb attack in the city killing these thirty people. the u.s. and the u.n. security council are quick to condemn some terror attacks but fall short of denouncing others in countries like syria says russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov in the statement he called such an approach deplorable. but it's gotten so far the un has strongly condemned any terror attacks then our colleagues failed to condemn the recent terror attack on syrian security forces in damascus saying that it wasn't really a terror attack as it targeted those who fought against the rebels that explanation frankly shocked me then we suggested condemning not just the attacks in aleppo but those across iraq as well where more than one hundred people died but our partners
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refrain from any strong statements which makes me think that their position must have changed dramatically and some western countries must deem terror attacks are acceptable when it suits them i wish they'd refute this suspicion but for now i have to keep it. time for a business not they do with marina at the business desk marina lots of things happening today you've been waiting for this all week give us the trust me i have because in the beginning of this week it was silence over here because everyone was waiting first for this to happen and this of course is germany's constitutional court which is now cleared the way for berlin to ratify the euro zone's rescue fund let's take a look at how investors of interaction so that as soon as this was announced that the markets were going higher and higher and we can see right now the footsies when it comes to the dax it's going over a half a percent so we're seeing a bit of a minimization of earlier against what's the impulse of the territory of course another thing that investors are waiting to hear about is on thursday the u.s.
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federal reserve. its latest policy decision that many investors once a year about another round of one sort of so of course we'll be monitoring that let's take a look at the russian market so it was a different picture all along the reaction here was mixed and that's because there's still some conditions that needs to be figured out and ironed out. of course the verdict in germany was that the arts yes it is now again over half a percent and the mind science has just managed to make it in suppose the territory but you see it's still flat there now let's take a look at currencies the euro is strengthen against the u.s. dollar in fact it's at its highest level right now in the past five months now when it comes to the ruble it's gaining the gods of both major currencies and right now i want to focus on overall shares energy giant gas from because it's set to increase its stake in german gas straight. increase its presence of course in the region as well now this will definitely raise some eyebrows in europe as the e.u.
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is and someone openly commission has been investigating gas forms activities in europe what is it accused of basically the e.u. commission is saying that gas from is hindering the free flow of gas across three. prevents in supply diversification and imposing unfair prices on its customers gas form has already though given this counts to several of its european customers i was in the gauche nations with others as well after the european commission got involved as them vladimir putin signed a decree for banning state controlled farmers from giving information to foreign oil for its use without permission from moscow this means only goshi ations will now have to go through the government's budget provides a quarter of europe's gas employ so many countries rely almost and it's hard on the country for their gas bought for russia europe is also an important customer and it wants to maintain that relationship. through a proof that. we would like to solve all the questions that remain obscure between
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us and the european commission as soon as possible so that we can work together calmly hopefully that will be done we can also do our best to avoid any further complications with our european partners at the same time russia will look for opportunities to sell its products on the market. all rights advocate following the developments in europe and russia and around the world for the next couple of hours well thank you for that update marina good to see you as always. rides now the latest edition of peter lavelle's crosstalk is coming up shortly after an update to all the headlines to stay with us.
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