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tv   [untitled]    September 13, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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breaking news reports that the u.s. embassy in yemen is being stalled by protesters while anti american crossroads continue to rage in egypt over a us film considered an insult to islam these are live pictures from cairo of clashes between hundreds of protesters and security forces there. also this hour with a federation of europe well it's one of the e.u. achieved of buying two nations together to form of the need of all and to crisis pools but critics say it's a plan to seize political power and not a cure all. poor planking in its donia as
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a magazine comes under five we're using the prison camp in a jokey diet pill and. this is coming to you live from moscow hello and welcome to the program and we'll start with breaking news here on our c there are reports of clashes in uganda and protesters stormed the american embassy in the campus hole sun our witnesses say gunfire is being heard and smoke is said to be rising over the compound in sun our embassy employees are being moved to a safe location now and let's cross to all she's correspondent in the region. lucy d's house are sketchy right now but can you tell us now. well it's really really unclear what exactly the situation on the ground is one of my contacts is actually reporting that protesters in yemen have broken through the main gates of the u.s. embassy there reuters says hundreds sources say several thousands in total but
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again this is all based on eyewitness reports and so it's quite murky as to the facts what we did hear is that embassy employees in the u.s. embassy there had been moved to a safer location and there were multiple reports of live ammunitions being used up potentially by the security forces to disperse the crowd again we don't have live pictures at the moment so it's very difficult to tell but it certainly seems like the situation there is escalating there was also reports of smoke rising and masses of people gathering around the area of course this isn't the only location where protests have been taking place but what we have to keep in mind in terms of yemen is this is one country that has been sort of on the cusp of potential uprisings there the u.s. drone warfare programs in that country are not very popular neither is the ambassador and so if things do escalate there in yemen we really could see a very negative serious implications for the region and this is
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a risk has continued to range across the region will still. see. yes yes well the situation in cairo has really seemed to be escalating if not deteriorating following the storming of the embassy there as well as in libya the protests on the streets of cairo have really been intensifying in reaction to this really controversial film we've heard reports of. molotov cocktails being used by protesters rocks being hurled outside there i think you're looking at live pictures now of the devastation and it really serves to just signify how unpopular. these kinds of cultural mistakes are when when when films like this get propagated around the globe we do have to make a distinction between what's going on in egypt and in libya in egypt u.s. policies were not exactly welcomed there a lot of the people who had risen up in the so-called arab spring movement there i really saw the u.s. as the backer of former president hosni mubarak in libya to the contrary the rebel
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groups there had really welcomed western intervention had wanted the u.s. and other western countries to help overthrow moammar gadhafi and so it's quite ironic and sad frankly to see. groups if that is indeed who turns out to be behind this uprising in benghazi just the same people who the u.s. helped overthrow gadhafi rise up and attack the embassy there it's quite a contrary contradictory sort of situation and we do also have to keep in mind there have been protests over the film also in tunisia we also really have to keep a close watch on what happens in afghanistan where deaths over the burning of the koran had taken place before so if the situation escalates they are we really really difficult to see how they can quell potential violence in afghanistan. well yes and back to libya i mean you know the big big question is why are they
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having productive the embassy in the first place but we have heard from president barack obama that a team of marines as being shipped out to the area to stabilize the situation there we've also heard potential navy destroyer ship and another vehicle see vehicle being to deploy to the area supposedly for humanitarian assistance and possible evacuations though that's not been confirmed and we've also more disturbingly heard reports of drones unmanned aerial surveillance vehicles being deployed to the area to supposedly hunt for so-called radical groups there although it's quite unclear how that's actually going to play out and how they're going to get them out of the area once the situation stabilizes so very disturbing developments here in the middle east of course and also we're getting reports of some casualties on both sides and of course we'll keep you posted on this developing story. live from the region elise thank you very much indeed thank you and this u.s. film is nobu funniest thing america has done good for testers in the islamic world
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. reports not only fall out of washington's foreign policy decisions. brazen horrendous attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi showed just how much the ground in the region has shifted for washington in an apparent attempt to pour some water on the fire the obama administration said they thought it was a small and fringe group that carried out the attack that in no way do they blame the people of libya or the government of libya but secretary of state couldn't hold back the sense of frustration which many americans share right now when she said this how could this have. how could this happen in a country we helped liberate in a city we helped save from destruction ambassador chris stevens who died in the storming of the consulate in benghazi he played an active role in bringing down colonel qadhafi the revolution has effectively put an end to the secular rule of qaddafi and broady and islam is the government that currently be a leader who basically all seize power to the americans as apologize for the attack
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in benghazi and pledged to hunt down the perpetrators but that doesn't change the fact that the revolution has sort of unleashed this kind of religious extremism the administration wants to present it as an act by a small fringe group but the attack on the embassy in cairo in egypt on the same day this tuesday showed that maybe it's not so small and not so fringe this is not the first time we see a wave of terror provoked either by individual acts of disrespect towards islam like this movie or by government policies on an individual level there was the koran burning by u.s. soldiers in afghanistan at the beginning of the year that provoked a lot of violence and then there was this video which showed u.s. marines urinating on afghan corpses and certain u.s. government policies have also enraged the muslim world and provoked a violent backlash like torture at abu ghraib in iraq or one time in the mall or a civilians killed in u.s. drone strikes in pakistan all that is being used by extremists who recruit more
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extremists the tragic assault in libya and the storming of the embassy in egypt showed that the changes sweeping the region changes that the u.s. supported have hardly dispelled the rage against the united states in washington i'm going to check out. and of course we've got more on this developing story online for you. and also let us know what you think about the violence that spreading across our country so join the discussion on our facebook page. coming together in a federation of nations states is a way food for your pain nations e.u. commission president also outlined his plans of escaping the clutches of the crisis
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the view is not shared by all across the region with critics in the u.k. pointing out europe isn't even london's biggest trade partner anymore. reports. a federation and the perp political integration that's what the president of the european commission. has called for to pull member states out of the euro crisis nightmare well the kools for the member states to hand more power to europe has really ruffled some feathers here at westminster and has caused anger amongst us skeptics who say that less europe and not more is the answer now is evidence of that your skeptics point to figures that have been released the first time since one thousand nine hundred seventy britain is exporting more kids to the countries than it is to countries inside the e.u.
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and the recent questionnaire that was given to two thousand businesses conducted by the british chamber of commerce eighty five percent of these businesses didn't want further integration with the e.u. although only twelve percent questioned actually wanted to leave the all together now you are skeptics say that this point falls apart moving away from us having least the relations with the e.u. is certainly not going to damage the u.k. economy in fact far from it and that should be the way forward now here in the u.k. under legislation passed by the coalition were any substantial transfer of powers to be made to the that would trigger a referendum head well to talk more about all of this we're joined by. research fellow at the taxpayers' alliance thank you very much for joining us. braces comments all they going to save us from the euro crisis.
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watch we've got to see commission finally coming clean about what the long term agenda for the church what it's trying to do is trying to create all the powers that it's long been trying to. make. most of of a disaster the the eurozone disaster in order to achieve that that's not the answer this is never the answer actually breaking bits off the european union if you want your opinion to work is going to be less you are not more and in fact in the past a commission the president has. been talking about doing less sure and doing it better so grabbing more is simply it's political ambition it's part of the reason why the european economic community said to me the first place but it's not the answer to the for all present economic problems. and another you can only go to school britain needs to look into is the growing inequality between big bosses and rank and file employees the u.k.'s biggest trade union finds the
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directors of the country's largest companies have built a bunch of polls was almost seven million dollars each. reports from london. politicians have long been saying that it's a time of belt tightening and budget cuts almost every sector of british society is suffering from schools and hospitals to pensioners and people with disabilities but there's one sector that seems immune from all this and that's the fat cats and company directors while everyone else is getting poorer they're getting richer the country's main trade union group the t.v. you see has released a report that exposes the gulf between the pensions of top company executives and ordinary because the top directors afoot c. one hundred companies receive average pensions of four hundred thousand dollars a year but that's just the average the chief executive of the gas company the bici group for example frank chapman has a pension savings of a staggering thirty million dollars and this is regardless of how successful the
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directors company is or the state of the economy in most stuff receive a fraction of directors the pensions two thirds of private sector employees don't even participate in company pension schemes while those that do will ultimately receive an average yearly pension of just fifteen thousand dollars now if companies don't stop chipping away at the pensions of the majority of workers in order to award their directors so-called solid pensions experts warn that britain could be staring in the face of an unprecedented pension of poverty crisis. and while economic issues dominate is the election still ahead for you this hour the netherlands to stick to the euro ride as conservative majority vote. will be renegotiated. the prime minister speaks on the divisive case of a russian punk band saying two games behind bars is too punishment for the
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christian right gals who staged a punk prayer in the country's main cathedral. that's coming up later but now a wave of anger has swept a stonie after a magazine published a spoof diet pill advertisement that he used images of prisoners at a nazi concentration camp the country's often criticized for harboring nazi ideals and for showing a reluctance to do anything about it is an exhumation of this report for us. brown which went terribly wrong in a story a newspaper asked to express posted a picture of prisoners of a nazi. with a text one two three dr mengele spills will do wonders for you there were no fat men in this reference to a man who was responsible for more than forty thousand deaths in nine hundred forty s. nazi death camps certainly has caused uproar both in the story and abroad with the local jewish community and simon wiesenthal center both accusing the newspaper
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office of making a joke out of a huge tragedy and a massive loss of human lives the newspaper itself tried to justify this picture by saying that this was simply a joke in response to an earlier incident when i guess he. posted a picture of the entrance to another nazi death camp with an advertisement of the heating system saying that their heating systems were reliable and very efficient many experts and political analysts have been very critical of the fact that such things happen in a more than death. the critics state a member of the european union and this prank by the newspaper and the advertisement by the a gas company forced the country's foreign minister to bring his apologies for those incidents he said that he felt very ashamed to be stony and if his country's newspapers allow themselves such jokes with the use of the human tragedy still many
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have been questioning how sincere those apologies were because a stone has a record of dealing with the events of the past particularly with nazis and in this very own sinister way several of the veterans who were fighting alongside the not situated in the 1940's in the so-called baltic legion were made national heroes in the story after the collapse of the soviet union so this latest incident certainly adds more fuel to the fire in this ongoing story of how the baltic states have been dealing with naziism and have been dealing with the perception of the past and remember you can always head to our website for the latest news as well as for comment and analysis and here's a taste of also already lined up for you there right now one north to rule them all the white house leaks as some of the security dropped that but allow the u.s. president to tighten the news of the. class prying into
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privacy as hundreds of u.k. schools install cameras in the most intimate places find out online. but is in the netherlands have elected to continue on a pro european paused broadly sticking to a german led way out of the financial crisis the conservatives claimed victory but may have to form a coalition with labor which holds similar economic views however despite rejecting parties calling for an exit from the euro zone ever think of some austerity measures looks inevitable ever pull. the european crisis has affected the campaign period really brought out a lot of voter sentiments that were unexpected what it comes to the dutch dutch people who are generally very pro european now we've seen in the past weeks before the final week of campaigning that socialists have made a huge jump at some point even the leading. front of the liberals and of the labor party however having said that
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a lot of observers do the fact that the dutch again are very practical people and have traditionally been centrist voters and they did vote that. parties the labor and the liberal party the prime minister margaret to having said that though the fact that the campaign has brought out a lot of voter sentiment that didn't exist before having centrist government right now does not mean that those questions on whether they should keep helping the greeks for example or whether we should continue the way it has been in a draconian fashion following the german led plan for europe those questions will not go away given even if they still have a centrist government right now so i think what will happen here is the most logical is that the labor and liberal which is a top two and biggest parties here will my former coalition in this sense it's only a practical however the question is there are differences in their approach to europe should they give more money to greece or should they follow the three percent a. drastic draconian fashion these points that will definitely have
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disagreements and stability there is questionable and therefore the dutch may find it a coalition government formed quite quickly but whether it will last longer than the previous government well that is still an open question. and some other news from around the world for you right now somalis you elected president her son shake mahmoud has survived an assassination attempt on his second day in office those suicide bomb attack took place while the president and the visiting kenyan foreign minister were holding a news conference at least five people were killed and three more injured a radical islamist group al-shabaab that is affiliated with al qaeda claimed responsibility for our time saying that mahmoud selection had been manipulated by western powers. at least fourteen people have been injured when a large cloud of venezuelan president hugo chavez supporters clashed with of position followed the incumbent president's supporters wearing red shirt as a blocked a major road near the airport near the airport and torched an opposition campaign
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truck this comes as the opposition presidential candidates in the next month's elections have been shelled jule to visit every church which has traditionally been broached. the un's new android to syria is in damascus to meet with president assad on his first peace mission to the country really hopes to regulate the situation in the war torn country but said one he did pose that tough calls almost impossible meanwhile violence between pro and anti-government forces is on the rise in the largest city of aleppo the latest battle erupted near the city's international airport which are still held by pro assad forces on sunday a car bomb attack in aleppo claimed the lives of at least thirty people. hundreds of striking miners have forced the closure of mines of american platinum the world's largest producer the company said it had taken it staff to a safe place for their protection as labor unrest spreads in south africa's biggest
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industry the country's mines in recent weeks been hit by an arrest following the police shooting of sochi for miners during a wildcat strike at our economy. russia's prime minister dmitry medvedev has said that these sentences given to the punk band pussy riot were too harsh saying keeping them behind bars any longer is unnecessary three women from the group were jailed last month for two years after staging the so-called punk playing the country's main cathedral. reports. was being quite frank when he said that what makes him sick and so do the hysteria and noise around this case over the prime minister did say that any jail sentence is already a tough punishment and for haps any more time for pushing right behind bars may not be effective. but. the fact that these young women have been in custody for
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quite some time is by itself regardless of the verdict already a very serious punishment for the dog that's regardless of the position we are taking which is staying in prison is retribution in itself under very strict months ago regarding the content of this act i don't want to be a judge a substitute but in my opinion the punishment they've already suffered and the time they spent in custody is more than enough for them to think about what's happened to their lives whether it's because of their stupidity or because of some of the reasons. why were arrested shortly after the prayer many called the ninety three you may seem very right inside place to shape the future of this golf course we of . course questions across the country. for the serious the evils of waste and enormous three members of pussy riot were sentenced to two years behind bars after having been found guilty of hooliganism based on religious hatred but now the
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prime minister's words come right out of the moscow city court gets ready to start reviewing their appeal that's going to happen on the first of october so we'll still definitely be hearing more about the right. and left turn to financial masses marina how one locates performing today well it's a little bit of a slow day because the masses don't want to make any drastic movements they're all waiting to hear what the u.s. federal reserve will say later today we'll get to the markets a little bit later first want to focus on spain because leaders there said that there's no. agency to seek a bailout urgency action said seek a bailout from europe and us because the countries borrowing costs are dropping and this of course comes after europe's unprecedented move to buy that from troubled countries and we spoke about this issue with financial expert patrick young and he told us that this is not a solution that will actually mask the real economic problems let's take a listen. what we're doing at the moment is essentially we've got someone who runs
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a pizza store and they realize that their peaches are actually not very good and nobody wants to eat it so therefore what they're going to do is they're going to find all of their pizza and pay for the french to all sit in the restaurant and therefore they'll create the idea that there's a wonderful restaurant wrong but everybody will know that it's right in front of pizza and actually the owners buying it from it so this whole concept of trying to throw money at a structural problem when everybody is in denial of what you do can only end with a really really ugly scenario. all right in a secular got some international markets will start with europe as i mentioned there earlier and bastards are really cautious and that's why we're seeing barely any movements happening on the markets around the world was that the footsie is dropping just north of the dax is now approaching the happen to send in the red of course the decision will happen later from the u.s. federal reserve on its latest paulison and investments want to hear about another
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round of quantities of until that happens so we can pretty much expect to see the some of the same picture let's move on to asia the markets there are now closed we saw that in japan export as we're along the main gainers the neck a close almost point four percent higher when it comes to the hang sang and lost just the north moving on to currencies they nero is strengthening again saying this dollar in fact is at its highest point in four months and when it comes to the ruble it's continues to gain against both major currencies a second look at the russian markets with pretty much a reflection of what we saw on the asian in the markets and was food and europe as well we see that it's a formats when it comes to the my six of setting a half a percent oil prices and i hope they were seen some declines there is this five the fact that investors are hoping that we will see some stimulus economic stimulus from the u.s. and china now in other news i want to talk about particular and that is because it . working on this own browser to compete with google's growing presence in russia
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the new software has a built in swords bar and could release the sims october hopes the new browser will help promote its wide range of services and give google a run for its money. and now i want to talk about apple because it of course on rails its latest i phone the i phone five and even though it looks quite similar to the previous version it has a much larger screen and there's much slimmer than the previous one other features include a longer battery life and updated how many analysts predict that the apple could sell as many as ten million i phones in the first ten days and as many as twenty million and that. the i phone is the company's most popular product in the council fifty three percent of revenue j.p. morgan estimated that sales the u.s. fourth quarter gross domestic product by three point two billion dollars and of course we also know that there will be another computer release so there is a lot of things happening with apple and in fact those stalled gained one point
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four percent on the stock market so we'll see what happens there with that. thanks for that marina and. we'll bring you an exclusive report on the preparations for the twenty four winter olympic games in such. i mean so. city in europe i'm the host of. winter the trick is.
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