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tv   [untitled]    September 15, 2012 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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i'm looking for the big picture. coming from when you said here in moscow this is top stories now the wrath of muslim protestors in response to an american film. more countries as demonstrations rage for a fifth day hundreds of clashed with police outside the u.s. consulate in sydney australia and other parts of the world. washington races to say facing contain the scandal which ignited the powder keg of anti-american sentiment that according to opinion polls has been brewing for years some experts say u.s. intervention in muslim countries is to blame. for summer break russia's opposition
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comes together once again in demonstration with public sector workers joining the march for the first time ever the number of activists in attendance falls short of previous opposition turnouts. were very shortly news his very own wrap up of the headlines and i'll be back with a summer of news stories in fifteen minutes from now. sigrid laboratory to mccurry was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach creation why it should care about humans in britain this is why you should care only on the r g dot com like millions of americans i've lost thousands of dollars in retirement funds and i haven't had as bad as many it's not just about the fed it's about me to.
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me man brown ya gotta shake. it sing. and act g.'s. needed. and now he. says this is my film i get the last word this financial crisis will not be turned off like a light sleep. welcome
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back to this newest edition. the surprise used to listen with the role of foster this evening with actively delving into the facts which all of us who put on this internet and we've got to give a special welcome to all the ladies and agents from the n.s.a. so you and i five glad you're listening in because today is all about statements and how it's spreading from the streets in swat most games as we speak to being
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tacitly written in to implement ways of controlling the expanse of this internet to keep us safe from them with this place of a bigger saying if these plans go through to find out we keep the guests coming we're live at the kong with. good to have you back again with us explain why the state despite my fellow she as you know we've always been more with your age because of the stage we wage war movies division to wait until the polls are could be gone by passing these loser be divisions of race religion and nationality sounds grand to me it's a catastrophe for centuries a part of being undone come to the studio it's empowering humanity we need to get the stuff we want to control rapidly behold the latest weapon in the war of terror our greatest invention six nine eleven guaranteed to keep experienced take forever like you just surveillance state ladies generals are secret liars like you to destroy or single number one your street. position with facial recognition and
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trampling you with point for your report. without consulting you to say whether or not you want to. freedoms or threatening will have won the war the term is a brilliant thank you we know interviews are receiving good see for a different view great sadness of the situation look i have one word for you robert . a list of seven point four billion of all that in the direction of orwellian totalitarian. this is more chilling stuff when coaches track while we've been through the world wide web we all. face looks like from the car should say my wrists next in line sorry if i did my subconscious to get himself like this this time it's too far to come to make the public and you talk with the stomach i'm not a follower since we both are going to be our bags in entire time the wires and. such are not there. maybe your buggers. want to kill yourself like most troops do
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know you're on the list going on general why would we informed about this sorry we didn't tell you about plan before it was going to be a surprise. to some school sports had to go rooting for all. the families benny and thomas drake or trailblazers. when you practiced. anything we do know actually. question marks or talks to the sections close people in australia or the government to store all s.m.s. search engines. are you take our belong to a xian one knows you could trust the government now if you. got nothing to worry about that might be the case with things that are happening now because most people agree with most of. the ones the written if you disobey the four songs you no longer consented to this protest to receive such a problem it will be used to keep you on confused so what should we do what should
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we do nothing this is all an illusion it's just a delusion to make the might deceive us the truth to prefer to make our job so much easier sorry to interrupt but we're picking up a signal from beyond the space time continuum quick switch on the jews channeling paul to what he's back to. what i tried to. use what you have. to do the best internet is the most effective tool you have to address the issues that afflict the public. or to get to the most essential tasks of stands before you i think i understand how you use the internet to dismantle who controls the internet controls the doctor who controls the doctor controls. if you wanted to shoot don't be simple look at this is what a simile distance between two is an invitation to open it up consider the stability
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so you will get what you see as consistently and even if you don't use it to its course websites mr no one cool me george if we had such tools or not this well it would have been so much simpler to. go. to. pieces. thanks for manifesting depart from this memory hole of history to impress some of these that's just which hold we need safety which is precious yes we can decide to take it for so while its laws have a progress hindsight shows that many think is guilty of a crime to be human if you simply wrote before that time but it was a statement brain dead to this full design just think of all the progress we made. good lobbies for women to gay rights of appeal dr livingston the ideals of the serialized good science of play made or even survival of every blade of good morning by the police inspired by the prince telling effect freezing of the post he doesn't protect our safety to protect the status quo and threatens this internet the one channel you uncontrolled use openness we are called upon to effect an up
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home. wealthy british style.
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market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cars or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines in two cars a report. says.
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i've had an execution dates in believe me. just table one the two execution date is enough for anybody to go through your life and. you know more than fifty percent of the people who are if you. are not. you know living on death row it's not. like you. we execute our convicted capital murder we have the highest execution rate in america we're not afraid to do it we do it well this becomes a point we do it comes. out of new hope. our get a letter your dad is due to be executed next week then is a very scary moment for you to know you can loose here want to be appearing at the in a manner of me saying that said it's time to go. and i would lead them
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into this to the death chamber. common stayed till after they were dating. cliff. be gentle monstrance spread worldwide. the ninety nine percent versus the one percent with all the money. and they're getting a quality into the economy. with more recession ahead can we afford not
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to listen to. the occupy movement more on our take. i mean so the only city in europe the host of the twenty forty in the winter the picket. see. things. such. things the. dog days of. fridays it. picks the column. b. c it's so true.
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oh. ily . ily.
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ily. ily ily all. top stories this hour in r.t. the broth of muslim protesters in response to an american film mocking islam more countries as demonstrations raged for a fifth day hundreds of clashed with police outside the u.s. consulate in sydney australia and other parts of the world. washington races to save face and contain the scandal which ignited a powder keg of anti-american sentiment that according to opinion polls has been brewing for years some experts say the u.s. intervention in muslim countries is to blame. and after a summer break russia's opposition comes together once again in demonstration with public sector workers joining the march for the first time ever the number of
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activists and attendants falls short of previous opposition turnouts. but we mourn those new stories in fifteen minutes from now the mean time sport with you and three weeks without a spot at moscow's football is looked to be struggling once again you know this certainly do build this was supposed to be that spark to come together a lot of signings a lot of money spent but the same old story i'm afraid eighty games in the last three march is not when we're going to look at their latest draw in just a sec. great to have you with us this is sports today plenty ahead including these stories in brief. on track luck on the t.v. moscow rice is third in the russian premier league following a one mil win over fellow title hopefuls rubina. for from for the
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all blacks stay perfect in this season's rugby championship but only after a close four thing against south africa. strength in numbers fuelled by russian phones are powered by european nation the estimate europa to yacht stays unbeaten with victory in the prestigious rule ex cup of fan. following last weekend's victory over spartak moscow city rivals luck on the t.v. another notable scalp in their quest for a first russian premier league since two thousand and two the ruined man single for being one nil in the capital earlier a tough task turning into an uphill battle for rubin one christian on selby received his marching orders towards the end of the first production a set piece would break the deadlock after the break alexander some you don't score kicks so fast the corner camera man only caught the important bit of the way cheat us off heading into the match fifty second minute the rain would press hard after that but to little avail one nil the final score. victory elevating the real
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man to third place overall after eight games just behind an eight on surprised leaders f.c. terek in sunday's only other games schools wait for a win does go on the red and white to last tasted victory in the middle of august drawing two to this time out away to the spike twice having taken the lead the two sides the stay level on points in joint. now over in spain l'oreal madrid manager duty marine who has brushed off concerns about storm on ronaldo state of mind the portuguese forwards admitting recently he felt quote sad being at the bernabeu for professional reasons but refused to elaborate. so it's not that it's you but me but if he is sir but keeps playing like he's bleeding that's perfect for me i'm a football coach and my responsibilities results that's the reason you guys kill me the results are not good my responsibility is the good performance of players and
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that's what i have to focus on and right now christiano works into the pool employees or to the fool. turns out the boxing world hasn't seen the last of ricky hatton the hitman confirming that he'll be aiming for another shot at glory after a three year hiatus from the ring the thirty three year old is a former w b a i feel like welterweight champion and also once held a w.p.a. water weight crown houghton's first comeback opponent will likely be russian i.b.o. light to watch a weight belt older. who's unbeaten in seventeen pro contests for now though her focus on putting a devastating second rower not lost to manny pacquiao behind him two thousand and nine dropped his record to forty five wins two losses his only other defeat coming at the hands of floyd mayweather jr. new zealand have maintained their perfect record after four matches up the rigby championship the all blacks though needing
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to survive a tough home test against a resilient south african side. i. i. i. i it traditional haka seeming to spur the world champions all my early doors new zealand's israel dying maneuvering iran the springboks the fans here but the all blacks still only held a slim five three lead time exclusive bryan habana would give south africa the advantage after the break the two thousand and seven world player of the year making it eight five for the visitors replacement scrum half hour in smith though would answer right back for the home side as the all blacks took advantage of dean reeling sending off to close a narrow twenty one eleven week. while reigning champions australia just the bard mommas to edge past tournaments boys argentina the visiting puma's taking a six three lead into half time after
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a while because trials overruled argentina would also come out with a roar after the break with tom's near an already. scoring a stunning two tries in as many minutes pm as lead nineteen six with twenty three minutes to go but tries by pop mccabe and digby i only prevented a huge upset helping ernie els he's their second straight victory twenty three nineteen the final score on the goal posts. i there's an unheralded name at the top of the leaderboard into the final round of the italian open garth. to catch after carting a six under par sixty six on the chair in green the thirty four year old south african whose burly holding on to a place in the race to dubai standings on song through ojt more royce a shot off halfway leader richard bland but clear of second place gonzalo fernandez castano spaniard fernando put himself into the reckoning with
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a hot and then cool day sixty seven included an eagle here and seven birdies but also for boogie's an exciting final run lights ahead on sunday. it was essentially a foregone conclusion but now it is official former west indies cricket or brian lara has been inducted into the sports hall of fame the former windies captain who was one of the most prolific bats man of his generation scoring almost twelve thousand runs in a seventeen year career he recorded thirty four test centuries on holds the mark for the highest score ever seen in a test match an incredible four hundred not against england in two thousand and four also managed to score a unbeaten five hundred one no less while playing for a work sure against a decade before that. i think it's a very humbling experience first of all to be considered and then to be selected and obviously a lot of great names from the west these are not just the west indies obviously
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they've got a lot of great insurmountable been inducted in the whole of the but you know just through my mind back to golf it's a. civilian richards to be a martyr's names now and a hall of fame is a very special feeling let's talk motor sport. has snuck into a pole position for somebody sundering no ground pre the spaniard making a dramatic late push to his main rival on current overall leader hold gaylor in so the twenty six year old showing with precision on the new world circuit sim and shelley commemorating the rider who died last year at leisure twenty eleven winner produce a top dog a rental by less than two hundred the second british writer carl critchlow meanwhile stark from for links. to selling we go where the only yacht to see along to the european flag as a mature to another victory to its flawless record the marks ja rule x.
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cup the latest event to go the cruise way robert first onion reports. isn't everything it's the only. i think the words of american football coach and russell are held in high regard in the sporting world and this is one of the most illustrious examples of it. do one and only boat under the flag of a continent europe with a multinational cream of the crop who were probably the world's most advanced. since its launch into a. boosting victories and record breaking performances and always seeking new and greater challenges the latest one was the. up in the beginning of september for a week the mediterranean sea turned into belfield for a fleet of three or four of the best boats from all over the world.
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stake definitely the toughest competition as human has ever faced with a full variety of weather conditions adding extra dr dolittle bit of what we expected on. a very of our in conditions made a very exciting race. on the island. still cautious and very demanding for a. while with two races suitable weather conditions the other four so as amid continuing their impressive winning streak granting them best team in the world the team was very happy because. the heart. just a few seconds separated first place or second place and of course it was for those just like i mentioned ace its second during the days was very important. maybe to a very good job and the triumph for europe saving pride although the next challenge
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is coming soon on the seventh of october bloomberg cup trough week in the gulf of. our city. that is where we have to leave the sports world whether it's next here on twenty four hour r.t. . mission free cretaceous free in-store charges free arrangement free. three stooges free. download free broadcast quality videos for your media projects a free media dog r t v dot com.
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