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tv   [untitled]    September 16, 2012 9:13am-9:29am EDT

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fully independent state carlos tech also a sociologist at pump university things could see even big procession protests the difference between this year and last year particularly is that now the butt of the of a lot is in the government and it's there a lot more aggressively centralist and and it's and there are a lot more aggressive against sort of the autonomous rights that the regions that like that feel themselves as nations like the loony our the basque region they're a lot more aggressive in and posing that sort of identity upon that this could certainly. service an impulse to more sort of secessionist secession is i guess sensibilities. now spain's capital madrid also saw tens of thousands strong protests against planned austerity measures the government is set to announce a new pack of cuts by the end of september in portugal's capital lisbon and angry
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mob pelted the local headquarters of the international monetary fund with tomatoes and fireworks john often the director of studies at the institute of democracy and corporations says the government's over of p.t. in their mistakes when dealing with the crisis. the basic problem in europe and indeed in other countries of the world is of course that there is too much debt both private and above all public and nothing today and nothing in any other future occasion he's going to make that go away even budget cuts are not going to make the essential problem go away which is that the states are too heavily indebted and even meet various so-called austerity programs which should be imposed i'm not going to produce a budget surplus which is the only way of repaying debt unless of course there is economic growth and there's a final point this is the european union for many decades now it's played a game of smoke and mirrors whenever there's a crisis whenever there's a problem to be solved it rearranges the institutional front. now germany's highest
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court has cleared the way for a fresh five hundred billion euro bailout fund for euro zone countries written with debt they had rejected iraq of legal challenges aimed at preventing the crisis fighting tools from becoming a law critics said the planet committed to potentially unlimited funding of eurozone stands by the crisis of the ruling though kept germany's contribution to the rescue fund leaving it to one hundred ninety billion euros political risk consultant john holzman believes the motion is only prolonging europe's suffering. the germans are stirring up hostages to fortune they're going to need more than the five hundred billion euro because italy and spain to some extent certainly spain will need a bailout greece probably will need a third bailout. and then you have to go back to the bundestag because the court capture him in liability one hundred ninety billion euro sounds like a lot of money frankly it's not given the money they're going to need and it's some point somebody in the bow to stop it's going to get up and say this is madness we
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can no longer pay for the rest of europe you're beginning to see these points of friction coming out more and more and more often and as they do eventually you're going to have the problem to deal with totally donor weary supporters in the north and so i think that there's still a long way to go in this crisis because they haven't so all the ultimate problems these countries in the south remain on life support the countries in the north are going to have to pay for them forever until you get economic productivity on the table were just thrown plates in the air. people in the netherlands have decided to put their trust in the new voting in favor of to produce in union party a certain early general election this means the country is likely to stick to a german led way out of the financial crisis because of his test for australia reports a rethink of some austerity measures looks inevitable. it was back in ninety ninety two when a treaty was signed it michel to win maastricht in the netherlands establishing the economic and monetary union later paving the way for the creation of the single
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currency but today mounting a euro skepticism has spread to even countries considered poor eurozone nations including the very one where it all began so i don't know at this moment what's the best is for europe i have my jobs because of greece. and another lens it's a pro european country of course it shouldn't come to the extreme level that we see greece now in a repeated fashion this annoyance among the dutch of having to bail out greece again and again has reached a point where some dutch customers refuse to pay the bill of greek restaurants because well they've already paid with bailout money taking on a euro skeptic and anti brussels stat has become a popular campaign strategy from the far right freedom party which is called for the return of the dutch guilder to the once fringe leftist socialist party openly challenging the german led a steady strategy for europe well we're protesting against our liberal government you know makes a distinction between the rich. part of the problem is you know did europe has
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a lot of power and people feel like they have nothing to say about what's going on with their money or we cannot make our own decisions anymore and we can see in europe. are becoming less convinced of the rationality of continued to austerity policies. begin to vote for parties who pose the lord you call for austerity we've seen it in france we've seen it in regional elections in germany which makes america very worried about the elections next year in the end it was the center right liberals who claim victory followed closely by the center left labor party both viewed as pro europe but the fact remains that discontent has risen to the surface among citizens of a nation part of the so-called core of the euro zone does or sylvia r.t.
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the netherlands it is a pleasure to have you with us here on our just a few minutes away here on the program a protest still kicking one year on anti corporate activists in the united states they have to regain momentum and preparing for a massive new rallies on the first anniversary of the occupy wall street. and iran balances a rise in oil sales as western efforts to cripple the trade make little or no impression. just turning twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow no trace of julian assange has d.n.a. was found on a torn presented as evidence in the sexual assault case brought against him in sweden the forensic findings outlined in a police report did not support the alleged victim's story and imply the proof she submitted is fake denies the charges saying they're just a way of getting back at him for his wiki leaks activities and he's recently hired a distinguished spanish human rights investor. in order to head his legal team
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their ultimate goal is to keep him away from extradition to america goes on is that renowned for fighting the most controversial cases having previously confronted terror cells dictators and american politicians he says his client did nothing more than only express his freedom of speech. i do not think mr assad is a spy all he did was exercise his right to freedom of information he received and shared it by much. surprised that there's be no investigation into the glaring crimes documented in those leaked reports featuring us interference with issues that have absolutely no relation to either national security all the safety of american citizens or defense. and we've also got our plenty of news stories features analysis on our website r t the top called let's have a look now see what else is there a saturday seeing the russian opposition supporters flooding back on to the streets you can head to our to talk column for a detailed timeline and report of the rally. and the chameleon women some of my
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top agents speak about their movie star lives are revealing what lengths lady spies will and will not go to for the sake of their country. it's good to have you with us on r.t. today shutting down intersections and getting arrested those are the festivities planned for occupy wall street's first anniversary the anti corporate movement it started a year ago in new york quickly and gulf to many other major american cities and even spread abroad they often faced heavy handed action by police with numerous activists injured and tent cities torn down by the occupiers are determined to show the world they are still alive and kicking to regain momentum
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a year on the activist to caleb maupin believes the anticapitalist movement can be reborn in many more ways than one. i would say without a doubt one looks at the world right now one looks at what's happening in the middle east in spain greece everywhere there's a confrontation or i guess the one percent so the idea that somehow the u.s. is exceptional and it's just a small passing phase i mean the u.s. is part of the world capitalistic i mean there. isn't. the last profits rule and we just get more as we just get home foreclosures we just get mass unemployment get all this wealth exist but it is not utilized for even good so absolutely we're going to see the worst of all it may take on a different character in organized labor or the chicago industry trying to teacher strike that maybe cause more problems than it was in the early days of my wall street there's going to be more complications as the system dies and of course here at r.t. we will be following the events planned by the occupy wall street movement in new york and other cities so if you can do stay with us for more on that.
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be gentle truth spread worldwide. i. the ninety nine percent versus the one percent with all the money. are they getting equality into the economy. with the recession ahead can we afford not to. be occupied. on our team. just a few moments on the world update for now iran's oil exports are now exceeding a million barrels a day it's mostly making a mockery of the western sanctions that are designed to curb the oil trade washington has had way for structures for japan and several e.u. nations as they rely heavily on iranian oil the sanctions are aimed at forcing terror on to stop its atomic program which it insists is for peaceful purposes but
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jamal abdi the policy director of the national iranian american council believes the sanctions only force iran to spend even more on nuclear research. i don't know that you could actually look at the last revenues from oil exports and say iran has taken away money from its nuclear program or reduced money for military spending because frankly with the threat of war i think iran is probably continuing down the path that has already already has been on with. nations you know there's no perfect sanctions regime there's always going to be holes there's always going to be loopholes there's always going to be this game of whack a mole where iran responds and in the u.s. tries to ratchet up and you're never going to get a perfect embargo. so i think that the question is the question is ok now you have these sanctions what do we do with these are we going to leverage these or is this a repeat of what we had with iraq where we did a great job of restricting oil sales and then doing oil for food but at the end of the day that didn't actually yield anything but massive humanitarian suffer
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suffering and then eventually this movement for disastrous invasion. from iranian oil now to the russian gas giant gas problem which is fighting against e.u. pressure over the company's pricing policy of the european commission launched a case accusing the supplier of violating anti monopoly over what you said the government officially for a big gas problem to do to disclose any information to foreign parties without the kremlin's permission rusher insists it's protecting gas problem from aggressive attempts by the e.u. to get a gas discount the company's spokesman pretty young says that europe didn't even try to resort to dialogue. zeus' during this past year the european commission didn't take a single step to resolve any of the present disputes through dialogue while we have always insisted on the open discussion and many undecided matters time and again both gazprom and the russian government invited the start dialogue but were ignored
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. for a turn northwestern pakistan opens up the r.t. world update it's where at least fifteen people have died in a blast right near the border bus carrying locals to a marketplace was hit by a roadside bomb explosion all the victims were civilians the pakistani taliban who set up bases in neighboring afghanistan after the government pushed them out of the area have claimed responsibility for the attack. health peaceful march of several hundred striking miners has been blocked by south african police the workers were demanding an end to police violence a day after tear gas and rubber bullets were used to disperse similar protests the south african government has recently announced a crackdown on widespread minor unrest that has already halted several platinum and gold mines at the protest movement was galvanized after police shot thirty four miners dead last month during a strike over low wages. and for nato troops have been killed in southern
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afghanistan in the latest so-called insider attack this incident brings the total number of green on blue attack victims to an unprecedented fifty one this year elsewhere militants wearing american uniforms attacked a u.s. base where the u.k.'s prince harry is stationed that killed two marines the taliban claimed the attack was aimed at the prince and as a reaction to the anti islam film made in the us. or in a just a couple of minutes here on r.t. we bring you the story of a u.s. man who's been on death row for almost thirty years deep inside a prison in the u.s. state of texas and that will be after i'm back with the headlines in just a while. wealthy
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british style. markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cancer for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on r g.
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