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tv   [untitled]    September 16, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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a six day fury shakes the muslim world as protests across the globe brought against america following the release of a controversial film made. and diplomats rush to douse the flames and salvage ties with islamic states and experts point to america's mideast policy is being responsible for the unrest. plus. the protests once again as people want the belt tightening measures to end of a million and a half people in spanish catalonia call for independence.
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for the look back at the past seven days and the latest developments this is the weekly. fury rage and protests tore across the global muslim community this week in a fish showing against an american film ridiculous centered in a region still reeling from over a year of unrest it's become one of the bloodiest episodes since the dawn of the arab spring. a dozen u.s. embassies in western linked targets were threatened and seeds international protests with nearly four dozen killed in the ensuing violence the anger is quickly crossing borders with europe asia and australia are witnessing mass demonstrations over the film it's all been a magnet for the more extremist factions such as al-qaeda which of call for more
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violence more attacks artie's paula slipper with the latest. classes of iraq to be required to study says we are watching where at least one person has been killed and some often doesn't injured as thousands of people clashed with security forces not far from the u.s. consulate building in the city now the police fired warning shots into the air they used tear gas as well as into communities to try and dispersed. elsewhere on sunday there were demonstrations held in various cities across the country in the city of this while hundreds of other local business to. make port for the american ambassador to pakistan to be expelled they also boycott on the e.u. is goods and services now the pakistani authorities have since blocked access to this on you tube it is a fifteen minute train out of a film that has been titled innocence of muslims we've been reporting topless photos taken in for questioning in the united states has since been released
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although he has gone into hiding also on sunday to meet the needs of. hundreds of people they are too stupid to talk to and to marry women and returns to them this is only intensifying and aggravating american afghani relations first violence funds and while the united states has to put means to melissa these have acquired women who vote in local or make their way into the to be filled in the answer to my mission or mobilizing in sudan the government to say that they could do it is situation by themselves the demonstrations all the way to north africa and in the east the approaches happening in lebanon in somalia in one in turkey in gaza even in tel aviv and also streets of europe tyrus there are protesters took to the streets near the american embassy in the building city of employment at least one
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hundred twenty people were detained this weekend after demonstrations. where does this fire filled the screen yet where the police were forced to use it that this is not existing where the violence was every. day. mary that super committee and now brings me in line is to be on the go now the united states has what it. means. not an instinctual. family's comes down on this as well as holding american citizenship he's one of his just merely seen traits in a very dynamic situation. tempers common sense. if the situation would be calmed down in the coming days. paula slater is leading our coverage of the anti american on the rest she reports clashes are rocking in afghanistan and pakistan as people demonstrate their anger with the u.s.
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it's all on her twitter feed of the moments of paula on the score. from the pack nationals for him i spoke to a little earlier here on r.t. he says that the protests all galling to the video but the result of pent up anger . these demonstrations really are not really directed at the film itself they are a result of an accumulation over the past few months and years the film right now has acted as the sparkle that really exploded as a result of the failure of the u.s. government to contain what many many muslims are seeing right now as an organized campaign inside the united states not very timid speech but an organized campaign to insult and humiliate this religion i think most of the demonstrations we're seeing right now most of them were spontaneous with the probably one exception of the attack and the murder of the u.s.
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ambassador in libya that was that appear to be the work of militant groups on the ground ironically i think them and chris stevens who actually advocated that the united states and nato arm the militants in libya eventually fell prey to the same militant groups on the ground so with the exception of that one unfortunate incident i think most of the demonstrations we're seeing right now are really spontaneous and the pain and the anger is really genuine. after a decade of intense focus and relationship building in the middle east much of washington's work is now in danger of being undone the pressure is now on america's diplomats to minimize the fallout and as miniport not reports they've got their work cut out. anger is rising rage is spreading and american flags are burning throughout the arab world this isn't exactly the type of relationship washington envisioned after barack obama became president i've
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come here to cairo to seek a new beginning between the united states and muslims around the world the new u.s. leader promised to turn the page and mend relations tarnished by george w. bush's war on terror he even granted his first foreign television interview to al arabiya an arabic language channel my job to the muslim world is to communicate with americans are now you out of washington invested huge resources in building a massive social media presence comprised of nearly two hundred different accounts to spread its message of friendship by the end of last year the u.s. had spent seventy million dollars assisting foreign citizens with the resources to bypass online firewalls and censorship. the bitter irony is that a youtube clip posted by one american instantly buried massive efforts made by the u.s. government as americans were being held hostage by
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a small group of extremists people here in america think when they put their views on you tube and now the technology is such that it can be seen all over the world i think people in egypt and libya and some of these places don't understand this is not the view of most americans this is not the view of the u.s. government according to many experts a large majority of the arab world has grown too familiar with the anti muslim sentiment america is accused of cementing the policy of the americans towards this part of the world is inadequate and doesn't call for dialogue doesn't call for development doesn't call for progress and calls for the moving of those unions because the american interests and some western interests a cause for war and invasion of iraq as we have seen this trucks. no progress on the peace lebanon palestine i think the spark for it to you know all come out in violent forms as we can see now on the screen and this is what's happening within forty eight hours the fury that began in egypt spread to libya yemen lebanon and
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iran in afghanistan due to bush shutdown but tensions in the muslim world seem to be only increasing there has been a lot of simmering nancy american feeling right across the entire world it's their worst inbox. poll showed there were ninety percent of pakistanis feeling as their primary an enemy america's middle of blunders and it's made in the arab spring countries america helped revolutionize the line between friend and foe has blurred despite all the time and money washington has spent you see me internet to promote its friendly foreign policy the world wide web also served as the platform that enabled one american extremist to infuriate millions overseas in the real heroes of progress. r.t. me or. us secretive defense leon panetta admitted washington expects and is
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preparing for the process to continue journalist and broadcaster neil clark says america should have seen it coming. remember the old saying you reap what you sow and the us a reaping what it sold that sent back to two thousand and eleven the u.s. took nato in the attack on it after its libya debt and destruction and they've created this sort of violent situation so what of course we condemn the terrible attacks will be us consulate the murder of christine romans and of course the people responsible are those who carried out the killings we've got to put this in its wider context and this wouldn't have happened had nato not intervened last year governments losing its grip in libya in egypt and across the region and the us this is the card that's been stoking all this up the u.s. has been aggressively supporting. writings of course across the region for its own interests and now it's a kind of blowback time the u.s. is getting it back and you know i think not interference is the best way to go really what are they going to do reaching change again i mean we had this last year i mean exactly what was it dictated it was a stable country us and they decided to delete anything as we look across the globe
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everywhere where nato has to be has been a disaster look at iraq one million people killed there you could slap the cost of it we have the ethnic cleansing of surgeon roma somalia chaos and they're going to start eleven years of war and yet we still get the same or people calling for intervention across the globe. but it just leads to more death and destruction. while first condemning the violence the u.s. has also come out against the film in question in an effort to calm anti american fury join in with un secretary-general ban ki moon who criticize the production is deliberately designed to sow bigotry and bloodshed there's also reaction from russia with president putin saying all governments should work to prevent religious provocation. because that. if history doesn't react in a timely and tough manner to provocations that are directed against the religious feelings of people then what happens is that the humiliated and insulted ones start to defend their own interests sometimes this can lead to wide bloodshed you can
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feel the region can fall into chaos which is exactly what's happening now in this respect i'd like to remind the rulers of these new governments and states that under one serious changes are to shoot that they should not forget their personal responsibility for what's going on in their territories which is with protests continuing across the world in violence still very likely we've got full coverage and a website called t. dot com we have a timeline the evolution of the protests as well as profiles on the form of pornography and the convicted fraud stuff i just leave behind the production of the film that's and let's watch more for you. called.
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the e.u. financial crisis has spurred separatism in the spanish region of catalonia over a million and a half people packed the streets of boston then on thursday to demand independence from madrid the country's financial woes and perceived e.u. interference or contributed to the region's desire to go its own way carlos del close who is a sociologist at pump a fabric university thinks this could be the first of many such protests. the difference between this year and last year particularly is that now the out of the oval lot is in the government and it's there a lot more aggressively centralist and it's and there are a lot more aggressive against sort of the autonomous rights that regions like that feel themselves as nations like a loony our the basque region they're a lot more aggressive in and posing that sort of identity of this could certainly. service bills to sort of recession ist secessionist i guess sensibilities.
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spain's capital madrid also saw tens of thousands strong protests against planned austerity measures the government is set to announce a new pack of cuts by the end of september in portugal's capitalist but an angry mob at the local headquarters of the international monetary fund with tomatoes and . john laughlin director of studies at the institute of democracy and corporation says the governments are repeating the mistakes. the basic problem in europe and indeed in other countries of the world is of course that there is too much debt both private and above all a blick and nothing today and nothing on any other future occasion is going to make that go away even budget cuts are not going to make social problem go away which is that the states are too heavily indebted and even meet various so-called austerity programs which should be imposed i'm not going to produce a budget surplus which is the only way. unless of course there is economic growth
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and there's a final point this is the european union for many decades now it's played a game of smoke and mirrors and whenever there's a crisis whenever there's a problem to be solved it rearranges the institutional furniture germany's highest court has cleared the way for the country's president to ratify a fresh bailout fund the five hundred billion euro plan is intended to help eurozone countries riddle but that the germans feared the project could commit berlin to paying unlimited amounts to struggling state but the judge restricted germany's contribution to the rescue fund to one hundred ninety billion euros up to going to burke a specialist in e.u. law at the school of oriental and african studies in london says the motion is dealing with the symptoms but is not curing the disease itself the past is an imperfect guide to the future so far the german parliament has always approved aid i think we are reaching a point where germany has spent so much money that she's locked in and
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parliamentarians will continue granting further assistance every time the only way of getting out of this vicious circle would be the success of the save exe program in southern europe i can't see that happening the economic situation in southern europe is dire every decay should we have is that it's getting worse if you promise sub you will gobble up his government debt to about limited extent it will take away the said if for cuts it will not enforce it. people in the netherlands have decided to put their trust in the e.u. voting in favor of two european parties at an early general election this means that the country is likely to stick to a german led way out of the financial crisis because of the reports a rethink of some thirty measures looks inevitable. it was back in ninety ninety two when a treaty was signed in this shelter with maastricht in the netherlands establishing
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the economic and monetary union later paving the way for the creation of the single currency but today mounting a euro skepticism has spread to even countries considered poor eurozone nations including the very one where it all began so i don't know at this moment what the best is for europe i have my jobs because of greece. and the netherlands it's a pro european country of course it shouldn't come to the stream level that we see greece now in a repeated fashion this annoyance among the dutch at having to bail out greece again and again has reached a point where some dutch customers refuse to pay the bill of greek restaurants because well they've already paid with bailout money taking on a euro skeptic and brussels stat has become a popular campaign strategy from the far right freedom party which is called for the return of the dutch guilder to the once fringe leftist socialist party openly
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challenging the german led a steady strategy for europe protesting against our liberal government you know made to distinction between which. part of the problem is you know did europe brussels has a lot of power now and people feel like they have nothing to say about what's going on with their money or we cannot make our own decisions anymore and we can see in europe. voters. are becoming less convinced of the rationality of continued austerity policies and begin to vote for parties who oppose the logical force territory we've seen it in france we've seen it in regional elections in germany which makes america very worried about the elections next year in the end it was the center right liberals who claimed victory followed closely by the center left labor party both viewed as pro europe but the fact remains that discontent has risen to the surface among citizens of
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a nation part of the so-called core of the euro zone does or sylvia r.t. the netherlands. coming up in a few minutes here in the weekly protests still kicking here on documents in the u.s. hope to regain momentum preparing for massive new rallies on the first anniversary of the occupy wall street movement. and iran announced the rise in oil sales as western efforts to cripple the trade make little or no repression. no trace of june in the d.n.a. was found in a torn condom presented as evidence in the sexual assault case brought against him in sweden the forensic findings outlined in the police report do not support the alleged victim's story and imply the prove she submitted is fake and science denies the charges saying they're just a way of getting back at him for his wiki leaks activities he's recently hard is distinguished spanish human rights investigator guards on to head his legal team
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their ultimate goal is to keep him away from extradition to the us is renowned for fighting the most controversial cases having previously confronted terrorists dictators and american politicians he says his client did nothing more than express his freedom of speech. i do not think mr assange is a spy all he did was exercise his right to freedom of information he received and shared it by much more surprised that there's been no investigation into the glaring crimes documented in those leaked reports featuring u.s. interference with issues that have absolutely no relation to either national security or the safety of american citizens or defense. well we've also got plenty of news stories features and analysis on our website at the moment r.t. dot com here's what's online at the moment should you log on right now saturday's all russian opposition supporters club back onto the streets of moscow head to r.t. dot com in-depth coverage of the rally. and comedian women some of the
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top agents speak about their movie star lives revealing what lengths lady spies will and will not go to for the. sake of the country. shutting down into sections and getting arrested those are the festivities planned for occupying wall street's first anniversary the anti corporate movement started the year ago in new york quickly and gulf to other major american cities and even spread abroad have often faced heavy handed action by police with numerous activists and tent cities torn down but the occupiers of the tell me to show the world they're still alive and kicking to regain momentum in iran and activists caught up morgan believes that he and the capitalist movement could be reborn in more ways than one. i would say without
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a doubt one looks at the world right now one looks at what's happening in the middle east in spain greece everywhere there's a confrontation going on against the one percent so the idea that somehow the u.s. is exceptional and it's just a small passing phase i mean the u.s. is part of the world capitalist economy in the world capitalist economy is in a state of collapse profits rule and we just get more as we just get home foreclosures we just get mass unemployment get all this wealth exist but it is not utilized for even good so absolutely we're going to see more of it may take on a different character you know organized labor of chicago this chicago teachers strike that maybe cause more problems than it was in the early days of occupy wall street but there's going to be more confrontations as the system dies. and alex you will be following the events planned by the occupy wall street movement in new york and other cities stay with us for that for more. the general truth spread world wide. the ninety nine percent
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versus the one percent with all the money. are they getting equality into the home and. the recession ahead can we afford not to. you. are to. iran's own exports and no exceeding a million barrels a day making a mockery of the western sanctions designed to curb the trade washington has had to waive restrictions for japan and several nations as they rely heavily on iranian oil the sanctions aimed at forcing to iran to hold its atomic program which it insists is peaceful. policy director at the national iranian american council believes the sanctions only force iran to spend even more on nuclear research. i don't know that you could actually look at the lost revenues from oil exports and say iran has taken away money from its nuclear program or reduced money for
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military spending because frankly with the threat of war i think iran is probably continuing down the path that has already already has been on which sanctions you know there's no perfect sanctions regime there's always going to be a whole series always going to be loopholes there's always going to be this game of whack a mole where iran responds in the u.s. tries to ratchet up and you're never going to get a perfect embargo. so i think that the question the question is ok now you have these sanctions what do we do with these are we going to leverage these or is this a repeat of what we had with iraq where we did a great job of restricting oil sales and then doing well for crude but the end of the day that didn't actually yield anything but massive humanitarian suffer suffering and then eventually this movement for a disastrous invasion. the russian gas giant gazprom is fighting against pressure over the company's pricing policy the european commission launched a case accusing the supplier of violating anti monopoly law on tuesday the russian
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government officially forbid ganz problem to disclose any information to foreign parties without the kremlin's permission was consistent protecting gazprom from aggressive attempts by the e.u. to get a gas discount the company spokesman says that europe didn't even attempt donald. during this past year the european commission didn't take a single step to resolve any of the present disputes through dialogue while we have always insisted on the open discussion and many undecided matters time and again both gazprom and the russian government invited the you to start dialogue but were ignored. now here's a quick look at some other news from around the world in our world update this hour in china japanese protests escalate as police have to use force to disperse crowds japanese businesses factories and vehicles have been attacked in major chinese cities the demonstrations were sparked by japan's decision to purchase a chain of disputed islands in the south china sea the archipelago claimed by both
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countries may be sitting on vast gas reserves. police officers have been killed in a roadside mine explosion in southeastern turkey authorities blame the blast in kurdish insurgency taking advantage of the chaotic situation in neighboring syria to step up their attacks turkey which give shelter to anti assad rebels has recently relocated some syrian refugees from the volatile border region citing worsening security. also in a world update this hour a peaceful march of several hundred striking miners has been blocked by south african police and workers were demanding an end to police forninst the day off the two gas and rubber bullets were used to disperse similar protests the south african government has recently announced a crackdown on widespread minor unrest it's already frozen production at several platinum and gold mines the protest movement was galvanised off the police shot thirty four miners dead last month during a strike over low wages. that's up to date for now this is the weekly here now tell
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me about with a recap after a break still to come we have our interview with a former prisoner of the taliban. you're watching live from moscow all.
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morning news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images and seeing from the streets of kenya that. corporations are on the day. i mean sochi the only city in europe the host of the twenty fourteen winter the pick a. song. a. song
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