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tv   [untitled]    September 17, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on. the knowledge of santee u.s. protests unfolds in lebanon with tens of thousands of muslims marching against a bill mocking islam we go live to report in beirut. and casualties mount as protests over the film grow in escalate elsewhere with us now in northern countries . more than one hundred arrests reported in new york where activists are marking a year since the occupy wall street movement began protest of the so-called ninety nine percent still isn't being addressed and they won't stop until it is.
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international news and comment live from the new center here in moscow this is the by far the biggest protest of the past week has unfolded in beirut the capital of lebanon tens of thousands of muslims run it against the united states which they believe is behind a huge film. when it's cross live now to our correspondent. in beirut and joining us by phone lucy bring us up to speed about what's been happening there i understand the rally is now over. she had to try and we had seen thousands of people take to the streets to largely sunni i thought pardon me shiite area but in
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beirut supporters of the shiite militant movement tebo of took to the streets of beirut after their leader of. a massive protests against the controversial movie largely seen as defending the prophet mohammad across the muslim world. people had turned out here with hezbollah actually even seen it from the syrian government as well as opposed to a friend on bashar al assad shared by the crowd by some of the speakers chanting death to israel and america is the greatest of all but many of the people believe in q. on camera and off base that you know very anger isn't even to the people of america they're angry at the government. kind of movie to be read and to be shown they really need it doesn't carry on and. i think their religion to their people they actually have trained as a human rights issue that the people that we've broken through you know the reason
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for the aftermath of turnout you have to remember that house on i had the largest aren't fourth in lebanon and you have the ability to muster. enough of numbers of shiite muslims and also in downtown beirut and so far we know that there's going to be additional massive protests all over the country on wednesday and friday saturday and sunday the bitten by no means over of the protests that we were. very even treated probably in the picture there are a lot of people turning out but largely people who didn't really see any presence of the lebanese army forces are not only welcome in the heart of town due to tension from from the old on like they were in lebanon on civil war but we did speak surety of controlling the crowds trying to keep things calm which in which they stayed that way for the most part of course because. like the difference from the reaction we've seen in the wave by when the began but today over the video
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apply to the arab world people had been killed in clashes in yemen and on food and in other parts of the muslim world mostly just people here really do feel that the u.s. government is responsible for starting the video in the sense that they didn't block it on you tube they didn't party could be people condemned it or apologized for the arab world the people of the focus on the ground and again really largely people person of the party but again it will be kind of massive turnout expected to continue a lot of time fifi protests and we know think take on life of their own and so it really remains to be seen whether i've been on the phone to be able to keep the type that ensure that the kind of violence we've seen in other countries fred here again a for the kerry and defensive careful serious history of civil war with the syrians for raping just the off the border there is a lot of potential and fear for our part violently for on place to reemerge here
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and most of the people are hoping that not only lucy thanks very much indeed for that live update lucy coming of a correspondent live in beirut and of course was reporting from the largest and to us protest. feeding on global movement fury over the film new protests hot spots are appearing. cocktails and challenging for death thousands of protests a skirmish with police outside the american embassy in indonesia and afghanistan a thousand protesters burned cars and surrounded the u.s. base just a week since it all began unrest and violence has now spread to more than thirty nations around the world. with the details. police and protesters have hatched in the indonesian capital to costa and these classes took place when hundreds of pod line is in front of the american embassy they took the police by surprise when they started pulling walks at them because until now all the demonstrations that have
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been taking place across indonesia which is the world's most populous muslim nation have been peaceful the police responded with tear gas water cannons and by firing warning shots to disperse the crowd but not before protesters had the chance to throw molotov cocktails to burn tires and also to say for explosives also on monday there have been fresh clashes in talk this time this is happening in the waist up the country where at least one protester has been killed hundreds of protesters six wired to a government office building as well as to a police office and this is allegedly because they were complaining that the demonstrations in pakistan until now have not been receiving enough media attention this is one of those clashes in pakistan over the weekend that happened in the cities of pitch a laugh as well as in karachi we saw protesters marching holding up banners and calling for the american ambassador to be expelled and for a boycott on american goods and services now also there has been clashes in the
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capital of kabul where we've seen more than a thousand protesters to fire to cause as well as story to contain is american military installations not the united states has been standing additional security has been standing the reasons to beef up security in various cities around the region and this is only inflaming tensions on the ground with many people i'm talking to asking the question whether or not the united states is not benefiting from this violence as it now has the excuse to send some of the troops on the ground here in cairo the situation this compliment will go tensions all vying for the so you can feel that the physics the tenor of the pope. if you get any kind of fighting in iraq any time. well more international perspective now on the protests with author and historian gerald ford joins me live now from the usa we call him the protests seem to be getting bigger how has it come to all of this. well first
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of all you have to recognize the united states historically has been the headquarters of islamophobia that is to say that a goodly number of labor ricans that were brought here hundreds of years ago were muslim and they were persecuted not only because they were black but because they were islamic then when you had that second wave of migration and so asia in the nineteenth century these muslim migrants secondly were subjected to islamophobia but even more that you have to recognize that in recent decades united states is going to enter into a defacto if not actual lions with concerts of religious radicals first of all in afghanistan even before the soviet intervention in the summer one hundred seventy nine and then for example in yemen where the southern part of human was under the rule of the yemeni socialist party going to state a lot of conservative religious radicals to destabilize the regime leading to the consolidation oh human under sources to the right and then in libya in two thousand
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and one mr gadhafi had an on top with washington with regard to the containment of conservative religious radicals what washington turns the tables on him you know why do conservative religious radicals of order to overthrow mystic adopting they are exceeding to do the same thing in in syria the gives in the. fortunately moscow and beijing have been vetoed when united nations resolutions to effectuate that goal and united states has basically been safer with russia and china. let's just talk about what's happening in lebanon for example we see hezbollah already taking a lead hey all we see now politicians in the muslim world capitalizing on what is seen as genuine and get to begin with now we're seeing politicians perhaps encouraging it. is this really still outrage or is this now politics. well i think it's a bit of both there's no question there and in particular there is dissatisfaction with us policy with regard israel with regard to the palestinian refugee question
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with regard to seeking to make jerusalem the capital of israel which was basically ratified of the democratic party convention in charlotte north carolina just a few days ago so yes there is dissatisfaction an outrage in lebanon and throughout the muslim world against u.s. policy at the same time there is dissatisfaction with the general level as phobia in our states that i just make reference to all right so what does the u.s. do about it what does a bomb a day i mean they've they've washington's repeated condemnations all this video of course what can now washington do to diffuse this tension well what washington should not do is much they know the war against iran which is being openly discussed in washington as we speak secondly obviously washington needs to move away from its close alliance with israel which does little more than inflame passions in the muslim world that only means for example turning away from the idea of jerusalem as the eternal capital of israel that means trying to have a legitimate settlement of the palestinian question and thirdly i think washington
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has the dow down a washington has to show much more outrage against the videos and films that are designed to inflame passion you're a historian i want you now to look forward what does the long term impact look like what's happening at the moment. well i must confess that it does not look very bright quite frankly the correlation of forces and united states is such that it's very difficult to move to realistic positions for example when israel is really lobbying is very powerful in this country it. says and punishes those who go because their will is going to be very difficult to move away from that was rather unique interpretation of freedom of speech in their own states makes it possible for these kinds of films and videos to be manufactured in fabricated on a regular basis this would be very difficult to stop that from happening. would be very because of this tick in the short term in the long term with regard to the
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states changing its policies towards a very sensitive region and author and historian thank you very much indeed for your comments live there from north carolina in the united states well many wondering just who is stirring up the muslim well that's one of the issues we discuss with a former extremist now on the trail against radical islam interview with author com it is coming up later this hour here on. this is r.t. community from the russian capital dismissed for refusing to support israel in a preemptive strike on iran from the british minister for the armed forces nick
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harvey alleges he was flogged for his objection to a military attack on terror and he believes the government is cleansing its ranks to get rid of opposition to such a strike on the sarah first report. a fleet of british naval power has massed in the persian gulf in an unprecedented show of power now britain is one of twenty five countries taking part in a twelve day exercise in the strait of hormuz in the largest wargames ever undertaken in the region now this comes as the worry that israel is preparing to launch a preemptive strike against iran's alleged pay for nuclear weapons program israeli prime minister netanyahu has said that iran's six to seven months away from having ninety percent of what it would need to create an atomic bomb not these are claims that iran vehemently denies and they've also warned that they will retaliate across the region were they to come under attack nonetheless the war games are continuing
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and britain's contingent involves full british minesweepers royal free to exhilarate cardigan bay a logistics vessel the hague diamond a brand new one billion pounds type forty five destroyer one of the most powerful ships in the british fleet be joining other battleships in various they will power from the other countries in this twelve day exercise now here in britain at the same time the former liberal democratic defense minister nick harvey has claimed that he was fired in the recent cabinet reshuffle to avoid a damaging coalition split a preemptive strike on iran now he's reported to have told friends that he was fired in that research for to allow the deputy prime minister says sign up to an israeli u.s. preemptive strike and his criticisms of israel's actions could prove embarrassing for the coalition will this comes on the back of continued concerns here that these war games and the recent statements are all signs that israel and iran edging ever
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closer to the brink of war. arcee london. anti japanese protests have hit china as the volatile dispute over who owns a series of and that's going to it's the phone out of the archipelago dispute has been widening between tokyo and beijing since japan decided to bypass china and buy the territories from private investors this comes as washington and tokyo agreed to put a second missile defense radar in japan claiming it will be focused on the terry north korean aggression but james corbett editor of the colbert report website he lives in japan thinks the system will be deployed for all the wrong reasons. there is going to have to be some sort of dialogue and one certainly hopes that it will come quicker because of the demonstrations are starting to get out of hand in china and so some real damage is being done of course not only to to japanese interests but even to owners of japanese restaurants or people who drive japanese cars in china are now being attacked in these protests and as
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a result we're starting to see the mirror opposite here in japan obviously not rioting or anything of that sort but there is an increase in the rate we nationalists riding around with their loudspeakers with their anti chinese slogans at cetera so it's definitely creating increased tensions and the only way out of this is for some sort of diplomatic breakthrough and it doesn't look like the two parties are really willing to come to the table at this point to the idea that this new expand radar is going to be really aimed at north korea not to china is that is about as silly as saying that the missile defense shield going up in europe is not aimed at russia i think we all know that it is expressly aimed at beijing and beijing's intercontinental ballistic missile capabilities which are only increasing as they continue to spend more and more on their military capabilities so it's definitely going to have an effect in ratcheting up tensions even further. than one celebrated as an icon of bravery off to surviving the seven seven london bombings in two thousand and five is now facing deportation from the u.k. immigration authorities they say
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a second citizenship in australia could be enough to see him kicked out or smith explains. in the days after the seven seven terrorist attack in london john tulloh bloodied face was a familiar sight in newspapers and on t.v. screens sitting opposite mohammed sidique khan when he detonated his deadly bomb he credits his suitcase with saving his life seven years on tulloch a university professor is back on the front page but this time because he's been threatened with deportation. extremely helpful and. immigration officer at heathrow terminal if you try for another six months and china will be up. thinking that you might be trying to get around the immigration acts and whatever we decide that time if you try to assert time. will put you on the plane born in india to a serving british officer tullock came home to britain aged three and was educated
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here graduating from cambridge university after he got his doctorate he went to australia where he'd been offered a job he had no idea that taking australian citizenship would jeopardize his british passport so there's no better place to check than in your own passport and the inside cover of the passport it says i have a right to your nationality not so according to the u.k. borders agency and tulloch whose father served his country and his grandfather and great grandfather also worked for the empire in india is it what he calls a catholic or ethic situation we've done so much for britain and the world to serve in the face as an understatement my brother's here or his side my cousins are here so you know it's it's. it's frustrating i find it very insulting to my family and very disheartening. it's another twist in the
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case much maligned immigration laws under which someone like professor tulloch is that risk but other much less avery characters are allowed to stay in fact commentators say if tulloch had been a perpetrator of a terrorist attack rather than a victim he might have a better chance of living here harris meant free be seen several people convicted terrorists including somebody he was convicted of providing a safe house for the twenty one seven bombers. allowed to stay in this country because deporting them were violating human rights it's quite clear that the immigration system is is so. cuticles people who actually you know contribute usefully to this country and and works in favor of useless parasites like. tulloch is in limbo the borders agency says it will help him resolve his predicament but
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he'll have to jump through hoops to stay in the country his family has called home since the fourteenth century of the great ironies is that so many charms are sore my picture in the papers now on television after seven servan it said words next to it like british british resistance british spirit but this is my home. this is my place and so you want to be able to come in and out as any other bridges is able to do for now though tulloch can't leave for fear he won't be able to return laura smith r.t. carter. well in addition to the events in lebanon we have other breaking news this hour over one hundred occupy wall street activists have been arrested in new york they're marking a years since the corporate movement kicked off in new york before snowballing across the whole country and abroad and now the occupiers want to regain new momentum with mass rallies on the anniversary of their movement to marty's report
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is that the epicenter in the big apple. as you could see by the crowd behind me and the police presence behind me a lot of people have shown a chode up i turned out for the one year anniversary of this occupy wall street movements the organizers said that it was very important not only to more one year but also it's reminds people of the pervasive influence of wall street on u.s. politics so there's a lot of groups that are outside sort of right out of the out wall street early in the morning activists or acted on what was called a people's goal to try to block employees from getting to the new york stock exchange that have been a few arrests in front of our eyes but there were also at least a dozen arrests over the weekend because there were already some type of events taking place throughout the city but this is actually the biggest day organizers say they're hoping this will reignite the passion that began one year ago the
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fighting the war in the economic inequality but there is i can tell you was significant police presence down downtown here in lower manhattan and they are very aware that these plans the war in place by the occupy movement there are about thirty different cities across the u.s. that are planning on the bad stuff and we're thinking that possibly in new york city will be the biggest the biggest event the biggest turnout because this is where the movement began and to give our viewers a little bit of back problem of how this began what has not been over the past year we turn to hearts of course by now it is just to check it out. triggered by wealth inequality inspired by the arab spring occupy wall street a movement of the people bringing up real dialogue over the need to improve the way america runs. spilled onto the streets when the same bankers that
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the economy were bailed out by our taxpayer money that provoked occupy wall street and what we hope to do with. frame that outrage outrage about very basic issues that most americans intuitively understand. the big apple became the birthplace of the occupy movement just one week into the protests all hell broke loose or are police brutality was brought into the spotlight protesters often confronted by tear gas and pepper sprayed even war veterans injured. faces bloodied demonstrators beaten with but tons and dragged journalists abused and there were arrested. camps in major cities eventually eradicated by officials one after another remembers a comedy park in new york's financial district it was clear that the first occupy camp was set up hundreds of despair. thousands showing support in a fight which eventually got peered out of stands largely empty today occupy up to
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the same change the format to not going to have. well critics say occupy did not bring the change and accountability it fought for few would argue that the economic and social issues that triggered occupy have been solved about one third of the american public is either in poverty or on the cusp of poverty that's one hundred million people and yet you hear virtually nothing about poverty in this election closing the gap between the rich and poor eradicating sky high student debt bringing accountability to wall street all major issues yet to be tackled in the us two thirds of the u.s. senate are millionaires forty five percent of the house of representatives are millionaires we have the best democracy that money can buy an actual democracy made a little more possible with the seeds sown by occupy and stacy churkin or r.t.e. new york. we are certainly in the thick of things here in lower manhattan and we
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will be covering this story all day long as. you can see by the scenes behind me as the crowd moves the police move now we should point out that this resurgence of the occupy movement comes seven weeks before the us presidential election if this gets big and go goes on beyond a day carries out beyond a day this could potentially have a huge influence on the presidential election but of course we have to see what happens throughout the day what kind of message they get across how many people turned out and we will be here following the story updating our viewers hour by hour. yes more for new for you from new york throughout the day as maria says now it's twenty five unhealthiness past the hour europe's the biggest bank goes under the hammer daniels in our business desk tell us more about this has been quite a bargain as though you consume by. buying this beer what's on sale to china pollock of as the story for us. has been waiting for almost
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to sleep for the first let's take a. listen to those that still live up to the potential of. the world like. those feel like to be the old previous records this year even so the term five billion dollars it's a big enough offering that the market conditions have to be as favorable as possible to assure. business decisions by the central banks in europe and in the us through the printing presses have given a chilled to the arm to the market how the central bank hopes for widespread small plans to the first banks to force the world over to reserve ten per cent of the offering to. be my they are to have a crush on. this not to raise capital probably close to the number of private improved harper it does. make
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a competitive company of course. none of this guaranteed ever came up after the sale this tape was made by the largest shareholder to the people that. lost all the traders didn't like the news was the biggest fall on the my six today as you can see both some are six slightly down for monday green but flat on the euro as economies both sides of the atlantic keep disappointing the ruble was also a loser today no europe is sliding from fifteen month highs on concerns growing calls economic slowdown in china and apple shares are rising in new york in morning trade there after revealed a record two million preorders of the i phone five but the dow and the nasdaq slightly lower though the russian geologists have sent global jamaal gives into a spin they've explored a siberian diamond field that was classified in soviet times and claims its reserves a bigger than all known diamond deposits in the world more of its rich with so-called
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impact ties diamonds created modified by the impact of a meteorite something that makes such stones much rarer than regular diamonds you're up to date bill would have more phoenixville daniel thanks very much indeed for that yes we'll see you in the next hour here not in just a moment to form a terrorist turns against radical islam will be run out of the headlines stay with us live here in moscow.
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sigrid laboratory to mccurry was able to build the old most sophisticated robot which unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tunes mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and we're going this is why you should care only. like millions of americans i've lost thousands of dollars in retirement funds and i haven't had as bad as many that's not just about the for them it's about the need to. be man brad ya gotta show. and say. that. x. g.'s.


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