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tv   [untitled]    September 18, 2012 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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there's a report on our. blog about what you are going to live from moscow a quick look at the top stories nine people most of them foreigners have been killed in a suicide bomb blast in kabul and afghan insurgent group has claimed responsibility for the attack saying it was a recent response to the u.s. made movie mocking islam. and film theory continues to spill into the streets as stands of thousands of lebanese have been protesting in beirut exactly a week after anti-american anger started sweeping the muslim world. and the york
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city police crackdown and occupy wall street anniversary celebrations pushing shoving and forcibly arresting nearly two hundred activists. and u.s. and britain are leading the largest ever military exercises off the iranian coast as israel and iran trade threats of war. now tensions in the strait of hormuz between israel and iran are the focus of today's interview former director of the israel missile the fans organization ozy rubin paying the full picture of strife between the two countries. osea revealed the very first director of the israeli missile defense organization it's great to have you with us or today israel keeps all its options open when it comes to iran suspect its activity of making a nuclear bomb including war but could israel actually go to war with iran without relying on the united states. for pinions but i think the real question here is
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what is the. wisest. and if you knew a permission i'd like to explain that in a few words for the listeners for the iranian nuclear program has. one component is the commercial power generation which i think no one has a problem with the second. because enriching go for. nuclear materials into higher grade materials and this is dual use technology here who are the problem starts again this is legitimate but the pope of the question had been on our side because . you could have both. that you inform the supplier of the. installation it's a wash over there so why they need this independence square with sujit to make but problematic the third. is the suspected nuclear program which hundreds did not
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but here's the problem they denied even in the beginning that they're going to enrich the dinar and here this is quite a problem this is one of the other both of which. is the vote. does appear from the map i mean this is what i'm quoting it should disappear from the map would wipe up the number of the stories that are in many were near experts would argue and i had one right before you. he said that was just a referee understand that it's more than just a referee but the question is. is it just i mean. don't forget don't think about it it's just like we have to say you have to realize that these are republicans really consume it is a vision which is a vote on this policy or that is a. lot of stories about but. one of the suspected
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nuclear program this combination of the two is the people of the crazes the. so this is the debate this is the debate you know what's the best course of action. action. action what should be done i don't know but this is a discussion obama so far has said no on israel strike to iran i know that the majority of israel's military establishment is actually also warning against such as the only two people really building up this rhetoric at this point is the prime minister netanyahu and the defense minister afterwards. why would they want to war when sixty one percent of israel's population is actually against it in your personal opinion there's a question of do they really want to war what do you think it's. described that way but you have realized it's a policy. of brinkmanship which both up to no results of
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a few. of them before i mean the neglect of the question is really is a political leadership. really advocating go through that was inevitable. nobody knows that. so it's kind of the same as coming out and saying israel should be wiped off the map no one really knows if he means it. i say again we don't say that we should go to war but this is just a little again political level you have to take it. very precisely they don't advocate going to war they're going to advocate going to war this is a last resort. and the question is is it now a situation of last resort this is not clear well there is a nuclear iran there is a war with iran is there even a third option far is proud if. i think the international community or
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the west or the rest of the international community would come to such a situation we do on. you to be clear that we know to be able to look realized military nuclear it'll be clear even if the iranians don't admit it but it's a very clear situation that there is some kind of the red line beyond which. way it may. this is maybe the third way do you personally believe that iran is trying to make a nuclear bomb that it will get it any time soon or not they say this. the only other counter that comes to mind is in a similar situation is japan which as that surely has all the capability of going becoming a nuclear country if it was just like the. problem here is being sued for japan is a very peaceful country to be used to japan has no intention unless there is some kind of drastic situation where you will see. we are seeing formal point of view or
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which is very belligerent at least without direction and to think that this kind of a gym with this kind of extremism will have the capability to enrich without implementing the military side of it seems to be. good ability so much imagination . if they don't have a nuclear program really thinking very hard about you know good very surprised you are not having enough. the schools at the moment at the moment iran has zero nuclear weapons i think everyone would agree on that united states thousand. two hundred the united states have to target iran for decades why assume that this would suddenly stop to work because i think one shouldn't be. i think. if you look at the balance between the come to
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like you. over whether or not it's. what the conditions for use nuclear weapons against. which turns into know that. in my opinion. nuclear weapons against us moment the world. because they don't they don't. justify see you of course were one of the key personalities to help develop and deploy israel's arrow missile defense system. iran's only threat to israel at this point is conventional weapons how much harm can iran really do to. it has to retaliate for israeli attack. or you know about the stuff you can give you mona. i think the. existence of i mean there's
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a continued to be. and and. and function but. how many. very sensitive to some things and you can get. through. but the one thing i can say for example. with nine hundred ninety one. we heard very few casualties. who doesn't want to. limit the damage but for three weeks a country. that was damaged enough so. you could talk about the physical damage. it could be. would be severe i don't know but if you're talking about economic damage i think it would be considered at this point
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what are your cup abilities to intercept iran's missiles we have a poll that we have no system in place the system is operation. i think it's capable be tested for time after time and over time with those to the user to successful so i think it would all for resistance to go for the defense mainly defense would be in my opinion it's all decision making or will make the decision it really defensive or maybe. it's not not so much of the population of the organism of the population. size so all of us together but i emphasize would be to pose a national infrastructure and nation a military installation and give additional protection for the population as far as possible you know to many it seems obvious that if god forbid there is a war between israel and iran hezbollah and hamas will actually side with iran
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would israel be able to withstand war on two fronts what if we're talking about exchange of. a member that it's not i think it would not be one sided. and it would be first exchange of blows a kind of. exchange over time how long i don't know how it would be stopped what is the end of the exit game again i don't know but i think we can withstand it. in the great the us but if you think the question. over the past year israel has lost egypt as its ally in the region something going on with turkey right now if obama wins a second term he's not very keen on backing. in whatever he wants to do do you feel like israel is starting to be
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internationally as of late are you fearing that. egypt and their allies kind of an overstatement. is that. a call to peace well that's already a lot for that region that's. continues to be a conduit or if you. can behave then i think. we have some joint. song and i. don't think there is any change in the situation. and really no one knows what's going to happen if you ask. me but well what do you think is i don't know better for israel to stay or to go.
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to have a democracy. i think it brings out the best in the nation as well as for everyone. because. we. do some quiet on the. other side. the food was greatly aided the so there was room spatially by the dozen those him also the sun also what's beyond us a legit we don't know could be but the code was written we have no idea the bones and how things shape up with who's in fall. really all we all just the photos of him was zero been thank you very much for this interview we all welcome.
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like millions of americans i've lost thousands of dollars in retirement funds and i haven't had as bad as many it's not just about this it's about me to. me man brown. got to show. me that. she. needed. and now she. says this is my film i get the last word this financial crisis will not be turned off like a light sleep. nine
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people most of them foreigners have been killed in a suicide bomb blast in kabul an afghan insurgent group has claimed responsibility for the attack saying it was a response to the u.s. made movie mocking as long. philip you are it continues to spill into the streets of stanza thousands of lebanese have been protesting in beirut it's exactly a week after anti-american anger started sweeping the muslim world. new york city police crackdown on occupy wall street anniversary celebrations pushing shoving and forcibly arresting nearly two hundred activists. the u.s.
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and britain are leading the largest ever a military exercise that off the iranian coast as israel and iran trade thread so for. us where the top stories here in our team actually bring you the latest for us for that. hello there welcome to the sport thanks for watching and these are the headlines basement battle zone can produce a guess of both five banks recalled trading three two wins on the gold pack night in the russian prime ealing. missings in the face it's funny cide malaga with new signing axel but still for the game in the champions league. and surprise lead is yet to make both enjoy big wins the joint top of the k.h. out. but first the football where there has been plenty of drama in the russian prime illegal car increase of yet of came back from a goal then to grab
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a late to grab a late three victories to move away from the foot of the table first of all three points is a rally that home to struggling volga the perm side open from the penalty spot on the stroke of half time through here but legacy of levelled straight after the interval and the cross from setting that one up and. forty the thunderbolt of a free kick to put the visitors in front after sixty five minutes however their joy was short lived disappeared swiftly equalized again from the sport people believe are biased again guess the direction but it was on stoppable and in the last minute to go back home what proved to be cards winner the home side stay nine volga a second boston. while clueless have yet of ended their three game losing run for the last minute when i moved over here alexander. noted in the north korea after twenty seven minutes there thirty promoted side were soon level through uganda or
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support and they took the lead on the hour thanks to anton but boy it was a penalty but with seven minutes to go and the author a member of puts pulled the visitors level and. stop each time the wrong minded snatch there when it's a secret tenth. or fourteenth. now in england newcastle came from behind twice to salvage a draw at everton leighton baines scored early on for the home side but substitute demba bar equalized just after half time everton thought they'd done enough and victor anichebe netted two minutes from the end but barr found another equaliser the death of draw leaves everton in seventh place newcastle are eleven. the group stage of the champions league gets underway later on tuesday and russian champions in the spanish side malaga with a new signing axel still the belgian midfielder picked up a hamstring injury in training he had joined for a fee of more than fifty million dollars earlier this month along with striker holt
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who will feature tonight group c. is tough apart from malaga isn't it also if a seven time winner is ac milan and elect in the sense petersburg side no they need to refine their form quickly after losing two of their last three matches in the russian premier league. i think everybody in the team make the best to win. the games. now we have this opportunity to play this game with some time to make some recovery training. like i said before. is the perfect game to prove ourselves that we have the capacity to play these games. meanwhile hope to continue their good form they are unbeaten in the league after four games and that's despite selling key plays in the summer like santi cazorla to arsenal forward having a savvy owner says three points this evening is a priority. you know so that we all know the importance of winning the first match
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in the champions league playing at home against this team we all know what it means to us and also to the people because the team. elsewhere are real madrid coach jurgen marino believes his side. when this season's champions league they reached the semifinals last time around and welcome english champions manchester city burn about this evening reale they haven't started their domestic season well winning only once and for acting's and are in arguably the toughest group which also includes german champions brutally dortmund and i.x. but that doesn't worry me. we want to win we can win we are contenders. and we've built man city in the group of. the teams that. for us so for me years ago but that's. the question that you have to put this to roberto and.
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is the answer. any more manchester city have been boy by the return of striker so years where from a knee injury he was among the players that had a little walk around the pitch after arriving in the spanish capital on monday and coach for better man cheney believes they are in time has a chance of playing what that would silva just signed in the five year deal at the club has warned his side will need to be at their best. but it is clear that when everything goes well there are much more confident things work out for them and they do things that are actually possible to achieve but it is more difficult for them when they have these doubts which can be a double edged word because the beast real madrid carry inside can wake up any moment they have a great team with great players. arsenal french champions montpellier for their group and are still without injured keeper chairs name meaning vito mannone will again deputizing goal however the rb is set to return for the gunners who are on a high following their saturday's six one thrashing of southampton while their
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opponents have won just one in five league games and could come up against former strike at livi giroud can move to the emirates in the summer. it's too strange to me but it. didn't have time to go to the moment. which will be very emotional for me but spent two seasons always being grouped in my memory we'll see how it goes and i have to put all the shoes and suits to be going to minutes and do my job which is to bring the match. over while paris and your man's most recent arrivals laugh land you put him in which has trained with the rest of his squad the french runners up opened their european campaign at home to the kiev on tuesday and current a lot these men did as the overwhelming favorite in group which also contains porto and enormously grab swedish dragged him it was part of p.s.g. summer spending spree as the capital club splashed out around two hundred million
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dollars to also by the likes of silver defender corey van de veal. now in our psyche there's a change at the top of the k h l table as the czech psyche have clinched all three points following a formula drubbing of the nominee valorise however for my latest lefty he makes a level on points at the top after winning three. overtime the hosts twice came from behind disconsolately pushcart of struck early in the third period to send the game into the extra fray but czech forward. put out the all important goal for the f.t. me two minutes in. twice former champions up to third following a five nil drubbing of god away from home siberia alexy motors are back to brace here as he opened midway. midway through the first period and completed the right in the dying seconds. and finally russia's n.b.a. stars are enjoying the last few weeks of their break before heading back to north
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america for pre-season so poor fate managed to catch up with rick olenka who's looking forward to joining his new club the minnesota timberwolves. in the end it wasn't a difficult decision for. to return to the n.b.a. even though he was offered a lucrative contract to remain in russia with serious but the lure of the biggest basketball league in the world proved too good for a k forty seven to turn down but i'm very happy you know to get back to the states. not because of the you know. the stuff except the basketball you know of course basketball as biggest biggest part of the highest level and i think i still feel that i'm ready to wear the highest well i want to be there. it's been a busy summer for the russian as he was heavily involved at this summer's olympics in london he helped his country to win bronze and eight hundred forty seven senses this is one of the best achievements of his basketball career so far as the highest achievement that i had you know get a good olympic medal you know it's
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a huge huge goal of the week we've made you know where we really put ourselves in a very very high position very very have delivered over this issue however when he's not been on the basketball court andres been doing what he loves been spending time helping out children the thirty one year old has his own charity called kirilenko kids which has been running since two thousand and three and he donated all the money he earned from the stint in russia to help those in need which involves ford also has three children of his own and says it's great to be back home but his being with his family is the most important thing i mean you know we we love it here in moscow itself you know it's it's a city where i was growing and you know i have a lot of friends here but i think we are where people of the world will who travel so much we don't really care where we're at so i think it's mostly we live below your family when you can prove your best way. that's why we don't really care where
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we are getting younger will soon open a new chapter in his basketball career when minnesota start their pre-season games in early october however the russian is just as committed off a basketball court to assisting his charity as he is on the hardwood. whole fleet anti moscow. to say that somehow the sport is looking at the moment more in test time. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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like millions of americans i've lost thousands of dollars in retirement funds and i haven't had as bad as many it's not just about the fed it's about me to. me man brown the doubters. some. men say. geez. need it. now. since this is my film i get the last word
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this financial crisis will not be turned off like a light switch.
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