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tv   [untitled]    September 18, 2012 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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from phones to pressure in some. news for instance on t.v. dot com. tens of thousands of lebanese man their anger over a u.s. film mocking as a full week after and american if you restarted sweeping the muslim world plus. the most of the rising already released video to the west we want to someone want to show you wearing cameras in europe as muslims they are look to exploit the unrest as a turning point they can use for what they call a holy war. the u.s. and britain are leading the largest ever of military exercises off the iranian coast as israel and iran trade threats of. a new york city police crackdown and occupy wall street anniversary celebrations pushing shoving and forcibly arresting
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nearly two hundred activists. at ten am in the russian gavel you're watching r t welcome to the program and we start with ghana state where at least twelve people most of them foreigners have been killed as a suicide bomber rammed his car into a bus near kabul international airport and afghan insurgent group has claimed responsibility for the attack saying it targeted foreigners in response to the u.s. made film which mocks as long the violence is the latest in a wave of unrest triggered by the movie with demonstrations and attacks on u.s. embassies in over twenty countries worldwide.
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now as the movie continues to whip up rage across the muslim world lebanon has seen one of the largest demonstrations so far tens of thousands of venting their anger after the leader of the shia movement has called for a week of angry protest and while the masses were chanting anti-american slogans u.s. diplomatic staff in beirut have started to destroy classified documents at the embassy . thousands of people have turned out to protest the controversial film that is said to have offended the prophet mohammad after the head of the cia the militant group hezbollah had multiplied his supporters to take to the streets and protest the mood has been largely largely peaceful but again what so many people out on the street these kinds of events can take on a course of their own now while this is just one of the rallies that's scheduled in the lebanon we know that haas on the problem has called for additional rallies to take place throughout the week as you can see their families people who have
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gathered here to express their frustration with this movie is some of the chance that we have heard a word death to israel america is the greatest the devil we also heard some speeches where the speaker had insinuated that they have to this group has to focus on the true enemy insinuating that israel is behind the push for these kinds of so-called islamic film only you don't blame american people an american mission whether it's buddhism what is presented you with theirs is whatever it is we should listen to the gulf in how many jews are moses whatever you got there but that the speech should be there of course this movie was produced in the u.s. the u.s. government has also criticized it but we've seen the very violent reaction resonating across the muslim world while we're here in lebanon this is just one of the protests that has really taken place in a week more than a week now of anti-american violence protests in some countries that have been
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protests in yemen in tunisia in cairo. in sudan and all across the globe and on monday in pakistan at least one person was killed in violence clashes in afghanistan there have been a protest as well as well as in jakarta we really do have to keep watching to see how events play out you see coughing up for our team beirut lebanon on. the anti-american rally started exactly a week ago and have rapidly spread to countries. and continents including europe where some muslims are calling for holy war and the flames and fury a german foreign group is planning to stage a screening of the film and berlin is laura smith reports the unrest could trigger the own storm which has been brewing for years. it started in the middle east. but now the protests against a fill muslim say it's an insult to islam have spread and they've arrived in europe . at least one hundred twenty muslims were arrested at
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a protest in antwerp it's no longer about burning down u.s. embassies in muslim countries in europe they're calling for holy war. london saw similar scenes demonstrators outside the u.s. embassy following friday prayers and up to a thousand again on sunday tempers flared and flags were burnt. analysts point out the small scale of european protests compared to those in the middle east but they say local islamists are using this to recruit new members a worrying sign. as i say mainstream extremists who want a better world groups are looking to exploit this in order to encourage young men to come and join them and try and get into a habit of protest a habit of extremists and demonstrations and that's always an area to be concerned about and it's already prompted a backlash as u.s.
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embassies all over europe come under siege from angry muslims a fall right islamophobia group in germany says it wants to place on a screening of the controversial film the innocence of muslims the prochoice land citizens movement say it's a question of art and freedom of expression but germany's interior ministry has accused them of recklessly whoring oil on the fire it's a fire the radical muslims in the u.k. are all too happy to fan the flames of the muslims are rising wrongly very stupid even in the west we want to slam the rule of the sharia people hate the americans are lies and i think this is a very good. point for the process was sparked by the film but they've taken on a why did i mention that also about foreign policy of america and its allies the fact of matter is the americans behind the foreign responsibility was second place they had troops inside the lease of kill most of the occupied lands and i
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thought it was a sad life unfortunately it's on himself to blame i was started as a conflict between east and west threatens to become a domestic struggle inside europe laura smith. author and historian gerald horne doubts the u.s. will change its policies a muslim countries but thinks the strategy it has may lead to even more violence well first of all you have to recognize that the united states historically has been the headquarters of islamophobia there's no question that in lebanon in particular there is dissatisfaction with u.s. policy with regard to israel with regard to the palestinian refugee question so yes there is dissatisfaction always in the weapon on him throughout the muslim world at the same time there is dissatisfaction with the general level isn't of islamophobia in the states and washington has the guy now beyond the rhetoric of washington has to show much more outrage against these videos and films that are designed to
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inflame passions i suck so i have to be very because of this pick in the short term in the long term with regard to united states changing its policies towards a very sensitive. now log on to r.t. dot com for more on the anti-american global rallies including a life time line of the protests. a major international armada of naval power has massed after iranian coast for what's believed to be the biggest military exercise ever seen in the region the american and british force near the strategic strait of hormuz comes as israel has ramped up its warmongering rather rig against iran and sara for of explains there
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are further indications that a showdown with iran may be on the cards vs one of twenty five countries taking part in a twelve day exercise in the strait of hormuz in the largest war games ever undertaken in the region now this comes as fears grow that israel is preparing to launch a preemptive strike against iran's alleged nuclear weapons program now israeli prime minister netanyahu has said that iran's six to seven months away from having ninety percent of what it would need to create an atomic bomb not these are claims that iran vehemently denies and they've also warned that they will retaliate across the region were they to come under attack now here in britain at the same time the former liberal democratic defense minister nick harvey has claimed that he was fired in the recent cabinet reshuffle to avoid a damaging coalition split over
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a preemptive strike on iran that now he's reported to have told friends that he was fired in that research for to allow the deputy prime minister to sign up to an israeli u.s. preemptive strike and his criticisms of israel's actions could prove embarrassing for the coalition will this comes on the back of continued concerns here that these war games and the recent statements are all signs that israel and iran edging ever closer to the brink of war. so first reporting from london while you're watching r.t. live from moscow and coming up later territorial tensions japan sealed new and time the songwriter deal with washington is a dispute over islands also claimed by china simmers in the background. and a d.n.a. probe of a condom claimed to have been used by joining us on the show makes the case against wiki leaks editor looked ever more shaky.
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nearly two hundred occupy wall street protesters have been arrested in new york as they marked the movement's one year anniversary police wrestled manny peaceful activist to the ground as they flooded manhattan's financial district in the hope of blocking the entrance to the new york stock exchange marina board now has more the day began with hundreds of optimus and their supporters storming through lower manhattan some attempting to block the entrance of the new york stock exchange so as the day progressed we saw many clashes between the new york city police departments and activists that were walking through lower manhattan chanting we are the ninety nine percent pioneering a message that began twelve months ago a message that started in new york city and then nationwide and ultimately global
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but the most important thing to note monday when these optimists gather together for the one year anniversary is that they are still very much committed to their fight against income inequality against corporate influence on us politics but what also for me was the heavy handed tactics used by the n.y.p.d. against optimus some participating in civil disobedience on many occasions we saw them by pushing. optimus to the ground a lot of us feel disillusioned and kind of put down like we can't there's nowhere to go and there's no recourse that isn't violent you know they're the violent ones they're putting us in a position of violence and they're acting violently against us which i don't like. much disruption as we could you know to show people that we're still iran and that the measures just in the same way you know they still a lot of economic inequality in this country and the corporations are running away with power you know with the political game such genealogies because you don't see us here every day doesn't mean that we're not here it's actually something that
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gives me a lot of hope personally is something that makes me feel hopeful for the future to see all these people involved and everybody down here now while some have criticized this movement as not going beyond civil disobedience are chanting or yelling still very clear that the frustrations that ignited this movement are still very much alive where it will go from here only time will tell but it will be interesting to see how and if this event this movement has any impact on the u.s. presidential election that is just seven weeks away the activists i spoke with throughout monday say they are committed committed to this movement and will be doing everything they can even if it means to civil disobedience to cause a change in their system that they believe does not have on behalf of ninety nine percent of the country reporting from new york bring up or not party. and to war
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activists and u.s. marine veteran j.r. m says the occupy movements message paints a true picture of america's financial inequality. has been a phenomenal success and it's just a national problem for station to focus on the national mall he says committed against this country you know there is a solution between the origins of the politicians. and occupy wall. catch reminding people that the main problems that they were protesting about a year ago past gotten worse map just the that even though the federal reserve has announced q four are. there the united states by well connected interests and back stairs is. the chance to ask. got sold out is its own science and accurate picture and there's a problem meeting on happening in this country. insurance companies the.
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people that sold out in a war profiteers got bailed out and soldiers got sold out. and all the rest of us it gives me extreme pleasure to say happy birthday on wall street and i hear in the end it's still going strong and here's another year off and just actually getting into the system. and former u.s. governor jesse ventura has some advice for occupy activist as he lays out his agenda for a possible presidential run in twenty sixteen here's a preview of what's to come later this hour here on our team. they need to continue to stay apart they need to continue to get arrested they need to continue to be vigilant how do you think we stop the vietnam war said to me the turning point of the vietnam war many people say it was the sixty eight ted offensive that was huge but i don't believe that was the real turning point for america i believe the
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turning point of the vietnam war was when the four students were killed at kent state i hate to say yep but it's going to require something of that magnitude for the wall street movement to truly album impact to the psyche of mainstream america. japan's largest corporations have had to put their operations on hold in china due to fear its anti japanese protests triggered by a territorial tete a tete slammed tokyo for buying disputed islands from a private owner while western everette frae plans to build a second anti-missile radar on japanese soil stephen clemence from the atlantic magazine believes countries are now testing the water before making better moves in the future. when we have both sides doing its probing weaknesses of the other
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china feels that it's due more respect than it's using issues like the islands issue or using. some skirmishes over japan just having consented to place another ballistic missile defense system because essentially two powers squaring off and while this looks like china japan and there are certainly deep historical grievances this is really about china testing the united states and its alliance with japan and to some degree i expect these kind of skirmishes to continue for a long time. it's games of brinksmanship it will continue to look tense and tense and dense and then you'll have moments of relaxation so what we're seeing today is a snapshot of what we're going to see for the next decade or more they say that that is not designed to essentially confront china but it's also designed to set in a signal that asia and the asian century and economics and commerce in the region and the growth of china matter and that the united states is not going to withdraw from that region so it's trying to sell the point that its strategic footprint in asia will remain where it is if not grow larger it while at the same time you know
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these wars that we've been having in the middle east will shrink by that but to be just bottom line is we don't know whether the rise of china is going to lead to conflict between the united states and china and its allies or whether it will be managed and it will have both cooperation and confrontation that are essentially managed we don't have a hot war but but this translates just like it used to be in the cold war with the soviets and the united states were oftentimes the way to achieve peace is the way to achieve the term is through deterrence and through a stronger posture and i think that the day but debatable you but that's at least the way japan and china are positioning themselves today. and we have plenty more stories for you comments our website but here's a look at what i can find there right now. so we're security find out why the controversial full body scanners are to be banned from e.u. airports. and how the super rich are getting richer about the only slightly rich are getting poorer read about why the wealth gap between the world's millionaires
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and billionaires is getting wider had to r.t. dot com for the full story. lawyers for joining us on say forensic experts have failed to find his d.n.a. on a condom considered key evidence against him it's another blow for swedish prosecutors his case into alleged rape by the we can accept it or has faced frequent criticism talked to political campaigner peter tatchell who says this latest revelation means the charges against a whistleblower are now more than questionable. khandaan. was supposed to be the killer but we're journalists aren't in the dock now that we're found but there is no d.n.a. on one of these one of the alleged victims it rather calls into question of stand
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your element of the case against him is purely a little worse if he is willing to answer the call to duty and they are so concerned they ought to be about the job again the thought they ought to be willing to come to london to interview him the fact that the switch authorities are not willing to come down on them i'm home to laden and excuse themselves time and time again doesn't indicate that they really take these other geishas seriously because a serious prosecutor would want to interview julian songs as quickly as possible is why any necessary me we're going to certainly you know his opportunity and he's going to be interviewed in london has been on the table for over a year not be taken out of the swedish prosecutors and assigned out across over to the business desk where in the town there for us on the latest and we're hearing that the i.m.f. is not too upbeat on russia's economic prospects why is there more international
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while the international monetary fund indeed is pretty gloomy on russia the organization's latest outlook has lower growth targets and higher estimate of places consumer prices have jumped more than the annual target of six percent and growth remains pretty sluggish local economists believe russia's central bank was right and boosting the interest rates last week even as the regulators across the globe did just the opposite. our central bank is going up as a direction of a increase their interest rate which is unusual because all their good rogers is decreasing it's a part of the on deflation poultice because for our country it will be different problems we have are less problems with unemployment there are more problems with. credit policy with money which was used for void for structure and you know them as it used to be said all the different ways. and let's not check out the equity
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markets will start with a brush that just started its trade and here in moscow equities started tuesday's session with losses you can see after closing monday in the red as well on some profit taking over in asia we're seeing a pretty similar picture tokyo and hong kong are sharing value roughly less than a quarter percent for tokyo and that's on concerns about an escalating dispute between china and japan the rao is hurting some japanese exports or is as the anti japan protests in china made some of them actually put their production at the chinese factories all. over on wall street overnight stocks shed value as well something pretty much across the globe a bit of a correction after a rally last week that sent the s. and p. five hundred to its highest level in about five years financial and energy stocks stocks were among the main ones feeling the pinch apple managed to resist the
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downward pressure thanks to a pretty robust sales of its leaders i'm still in model on the currency markets the euro at the moment is retreating to the dollar and the russian ruble is only thing of value to the currency basket and crude russia's main export commodity is retreating again this hour after the biggest drop in about oh we lost on monday and the report finds russia's rich are sharing some of their wealth a number of people with more than thirty million dollars has declined here in the country russia is now number eight on europe's new rich list one position lower than a year ago last year ten percent fewer people have been recorded with at least thirty million dollars in assets topping the list is germany it has. fifteen thousand millionaires their total wealth tops two trillion dollars. and
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i would settle for one tenth of that now well you know despite the news i still think that russia or moscow for that matter is still among the top five cities that has the largest number of million billion hours living in it despite some value. of course well thanks very much for this and after a recap of the headlines we'll be back with our interview on the recent tensions between israel and iran.
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