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tv   [untitled]    September 18, 2012 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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militants take the forefront of islamic protests sweeping the world killing ten more foreigners in afghanistan as revenge for a u.s. made film mocking islam plus. the most of the rising. of the west we want the some of the show you. step into gear across europe drumming up rhetoric in the hopes of using the tensions for their own me. also the territorial between tokyo and beijing escalates off the chinese patrol boats and to the waters around disputed islands which japan calls its own. and the u.s.
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and britain lead the largest naval exercises off the coast of iran israel steps off its tough talk on terror. it is a pleasure to have you with us today here on our rule reese to show a life in moscow the number of dead over an hour much a film deriding islam is now more than fifty just one week since the protests began the latest victims were a dozen people in kabul killed instantly when an afghan suicide bomber rammed a car full of explosives into them many of us. and i reporting now from the region. with more on the attack in afghanistan and the latest protests elsewhere. turmoil in the muslim world over the controversial and
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tight as long the film continues to spread with the deadly attack before that in afghanistan a suicide bomber had reportedly targeted a mini bus carrying foreign aviation a big fish at least twelve people have been killed and we're seeing reports that there have been of those who are foreigners now an insurgent group in afghanistan claimed responsibility for that attack just be islami this is the second largest armed group there after the taliban in the spokesman said that this was in retaliation to the film that has been perceived as being very offensive to the muslim world and in neighboring pakistan neighboring turkey ghana stand in pakistan possibly to meet with at least two people enough killed in the in the mile uncertainty in the clashes between demonstrators and police now in lebanon on tuesday the largest protest so part of the movie in the large the hezbollah controlled shiite territory tens of thousands of people took to the streets no
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beilenson morning there but it does look like these kinds of protests will continue to spread throughout lebanon on what strikes us scheduled in the southern city on wednesday as well as on friday saturday and sunday now we also know that the clashes have to new day in indonesia and other places across the muslim world and it remains to be seen how long they will continue before calming down you see constant over porting in beirut r.t. . and joining the fray now is tyler where rank upon rank of riot police force outside the u.s. embassy. personnel just lost their compound waving banners and chanting against america but the embassy was put on lockdown ahead of the protests when all of the an essential stoff was sent away for safety some of the protests and all spread to more than thirteen nations around the world from. what i just a week now since it all began demonstrations and violent outbursts of now struck across four continents involved. episodes have been on the rise as well with
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militants and terrorists seeking to capitalize on the anger and more large scale demonstrations are being planned in iran and lebanon a former deputy speaker of the belgian parliament load of a new city told me earlier that decades of hard life of left people with a lot of pent up anger. the thing is if we just look at did this so-called spark for these revolts this does i mean this is it is far more than that these are people most of these protesters are people without a job without any economical perspective having seen the humiliation of having lived under dictatorships mostly in supported by the u.s. by britain by the european union for decades and basically what it is this is this is an expression of anger of humiliation of frustration the anger is always there this is always happening whenever there's a revolt whenever the protest people will use that as a as a vehicle for their own agenda dishpan is perfectly clear that was going home is
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partly anger and frustration of many people and on same time this is being used by extremist movements that's absolutely clear and this is also what happens even in unquote when you do not consider the deeper frustration most of these kids that you saw on the street or jobless didn't don't have proper diplomas setter as long as we are in the long term we do not look at these deeper causes these things will reoccur in europe and elsewhere. well with a passion burning across the religious divide no shortage of provocateurs and nationalist far right german group in berlin says it wants to stage a screening of the film that began it all as artist laura smith reports there's something to worry about here. it started in the middle east. but now the protests against the film are slim say it's an insult to islam have spread and they've arrived in europe. at least one hundred twenty muslims were arrested at
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a protest in. it's no longer about burning down u.s. embassies in muslim countries in europe they're calling the holy war. london saw similar demonstrators outside the u.s. embassy following friday prayers. and up to a thousand again on sunday tempers flared and flags were burned. out of this point how this moves scale of european protests compared to those in the middle east but they say local islamists are using this to recruit new members a worrying sign. as i say mainstream extremists want a better word groups looking to exploit this in order to encourage young men to come and join them and try and get into the habit of protest. extremists demonstrations and that's always there it's be concerned about and it's already
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prompted a backlash as u.s. embassies all over europe come under siege from angry muslims fall right islamophobia group in germany says it wants to place on a screening of the controversial film the innocence of muslims the prove citizens movement say it's a question of art and freedom of expression but germany's interior ministry has accused them of recklessly whoring oil on the fire it's a fire the radical muslims in the u.k. are all too happy to fan the flames of the muslims are rising wrongly very stupid even in the west we want to strawman. people hate the american allies and i think this is a very good turning point for the process was sparked by the film but they've taken on a wider dimension also about foreign policy of america and its allies the fact of matter is the americans feel responsibility in place they had troops inside
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lease the. land and life unfortunately. started as a conflict between east and west threatens to become a domestic struggle inside europe laura smith r.t. . you can always assume. timeline as well as the past and present coverage of the global rallies on our website there you can also read about a u.s. intelligence report warning that the american embassy in cairo is still an active target all that much more at r.t. dot com.
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why we are approaching ten minutes past the hour here in moscow this is r.t. at least three chinese patrol vessels briefly entered the waters around disputed islands that japan calls its own of the tensions between the two countries escalated after tokyo bought the territories from private investors bypassing china political analyst from hong kong professor joseph chang things beijing are sending japan a very clear sign it is basically a show that you ought to summon the bowl certainly would like to demonstrate on the of the citizens that the island is long since china days considerable anger out of the chinese people with what the sea has a kind of. trade a kind of cold bucket and one of the japanese government who could squeeze these islands from the. chinese government and its time these people
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believe that they have to respond in to respond strongly certainly in the straits of kind of rising nationalisms in both countries. well for japanese businesses billions of dollars are at stake after outraged protesters in beijing literally smash their shops along with plans for short term prosperity of the country has been plagued by anti tokyo sentiment steven clemons from the atlantic magazine believes the whole situation is just a snapshot of the future relationship between the countries. and what we have both sides doing is probing weaknesses of the other china feels that it's due more respect and it's using issues like the islands issue or using. some skirmishes over japan just having consented to place another ballistic missile defense system is essentially to power squaring off and while this looks like china japan and there
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are certainly deep historical grievances this is really about china testing the united states and its alliance with japan and to some degree i expect these kind of scrimmage is to continue for a long time be the it's games of brinksmanship it will continue to look tense intense and dance and then you'll have moments of relaxation so what we're seeing today is a snapshot of what we're going to see for the next decade or more. and on monday the u.s. of defense secretary leon panetta sealed an missile defense deal with japan's leaders decided to accept a second system on their territory the two countries claim it is aimed at deterring possible north korean aggression but groups that gagnon the co-founder of space for peace dot org says the world should not be buying this excuse. clearly the u.s. . working her he the tensions in the aegis of the greed of. just the past year has announced the who was one of the military.
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of the. sixty percent of its military forces in this region and it's not to worry about north korea surround north korea it's about super. in china clearly the united states is intending to jack up the arms race and at the same time it must be said the u.s. is also doing the same thing to russia expanding missile defense throughout the in europe and into into central asia and clearly the u.s. is looking for trouble now. it's good to have you with us here on r.t. today coming up in just a few minutes full of steam. on occupy wall street. with massive action in new york nearly two hundred arrests to attract more attention to the activists call . and as the rise of voice their anger ahead of the u.s. presidential election we'll look at which candidate will listen and analysis still
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to come. wealthy british style it's time to. market. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines in two cars a report. from feinstein. starts on t.v.
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dot com. thanks for joining us here on r t today huge naval war games are underway in the persian gulf with warships from the u.s. and their allies the drill is happening in the strait of hormuz just off the coast of iran as reports poor in that israel is preparing a military strike against it. explains today that seems more likely than. britain is one of twenty five countries taking part in a twelve day exercise in the strait of hormuz and the largest wargames ever undertaken in the region now this comes as israel is preparing to launch a preemptive strike against iran's alleged cave or nuclear weapons program now israeli prime minister netanyahu has said that the rounds six to seven months away from having ninety percent of what it would need to create an atomic bomb not these
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are claims that iran vehemently denies and they've also warned that they will retaliate across the region were they to come under attack now here in britain at the same time the former liberal democratic defense minister nick harvey has claimed that he was fired in the recent cabinet reshuffle to avoid a damaging coalition split over a preemptive strike on iran that now he's reported to have told friends that he was fired in that region for to allow the deputy prime minister says sign up to an israeli u.s. preemptive strike and his criticisms of israel's actions could prove embarrassing for the coalition will this comes on the back of continued concerns here that these war games and the recent statements are all signs that israel and iran edging ever closer to the brink of war. and author and middle east expert tariq ali believes that israel will never be able to strike iran if it isn't backed by the western
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powers first. you know what being. sent is not something new he in various members of his government are up there with similar number of questions the thing is it is washington and its vassal state soon europe going to back in is really a joke on iran without washington's green light this attack cannot take place because american interests are very directly involved in the entire region so if an attack is to declare this it will long be know to know it will be the united states giving him the green light certainly that would be temperature in jerusalem is high in nature neanderthal and his foreign minister have been threatening iran quite seriously for the last four months and the west of course sir has let them get away but that i mean just imagine if any other country were threatening another sovereign state there would be some here wouldn't cry in international waters not
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in the case of a stroke so the very notion that israel has the right to invade another country because it has nuclear weapons when israeli israel itself is a nuclear power is slightly grotesque meanwhile iran is not sitting idly by watching a western led armada massed near its shores it's not the ploy to destroy one of its russian made submarines in the persian gulf of a sub was purchased by tomorrow in the early nineteenth and as recently undergone a big overhaul iran is also conducting its own naval exercises i'll be active on the country's northern caspian coast as. well at least our seven soldiers have been killed and over sixty injured in eastern turkey after suspected kurdish militants fired rockets at a military convoy and no one claimed responsibility for the attack yet the kurdistan workers party is being blamed members of the organization are considered terrorists by the u.s. and the e.u.
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i want to carve the eastern kurdish state off turkey. but the conflict has already claimed forty thousand. nearly two hundred occupy wall street protesters were arrested in new york as they mocked the movement's one year anniversary of peaceful antique or productive bursts flooded the streets trying to block the entrance to the stock exchange but police resorted to using force. i was that a witness that day began with hundreds of optimus and their supporters storming through lower manhattan some attempting to block the entrance of the new york stock exchange to take progress we saw many clashes between new york city police departments and activists that were walking through lower manhattan chanting we are the ninety nine percent and pioneering a message that began months ago a message that started in new york city and then you might nationwide and ultimately global but the most important thing to note on monday when these
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optimists gather together for the one year anniversary is that they are still very much committed to their fights against income inequality against corporate influence on us politics but what also for me was the heavy handed tactics used by the n.y.p.d. against optimus some participating in civil disobedience by many occasions we saw that might be pushing optimus to the ground a lot of us feel disillusioned and got to put down like we can't there's nowhere to go and there's no recourse that isn't violent you know they're the violent ones they're putting us in a position of violence and they're acting violently against us. as much disruption as we could you know to show people that we still run in that the measures just do the same they're you know they still a lot of economic inequality in this country and the corporations are running away with power you know with the political game such genealogist because you don't see us here every day doesn't mean that we're not here it's actually something that
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gives me a lot of hope personally and something that makes. we feel hopeful for the future to see all these people involved and everybody down here now while some have criticized this man as not bowing beyond civil disobedience are chanting or yelling still very clear that the frustrations that ignited this movement are still very much alive where it will go from here only time will tell but it will be interesting to see how and if this event this movement has any impact on the u.s. presidential election that is just that then weeks away the activists i spoke with throughout my day say they are committed committed to this movement and will be doing everything they can even if it means to civil disobedience to cause a change in their system that they believe does not have on behalf of ninety nine percent of the country reporting from new york bring up party. and he walked over
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standard u.s. marine veteran. says the occupiers a hardening of the persistent pains plaguing the united states. has been a phenomenal success and a shift in the national problem for station to focus on the national mall the sins committed against this country you know there's a solution between corporations and politicians. and occupy wall street just reminding people that the main problems that they were protesting about a year ago has gotten worse and now the chance to back up there was no he got sold out is he talking science and infection there's a of the fall of the meeting all happening just hungry. and strange some of these not held out sick people that sold out. and soldiers got sold out. and all the rest of us gives me extreme cleanser to say. they
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occupy wall street. and a former u.s. governor jesse ventura believes that getting arrested at the protests is a viable tactic to make america pay attention to the ongoing movement of the interview coming up next hour he lays out his plans for a possible presidential run in two thousand and sixteen that is an exclusive interview. they need to continue to stay apart they need to continue to get arrested they need to continue to be vigilant how do you think we stop the vietnam war and to me the turning point of the vietnam war many people say it was the sixty eight ted offensive that was huge but i don't believe that was the real turning point for america i believe the turning point of the vietnam war was when the four students were killed at kent state i hate to say it but it's going to require something of that magnitude for the wall street movement to truly have been the
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impact it can get to the psyche of mainstream america. now the renewed occupy protests come weeks before the presidential election in america activists want change however barack obama did not live up to its promises how mitt romney isn't paying enough attention to his electorate and that's the view of jeffrey summers from the university of wisconsin milwaukee. obama just by inclination and personality does not seem to be that interested in taking on in powerful entrenched interests he seems to see himself as potentially being the great conciliator the person who can bring together different interests and i think we're at a time in our history where the country's very divided so i think he's misread his role in history and consequently he has not introduced that much change in terms of actually winning the election i think the republican strategy has been to kind of juice up again this frustration and anger that resides with the american people and i don't think romney is saying much success i don't think that's resonating enough
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to actually win the election in fact in the american press today they just released a video clip in which he said that forty seven percent of the electorate he's not even interested and he calls them the moochers and these are people who were attending a fifty thousand dollars plate fund raiser so you know i think ultimately his prospects are one of the elections are rather small i think obama's. chief strategy in terms of winning is just presenting himself as not romney at this point so he can actually not perform all that well and yet still win the election. part time for the. new bush and again if you tell us about this demand to buy stocks of. companies big twice oversubscribed. told those to move right. the risk of the ties for the financial sector is getting really strong and russia specifically is carpet dieties is improving so basically we think it's
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a great time and i think it's very bankers are going to be the first one out of the russian companies that plan to appear to i.p.o.'s below and then near future and i think burbank is going to sarah a good standard they could have placed itself three three to eight percent higher i think it's fair or reasonable and smart to give investors some room to for appreciation as well my shares closed just now lower for a second day here in moscow that's the closing figures for you they're all two years had a shocker federal express this morning said wall street's flat. of trade over the new york bell just slightly up this hour and until thirty protested the weekend in europe was still worrying e.u. investors not surprisingly we saw protests in spain and spain is one of the worst performers out performing in other words doing worse than the footsie and bags this hour in europe on the currency markets the euro shedding to the greenback as spain holds off on asking for a bailout for now. ninety percent of north korea's eleven billion dollars debt most
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of which dates back to soviet times in return gets to invest in north korean energy health care and education but she's also interested in building a gas pipeline to energy hungry south korea via the north however the multi-billion dollar project is unlikely to take off while the north officially still at war has the latest with more stories for you next thanks very much anya will see you then buy back with the headlines and then i'll step aside for mr max keiser and the counterpoint.
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