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tv   [untitled]    September 18, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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today on r t one week after a deadly attack on libya details are beginning to reveal what actually took place that night and the more information the u.s. state department released as the more murky the case becomes so why isn't the mainstream media separating fact from fiction and the attacks. and in the wake of the dozens of protests across the middle east as well as the onslaught of insider attacks you know as a military strategy has been thrown into disarray that suspended joint missions indefinitely in afghanistan so what does this mean for the american mission in the region well question more.
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filled with fever. and occupy wall street celebrated as a birthday with protest movements birthplace and over one hundred eighty arrests now a new reports of police brutality and entrapment are coming out so coming up a wrap up of the anniversary rally. it's tuesday september eighteenth four pm you're in washington d.c. i'm liz wahl and you're watching artsy. well it was one week ago today that a raid in benghazi left four americans dead new details continue to come to light as the story of volves and many questions remain and was reported in various reports that u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens was killed after the consulate was stormed and
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then burned down by extremists this after an amateur anti muslim film produced privately in the us went viral on the internet here's a look at some of the reports. we know he was a big ozzy of the u.s. consulate there we know that there are three other three other people who were killed united states marines who guard all of our facilities this consulate and the embassy had no actionable intelligence foreshadowing the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya there are important divisions between the united states and libya on the investigation of what exactly happened at the consulate and the safe house. but here is an interesting detail puzzling de tell if you take a look at the u.s. state department's website which we did provides a list of all u.s. embassies consulates and diplomatic missions strangely not listed the diplomatic mission and benghazi but a quick search on the site will turn up numerous other diplomatic missions in the u.s. the ones that were taking part in so why does what does this say about the coverage
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of libya and the mainstream media to some important details when reporting on the story to discuss this i'm joined by georgetown university professor christopher chambers christopher great to have you in the studio so there appears to be no consulate you saw we did we did an extensive search there in benghazi but it repeatedly was reported that there is one should we be alarmed by the three tail well you have to understand the many levels there was things have just broken apart with this on the on the reporting level on the news media level you have. missions you know foreign bureaus everywhere closing down you are relying on stringers on the ground that are highly unreliable in war situation this is this is a country that is basically a kid into what the united states was in one thousand nine hundred sixty five when the civil war was over i mean in ruins so you can't rely on them and you can't rely
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on a bank of information of reporters on the ground who are nosing around and trying to get into the militia groups that were actually helping. you know after the about. or was was killed the extremists who were they i mean there are been a rest now we don't have those eyes on the ground now they have the you have the other level of breakdown that isn't that what is the state department supposed to do and the state department isn't saying anything because the whole place is a crime scene now what is the places that an embassy the consulate i mean because we've had those those dual breakdowns we just don't know and i mean the data tell it can be an important one because the pentagon whether or not it is an embassy or consulate or a diplomatic mission that is place as has depending on what happens there there are different implications well here's here's where you know that both breakdowns merge before the event i mean this is a country that's been in ferment for a long time and we have to do with that. and because of the lawlessness because
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this is a you know a government if you want to call it that it's just been born i mean it's hard to say what exactly our presence is there i mean yes ok it's an embassy but i mean you know our mission or or just a group of people gathered together i mean stevens was was an ambassador that was his title but you know you have the special situation where this this place is plopped down in benghazi the staff is put there but it's almost an off the books operation i mean the secretary of state has basically said that and it to the point where you have security firms that we usually use you know we usually farm that out outsource that. british security firm that they they were just using for that group for that building for that mission because it is such a unique we off the books kind of a situation where maybe you might say what's new the government's new the country's
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new we created it after gadhafi you know was was killed along with the british french and italians however i mean it has more of an off the books. quality the newness quality and i think the state department really the american people and the media an explanation of this the expert in the media owes itself and the american people traditional journalism traditional reporting out of the story which they do not do very well when it comes to foreign. issues and tragedies such as this i think it's interesting that you call this a box operation obviously a very chaotic situation there are many questions today and a question that we're hearing asked time and time again in the media in the mainstream media today i guess what is it why do they hate us so much why do they hate us over there in the middle east so much. but i mean it it's all being penned and that the big focus right now is on this this anti muslim rodeo the innocence of muslims and yes i mean this is being used as justification but this anti-american
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sentiment that not just happen overnight yeah i mean but another thing we don't do well is is nuance the problem here is there's no nuance here this is nationalism plain and simple these are these are people who have many many dogs in many many fights and we are a very convenient rallying point for people who are both sly and insane or bush or sly and saying you know it doesn't have to be one or the other so you know this is this stuff is going to happen over there because you have these these societies that are basically breaking apart and coming back together again that's nothing new in world history it's just that the intensity and you know you have the influence of technology and social media magnifying this movie you know and the people who made the movie have an agenda too you have these clashing agendas that have nothing to do with common sense and some of them have everything to do with being strategic
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and being political so you have that all that's thrown into a part and just sort of fire to it this is going to happen. now the question is were was everybody on alert for nine eleven i mean you know you have the right wing press if you want to call it that i put the quote marks coming up with all kinds of conspiracy theories some plausible some aluminum foil on the head about preparedness successor et cetera and hidden agendas you know and then the state department is mom now you know if they are stonewalling the one thing about the right wing press that is accurate is they are zipping what they're saying look we've got the cia over there the marines and the justice department f.b.i. this a crime scene so they're they can hide behind that pretty effectively but we shouldn't be surprised that you know they hate us but i mean if we disappeared tomorrow there would be something else to hate because these are nations that are trying to rebuild themselves i'm not trying to put
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a positive spin on it it's just that when you have that aspect to it i mean there's going to be death there's going to be chaos there's going to be hatred there's going to be things set on fire and you know and loss of life and that that's how human politics and human history goes so we're just a convenient scapegoat and here we are seeing a lot of these these country as we're seeing yemen libya egypt in stable situation over there unstable excuse me. but it stresses that this is not this is this is a extremists a micro already of extremists they are by no means represent the sentiment of the entire country but i mean i guess what candy pointed out is that the situation there is very volatile and very complex. and what we don't do complicated well and maybe wish we should be examined is why what is leading up to this instead of oversimplifying the situation it's one that is very very calm exactly and we you see that in. more. focused media outlets i mean you know
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with regard to cable and satellite networks a minority for example you have. and now this is with with certain websites certain magazines even ones that are fairly have a conservative bent to them you don't see that in the cable giants you know for obvious reasons this is the least common denominator programming some times though you don't even really see that consistently in some of our major. electronic outlets like say the new york times or the post it's kind of a of a valley in a trough kind of coverage and sometimes it gets. as thin and as broad as the t.v. networks and sometimes it does get kind of deep but there's no consistency here so you're really going to have to look you know kind of at these more specific outlets to find your news that you have to be careful about again the ideological bender angle or approach that these more specific outlets have but you know that's really
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going to have to go for the analysis not c.n.n. m s n b c or definitely not fox overly interesting press they have pleasure to have you on as our interview christopher chambers a journalism professor for georgetown university. and as anti-american protests spread from country to country the u.s. is taking extra precautions among them dado is suspending joint missions in afghanistan and definitely this after a suicide attack in afghanistan killed twelve people a group allied with the taliban claimed responsibility and reportedly said it was a response to the anti muslim film produced here in the u.s. now nato strategy on the ground in afghanistan faces new hurdles with nato announcing it will suspend training the afghan army this is seen as critical for afghanistan being able to fight the taliban once the u.s. pulls out of the country so what does this all mean for the future of afghanistan and the u.s. relationship with the country to discuss i'm joined now by anthony shaffer of the
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task force on national and homeland security at the center for advanced defense studies anthony welcome thank you so. the mission. train ally is in the afghan army has been put on hold how will that impact the u.s. strategy in the region one on one quick note or to your past just i should be honest but it was twice today so just be aware that you know i think you know it is a box that has worked well with that said i think we have to look at the fact that the mission today is now in jeopardy by the fact that you have a cornerstone of the mission which is basically creating a secure environment for the afghans to take over that mission is now completely in jeopardy not a little bit we're talking about the entire thing be shut down with no restart date and live not get on your show why don't we talk about this or this is not something that should the new or surprising to the the d.o.d. this is something we predicted three years ago i talked to christian hughes one of
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the guys one of the kids almost got killed three years ago and even he knew back then that this was going to be something intelligent to continue to expand it as we got closer to our departure so that's what we're seeing so it sounds like this new is development as a major setback it's a huge setback and again this is this is actually taking out the order so this is like when you're building a bridge you've got to put that piece in the middle and make it all together you've pulled out that piece and frankly there's no there's a real disconnect a real lack of ideas on how to go forward and i said in an earlier interview on another network one of the things we did back in the eighty's and what was it was training foreign forces to basically become cadre to train others we did that by pulling the individuals out of the country i think part of the problem years to get people in the environment in which they're going to have to serve and then getting a clean break and then training we would bring people in latin america bringing the fort bragg train them as a unit and send them back in as one of the reasons that our strategy was effective
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in latin america but is failing badly in afghanistan i have been and like to play a clip from secretary of defense leon panetta ham talking about this latest development let's take a listen. i don't think that these attacks indicate that the taliban is stronger i think what it indicates is that the they're resorting to efforts that. try to strike at our forces try to create chaos. but do not in any way result in their regaining territory so there is out of the words of the secretary of defense i think the taliban isn't regaining territory does not mean that the taliban is stronger they're trying to create chaos but asked me to an extent isn't that what's happening exactly he's living the same altered universe sir terry rice is a more common yesterday. taliban have clearly again this is not a new thing again the green on blue violence indicator. been able to infiltrate and
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the other thing that i don't know why he doesn't. know this i would always want to establish a shadow government that's why they're so expensive and what they're doing every province except one now as a shadow on government which is frankly competing with the karzai government or the integrity or the loyalty of the people so what he's saying it has no merit and frankly i'm appalled that it would be so able and willing to say total fiction to the american people and to the world so well typically does this provide the taliban an opportunity it's now a step up its attacks it's inevitable i think they will again because we're getting the day we're leaving and frankly i heard jay carney the hold on again saying we're not changing the charger day let's listen no matter how you feel about this you never tell your adversary one year later we don't you don't know when you're going to invade don't all of the people you sent you don't tell this because now over the next two years they're going to continue to increase the veracity of their tax and
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there's nothing to hold them back they know we're leaving so they can literally wait us out our only hope now is to actually engage the pakistanis and looking at ways forward because the pakistanis frankly have as much to. we need to lose if anything to the jury because they have their own little problem now a nato spokesperson said the hall will apply quote only until the threat level returns to a tolerable level i mean that's a very open ended one is that going to happen it sounds like he is banking on things just getting better with time you're giving the taliban time to do more mischief that plan saying you're not going to get better again the only offer they have right now is to start doing the vetting they should have done they want to do and as i mentioned your only hope now is to start pulling afghans out moving into her country maybe germany building them as a cohesive unit a cadre if you will training them to be trainers training the trainers and sitting there that's your only hope at this point because you're never going to be able to establish a sustained a three hundred thousand man twenty first century our military in the form of nafta
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and our. men and lastly anthony i want to ask you these attacks this is in the wake of what's described as a series of insider attacks i mean is this a sign that the u.s. hasn't gained much ground and terms of winning the trust of the afghan people and as situation that's just going more unstable there are some folks lose who are truly loyal to us who rules of them they're a minority you're talking about trying to bring people into the military base look not read or write their basic loyalties to their families or their front you're not going to upset and change two thousand years of culture momentum you can influence it but you cannot change so this is where we have to be smarter about how we proceed doing the same thing over and over will not get us better results right anthony pleasure to have you on the show as always that was anthony shaffer from the task force on national security and national and homeland security at the center for advanced defense studies. well this week marks the one year anniversary
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since the birth of the occupy wall street movement and occupiers commemorated the day with hundreds taking to the streets in new york city protesting corporate influence on politics police reportedly arrested one hundred eighty one protesters are he's on a softie a church going to give us a wrap up of how the day played out. after the occupy wall street movement is here after its inception. takes the big apple by storm in full force i mean i think it's up police on horseback and behind barricades from the wee hours of the morning. marches and acts of civil disobedience all day long images that have become all too familiar throughout the past year reoccurring protesters thrown to the ground people there to document the action knocked down. activists attempting to help others wrestled by police. arms twisted handcuffs left and right over one hundred eighty
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people arrested in one day when there's no place for people to come outside and to meet each other and talk about issues when that is so dangerous that you get such severe violence and police repression then we don't really have a democracy for a year now occupy has fought for eradicating wealth inequality and social and economic injustice in the us give people jobs give people an education get people help you you have to help the mess. no accountability for wall street bankers years after an economic collapse. that. still has people outraged expecting it may be naive but demanding it is and it starts with making a statement and that's what the people here are doing skeptics had hoped that occupy camps which once flourished over the u.s. but now have cleared out would put an end to the movement after months of camping
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out here in the financial district the party park during what seemed to be the peak of occupy hundreds of protesters are back here on the first anniversary of the movement to show that it's very much alive. the lack of encampments protesters say has not. in an obstacle we've really been able to focus on the issues that are important to us and that brought us out here in the first place of economic disparity and political system that no wrong longer represents people who don't have the money to compete and one of occupies key achievements so far triggering a national dialogue about what matters to the majority of americans the occupy movement has kept a dialogue around fairness and equality and access to the good things that we all want it should be available to everyone and that dialogue is now in the public the occupiers intend to do their best to keep this dialogue alive like the civil rights movement it would say that you know still has
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a long way to go. and it's been you know since before i was born i think occupy will have a similar history i think there's so much that has to be done that change is not going to be handed to us with a bow on it with no miracles just around the corner patience and perseverance they say are what will bring tangible change to the u.s. and the party. is out more about the occupy movement and where it stands on its one year anniversary artist molly crab apple who was arrested at yesterday's protest joins us now molly welcome so tell us what led up to your arrests so i've been involved with occupy wall street for about a year i live across the street from zuccotti park and i've been doing protest posters and going to marches however i'm the biggest was in the world and always stay on the sidewalk and never engage in the acts of civil disobedience that so many other people do this time i was just walking on the sidewalk when an officer
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grabbed me by the arm pulled me into the center of the street and arrested me so you are saying you were just minding your own business and a police officer arrested you apparently for no reason. exactly so we were walking across pine street and the cops had blocked off the road and were directing people to the other side of the street i saw police officers in front of me grabbing the arms of women and at first i thought that they were just trying to you know sort of control the flow of traffic of people but then i realized that what they were doing was pulling us into the center of the street and arresting us and what were you charged with. we were charged with obstructing traffic. ok so this this happened to you yesterday kind of setting back and looking at the bigger picture and the way the the protests played out how would you describe them
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occupy it was something i think a lot of people didn't believe could happen in america. like many other people was incredibly inspired by the london student protests by the people in tahrir square but at first i was skeptical i thought americans were too apathetic for that occupy proved that they weren't over the last year we've seen incredible acts of bravery and solidarity on the part of occupy and also in extreme extreme police repression you have to remember that every time they arrest people we're being locked in cells from ten to forty two hours you know in cold overcrowded cells and just the rest itself is a punitive measure and would you say you know it sounds like in your situation that you didn't do anything to provoke it that you were just arrested for no reason did you see occupy protesters being violent or provoking police are giving them a reason i mean dozens and dozens of people were arrested i guess i'm trying to
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figure out why. i didn't see any acts of violence sometimes occupy protests you see people sitting in the center of streets as an act of civil disobedience but this in no way could be construed as being violent it's people very often you know elderly people sitting down interesting molly so here we are at the one year anniversary of what would you say is occupy wall street say its signature achievement i think that the for occupy wall street the way that the political campaigns were run was almost about i don't know the personality quirks of the candidates would occupy did was it brought economic equality and inequality to the forefront of the national dialogue and made people actually talk about what was happening economically in america and how what was going on here wasn't really even capitalism it was this bizarre form of feudalism where the government of the corporation were kind of melded together and you're saying that that is now part of the dialogue do you now
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see it as becoming playing an important role in the upcoming presidential election i do i think a lot of the pushback to mitt romney comes from people who maybe wouldn't consider themselves sympathetic with occupy but were influenced by that sort of change in tone. interesting molly and going back you were arrested over one hundred eighty people reportedly were arrested ultimately what do you think that says about the state of our police force today and respect each. i think the freedom of assembly right now is kind of a joke when you live in a country where you see elderly people kids just people minding their own business plucked off of the sidewalk and arrested that's not a country with freedom of assembly i think that with occupy a lot of people like me who are you know relatively privileged middle class white people are learning what people of color and poor people and other marginalized
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groups have learned for a long time the police force is not your friend they're quite against you and they're not there to protect your freedoms all right molly really appreciate you coming on the show stay safe out there while you're protesting that was artist molly crab apple thank you well the capital account is up next on our lauren lyster will give you some interesting insights on the happenings of today's what's going on in the financial world but that is going to do it now for the news let's check in now with lauren to see what is on today's agenda hi there lauren what do you have in the works now hi liz by now everyone has seen that video or heard about it of mitt romney talking about the forty seven percent of voters that he doesn't care about because they to paraphrase mooch off of the government in some way or feel entitled this is what our guest is calling foot in mouth disease we're going to talk about the foot in mouth indicator and the bearish signals we're seeing with it
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right now with mitt romney but more importantly is there a bullish case for any of the presidential contenders that's what we're going to get to when it comes to the economy also when we're talking about the economy where exactly is it right now while some people are talking about what chances there will be of the u.s. slipping into recession with unknown such as the fiscal cliff coming up and months ahead our guest says we are in a recession now and perhaps this is why the federal reserve panicked was q e infinity to lay out the case least at. that's just ahead with mike shad locked out mish as he's better known author of the popular economic blog mischa's global economic analysis all right a lot to look forward there thanks for that update lauren that's coming up next on the capital account with laura lister but that's going to do it for the news for more on the stories we covered head on over to argue to channel you tube dot com slash r t america can also head on over to our web site that is our dot com slash
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usa and you can follow me on twitter as well will be right back here at five pm see that. wealthy british soil. the time to. go to. market why not. why not what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. guys a report on our.
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news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations rule the day. for. the. disobey. the law. cutler. play me i've submitted.


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