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tv   [untitled]    September 19, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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afghanistan and pakistan are among the latest epicenters of anger against the u.s. while extremists try to capitalize on muslim purity by calling for more attacks on american diplomats. as washington blames one man in his movie for the hatred directed against the whole country experts say turning a blind eye to the underlying causes of the violence will only make things worse. also the u.k. prison system comes under fire as a record number of inmates died last year amid criticism that many deaths could have been prevented. and the revenge of the rich france's wealthy
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a citizen threatened to throw the economy into a tailspin over the seventy five percent tax plans on the highest earners aimed at plugging a massive budget gap. it is eight am in the russian capital you're watching r t i'm marina joshua into the program a u.s. made film ridiculing islam continues to cause turbulence across the globe with protests turning violent in pakistan india and thailand dozens have been killed in a week long on breast including twelve people who died in the suicide bomb attack targeting foreigners in afghanistan and that's as al qaida is calling for more attacks on u.s. diplomats. turmoil
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in the muslim world over the controversial and tight as long the film continues to spread with the deadly attack before that and afghanistan a suicide bomber had reportedly targeted a minibus caring for an aviation gave us at least twelve people have been killed an insurgent group in afghanistan claimed responsibility for that attack his be islami this is the second largest armed group there after the taliban and the spokesman said that this was in retaliation to the film that has been perceived as being very offensive to the muslim world and in neighboring pakistan neighboring to again a stand in pakistan fascist to the at least two people killed in the in the maya linsanity in the clashes between demonstrators and police now in lebannon on the largest protest so far move of the movie in the large lead hezbollah controlled up to shiite territory tens of thousands of people took to the streets no pile unsupported there but it doesn't look like these kinds of protests will continue to spread throughout lebanon on what strikes us scheduled to in the southern city on
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the wednesday as well as on friday saturday and sunday now we also know that the clashes that the team used in indonesia and other places across the muslim world and it remains to be seen how long they will continue before calming down you see come from the reporting in beirut r t. across the atlantic there is one big question occupying hearts and minds why is there so much hatred of the u.s. while the white house believes the movie was the only reason behind the violence the problems revealed by the anti-american rallies remain on the result or design it should count reports. the white house keeps saying it was just the anti islamic video that calls the muslims wrath across the world this is not a case of. protest or wrecked it if united states writ large or a u.s. policy this is in response to a video that is offensive but that's a claim no one is buying but if you think it's stupid film that nobody's seen
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causes people to assassinate ambassador to storm the embassy the administration wants us to believe it's not the administration's policies that have generated this behavior it's this one idiotic piece of so-called film which is what out there for two months and the question the us media keep asking why do so many millions of dollars almost hate the usa but the answers they're getting are the answers very few in the u.s. want to hear if you're to point to one thing that makes some muslims hate the usa it would be. hypocrisy over democracy. while america the government now preaches democracy it has propped up authoritarian leaders but that's not the only accusation of hypocrisy that washington is facing there's also u.s. policy makers failure to condemn the violence when it suits their goals like the numerous terrorist attacks in syria washington seems to approve of them as long as
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they are targeting supporters of the saudi government or another act of violence a rebel mob executing colonel gadhafi the u.s. secretary of state cheered at the news as we came we saw he died. washington's failure to condemn all violence equally has prompted. radicals to take an even more aggressive course if most americans understood what was being done in our name in the stabilizing the middle east and north africa it would be absolutely horrified what other result to me expect these people to have noble their economies are destroyed they see what they're calling quarter foreign invaders of course this kind of thing is going to happen when the tragedy in libya happened the international community wholeheartedly condemned the attacks on american diplomats but the us for its part has been quite selective in condemning violence it could be that the white house thought by supporting revolutions by fostering regime change they were winning hearts and minds in the muslim world but that doesn't appear to
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be the case for now the obama administration constantly refers to the film as the sole reason behind what's happening a reasoning which basically allows them to avoid addressing the deeper issues in washington i'm going to check on. british m.p. george galloway says the west is now bearing the fruit of its own decision making about muslim countries their only ever was international terrorists inside afghanistan because britain and america sent them there in the 1980's to fight the red army on the principle that my enemy's enemy is my friend this is an absolutely futile exercise it was wrong from the start i said so at the time it's clear that the insurgency the resistance in afghanistan is winning the war it's everywhere it's setting up courts it's collecting taxes we have a right to be concerned about the world to go back to afghanistan but of course the law in afghanistan anymore there in syria britain and america have sent the next
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the very people who most of the american ambassador in benghazi well the people that we sent into libya unborn libya so that they could come to power there so that they could arm us there are forces there and everybody knows the americans now acknowledge that the al qaeda is inside syria in very significant numbers. and we had a full coverage of the global rallies on our website where we've got a timeline of the events plus and also find out about how you too could be in for a total ban in russia along with other countries where the website is already inaccessible and all that and much more had our teeth dot com.
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the french president's plans to impose a seventy five percent tax rate on the rich are forcing the country's highest earners out of the country as francois alond is struggling to fill a massive gap in the budget the tax strategy threatens to backfire with france losing an entrepreneurial class best able to revive its economy our success our cillian our reports. when the world's fourth richest men a frenchman bernard i know asked for belgian citizenship some of his compatriots took offense with one left wing french newspaper publishing this image with this headline the mayor of this area the brussels capital region has confirmed that it has indeed establish residence here but the french tycoon denies his move had anything to do with french president francois laws to impose a seventy five percent income tax on those earning above one million but many
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suspect otherwise and the rich have become the subject of much discussion. they are quite responsible for this crisis they should pay more than the rest since they have more. because it is the people who. are the crisis. it depends on the rich bankers who contributed to the crisis should be. along to set to soak the rich even more as he struggles to raise the money to fill a thirty billion euro hole in the country's finances to tactical use to our own doings appear should make china against president sarkozy the west who says that's because he was the president to reach the friends of yours income tax rates going up but on top of that. and then on top of that you have a state tax. and on top. of the seventy four percent tax that's where really thinking about moving outside friends started but the move did go down
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well with everyone including some french taxpayers who fear having to foot the bill if the tax the rich strategy fails their fears are well founded as businesspeople consider losing three quarters of their income across there simply unable to bear like thirty year old entrepreneurship need to fetch he hasn't made the jump just yet but he says he may find himself with no choice is clearly the quote. that that's that's that's found. that's found a haven in france. which which basically promotes stigmatize ation of success wealth and so on and france is definitely worth its taxes to a certain extent but it's the don't work in my head any more. create more value for others than that i do for myself with the implementation of those
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seventy five percent and so on clearly i will relocate as an individual and become a tax it is an a for another country like belgium for example but belgians of already taken to the streets to protest against what they call a lack of morality of the rich who come to their country to avoid a certain taxes in francis case this super tax may affect as little as three thousand people out of sixty six million and if that elite minority continues heading for the door the deficit hole will only grow and along may be forced to embrace the one policy he rejected throughout his election campaign stared. at us are still here r t brussels you don't have for this hour here on our team china's anger grows over japan's purchase of disputed islands as over a thousand chinese ships including several patrol vessels set sail towards the territory in question. and cyber of revelations the world's leading anti-virus
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developers stumble on an arsenal of super viruses eerily similar to the stocks that . you know sometimes you see a story and it seems. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you. are welcome is a big issue. there are many ways to go. back.
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if you're. going to take three. more to read. read. read. read.
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the world free board video for your media project free media r.t. . you're watching martino a record number of inmates died in the u.k. jails last year according to the country's prison watchdog officials say a matter of the deaths were due to natural causes but critics fear a lack of basic medical care is to blame artist exploits. the highest number of deaths ever recorded in u.k. prisons what stands behind this grim statistic last year alone seventy one prisoners committed suicide mostly by hanging themselves shockingly that includes the deaths of three miners while in custody all the deaths among prisoners have been attributed to natural causes as well as an aging prisoner population but critics say many of these so-called natural deaths are entirely preventable just
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this month the u.k. prison service came under fire for allegedly refusing medical treatment to dying over hold a prisoner with a red degenerative condition from wormwood scrubs the prison behind me the thirty two year old man's complex medical needs one minute even though the governor of the prison had given assurances that he would be taken care of he ended up on a life support machine and hospital his family are now campaigning to keep him out of prison in order to safeguard his health prison reform groups here in the u.k. say that the government is focusing on saving money rather than lives also it's emerged this summer to have three u.k. prisons. so far from severe overcrowding detainees are held in cramped accommodation in cells that are meant for much fewer occupants and then adding to the criticism but the country's top prisons inspector a man who's no doubt seen many a harrowing image he said he was kept awake at night by scenes that he had seen in
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one women's jail in london where there were up to seven incidents of self harm in one day he said the government should be quote a cost under shamed at the shockingly high levels of self mutilation within women's prisons in the u.k. . civilian deaths from drone strikes continue in the middle east but the u.k.'s involvement has gone largely unnoticed later this hour r.t. speaks with human rights activist carole grayson she's working to hold both washington and london to account for they are devastating actions and here's a preview. and then surely the drone operators from britain were going over and operating out of the us recently they were relocated to a lincolnshire base the program again is secretive this questions being asked of our government at the moment but we don't know where you know where the drone strikes are going we don't know necessarily who's been killed and it's also some
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people think it's a positive to have the drone industry in terms of go create jobs but it creates an for jobs creating jobs for assume and destroying the lives of others. the world's leading computer security developers have identified three more cyber viruses modeled on the us warm stock which infected iranian nuclear facilities back in two thousand and ten experts say the programs were directly designed to be used for cyber war or espionage with its origins possibly lying in the united states or does it work just going off as more. but i must say this looks very much like a classics store you've got i'm all for infiltration of state borders of classified information and more but we're not talking about people what about computer programs like the one which attacked the iranian nuclear program in two thousand and ten and now antivirus developers from russia and the united states have been
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investigating servers which connect to computers infected by this spyware program very similar to the one which attacked iran back in two thousand and ten and they reveal traces of totally new and still clearly unknown programs which are the same time very active especially the one called me and s.p.d. and they say what's very interesting about it is that unlike traditional y. where which infects the thousands or even tens of thousands of computers a vis particular program has in fact only a few dozen all in the middle east in countries like iran saudi arabia and palestine and they say that it's very aware that these computers have the most interesting information on them and this software is none other than cyber weapons if you will these viruses are used not to pilfer money as cyber criminals usually do but rather to bill for information pursue some national interests and what
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basically difficult for the specialists to identify these programs is first of all they're very sophisticated and second of all the control servers that we move around and the geography is really impressive i must say since it's europe the middle east and asia they do see they have an idea of which western state on the other side of the atlantic could be behind it but they say until they are one hundred percent sure they won't disclose the name of the country. reporting now the latest developments are also covered on our juice news program which is back on air and only available at our web site much more. used. to.
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give a special welcome to all the ladies and agents from the n.s.a. so you and i might fight. the street. as we speak. if you. a fleet of chinese fishing boats and several patrol ships are reportedly preparing to swarm waters near the disputed islands that japan now considers itself as follows a wave of anger in china triggered by the sale of the territory to japan by a private owner the move caused public outrage with protest at japanese own businesses across the country some of them turning violent it's already caused huge financial damage while they are ready to leave professor joseph chang from hong kong city university thinks china was forced to respond with
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a backlash. it is basically the show you off the boat he would like to demonstrate on this of the. days considerable and go out to chinese people what the see as a kind of. a kind of. wonder what the japanese government could freeze the. chinese government and it's time these people. they have to phone in to respond. so to me in the sense of kind of rising nationalism in both countries. that more of the world's main news hour at least twenty six people have been killed and dozens injured in an explosion and blaze at
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a gas plant in northern mexico the adjacent pipeline has been damaged forcing the operating company to hold distribution in the area the cause of the blast is yet to be established but the illegal tapping of pipelines has been the cause of many similar incidents. of wildcat strike by south african miners that claimed the lives of forty five people as and after workers accepted a twenty two percent pay rise and walk out turned deadly a month ago when police shot and killed. thirty four people on strike dozens of minors were arrested over the deaths but charges were dropped after an international outcry the country's economy lost at least three hundred million dollars due to the hope back in production. british foreign secretary william hague has admitted that talks with ecuador over the fate of julian assange and his asylum bed have reached a stalemate this follows a recent d.n.a. test which showed doubt on the rape accusations made against that we can make senator sanders now sheltering in the ever door an embassy in london
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a few years that if he went to sweden he would face on word extradition to the u.s. . ari we're turning a page now switching to the world of business and over to katie has got all the latest for us good morning to you so what's on the agenda for investors this wednesday hey merino well really in the last twenty minutes or so the meeting minutes of the japan bank of japan have come out and they have decided to increase spending by ten trillion yen that's equivalent to one hundred twenty six point seven billion dollars that also is going to keep the interest rate range between nor boyd a one percent as well know what they're all basically means is it's stimulus and it's hot on the hills of what the federal reserve did last week and that is all with the same intention to boost the global economy also remember the european central bank as well they also made moves to boost the domestic economy so with
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that in mind is probably no surprise that right now will listen at a rally in the asian markets before that they were looking slightly. to the patient but right now we've got to tell you they are indeed. the nikkei that. average two and a host said as well as that we've also got stocks as well. nine ten. of of stand up but some losses though for energy stocks there are way down the asian market still so as is the last twenty minutes or so the meeting minutes of come out and it's resulted in as you can see on your scrape will look in at a rally right now to check out the wall street clothes will be able to see that little chair used on cheese day that was with investors ready pausing all of to pushing stock sharply higher it was built to last week's commitment by the federal was out as i was saying to implement measures to really sure up the u.s.
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a call to raise as it makes me well is have a look at the year is the one that is doing just because it's reasonably throughout now i hate to say this is indeed back in the spotlight and that's despite a decent action by the revealed almost ten year government bond is now hovering around six percent that means that boring costs are indeed still high remains a concern but we're expecting that to be a tough week on the agenda today because the russian ruble as well she's a session she finished. her is that brings them to the equities and it will be over see what the close was now today to say session did indeed finish in the red now in the markets. by less than two hours time the russian market so will be able to see that it was losses for the l.c.s. around two and two tests moves that out of the mine is that it's rather said in negative territory there's the oil prices and we'll be able to see what's happening
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there because it's such a huge impact here in russia as you can see they are indeed getting now site concern is that the who lie is now on the rise now that's according to the american petroleum institute this saying this is now two point four million more barrels in the wall but the official figures will come out tomorrow from the energy department they'll release that invent three fourths of certainly us. that crisis now the rumble between russia's gas problem on the european commission continue and a g commissioner says he hopes for a quick halmos resolution the audience dimitri medvedev he told to constantine samael from russia's national energy security fund and he was saying that there is no winners in a conflict where both partners are vital to one another. now pro must find an answer there is only one answer to european commission to change our energy
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policy and science serious conflicts with china and other asian consumers is a ready to do that i don't think it is china is ready to do it the question of course is price that is why i said that there will be fools us of course it's a problem for russia it will be impossible to fly and the same comfortable consumer is you chinese not going to pay the same amount of money as you can when it comes to china i think china right now is standing on a very comfortable position where it's signed a memorandum of understanding with russia well it's actually doing business with other nations in central asia so russia is not a big priority for china their main question is what will be the consumption of gas in china for example eighty years later because now they're a little forecast but the main question are they real or not because we see that and sanction obviously chen is drawing very very fast it's that's a different story than you would have so that is why the gas from central asia from belize you from australia is good good ideas but it will be not enough that is
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where change is right away our guess the question is amount and price of course can gas from afford to provide discounts for you. already do it for example this yeah i've got strong will return for being able do this to european consumers a lot of european companies. they do discounts several times for example with their own company any good times good spot. give give a discount to this company so that is what we see that. gets promo is already flexible in this questions but for european companies on the left as well that more more more more sort of the question of greed. i used a grazing gas marina some things never change i'll be back about fifty five minutes or a heavy thanks very much indeed and looking forward to more business news next hour right now though i'll bring you have lines very shortly.
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