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tv   [untitled]    September 19, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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patience. with the palestinian. islamic film provoking the very heavy hand of israeli security. and a fuel to the fire a french newspaper publishers caricature prophet mohammed the government's plans to shut down embassies in over twenty countries. the u.s. agency for international development saying it was channeling money to influence russia's internal politics. plus the super rich. as the government considers taking seventy five percent of. the national budget.
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thanks for joining us here on our to today. life in moscow a hail of bullets rocks and tear gas have left at least twenty palestinians injured in jerusalem what began as a peaceful rally over the u.s. made film ridiculing islam quickly spiraled into a street skirmishes between protesters and israeli troops now today more than fifty people have died so far in the global on rest over the video as protests continue to range worldwide.
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and i with more coverage of the protests. demonstrations all around the world is our correspondent paula. hundreds of palestinian protesters have clashed with israeli police at a border crossing in east jerusalem at least twenty people were injured when the protesters threw stones and firebombs at the security forces who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets now this follows nearly a week of protests here in the west bank and gaza over this form entitled innocence of muslims we've seen protests and demonstrations in the west bank city of ramallah as well as in gaza where both the israeli and the american flags have been burned with people chanting death to israel and death to the united states the palestinian authority is calling for the united states to apologize over this form and we're hearing the same kind of course come from the harassed prime minister ismail haniya he says that the film must be removed and that washington needs to apologize to the arab and islamic world for the offense that it caused demonstrations continue for
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the third consecutive day in the pakistani city of the karate here hundreds of protesters continue to march they are holding up banners they continue to apply the same slogans warning before we american ambassador to pakistan and other countries in the region to be expelled immediately we're also seeing hundreds of protesters taking to the streets and i kissed on the city of peshawar here the police fired tear gas rubber bullets and also used battens to disperse the crowd as they came close to the american embassy we're keeping an eye on lebanon where we've seen the greatest number of protesters take to the streets so far in this week long show of protests and demonstrations yesterday monday at least one hundred thousand protesters turned out in the southern suburbs of beirut off the call went out by the hizbollah leader hassan nasrallah for people to show their rage over this form that mocks the prophet mohammed and we're also keeping tabs today on the europe
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where a french newspaper has reportedly published caricatures of the prophet mohammed and if this indeed is true it will. need. and you appear in cities as well as across the arab world north africa middle eastern australia and likely just to see the anger continue to grow. and i would tempers boiling across the muslim world afghanistan is becoming a hotter issue with fears the insurgency could feed on the widespread anger of british m.p. george galloway who's just tabled a motion in parliament demanding u.k. troops be home by christmas sends a victory in afghanistan is now impossible for the alliance the reality is the afghanistan cannot be successfully occupied the people of afghanistan will have to find a way of organizing their own society without foreign interference and occupation we have a right to be concerned if afghanistan is harming us we have a right to be concerned for example with those extremist terrorism going on inside
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afghanistan but the way that afghanistan is governed is a matter for the afghans and moreover may i say that only ever was international terrorists inside afghanistan because britain and america. in the 1980's to fight the red army on the principle that my enemy's enemy is my friend this is an absolutely futile exercise it was wrong from the start i said so at the time it's clear that the insurgency the resistance in afghanistan is winning the war it's everywhere it's setting up courts it's collecting taxes no i'm against international terrorism islamist terrorism or any other we have a right to be concerned about. to go back to afghanistan but of course the law in afghanistan anymore there in syria britain and america have said next. by watching our live from moscow we can now across over to live pictures for you
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right here from lebanon and continued protest over this. film that was created in the united states moments ago a run of the spiritual leader of hezbollah he was seen addressing the crowds there he was also seen just about twenty four forty eight hours ago doing exactly the same thing. basically making his first public appearance in about six years certainly though the the information does continue to run worldwide here we have to live pictures of protests in lebanon but we know that now eight days worth of protests have continued all around the world from western europe to eastern europe as far as indonesia also that she was sydney australia as well where protesters they were met with a heavy handed response from police in sydney again these are live pictures right here continued protests from lebanon and we'll continue to cover the story as it happens live here on. for you. well a newspaper in france is not putting more fuel on the fire of muslim outrage by
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publishing a satirical cartoon of the prophet mohammed the country has already decided to close embassies and schools abroad fearing a larger backlash to the country's prime minister has defended the publication as an expression of freedom of speech although just a day earlier a french court banned another paper from posting provocative photos of british royals. a professor of political science at the paris west university non-parallel phones says freedom of speech can be dangerous when exploited to inflame hatred. when you have the freedom of expression as it's there you in the west this is something which should be defended but it within a specific context publishing caricature was a remove it can be a very bad move. of the expression given one way for people deliberately want to time it communicates to attack them and it has negative and negative impact as
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a value it's not down when it's star you know within the trainmen of a given society some people are hiding behind the valuable earth freedom of speech in order to create conflict between communities. and unfortunately these people come either for the extreme rates in europe or from some very very very minority groups within the muslim community now of videos or pictures and the full spectrum of the opinion on the global islamic protests all that dot com where you can also find out more about the aggressive steps that hillary clinton has promised to protect u.s. embassies abroad all of that and much more on our website.
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and watching r.t. life in the russian capital a scandal is flaring up between moscow and washington after russia's decision to end the work of the u.s. agency for international development in the country moscow says the decision was prompted by u.s. aid attempts to influence the political process inside russia. has the story. the minister of foreign affairs has ordered that the usaid stop its operations in russia beginning of october first now what is your state essentially is today and agency which is being funded of course by the u.s. state department and is basically responsible for promoting u.s. interests abroad it's actually it actually answers directly to the u.s. secretary of state now in a rush over the past twenty years usaid has spent two point six billion dollars on
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operations just a million just this year alone one of the organizations which usaid is known to have been funding is going to zation cold colas or a voice in russian and among the multitude of things that the organization the ngo is doing it's also been acting as an observer during the elections and has gotten it up in hot water with the various state duma deputies who are questioning its motives and its operations now both usaid and the ngo called goal list will be affected by a law which has come into effect in russia this so-called foreign agents was basically states that a new organization which is actively participating in the political life in russia should be subject to thorough investigation when it is being sponsored to a with of money from abroad now a law like this exists in a lot of other countries in europe for example or in the united states now of course this means that to bolus will have to probably sees its operations in the
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country as it already has stated officially due to the fact that it will not be able to operate it is reported that as well as gets around three million dollars from usaid annually of course minister of foreign affairs has also said that they're ready yet and prepared to cooperate with us say this long human history and aspects or rather in humanitarian projects to in the third countries so long as usaid respects this mentioned russian was. and it does not interfere with russia's internal political affairs. of course one arena right that install for you this hour here on aussie including the deadlock over julian. between britain. over the whistleblowers asylum. critical sexual assault. in france are thinking of making a run for it should
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a new seventy five percent income tax limit be agreed upon for the super rich the idea that a warm public response but the most successful entrepreneur has made desert the country just when the slowing economy needs them the most. reports. when the world's fourth richest men a frenchman know asked for belgian citizenship some of his compatriots took offense with one left wing french newspaper publishing this image with this headline the mayor of this area. confirmed has indeed establish residence here but the french tycoon denies his move had anything to do with french president francois want to impose a seventy five percent income tax on those earning above one million but many suspect otherwise and the rich have become the subject of much discussion. they are quite responsible for this crisis they should pay more than the rest since they have more me. because it is the people who are responsible for the crisis.
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so. it depends on the rich bankers who contributed to the crisis should pay as well . along to set to soak the rich even more as he struggles to raise the money to fill a thirty billion euro hole in the country's finances the tactic of. action against president sarkozy was to says that's because he was the president of the rich friends of income tax rates going up but on top of that. and then the top tax. and. the seventy four percent tax that's where real thinking about moving outside friends started but the move did go down well with everyone including some french taxpayers who fear having to foot the bill if the tax the rich strategy fails well their fears are well founded as businesspeople
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consider losing three quarters of their income across they're simply unable to bear like thirty year old entrepreneurship. he hasn't made the jump just yet but he says he may find himself with no choice is clearly that the course. it that that that's found. that's found a haven in france. which was basically promotes stigmatise a sheen of success wealth and bishan and so on and france is definitely worth its taxes to a certain extent but if the don't work in my head anymore if i'm starting to create more value than for others then that i do for myself with the implementation of those seventy five percent and so on clearly i will relocate as an individual and become a tax it is an a for another country like belgium for example but belgians of already
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taken to the streets to protest against what they call a lack of morality of the rich who come to their country to avoid a certain taxes in france's case this super tax may affect as little as three thousand people out of sixty six million and if that elite minority continues heading for the door the deficit hole will only grow and a lot it may be forced to embrace the one policy he rejected throughout his election campaign a stereotype. tests are still here r t brussels. and austerity may become the only option for the french president with his cabinet set to approve an e.u. pact which enforces financial discipline the agreement dates back to nicolas sarkozy and threatens countries failing to slash the deficit with legal action and fines political and economic analyst alex korbel says the democratic nature of the pact undermines it. with the. e.u. fiscal pact and with the police here of the e.c.b.
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the typical defer to cannot give is opinion in the ballot box because you know there is no election there is no we don't ask for their opinion what is going to happen the you know the police here of the e.c.b. is are we are going to fire the big bazooka and print more money in order to buy more time for bankrupt countries to deliver some structural reforms guess what they are never going to deliver the structural reforms precisely because they will have more time and therefore to sacrifice democracy in order to save the euro is just going to sacrifice the euro and democracy in the end what you watching r.t. thanks for joining us this hour still ahead for in the program tokyo goes all in. and used to rock the boat in a territorial dispute with china billions of dollars from a tin can i mean on the line. now another tough break for julian a stange after reports that britain and ecuador have had an impasse in his talks
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over his bid for asylum consoling the whistleblower and might well be the results of a recent d.n.a. test which appear to undermine a critical piece of evidence against him in sweden artie's sara for three points. it's been three months now since the rife at the ecuadorian embassy in london will since then granted the wiki leaks founder asylum the person have refused to grant him safe passage saying that the arrest him the reach of his bail conditions if he steps out by those rules will then be nineteen he's remained behind those and after the reach of the british police but the stalemate situation continues with the food the one year old arrives at the end to do it and seeking asylum after he did all his legal appeals. in britain now he's fighting his extradition to sweden where he faces questioning the sexual the so allegations now that case
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including to question me late when evidence was presented to the prosecution and we didn't we found to be increasing a rich fund of that had been handed a the by want to feel innocent is a key to the found by number of forensic scientists not to have any d.n.a. evidence linking it to julian assange so there was no conclusive evidence that the man himself had ever worn the congo so the case continues then really innocent and his legal fees have maintained since the very beginning that this is part of the why they can't pay again and again wiki leaks in his work with wiki leaks the whistleblowing work by the food having really a huge amount of secret u.s. diplomatic and military documents well here in verses and foreign secretary william hague said with that would go over the fate of julian songs remained locked in safe
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. and the wiki leaks speech still seems extremely. artsy. and you can follow julian assange his plight in detail on our website at artsy dot com here's what else we have are waiting for you there at this hour on the recent anniversary of the nine eleven attacks u.s. lawmakers speeches were all about unity and remembrance go online to find out how well congress is really remembering both lead the rescue effort. on the side of a battle rages on web security researchers say the world is under attack from a brand new set of computer super viruses in the wake of a worm that hit iran in two thousand.
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so just one in twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow let's turn our attention to the conflict in syria now the u.k.'s foreign secretary william hague said it's quite possible that london will send arms to rebel militias a matter of walk off a member of a syrian social club things it's the civilian population that will pay for the price with their blood all of this for western nations pursuit of profit every single state has saw in the syrian conflict a sort of opportunity to go in and try to influence the outcome so that it would be to their fair advantage and and we all know that that certain countries in the u.n. have certain economical problems and they would want probably a more favorable government in damascus and seal off the middle east as an economic creation in probably what they see as a lot of rivalry that is heating up with the brics countries for example but actually all this has led only to the destruction bloodshed and so on and so forth
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have president i said been less popular he would have been ousted long time ago. by watching r t live from moscow let's go back to our main story now the protests ongoing against the u.s. made a film that mocks islam as these right here live pictures from the city of tire in lebanon just a short while ago we were showing of the spiritual leader of hezbollah is that a person that nothing he's basically been in hiding for the past six years he's coming out though to show and stress the importance of the offensiveness obvious anti islam films created in the united states he's called for over a week of protests he says the film itself is aimed to cool strife between muslims and christians here who did many many protests so far for their focus on the u.s. and israel which he says they stand to gain from the muslim christian conflict there about three thousand protesters who have been burning flags in the philippines in pakistan as well as in indonesia the protests are not regional they
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are world wide live pictures here from live and. now dozens of anti japan protesters in china have surrounded an attack the car of the u.s. ambassador to the country during a demonstration near the japanese embassy that diplomat was left on the harm done an investigation has been launched into the incident on monday u.s. defense secretary leon panetta agreed on a missile defense plan with japan as the country agreed to host a second radar system to deal comes in the wake of violent anti japan protests in china after tokyo bought display disputed islands that beijing considers its own shuji yell the professor of economics at the university of nottingham says the u.s. military simply fanning the flames. ideologies differences between china and the united states mean it's chinese to believe all the american he's doing he's trying to make trouble for china in concert with. the christian.
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leader in time he's mine. for you but he. i was in the u.s. in this particular moment to talk about the system is a is a long term place and this is where you get very angry made me it really talk about it here in another time when china in the east not in a very intensive situation. in london in another term maybe the situation is not getting intense or into the r.t. world up there we go right now some other international news for you in that our bridges swept the georgian capital tbilisi with thousands of people taking to the streets after local t.v. channels broadcast footage of inmates allegedly being tortured and raped in prison at least ten prison guards are suspected of the crimes have already been arrested on the first day of an investigation of the incident comes after the country implemented a highly praised police reform in the getting rid of prison violence guard
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brutality and corruption. south african miners have officially ended their five week strike after the government decided to meet their demands the miners celebrated the average twenty percent wage increase and are expected to return to work on thursday an estimated losses from the strike are put out about half a billion dollars it was more than a month ago the police shot dead thirty four striking miners during clashes other longman platinum mine. with his finger on the pulse of the markets artie's down your bushel good to see you again anything to report your world markets are looking up for the first time in a long time it also looks like russia's a major roles in after closing in on teeing k b p the state firms reportedly in talks to borrow fifteen billion dollars to buy the british venture from b.p. president vladimir putin held a surprise meeting with b.p. executives late tuesday in sochi it was focused on expanding b.p.'s presence in
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russia with the british eager to keep a presence in this country let's check markets because europe's edging up of the japan announced an unexpected boost to its acid purchase program on the cards is the euro's losing to the dollar again the russian ruble is weakening to both currencies for a third day but growth growth of the week over in new york off the unexpectedly good us home sales has the figures in the opening few twenty twenty five minutes we are in now and the main loser on the my six this sell is russia's top climate gas producer and nova take it out on growing fears the government here will hike taxes on the industry and the u. energy commission is going to sing and says he hopes for a quick resolution of a continuing gas price round with russia but energy expert constantine siminoff says for that to happen europe should lower its demands. now i guess pro must find the answer there is only one answer to european commission to change our energy policy and signed serious contacts with china and other asian consumers is
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a ready to do that i don't think it is cheney is ready to do it the question of course is price that is why i said that there will be fools us of course it's a problem for russia it will be impossible to fly and. seem comfortable consumers you chinese not going to pay the same amount of money as you can when it comes to china i think china right now is standing on a very comfortable position where it's signed a memorandum of understanding with russia while it's actually doing business with other nations in central asia so russia is not a big priority for china their main question is what will be the consumption of gas in china for example eighty years later because now there are a little forecast but the main question are they real or not because we see there and samson obviously chen he's drawing very very fast it's actually two different story than you are so that is why i guess from central asia elegy from australia is good good ideas but it will be not enough that is what changes rate the way our
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guess the main question is and wound and price of course can gas from afford to provide discounts for your. gasper already do it for example this yeah gus braun will return for being a little less european consumers a lot of european companies. they do discounts several times for example if they don't count on any good times good give give a discount to this company so that is why we see that. promo is already flexible indiscretions for european companies i don't know laugh it's not that more more more more sort of the question of greed. and supermarket magnate set its sights on catching britain's tesco or just sells its first form did over a year to fund continuing rapid expansion russian return to recently over france's call for as europe's number two growth emerging markets still growing at rates the west can only dream of eurozone retail sales have now slipped for eleven straight
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months and that's the latest we'll have more for you in just under an hour's time already daniel thank you but back with headlines here on c.n.n. we'll be discussing certain issues with carol grace in a woman poised against the drone attacks in afghanistan and pakistan. like millions of americans i've lost thousands of dollars in retirement funds and i
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haven't had as bad as many it's not just about the them it's about me to. me man brown got to share. some. myths a. g.'s o. dumpling. needed. and now she. says this is my film i get the last word this financial crisis will not be turned off like a light sweet. wealthy british style. is no time to write.


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