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tv   [untitled]    September 19, 2012 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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welcome back to the big picture i'm tom hartman coming up in this half hour earlier today green party members in the u.s. and europe came together to discuss global issues like the economic crisis and global climate change what came out of that discussion and the green party policies be just what we need to help get america back on track also new information suggests the arctic ice shelf could be completely melted in the summer of twenty fifteen are we just a few years away from an arrest of a global disaster or is there still time to take action and save our planet and
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americans approval rating of the supreme court is approaching an all time low and a big part of that has to do with justice antonin scalia is the time we impeached the ethically challenged and politically motivated associate justice and restored faith in the highest court in the land. in the us the rest of the news earlier today the united states green party and the european green parliamentarians hosted the first ever global green party video conference the purpose of the event was to discuss those issues that affect both americans and europeans like the global economic crisis immigrant rights and climate change one campaign here in the united states is taking these issues very seriously is dr jill stein the green party's nominee for president of the united states here is the. latest national t.v.
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ad coming from a stein campaign. a green party president means an end to unemployment to foreclosures to student debt to climate change and an end to corporate rule we're not talking spare change we need a revolution. that's what we deserve what we don't deserve is pandering irresponsible as well as campaigning i can't believe i just said that but that's. probably true. but you. know we're done with. those i'm voting for joel stein we just stole the phrase. i'm jill stein joining me now dr jill stein green party candidate for president of
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the united states dr stein welcome thank you tom great to be with you thanks for joining us exactly what exactly was the u.s. europe green party so it was a first video meeting between myself and my running mate sherry and several european parliamentarians to talk about our common issues to help share their hard won experience getting into office and then moving policies that actually make a difference a green new deal which has become the centerpiece of our campaign that actually creates jobs at the same time that it solves this climate emergency we have you know and an emergency as you know on both counts we have twenty five million people who need full time work as well as a climate disaster that's on rolling faster than anyone ever expected and this is just with one degree of. temperature increase one degree centigrade and yet we're
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expecting six degrees warming over the next century so we don't have a way forward right here now the democrats and certainly not the republicans do not have an exit strategy we've got one we can create jobs right now that jumpstart the green economy. put an end to climate change and also make wars for oil obsolete so you know this was a wonderful chance to begin a dialogue which will be ongoing with the members of the green party in the european parliament so that we can move forward together or parliamentarians in the . in the e.u. in the parliament you yes there are green party members in the car or not in the german parliament yes there are green party members in a number of other countries that's right. in ireland in in the u.k. so so in the end what is it that is different and you know you and i know about
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this a lot a lot of people i think don't what is that is different about the political parties of those countries whether it's the proportional representation countries like in europe or whether it's the country like new zealand what is this different that allows them to have green party members and here in the united states i voted for ralph nader in two thousand and nobody from the green party representing me in the state of vermont ever. why not how how is the united states different what do we need to do you know you know basically asking a very similar question to what do we need to do to downsize the military and bring the troops home the public is supporting that what do we need to do to get the jobs that we need instead of just tax breaks for the rich what do we need to do to get medicare for all which the public is clamoring for in substantial majorities in poll after poll you know it's very clear in my view we need a politics of courage we've been goaded into this politics of fear that tells us we don't dare stand up for ourselves and it tells us actually to go into the polls and
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use our vote as a weapon against ourselves giving a mandate to one of two corporate candidates and that mandate essentially says you know more of the same bring it on even if it's a reluctant vote it's interpreted as a mandate for more of the same so. you know we're saying let's look at history here and in fact it's always taken a social movement on the ground together with an independent political movement an independent political party to make history together kick america exactly and the going is going to be rough no doubt about it whether we have a democrat or republican in office but we're saying the sooner we start the better because not only are we continuing to expand these wars under barack obama we've expanded the free trade agreements we're looking at this trans-pacific partnership now which is nafta on steroids we're looking at wall street bailouts under the obama white house that make george bush look like child's play seven hundred
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billion of bailouts compared to four and a half trillion of cash disbursed under barack obama and another sixteen trillion in basically free loans and giveaways although most of that was the federal you can't. i'm not trying to sound like an obama show but you really can't blame obama for that that was ben bernanke well it's true but obama and they are doing the same thing under bush when when you know bernie sanders went back and looked at that he discovered that they were doing the same thing in the last couple years bush well you know if you want don't look at the loans then you know just look at the cash disperse and then you know i think that can't be blamed on the fed you know there's been i think we've got is that we've got a big problem with both all i have and i didn't mean to disagree with you i just i just thought you know. you were in new york city yesterday for the first anniversary of the occupy movement you were a politician for national office speaking to the occupy movement which has tended to get really. sensitive about politicians and political movements what was
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a like what happened how did it work out what are your thoughts it was so exhilarating and i think it's a sign of the times about how people are waking up and rejecting this politics of fear also rejecting the you know sort of the propaganda that tells people they shouldn't vote at all because that's exactly where the powers that be. we would like the resistance to be not in the voting booth you know there's nothing that they would like better than a thousand points of light that are all scattered and operating independently so it was just wonderful to walk down the street first of all in find i mean i couldn't want down the street because so many people were coming up to me and to my running mate cheri hunka law saying we are so grateful that you guys got arrested at the fannie mae protests we are so grateful that you are here to celebrate the one year of occupy we're so grateful that you are calling for bailing out the students for free public higher education not bailing out the bankers but rather holding the bankers accountable for creating
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a moratorium on on home foreclosures chill we're out of time but thank you so much for being with us dr jill stein i was really well great department of those banking . so did any of you happen to see a lot of americans walking around today with an eye patches on peg legs and parrots on their shoulders if you did is a perfectly good explanation for it today is international talk like a pirate day holiday that goes all the way back to one thousand nine hundred five and was started by two pirate enthusiastic john old chum bucket bauer and mark captain slappy summer's holiday has since been picked up by the church of the flying spaghetti monster which believes the pirates were the original pasta fairy ns and should be considered absolute divine beings churches also observed a direct correlation between the number of sailing around the world and rising global temperature if you were the pirates the warmer the planet is it's no coincidence that somalia is on to the largest number of pirates and also has the lowest carbon emissions of any nation on earth so that's the background of international pirate or international talk like a pirate day but in all seriousness
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we shouldn't just be recognizing the golden age of piracy today or all the hollowing and movies and pop culture references that pirates are giving us on this day we should also be recognizing the most important contribution of all from pirates. see that's right long before the united states declared independence and ratified the constitution pirates were sailing around the world practicing democracy yes many were criminals and killers but as several historians and pirate experts have pointed out most notably peter leeson of george mason university author of the book the invisible book the hidden economics of pirates pirates also provided one of the best models for democratic constitutional government compared to the merchant ships which they plundered which were generally ruled by autocratic appleton's pirate ships elected their captains now that pirate ships operated under a clear separation of powers much like our government with legislative executive
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and judicial branches there was the elected ship captain could be captain comparable to our president there was the pirate assembly the legislature and there was the ship's quartermaster who acted like the supreme court and made sure the captain didn't abuse his power over the ship he's democratic institutions aboard the pirate ship also ensured that the hundreds of millions or my may be trillions in those in today's dollars the treasure that the pirates plundered were evenly divided amongst the crew pirates drew up constitutions these agreements were known as che's party which outlined the rules of the sea and the division of the booty unfortunately pirates of the day have lost a lot of the democratic organization from the golden age of piracy just as they've lost a lot of the lingo too maybe but let's hope for all our sakes that on this international pirates day we remember the democratic traditions of the black beards and captain kidd's at bay have paved the way forward for our own democracy and not to endorse
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crimes on the open seas but as the church of the flying spaghetti monster has taught us more pirates sailing around may or be may be our best hope to combat global warming. after the break according to one of the world's top sea ice experts the entire arctic ice shelf could become. the just a couple of years spelling disaster for the earth if we reach the breaking point of the planet or are there is a still time to get our act together and save the only home.
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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom hartman welcome to the big picture.
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here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that you americans call. the far left doesn't want the usa to defeat terrorism. terrorist cells in your neighborhood you cannot be a liberal and a christian. folk are going to hold. up in support of the kokoda significant you know the corporate media distracts us from what you and i should care about because they're profit driven industry that sells a sensational stick garbage he calls it breaking news i'm having martin and we're going to break that. quickly.
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we could be just a few years away from a global disaster that's the warning coming from one of the world's leading ice experts professor peter wadhams cambridge university in a statement of a guardian newspaper wadhams warn climate change is no longer something we can aim to do something about in a few decades time and that we must not only urgency would urge only reduce c o two emissions but most urgently examine other ways of slowing global warming such as the various geo engineering ideas that were put forward in other words oil funded scientists and politicians have pushed us past the tipping point and now it's time to do or die joining me now to discuss what can be done to prevent the end of the world as we know it is professor peter wadhams professor of ocean physics and head of the polar ocean physics groups at cambridge university professor welcome to the program. thank you they think that what would the total collapse of the arctic ice
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sheet look like and when might this occur. well women each will commit bout some we're not joking about the whole. woke. what we're seeing is that the summer icy ice extent which used to be almost that the whole arctic ocean still being ice covered in sun has shrunk back dramatically and we do expect that it will probably disappear completely within three to four years because of the enormous amount of shrinkage has occurred in the last last recent years and the fact that it's got been all the time so it's just not able to sustain pain as well and survive through the summer wouldn't wouldn't that open up a lot of a lot of the arctic circle polar peat and bog areas that would start releasing methane and wouldn't that you know start of
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a cascade effect rapidly accelerating global quantock climate change global warming and yes this is one of the two big things we worried about the. consequences of this retreat that will accelerate global warming one is that just a cold the rb doe feedback effect the fact that you know we placing light. snow covered surface that reflects most of the radiation forming on it by dark pollution which which. that absorb nearly all of the radiation that that feedback effect and it's itself accelerating global warming but the other effect is that has the sea ice retreats in the summer and you're exposing a huge area of ocean that used to be ice covered around and that ocean warms up from satellite pictures show it reaching seven degrees in places and when the water gets that warm over these shallow shelves it melts the permafrost the subsea permafrost with. which extend out from the arctic coastlines out in in under the
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ocean and as that kind of thrust melts it releases methane and at the moment this is an expert. titian russian us joint expedition out there in the siberian sea which is seen very big anything those being released. what are what we have but a man and a half here sir what can of our should we do right now. what we have to to do something because these two threat as opposed to accelerating going to warming so we can't continue to either just adapt to it global warming or hope or plan to do something in the future. we don't have time really week where we should be reducing carbon. emissions and in the long well and we'll have to do it now to deal with this but in the short term it's not possible to change our way of life that quickly so we should be looking at ways that you can put
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a sticking plaster on this effect by. technical methods that could reduce the rate of warming and that's things like whitening clouds spy. pumping it watertight cleans them releasing it to. pound it into the atmosphere that can be flexibly radiation measures like this. and other places that we should we should be just going to these audio engineering generally their signature is its professor has. said we should we ought to be looking at it because. we don't have time to be able to reduce c o two cost enough to be able to do it very very well said professor peter wadhams thank you so much for staying up late tonight to be on our show thank you.
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it's the good the bad and the very very nerve balm honestly ugly the good jackson ripley ripley is twelve years old he might be the youngest politically active american last week will ripley wrote a letter to mitt romney after you heard about romney's plans for health care in order ripley tells romney i'd like to say congratulations on winning the republican nomination but i wish you'd stayed in massachusetts your plan for america isn't what we need and would hurt us more than it would help jackson goes on to say to romney that your domestic plans birth control gay rights etc horrible and women should get to manage their own health each night i tell you that in order to change this country you need to get out there get active you have to do something in jackson ripley just did that great job jackson keep fighting for what you believe
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the bad congressman steve king during a debate in his home state of iowa on monday night king told the crowd the president obama quote doesn't believe in life and families and quote and it seems king really outdid himself with this latest outlandish and controversy or remark because the debate crowd we. spotted with gasps and booed but let's look at the hypocrisy of king's comment for a moment president obama supports marriage equality of the right of same sex couples to kids and start families king on the other hand is adamantly opposed to marriage equality and the thought of same sex couples having kids scares him straight to congressman king who's really against families the president or you and the very very ugly ohio secretary of state john huston posted isn't content with just restricting early voting hours in the buckeye state he has to prevent even more people from being able to vote at a tea party event in cincinnati hustler excuse me us to hold tea party members that
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he has pledged to push even stricter voter id requirements in a leaked audio recording husted can be heard saying that we need to streamline the number currently eligible voter i.d.'s we do see in the number of i.d.'s that residents can legally show to prove their identity and voting eligibility it's bad enough the husted got away with changing early voting hours no iow the fact that he wants to continue his and the g.o.p. is warren voting lap it's very very. sad exactly breaking news but americans ever largely lost faith in their government congress's approval rating is at an historic low of ten percent and the supreme
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court's approval rating according to a rasmussen poll the spawn is nearing its own historic low at just twenty nine percent but luckily for these institutions i have the perfect plan to boost the approval ratings of both impeach associate justice antonin scalia. just a few months after unethically blasting the president of the united states from the bench over the president's proposal to save young undocumented immigrants from deportation justice scalia is added again making a very good case for his own impeachment it happened during a writers interview on tuesday first here's what scalia said about politics on the high court some people. in recent months have criticized the court as being a politicized court but it really enraged me to hear people refer to it as a politicized court it enrages them really according to
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scalia there's no way the supreme court has to let us live i mean that's and raging but then in the same interview thirty seconds later scalia launches into a political rant against democrats. that when you have a democratic party which has been trying for years to appoint people who approve of roe versus wade which means people who are not originalists who do not stick to the text who believe in substantive due process or whatever those dang democrats appointing judges for wanting sole purpose stop all roe v wade school his partisan attacks are exactly why too many americans think the supreme court is to politicize it also doesn't help that scalia is the guy who went on a hunting trip back in two thousand and five with republican vice president dick cheney right before deciding to hear a case against dick cheney and then ruling in favor of the republican dick cheney scalia also went on a hunting trip with the dean of the kansas law school and then agreed to hear two
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cases in which that very same dean was the lead attorney and scalia has attended and spoken at political conventions hosted by the koch brothers major founders and supporters of the tea party and the republican party. then there's scully are refusing to recuse himself from the citizens united case despite the koch brothers ties to republican political advocacy groups the benefit tremendously from schoolies decision in citizens united the citizens united case decided by the court's five hardcore right wing justices is that the very heart of why americans have lost faith in our governmental institutions and why poll after poll shows america believing the rich have far too much influence in our government a citizens united case that was directly called out in a new report written by the international commission chaired by kofi anon that sends a warning to the world's democracies particularly the united states about the corrupting influence of corporations and money in the democratic process the report warns
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across the world uncontrolled political finance threatens to hollow out democracy and rob it of its unique strings it goes on to say the supreme court's citizens united decision has quote shaken citizen confidence in america's political institutions and elections and we can thank justice scalia as the deciding vote for that so at a time when it's absolutely crucial to be restoring the faith of americans and our institutions of government we should simply let a hustler like antonin scalia continue doing more and more damage on the court that's why it's time for congress to step up and do something about it. as defined in article three section two of the united states constitution congress has the job of regulating the court and that includes impeaching supreme court justices who are lacking in integrity and impartiality scalia meets both criteria congress is
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weak and has a ten percent approval rating because the american people feel that congress only does the bidding of the rich and turns a blind eye on corruption what better way to solve this problem and by congress going after the lapdog of the rich and one of the most corrupt judges to sit on the supreme court in modern times antonin scalia most of the american people would applaud congress for impeachment school and similarly the american people are losing faith in the supreme court because they believe it's become too politicized what better way to solve that problem than kicking one of its most politicized members antonin scalia off the bench it's time to root out the corruption on our supreme court it's time to a impeach associate justice antonin scalia. and that's the way it is that i wednesday september nineteenth two thousand and twelve for more information is stories we covered visit our website to tom hartman dot com free speech dot org dot com and if you missed any and tonight's show you can watch it in h.d.
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