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tv   [untitled]    September 20, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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along time are going to washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture with just forty seven days until the election the right wing is war on voting is wreaking havoc across america i can we fight back and make sure every american eligible to vote is actually able to have a voice come november also with all the conspiracy theories flying around these days it's nearly impossible to separate the truth from the absolute nonsense of
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good health doing just that actor author and comedian richard belzer and after american save the big banks from going under four years ago you'd think the banks who do everything in their power to prevent another financial collapse if you thought that you'd be wrong why are banks behaving riskier today than ever before and how do we prevent another wall street meltdown. you need to know this several republicans have rebuked mitt romney and his comments about the forty seven percent other republicans are trying to demean half of america even more meat pennsylvania state representative darrell metcalf the sponsor of that state's radical voter suppression idea law that is currently being decided in the courts and could kick nearly half of all the registered voters in philadelphia off the rolls or not having proper identification during an interview
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on wednesday night cap said this about the forty seven percent. it romney said i mean what we have forty some percent of the people that are living up to the public dole living off of their neighbors' hard work and we have a lot of people out there they're too lazy to get off and one thing you know to get up and get out there and and get yeah. even you need so i mean if individuals are too lazy the state can't fix that. because a single parent working three jobs to raise a child can spend a few days in dollars at the d.m.v. trying to get a voter id because he or she is too lazy some believable how out of touch these republicans are about the plight of working people in the united states and how blatantly they're trying to silence the votes of working people in our democracy but what are the choices they have left mitt right romney and the rest of his ilk on the right they're running to redistribute massive amounts of wealth from the middle class up to the top one percent like they've been doing ever since ronald reagan came into office and so how can he get people to vote for that kind of
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agenda when it's increasingly becoming obvious well the fact of the matter is romney can't unless he lies i've said on the show several times the only way mitt romney can win the white house is by lying but even that might not be enough anymore especially after he was quite candidly telling the truth about what he really thinks about half our nation so now the only way mitt romney can genuinely win is by kicking enough democrats off the voter rolls before november and republican state lawmakers like their own metcalf in pennsylvania are working overtime to do just that with a whole raft of voter suppression ideologues. as a republican state lawmakers in the battleground state of ohio like secretary of state john huston who is hoping to win a legal battle and cut off early voting for ohio wins this election because he knows it's minority democratic voters who most often rely on early voting as are republicans in the battleground state of florida like governor rick scott is still pushing ahead with an illegal voter purge targeting voters who don't have white
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anglo-saxon names governor scott has also managed to cut out early voting hours and make it a lot harder for independent organizations to register new voters if you think these efforts to restrict it to restrict democracy in the very important battleground states are going to have an impact on the selection and you're flat out wrong right wing war on voting rights is one of the most important issues facing the nation we just weeks to go until the election mike pavin tonio joins me now he's an attorney and host a ring of fire radio pap welcome back howard great to have you with us before i get into this voter suppression stuff just this totally bizarre thing that the huffing have imposed tweeted about last night they they tweeted while romney was on univision it looks like he's bought up forty seven percent of the of all the tanning products in the united states the democratic underground took it today and it made its way all the way to the washington post here are two pictures
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a minute romney won one in on univision and the other today and on univision he looks a lot more tan what's going on with this. well first of all i mean it's well we've always understood the man is a fraud i don't know he's a crazy caricature apart gordon gekko port eighty s republican candidate and he is a creation of what he believes a candidate is supposed to be tom it's what hurts him in the polls is what hurt seem on his favor ability in unfavorable favor ability ratings people don't believe in this man they think they think he's going to do exactly what we know happened here there's no question what he's done. it's his he's put on of much of makeup to try to relate to hispanic voters that he believes are part of that forty seven percent that simply don't matter but on that day he had to make it matter it's a huge problem for him he can't overcome it he's never been able to overcome it
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even when he was governor of massachusetts that was one of the that was one of the criticism is he's not real he is a caricature of something he thinks is supposed to be real right and he did run for a second term in massachusetts because it is in favor ability ratings were so high that there were he knew there was no way he could even wins given romney's recent comments about the forty seven percent these voter suppression efforts that i was talking about in the open are they even more crucial for romney to win in november . well he has to but he has some unfortunate things happening right now tom one thing is that the you have the base of democrats that are genuinely fired up in the swing states seventy three percent of the democrats in the spring in the swing states say they're excited about showing up and what they're really what we're seeing is what i call backlash anger they understand at this point tom that what's been happening over the last the last eight months is you have
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a republican party who is all out on keeping them from voting you vote we miss something about voters tom we miss the fact that it takes them a while the figure out what's happening but once they do figure out the you do get this kind of backlash and we see it happening in florida right now for example where you have the league of women voters you have rock the vote that is all out there it's an all out effort to get people signed up because they're so far behind eleven thousand voters have been registered in the last in the last thirteen months tom compare that to this to two thousand and eight over the same thirteen months two hundred thousand voters were registered so you're saying a real backlash and anger it does not inert a benefit at all to mitt romney timing wise i'm curious your your thoughts and observations on the politics of this temple who is the co-chair of the romney campaign and if mitt romney becomes president will promise certainly would almost
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certainly get you know a cabinet position or some job of his choice basically as such just abandoned today or apparently yes last evening abandon the romney campaign to go often and be the front man for a group of banks presumably to become a multimillionaire himself. and disease does he see something that the rest of the country isn't seen or maybe is what what are your thoughts on that. well he understands there's no reason to wait at this point they've done the numbers they know what it cost to to close the gap that they sing there is a real science they understand what it takes to close every point that mitt romney is behind in and they're not optimistic about it is very sophisticated he knows he has a he has an easy street on k. street but it's not just plenty you have you have people running for congress people running for senate governors of states that understand there is no benefit
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at all in being tied in to the romney narrative and the democrats are in great in a great position in that sense tom listen if you're running as a democrat right now you give them the choice you say listen let me get this right do you agree with your presidential candidate that forty seven percent of the american public are unimportance that they simply are sorry no counts because that's basically what he said do you agree with that or don't you agree with that either way it goes the democrat is and is in the driver's seat in every race in this country that's why you saw the entire senate congregation the congressional congregation run like hell after in that press conference when they started asking questions about well what do you think about mitt romney it's a terrible position to be in if you're running for office and the only narrative out there about republicans not just mitt romney but about republicans in general is that they believe that forty seven percent of the american public are no count
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sorry in unimportant on the other hand there's there's somewhere in the neighborhood of a half a billion dollars that hasn't been dropped yet the karl rove or the u.s. chamber of commerce are controlling. what might they do with a massive media buy a week or two out from the election that that you know what kind of what kind of lies or what kind of realities for that matter might be they'd be able to drop on on obama the democrats heads in a time in the you know an october surprise. is it a time window where it's impossible to respond appropriately i think you see that money go into the state senate races you see the go in the congressional races you see it move away from mitt romney and what the best thing they can do at this point look it's not it's far from over don't get me wrong i'm not one of these people who say this is over it's not over at all but if you're making a tactical decision right now and you understand that this is the last great hope for the republican party that the republican party has been if there's been
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a hostile takeover of the republican party and you're no longer in control of your party what you start doing is you start building again and you build in little steps you say that senate race for example in massachusetts is more important right now than the race for the presidency so you start pumping money into those senate and congressional races i really do believe that's where we're going to see the pac money moving to we're going to see a big shift when it comes to pac money when it comes to the r n c focusing on winning the senate and holding on to the house as best they can that makes absolute perfect sense mike papen tonia thanks so much for your very very lucid observations thank you sir thank you joe on lies and voter suppression id laws mitt romney's also relying on its high it a wave of corporate cash to carry him to the white house much to the chagrin of the american people new poll by the associated press shows that more than eighty percent of americans including eighty one percent of republicans want limits on how much money america's oligarchy can spend in our elections billionaires like sheldon
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adelson and the koch brothers are pledging tens in some cases hundreds of millions of dollars to defeat president obama and progressives around the nation all thanks to the supreme court's citizens united decision a poll last april found that only fifteen percent of americans agree with that decision more americans believe in ghosts than agree with the supreme court's citizens united decision support around the country is there to to overturn citizens united now it's time to pressure lawmakers introducing a constitutional amendment that says corporations are not people and money is property not speech go to move to amend or. after the break conspiracy theories employed a large role throughout the obama presidency and they're in this election cycle conservatives constantly throwing them around but when it comes to conspiracy theories how do we separate the fact from the fiction lask out actor comedian and
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in the most of the rest the news things aren't always how they seem for example or the tea party by the way the media in our politicians treated these droves of tea bag toting tricorn or hat wearing white americans you would think that they were a grassroots movement that mclean angry with corruption debt and crony capitalism we now know they were just economically disadvantaged americans some harboring racist sentiments who are brainwashed by billionaires and transnational corporations to rally in the streets against their own best interests yet but the
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real story of the tea party and yet most americans still don't know it and since this great tea party fiction paid off with the oligarchy gaining considerable power taking the house of representatives in two thousand and ten another fiction is in the works the koch funded organization americans for prosperity paid for out a rally in new york today to push back against the occupy wall street movement or do americans for prosperity very well paid new jersey state director steve lonegan quote the occupy wall street crowd is nothing but a friend jhelum out of malcontents bent on mayhem and destruction it's time somebody stood up to the occupy wall street mob. it's time for someone to stand up to a genuine grassroots movement representing the actual american middle class. after all who's shining a light on all the troubles the billionaire classes face who knows where this latest astroturf movement is going to go and if it will see as much success as the tea party the point is not everything is as it seems in politics these days and no
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one knows that better than my next guest richard belzer actor of stars in law and order as be used in a comedian and author of the book dead wrong straight facts on the country's most controversial cover ups richard. tom it is great to see you again it's been way too long since we've had a good meal in my new york city but i must say that you are partially an inspiration for this book because you taught me that you don't have to make anything up the facts are there if you're diligent enough you know like my old friend. of stone used to read ten newspapers a day before the internet and i found myself reading you know ten fifteen news papers then as you just mentioned previously things aren't always what they seem you know one paper will have something is a headline and other people made paper may be buried on page eight another paper may not have it at all so it's very hard for the electorate or the so-called common citizen our brothers and sisters to stay up on everything so i therefore i believe
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very easily misled and easily controlled not because they're not intelligent it's because they're fed facts that are doctored and isn't the biggest cover up right now in america the corporate credit of our government financed and perpetuated by billionaires like the koch's well it started to actually about one hundred year sukkot when the rockefeller's who of course remember the ludlow mine massacre. the rockefeller's in which the national guard came in killed the strikers who just wanted the owners of the mine who were the rockefeller's to obey this state safety law so it wasn't like they're asking for anything radical and come and decent wages and they slowed women and children and the rockefeller's realised that they had a bad image and they hired an associate of edward bernays who was for its nephew. to start what we now know as public relations and he said it ended in those days
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one hundred million dollars tom in one nine hundred fourteen to recreate the image of the rockefeller's and they said you know what you should build some hospitals and some schools show up once in a while to work side the old man should be seen giving out. money and they'd change their image but they still were booked the strike breaking and you know crushing the workers and have despicable conditions in their factories and so for one hundred years they've been it's hard to tell people this because it seems they're again or pedantic but our thoughts are controlled i mean mine and yours they have the airwaves of being so permeated actually there are more p.r. people than there are newsmen c.n.n. had people every day coming over from fort dietrich who were in the psyops operations telling them what news aspects to cover in the air act war so you know so-called mainstream news defers to the defense department in
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a modern so-called democracy we're in serious trouble thank god for people like you that have that have a voice and that people listen to and you know there's a few of us but you too it's kind of chilling it is what it what has happened in your opinion to investigative journalism in america and it does that reach all the way back to the to the yellow journalism days or is this the failure of it more a modern phenomena i think that it could really trace it to. people like sydney schanberg and. a couple of the reporters who were not taken the party line on things that were going on with the contras and other things are going on in central america and as you know tom if a reporter doesn't report. the right way they stop getting briefings they start getting background information they start getting access they start getting
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everything so a couple of key reporters who are writing the truth about the mining of the haiphong harbor and you know the slaughtering of wedding parties. by the contras we've finally realized in the slow but sure way that the government is controlling more than we ever suspect is my fact carl bernstein in one thousand nine hundred seventy six i believe it was wrote an article in rolling stone magazine where he named several hundred news organizations that were taking press releases and information stories directly from the cia and the new york times c.b.s. time newsweek they're all mentioned and the funny thing about it tom was the new york times it was outrageous that well and then they said three hundred twenty eight other people do it so like they busted themselves and the rest of the mainstream media by admitting that they were taking the verb bait i'm reports from the cia and publishing them as news i'm curious your thoughts richard on these
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pseudo conspiracies that are being put out by the far right the fast and furious obama's birth certificate you know all this stuff that in many ways just seems to me to be mad to a message of obama's the other something like that but there well there pedal is real conspiracy theories and yeah the thing that's chilling to me is. you know i'm from the sixty's and we you know we were literally in the streets we were civil rights movement in the war and you know women's rights later in the sixty's and then gay rights after the stonewall riots and you know so the sixty's in the seventy's were of the sixty's a reverberation of the sixty's but then you know and here we are in two thousand and twelve and this this veil there are not so veiled racism is verrall and even in the mainstream of the republican party. you know the old story about the holocaust and you know i said nothing when they came for my neighbor and then they came for me haphazardly moeller like
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a story in yeah so i think that. that it's very very disturbing how these like a false conspiracy will start then the word first of all the word conspiracy has been marginalized that's why i'm so proud of my book david wade and i made it our business to make it a history book so it will be in the history section not the entertainment section like i heard it looks. as if you don't as we say we interviewed this agent said i have no theories i just have facts but the facts get obvious skated in diluted and perverted and on for you know i often say if the left hand if the left had a fox there'd be seventy democratic senators now and obama what i got ninety million votes you know he who controls the present controls the past and who controls the past controls the future is george orwell said there and it's astounding at another's study just came out and there's been several over the past
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ten years the most recent one was they interviewed people who got. their information from fox and they interviewed people who got no in who didn't use the media at all who did not use watch television listen to the radio just kind of read newspapers once in a while but had no main source of news the people who watch fox were less informed than the people who didn't watch anything yeah and that is you know an unfortunate reality it's a tragedy various smartly bill i know you know when they say they watch fox and i say whoa we can't talk because that's poison and you really shouldn't watch it because we know what they're doing we know what they want to do and the thing that stirs me the most of all is the racism that's come back then is really heartbreaking to me because obama is half white half black he is literally the american story and worthy of you know whether you're republican or a democrat anyway i think republicans now it's not a political party it's a mental condition i mean anybody who says they're republican what does that mean
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you're a massage an issue a warmonger your home your homophobic your veiled racist if you don't like immigrants i mean i'm i'm baffled by it so. forgive me for ranting but is there any reason i wrote one of the reasons i wrote this book is because you know i as as you know when you come up with information that isn't generally known people think you're crazy so i was very careful to make sure that there's the book is irrefutably written you go way that there you go you know i've done dozens of interviews where no one can find anything wrong with it and david wain my partner is a evidence based research expert he studied he's a micro analyst that how the media covers events richard where were we or flat out of time here we've got to wrap this but i dead wrong i want to walk you know it's a great i could listen to you for hours i look forward to the next time i see it richard belzer so i think so much for being with us thanks for your great work tom see you soon thank you.
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it's the good the bad of the very very vertiginous silly oddly they're good for our county public schools our county florida school board yesterday voted to officially recognize october as l g b t history month becoming the first public school district in the country to do so ruling allows teachers to create a curriculum based on history to me otherwise been overlooked at the ruling school board member robin barham and that every child deserves to feel safe not just in their school but in their own skin through in florida is a huge step in promoting equality and stopping the bullying and hazing this so many students face at schools all across america every day hopefully more school districts across the nation will follow in broward county steps to bad texas
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governor rick perry in a conference call with evangelicals tuesday as part of the forty days to save america religious campaign perry told those on the call that president obama is engaged in spiritual warfare and is trying to quote remove any trace of religion from american life and quote and that. his message is inspired by satan himself carries for a period then called on christian warriors and christian soldiers to stand your ground against the president. all religious freedom is an essential part of america governor perry's choice of words like soldiers and were fair or. poor at the very least if not downright dangerous and a very very ugly bug johnson johnson in texas resident hung a chair from a tree and is fraught yard as an effigy of president obama playing off the clint eastwood's aren't sees speech johnson also tied an american flag to the chair to make sure his point was clear as to what the hateful and outrageous act johnson
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said really give a do. and whether disturbs you or not even take your concerns you go straight to hell and egg obama with you i don't give an expletive you don't like it don't come down my street all americans have the right to free speech of course but an appalling image like the one mr johnson chose to display has no place in a civil society and is very very. we'll be right back. with. science technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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