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tv   [untitled]    September 23, 2012 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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in. ireland. so what he had to fetch as a sledge and today our detox a georgian me general idea made by the guards who missed details of him meets the goal dani prison in boise being tortured what a bloody mess but how long has this torture been seeking please how long have you been filming this this long. yeah i've been working as the prisons deputy chief ordered since two thousand and eight with all of the above all who gave the orders who in the government knew what was going on and who kept this matter under wraps.
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nobody just the chief wards and i was deputy chief for it and he wanted me to film some interesting moments for example when police arrest an opposition activist or a prominent figure is arrested he wanted it on tape probably they intended to use those videos later against those people and i made those videos over the period of a year or maybe six months i'm not sure i didn't meet them in a day or two they were accumulated over a period of time and eventually i had two hours of video big chief warden would take those videos to and the collider would take them to the president they used it for entertainment the enjoyed torturing her helpless people were in their hands one city future prison you are nobody you have no dignity this is why these videos caused such an outrage in georgia this is why all those young people are protesting how do you know that interior minister or how was sold a t.d.o. how do you know he was aware of what was going on there troy or i just thought i
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was told to to i made those videos for him and then he would take the tape and i don't know what he would do with it but i feel i would often come to the only person perhaps once or twice a week he used to spend a lot of time talking to the chief or than in his office i call iowa. a very close ally of president saakashvili whom president bush called a beacon of democracy he was fully aware of what was going on in prisons this is why i insist that saakashvili should resign and into macwrite a country it would be the minister of interior affairs or defense minister said. the president would resign and president saakashvili must step in if he is a democrat but he's no democrat he keeps the entire nation and chaos and fear he relies on criminals he has people with blood on their hands working in high positions in the government. do you think presidents at this meeting how about
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those things happening in the prison. of course he knew saakashvili was fully aware of what was going on when akhalaia was appointed minister in two thousand and five the system was very far from european standards then saakashvili appointed akhalaia minister and started taking very tough steps he would send security forces to prisons they would break into prisons and beat up in me even himself would often be there with a camera filming everything and then i think he was sure those videos to saakashvili in order to show him what kind of prison he had built these european m.p.'s would visit any prison and they were impressed they would see how did you manage to build such a system you have four thousand inmates here and this place is so quiet we haven't heard as much as anybody speaking loudly it's almost as if there were no inmates here at all. why did you release this footage now.
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in may i asked myself whether i wanted to serve the ridge seem or to be a man i tendered my resignation took the videos i had made and left the country i was afraid because i thought they would kill me so i came to. belgium and asked for political asylum for by you concerns about your family yes sacco's really is mentally unstable but nobody knows what he may do after i released those videos some people called me on the phone a few times telling me to keep my mouth shut those phone calls were just a couple of days ago i secretly left georgia and came to belgium in july i have been here for three months no and for financial reasons i have been unable to bring my family here belgian institutions tell me my videos can't be published before my family comes here because nobody knows what saakashvili may do to them as soon as
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my family is in belgium this footage will be released when i came to belgium i played those tapes to the european commission and the european parliament and be assured me that they would keep it secret and that saakashvili would never find out about it so be kept their word but somehow four or five days ago president saakashvili finds out about this tape and then he told to get two of my friends who worked with me at the prison and stage a beating of an inmate so those two guys beat up an innocent and meet and then the video was aired in georgian television they claimed that they did it on my orders the purpose of this fabrication was to create an impression that i was connected to the opposition he said i was paid two million dollars for those videos but i have never been involved in politics i have never been in a political party i don't care about politics with and why did you release this footage now shortly before the upcoming parliamentary election in no no they
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started this by publishing their video and they contacted two of my friends and made that video with an inmate and played it on georgian t.v. what could i do that i had this tape with two hours of footage that i had to defend myself or force me to release those videos based. had nothing to do with the election i wanted georgian people to wreak in their dignity especially prisoners i wanted to show the entire world what their beloved democrat and beacon of freedom saakashvili was doing to his own people he doesn't love his people and he doesn't care about anyone he's a criminal and there's cramer runs him this is what i wanted to demonstrate i succeeded in that but in quite a brutal way. but i think that if it i'm a bit honest how did the peak inmates had to watch it did get political convictions have anything to do with that. and that's it and enough of the by they
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just did it for entertainment or if an inmate had something to do with politics if he was saakashvili as enemy they would pick him this is them is extremely politicized if you work in the prison system or in the police you must be loyal to the psychotic feeling region no criticism is a lie you should either leave or they will get to you they would kill me but they would seize me and my whole family they would hold us hostage expel us from georgia i had to come here to appeal to the international community i've been waiting for this moment this is nothing to do with the election i could have published this tape in the september or in august or in the vendor but the publish not fabricated tape to accuse me and i had to respond. with a replay of what kind of response did you expect from european institutions when you show this to them you're. really has people who lobby for him in the european
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union he pays them and they are very influential it's extremely difficult to find a person here who would listen similar to this entire system turns a blind eye to ga the whole world has seen this video but when we ask people in various offices here it is as if they haven't seen it. they just know that saakashvili is a democrat and they don't want to see anything or hear anything the only committee that's had a strong reaction is this committee for torture in stride they had a very strong response i think you are even if you were a little less so this really has really reformed the georgian police force or what do you think of that. there was no reform what are you talking about it is it's just a facade for outsiders to come inside the whole system is rotten it's all done for p.r. within it's a pyramid based on corruption at the lowest level you have police officers who
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don't receive bribes but if you go higher and look at the parliament chiefs for example they receive millions in the grapes on the other hand you have traffic police who don't think stuart's great but on the other hand you have saakashvili who built a residence for a billion dollars and bought a chair for eight hundred million dollars no gas' forand is four or five billion georges and your budget is only four billion people see these things that's producing what happened in the gold danny prison is also happening in other georgian prisons if you don't know it wasn't was the georgian prison system has eighteen prisons and torture took place in all of them according to what kind of response did you expect in georgia when you release those videos. the response has exceeded my expectations the georgian people are very emotional and they have a very strong sense of pride and dignity that's why they rose up and suited the
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streets the protests are still reaching into police each day and night and other major cities and they're likely to continue i think that unless feeley has totally lost his mind he will step down peacefully. he goes if a native son or a long time i west ham. would you put on the south as a model democracy that gets really really was succeeded in building democracy in georgia why does the west continue to that georgia's reputation as a democratic country i would not but the limited numbers. of the qualities are political conclusion that saakashvili is a product of the us rich family and everyone in georgia is aware of it it will be will not tolerate for psychotically to fail georgia by the orange revolution fields i hunt so did others so he's the only one who's still there saakashvili has been saving your with america for x. or nine years so they are going to see and know that he's been
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a swindler and that's what he is a political. mano with but that's really what did people of georgia get from saakashvili as president when. people became smart they know that saakashvili has to go and police are people against patients but nothing substantial you could ludes and find and see both like a small child good people of this country just the way he wanted so good he never had any clear should you like other presidents to for every day and hour of their life that he would wake up whenever he wanted to for instance and his closest circle like a collage were exactly the same he watched his superior saakashvili got cut and copied his behavior. second how long had he been working in the prison system when did you first notice the things were getting worse both if it. since two thousand and one so for a livin year i started noticing things were getting worse in two thousand and five
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since aca law is appointments so then we had criminal lords in the country but crime and torture weren't so obvious i don't know a polite gets drunk walks into a prison cell and beats up whoever he wants to which ever way he wants. them and led the way to the closet thank you very much for the interview. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you
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glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day. courageous and creative. elegant and full of public speaking. up for.
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would be soo much brighter than if you knew about songs from phones to christians. nice friends don't talk t.v. don't comb. today's news on the week's top stories deadly violence started fine until islam found rampages across the muslim wild as crowds call for revenge on the. question as of a georgian democracy protesters demand and then to brutality are said videos of alleged torture in the country's prisons come to the. under one hundred eighty occupy wall street accidents are wrestling new you can they launch tomorrow they get since that time of demanded economic and social equality. that's the headline
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for you up next it's all the latest world sport with paul. thank you very much you're welcome along to the sports headlines here is what's coming up. marching on the move top of the russian the premier league with a three to come from behind victory over volga six straight victory. nothing between them american brands netted an englishman justin rose are tied at the top of the leaderboard heading into the final round of the p.g.a. tour championship. and the knight rider the flowers lewis hamilton starts on pole for sunday night's singapore f one grand for. the first football where they left it late but says carr moscow's winning streak in the russian premier league has been
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extended for another week the army man making it six victories in a row and moving top of the table thanks to a brilliant second half performance against polgar in enough god it was the home side who actually took a two nil lead and maksim of opening the scoring with a well taken goal twenty one minutes in gold is alexis up a golf then showed his set right before the break voicing the ball over the wall and past can fade out and it says call go out and go i have got busy after the break the twenty two year old making it to one just before the hour mark the russian internationals game a tie overhead kick a dozen minutes later an early contender for goal of the season the wind very much in says car sales now and they promptly wrapped up the comeback and all three points on eighty six minutes breaking valda hearts with the death this of finishes the three two when we've caught tough. however to face locomotives later in the
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day could have regained their place at the summit the house were dominant throughout major parts of the game but missed several opportunities in front of goal the railway. and then return showed them how it's done for us go coming from a set piece. in the right place at the right time i. think terry goalkeeper jaroslav good so with an amazing striking distance to make it to. all this little bit of a take it soccer find go to a local strike a mike on grabbing the third and final go through no victory for starters villages very well may leap frog tearing into second place. called in our seemingly heated deafens words to rise above the relegation zone for the first time this season by being on call from supporters visiting training base on friday to offer strong criticism to the players after a dreadful run of form. going behind twenty five minutes a martin you have called taking advantage of
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a goalkeeper how. young just how are they cry soon afterwards the austrian i mean his goal tell you in russia on the half hour mark colvin crimea then headed home in seventy eight minutes before alexander cochrane made it three one five minutes later and carl got one back at the time but it was no more than a consolation free to the final score finally crawl out of the. another game a different hobbs in samoa reigning champions in eight with an opening forty five minutes of it gets against house cruelly. and lewis nearly caballero both netting to get the summer side of very much in the driving seat with just twenty six minutes on the clock sitting there staring at a food defeating five in all competitions but the side would fight back in the second period to secure a share of the points big money signing how claiming his first goal in the blue of the eight before the match were munchak off now the prize a dozen minutes from time to two the final school. meanwhile over in the english
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premier league chelsea have stretched their advantage at the top to three points the blues leaving at. late before seeing of a buckling stoke at stamford bridge ashley cole pouncing for the with five minutes from time much to the relief well. before that everton had moved alongside chelsea at the summit which is for a couple of hours david moyes is meant dominating swansea away from home three nil in the early kick off new boy southampton have and their first points of the campaign shocking aston villa scored for second half goals west brom are up to thirty times the victory over reading west ham and sunderland share the points at upton park while full of six four for now after two or more in a week it. now in golf justin rose and brandt snedeker join top of the leaderboard heading into the final round of the p.g.a. tour championship in atlanta american snedeker shot a super sixty four on saturday to rise up the leaderboard the score of six under for the round puts him in contention for the title also for the fed ex cup overall
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world number one rory mcilroy tiger woods phil mickelson and nick watney and the others in with a shout back to this weekend and mcelroy going for his fourth win in five starts is three shots off the lead is enjoying with tiger woods lacking a shot for the pack unheralded ryan moore is in with a chance of playing in the second p.g.a. tour title of his career he's one shot behind the leader is out right. now in cricket australia have put their place in the super eight stage of the t twenty world cup after an impressive victory over the west indies thanks to the duckworth lewis scoring method the windies made a slow start in aims but helped by half centuries from chris gayle and marlon samuels they made a healthy one hundred and ninety one eight from their twenty overs it was a big ask for australia to chase down such a title but they powered their way to one hundred four one from nine point one overs when the rain came down duckworth lewis was employed with the run rate giving
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australia a seventeen run when the windies now face island on monday for the second. super eight qualifying sport. now and tennis maker usually has failed to reach his full final at least in petersburg open the russian going down to martin clear in the semi's meaning is the slovak cannot compete for a first ever a.t.p. title two thousand and four when they usually did take hard for seven six but it was all downhill from there for the local favorite the top seed losing momentum in the second printing through all praise and capitalizing to secure eight six for thirty odd years new tried gamely in the decider but it was crazy on who saw the match six seven six four seven six to make sunday's fire where he faces italian for me. now the formula one circular was hamilton will be hoping history repeats itself for the singapore grand prix the twenty seven year old securing pole for sunday
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night's race the very same one he won in two thousand and nine also starting first on the grid the two thousand and eight world champion with an absolutely dominant display around marina bay finishing almost half a second clear of promising up and comer pastor maldonado venezuelan further confirming he can be a thorn in the side of the top contenders the twenty seven year old surprised many by winning this year's spanish cooperate two time defending champion sebastian vettel was third fastest while overall leader fernando alonso had to be content with the fifth quickest time right behind hamilton's team mate jenson button. now finally it's exactly a week since n.h.l. commissioner gary bettman announced a lockout since then some of the league's biggest stars have arrived in europe to take part in the k h l all eyes in particular on the nominee alexander ovechkin a matter that might need to go you have gagne malcolm.
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