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probably intended to use those videos later against those people and i made those videos over the period of a year or maybe six months i'm not sure i didn't meet them in a day or two they were accumulated over a period of time and eventually i had two hours of video of a big chief warden would take those videos to ask a liar and the whole liar would take them to the president they used it for entertainment the enjoyed torturing her helpless people were in their hands one c.t. future prison you are nobody you have no dignity this is why these videos cause such an outrage and georgia this is why all those young people are protesting at how do you know that interior minister aha a cell that t.d.o. how do you know he was aware of what was going on all their choice and i just stood tall tales told to two i made those videos for him and then he would take the tape and i don't know what he would do with it but i feel i would often come to be called the only person who helps once or twice a week he used to spend
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a lot of time talking to the q four than in his office a call i was a very close ally of president saakashvili in president bush called a beacon of democracy and he was fully aware of what was going on in prisons this is why i insist that saakashvili should resign and in democratic country it wouldn't be the minister of interior affairs or defense minister said this is the president was resigning as president saakashvili must step down as a democrat but he's no democrat he keeps the entire nation and chaos and fear he relies on criminals he has people with blood on their hands working in high positions in the government will be right up with the. do you think president is at this meeting how about those things happening in the prison. and is that the over of course he knew saakashvili was fully aware of what was going on when i feel i was appointed minister in two thousand and five a system was very far from your. standards then saakashvili appointed
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a minister and started taking very tough steps he would send security forces to prisons they would break into prisons and beat up in me with even himself would often be there with a camera filming everything and then i think those videos to saakashvili in order to show him what kind of prison really had built his european m.p.'s would visit people bernie prison and they were impressed they would see how did you manage to build such a system you have four thousand inmates here and this place is so quiet we haven't heard as much as anybody speaking loudly it's almost as if there were no inmates here to talk to more why did you release this footage now. in may i asked myself whether i wanted to serve the region or to be a man i tendered my resignation took the videos i had made and left the country i
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was afraid because i thought they would kill me so i came to belgium and asked for political asylum provide your concerns about your family yes saakashvili is mentally unstable but nobody knows what he may do after i released those videos some people called me on the phone a few times telling me to keep my mouth shut those phone calls were just a couple of days ago i secretly left georgia and came to belgium in july i have been here for three months no and for financial reasons i have been unable to bring my family here belgian institutions tell me my videos can't be published before my family comes here because nobody knows what saakashvili may do to them as soon as my family is in belgium this footage will be released when i came to belgium i played those tapes to the european commission and the european parliament and be assured me that they would keep it secret and that saakashvili would never find out of biter. he kept their word but somehow four or five days ago president
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saakashvili finds out about this tape and then he told a collage to get two of my friends who worked with me at the prison and stage a beating of an inmate so those two guys beat up an innocent and meet and then that video was aired in georgian television pickling but they did it on my orders and the purpose of this fabrication was to create an impression that i was connected to the opposition he said i was paid two million dollars for those videos but i have never been involved in politics i have never been in a political party i don't care about politics with and why did you release this footage now shortly before the upcoming parliamentary election in no no they started bass by publishing their video and they contacted two of my friends and made that video with an inmate and played it in georgian t.v. what could i do i had this tape with two hours of footage that i had to defend
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myself forced me to release the videos this had nothing to do with the election i wanted georgian people to wreak in their taking seem especially prisoners i wanted to show the entire world what their beloved democrat and beacon of freedom saakashvili was doing to his own people he doesn't love his people and he doesn't care about anyone he's a criminal and there's cramer runs him and this is what i wanted to demonstrate i succeeded in that but in quite a brutal way we. can get a video of that alice how did the people inmates had to watch it to get political convictions have anything to do with that from what i think they know of. he just did it for entertainment or if an inmate had something to do with politics if he was saakashvili as enemy they would pick him this is them is extremely politicized if you work in the prison system or in. police you must be loyal to the
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saakashvili regime you know criticism is a lie so you should either leave or they will get to you they would kill me and. they would seize me and my whole family they would hold us hostage or expel us from georgia i had to come here to appeal to the international community i've been waiting for this moment this is nothing to do with the election you know i could have published this tape in the september or in august or in the van bibber but the published fabricated tape to accuse me and i had to respond. before we flew and what kind of response did you expect from the european institutions when he shall listen to them. really has people who lobby for him in the european union he pays them and they are very influential it's extremely difficult to find a person here who would listen to miletus because this entire system turns a blind eye to georgia the whole world has seen this video but when we asked people
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in various offices here what it is if they haven't seen it it's obvious that they just know that saakashvili is a democrat and they don't want to see anything or hear anything the only committee that's had a strong reaction is this committee for torture in stride they had a very strong response to your words if you would listen let's not rush really has that really reformed the georgian police force or what do you think of that. there was no reform or what are you talking about it is it's just a facade for. inside the whole system is rotten it's all done for p.r. within it's a param it's based on corruption at the lowest level you have police officers read it all in to see bribes but if you go higher and look at the partment chiefs for example that they receive millions right on the other hand you have traffic police who don't tell stories great just get it on the other hand you have saakashvili who built a residence for a bill. dollars and go to jail for eight hundred million dollars no georgia's
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forand this for over five billion georgia's annual budget is only four billion people see these things. do you think i want to happen in the gold danny prison is also happening in other georgian prisons if you don't know it wasn't was the georgian prison system has eighteen prisons and torture took place in all of them and got korea what kind of response did you expect in georgia when you release those videos. but. the response has exceeded my expectations the georgian people are very emotional and they have a very strong sense of pride and dignity that's why they raise up into to the street which the protests are still reaching into police see day and night and other me just cities and they're likely to continue i think that unless sack us feel he has totally lost his mind he will step down peacefully. he goes if i may
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just sir a long time i west georgia and the south australia as a model democracy he said that's really really what succeed in building democracy in georgia why does the west continue to about georgia's reputation as a democratic country over the image that goes. back to the polity these are political conclusion that saakashvili is a product of the us family and everyone in georgia is aware of it he will not tolerate for psychiatrically to fail in georgia by the orange revolution failed and so did others he's the only one who's still there saakashvili has been saving your and america for eight or nine years so they are going to see and know that he's been a swindler and that's what he is a political swindler. what do the people of georgia get from saakashvili as president. people became smart they know that saakashvili has to go
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and police people canes patients but nothing substantial look at rude's i'm fine to see both like a small child people of this country just the way he wanted so because he never had any clear shared jewel like other presidents to for every day and hour of their lives after he would wake up whenever he wanted to for instance and his closest circle like alive were exactly the same he watched his superior saakashvili got caught and copied his behavior. second how long had he been working in the prison system when did you first notice the things were getting worse the fifth the little since two thousand and one so for a livin years i started noticing things were getting worse in two thousand and five since acholi is appointments so then we had criminal lords in the country but crime and torture weren't so obvious i'm not a polite gets drunk walks into a prison cell ice and beats up whoever he wants whichever way he wants the couple
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would not let him lead the way to the closet thank you very much for the interview . was. the idea that takes your breath away fleeting across the scholars it was a mohnish good to know the biggest salt lake in europe a muslim two hundred species of birds they were also it is them are on the verge of extinction on these islands in the south of russia they find shelter before migrated to all the parts of the world where much of theirs hey we see the great white pelican and several species of the down mation paddock. which are both in the read data book but there are only forty to fifty couples left in the region.
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pelicans as well as other species at the monish who dino feed all fish these birds are waiting for their parents to bring them food to the best cash for them is in a small area is a lake with the water it is relatively fresh as fish cannot survive in the salty a part of the money which and the lakes getting salt here every year the money studios and all to fish oil reservoir which was filled in the nine hundred fifty eight in the areas hot climate the evaporates quickly and the local saw as natural sultanate steak so are just. dormant there are relatively few water sources here some water comes from the dawn river some through the. during the last three to four years we've had a really severe drought in the drought we're practically standing on the bottom of this lake it's been falling every year the majority of birds have been retreating as well they nestle in the. birds the drying out of the lake cool so threaten one
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of the world's biggest populations of mustangs. they live on one of them on and on and one next destination. their four hundred is the animals here the area is a protected wildlife preserve it's a place of peace and calm in recent decades dozens of canals have been dug around here to cultivate the locals taps broad grassy plains this may be useful for humans but it does badly hit many species as the animals here for instance so i get antelopes which are extremely shy i was scared away only to be killed in the hundreds of thousands by poachers folklore here believes the substance found in their horse can cure impotence just so forty years ago there were more than two. me and saigon antelopes living in asia and they have nowhere else in the world but now
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people bought the species to the brink of extinction this region has been reaching the eiffel sal's those of you but now i know relatively short space of time it's my been diversity of creatures is second and old farts by man and nature itself. to let mission free to live cretaceous three times for chargers free. range missile free. three stooges free still young and old free broadcast quality video for your media project and a free media oh god r.t. dot com you. think you.
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live. dozens more people are killed in clashes across the muslim world in the side going to see american riots sparked by the film which remarks islamic. tolerance for prisoner abuse of the of us the rights of us in georgia where demonstrations continue the reaction to leaked footage portrayed at falsities behind bars. and the occupy wall street movement marks its one year anniversary with a demo in new york about so over one hundred eighty activists arrested. and i you know and scott all the latest from a very busy weekend of sport to stay with us. this
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is sports of a these are some of the stories we're talking. relief spartak moscow finally takes victory again in the russian premier league. back in business two time defending f one champion sebastian vettel wins the singapore grand prix to end his longest run with a victory. royalty we take a look at how a perv ice hockey stars have hurt in the continental hockey league since moving back from north america because of the only going n.h.l. lockout. football first where russia's most successful club spartak moscow of won their first league game since the middle of august relief. as the red and white
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softball style three one emmanuelle amany being the host nerves twenty seven minutes in after converting a quickly work free kick was the nigerians first goal of the season his second was to follow. for the ari double advantage the brazilian picking a sponsor proby sixty four minutes in after the corner kick the crawler. not too long afterwards emanate his brace the big striker side phoning home. former liverpool man florence cinema punggol would now be a consolation goal for us often eighty eight minutes meaning three one we'll see how it would end this move up to six. the last team beat in the league before today ruud being the have all their standing as well because on side taking multiple points at home to. leapfrogging
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the crust of our outfit the seventh place in the. process. russia could well be seeing a new captain appointed soon after shocking developments at one of the country's top clubs petersburg midfielder and current skipper igor to me solved drop to the club's reserve team along with star striker alexandre kershaw golf than he saw the motion men are forced rushing manager fabio capello to seek a new team leader as the italian has repeatedly stressed the need for players who play every week the big spendings need to splurge their own one hundred million dollars on porto star benfica. itself. yes i reports that you established veterans of the club have clashed with this weekend's developments out of fuel to the fire possibly over a difference in salaries and heat of one just one of their last six games in all competitions. i mean while there were a number of massive games in the english premier league on sunday the first of
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which seeing manchester united earn the bragging rights against big rivals liverpool the pool forced to play the entire second half with ten men after jonjo shelvey received a straight red for a challenge on jonny evans but it was their own side who in the scoring through skipper steven gerard right after the break but was to be there highlights with goals from rafael and robin van persie sending united off to second in the table behind chelsea another highly anticipated fixture on the day saw reigning champions manchester city draw with arsenal julien lescott on the wrong cheli the scores while newcastle spurs beat norwegian q.p.r. respectively. let's talk tennis where martin has continued his steady ascent in the professional ranks the twenty three year old defeating fabio fognini for his first ever a.t.p. title becoming the first slovakia to win the senate petersburg open clear reached a career high world number forty five spot this week defeating local hoping to
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reach the final up north. the brothers love a native taking the first set six two against the more experience the town in whose best result to date was a french open quarter final berth last year for me with few answers for the inspired slovak in the second six two six three final. to formula one where two time defending champion sebastian vettel is up to second place in the standings after winning his second straight singapore grand prix it was lewis hamilton who started the race from pole and held off the competition on top of this after twenty three laps retiring due to gearbox issues us vettel took over another crash occurred just after midway through the event michael schumacher colliding with eric vernon in the one nine jenson button though made sure that the current would reach the podium finishing second behind the german on the longest third but his overall lead has now been cut to twenty nine points with half a dozen races to go. to baseball were and mel b a l east leaders in new york showed
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great resilience to maintain their slender one game divisional lead on sunday the oakland athletics proving for a minimal challengers but also a lot of soul destroying comeback in the extra innings bottle the game was tied at five apiece up the end of the ninth inning when oakland began their own small of runs culminating in a nine five elite the home side kept chipping away of raul even as helping finish off an ensuing yankees rally in the thirteenth forty rule hitting his second homer of the game to tie proceedings at nine apiece costly to our by opens brandon moss popping off a great new york comeback with the big apple pride cheering on their team seven straight ten nine tight finals. cycling's governing body the u.c.i. as hit back in the wake of criticism following the lance armstrong doping debacle armstrong hurt his seven tour de france crown strip during the summer amid allegations of drug offenses by the u.s. doping agency the president of the u.c.i.
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attempting to explain why armstrong was able to claim the titles in the first place . i really can't understand why you would or you would think we were naive or competent incompetent in all of those two differences we did as much testing of as as as has been done in any event or any sports event those samples went to the board to use and they came back negative. can't do any more than a note today we can do more because we had a biological passport which is a completely different weapon would take us back to those years and we could only work within the system design because what came back negative and that's all we can do. the world of boxing is mourning the loss of one of its former heavyweight champions on one of only three people to ever defeat their klitschko corey sounders was shot dead in this native south africa during an alleged restaurant robbery attempt he was forty six years will saunders was it attending the birthday celebration of
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a family member in his birthplace of potoroo when the robbers reportedly burst in an open fire the former w b o heavyweight champion died in hospital after suffering wounds to his stomach and he'll be remembered mostly in the sport of boxing for demolishing the younger brother in two thousand and three sending him to the canvas four times before a second round not god now it's been exactly a week since n.h.l. commissioner gary bettman announced a lockout stateside since then some of the world's biggest ice hockey stars have been busy arriving in europe to compete in the cage shell most eyes focusing on alexander ovechkin and if gainey metal magnitogorsk on the following is just some of their highlights so far. live
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live . live live
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live .
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creates additions to the lake that is all your support for nazi said. the french invasion of russia has started again after two hundred years up at the. jet the emperor the polio has arrived from overseas to lead the army i have to really take my time to prepare myself to get it right. the bloody battle near moscow is going to start over. james brown will reveal the victor the soldiers are back to do it all again. version twenty twelve on r.t.
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