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tv   [untitled]    September 24, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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here's mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call i don't know. i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares an awful lot about my country you sir are a fool you know what that is my terror cells. don't want to listen to featuring the on the liberal and the christian. can really go to the.
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guys i'm having martin so last friday a libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson filed an anti-trust lawsuit that says that democrat and republican parties are conspiring to keep third party candidates out of the presidential debates they say johnson doesn't have enough influence based on numbers but a recent c.n.n. poll johnson garnered four percent nationally point particularly well and he swing states the same swing states that could determine the election in fact the poll also found that as third party bid combined green party candidate jill stein they're actually gaining major traction with voters so let's just call a spade a spade what our government is doing and has been doing for way too long is holding the people hostage into a rigid two party system that doesn't represent the voice of america
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a system that marginalizes the voices that we need to hear the most the voices of those that are struggling not the voices that echo the one percent minority and that's why i'm breaking the set. since the recent anti west protests have sparked up across the muslim world the corporate media and political stablish men have been spending the same tired fear mongering narrative about the ubiquitous threat of terrorism. the first time a senior u.s. counterterrorism official calls the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya an act of terrorism on the point that it is terrorism i think that's pretty clear and from my perspective it was pretty clear over the past week even right after the event and it's very hard for me to tell people in america not to be worried about terrorism i wish i could say that to the i wish i could say we shouldn't worry about it because the reality is that we are at risk of having
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a terrorist attack in the united states. ok giuliani but does it make sense for the u.s. to be fighting the war on terror by supporting terrorism kind of seems redundant doesn't it well that's exactly what the u.s. government is doing by supporting most of the dean koch better known as cave and the case is an iranian exile cult group that advocates the militant overthrow of the islamic republic of iran and has been listed on the state department's list of terrorist groups for decades and for good reason they carried out more of the full assassinations of u.s. military personnel and civilians in the one nine hundred seventy s. not to mention the killing of seventeen members of the iranian parliament in the same decade also the group is reported to have praised the nine eleven terrorist attacks and even though it said that the group is now denounce terrorism senior u.s. u.s. officials have confirmed that the m.e. k. worked in concert with the saudis to carry out the assassination of five iranian
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nuclear scientists within the country since two thousand and seven well last week the state department removed the emmy k. from its terror watch list in response to a heavy lobbying campaign directed at u.s. politicians to do so now you may ask if you're a rational logical person why on earth would they do such a thing well because the list is nothing more than a number of groups and. states that use their power to defy the us instead of work with it the real reason why the us is so interested in working with any case is because they're the good kind of terrorists whose terrorist activities are considered in line with freedom fighters simply because they're trying to out the same regime the us government is like for example hamas which is the democratically elected leadership of palestine is not recognized by the us and is instead listed as the terror organization on their terror list but do you remember the justification for the iraq invasion i know i know it's changed so many times that i don't even remember what the original one was but one of the many reasons was
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citing that saddam hussein had support for international terrorist groups including you guessed it and ek check out the white house policy briefing about saddam's link to terrorism says iraq shelters terrorist groups including the k which is used terrorist violence against iran in the one nine hundred seventy s. and was responsible for killing several u.s. military personnel and us civilians. i can't say i'm surprised considering how tight the us of us was to saddam during the iran iraq war hero that infamous photo of rumsfeld buddying up to the dictator. but as peculiar says this apocrypha is the most shocking part about the whole situation is when you look at what's been going on behind the scenes that's when the two tiered american justice system is really laid bare now for some context in two thousand and ten the u.s. supreme court ruled in the case holder versus humanitarian law that providing
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material support and quote a nation with a designated foreign terrorist organization is a felony punishable by fifteen years in prison american justice calls on the citizenry to surrender and submit to interrogation so it can be determined what degree of material support they provided for designated terrorists yet a wave of american leaders have a legally lined up to get their slice of the any cave bankroll for speaking on their behalf tens of thousands of dollars per speaking engagement on behalf of the emmy kate plus three travel now the list just a few of the bipartisan heard living under the veil of impunity democrats howard dean ed rendell wesley clark and lee hamilton and republicans rudy giuliani yep mr nine eleven and self the same guy who ran on fighting terrorism is getting tens of thousands of dollars from terrorist groups also tom ridge michael mccarthy and andrew card. of course average americans and in fact many muslim americans are
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terrified to donate money to muslim charities and many are charged in prison because of being accused of materially supporting terror groups yet there are zero repercussions for members of the u.s. government to accept bribes from terrorist groups now even though the enemy case off the list officials been getting paid for years to speak on their behalf and there's no retroactive immunity for them to do so in one speech newt gingrich even referred to the emmett case plate as analogous to george washington during the american revolution and said that if the u.s. is moral responsibility to advocate on their behalf really is more. responsibility of the u.s. to support a violent revolt against the democratically elected leadership of iran they break it down to any case completely illegitimate inside the country of iran and has almost no support from iranian citizens the us government is imposing a false choice between the m e k and the iranian regime while throwing the people
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of iran under the bus who desire a nonviolent peaceful solution to their country's ails now we're all comes down to is the word terrorism has become completely meaningless and is just used as political sway for whatever the government deems it useful to make its case and reality came makes a fine marionette for us had your money imposing regime change in iran but few americans actually want regime change in iran and most importantly let the iranian people decide that for themselves. or the other. oh. now i want to turn your attention to a topic viewers of breaking the set have wanted to see on the show and in the fed this past weekend protesters gathered at federal reserve banks across the us from los angeles to new york and even right here in washington d.c. congressman ron paul has been bringing awareness about the subject for decades here
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he is in two thousand and nine. process is unconstitutional there is no legal authority to operate such a monetary system. so that's the opposite. let us restore a policy of prosperity peace and liberty the time has come that's the fed but what would any in the fed really mean how would all work joining me now to discuss more is jeffrey tucker executive editor of law's a fair books hey jeffrey thanks so much for coming on the show this is surely great to be here and especially on this topic i really do get what jeffrey why is there such a strong call from protesters and some politicians alike to end the fed i think it's about it's about time you know. all of us have been watching bernanke antics since two thousand and eight and trying to make sense of them you know and it never seems
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to stop you know he gives his press conferences and people reporters asking those questions why are you doing this q e three q e two didn't work kerry one didn't work why we drive in straight zero that's the that's the very important price mechanism what how can you be pretending to be a central player what is this policy about you know once you strip away all the theoretical rationale it in the end it comes down to one thing only it's about saving the big banks from their own errors rather it's he's he's sacrificing the prosperity of this country to preserve the lives of essentially bankrupt institutions is the only possible way to understand bernanke policy despite all the theoretical rushing out of it we've got so it's really going on and i think a lot of people are beginning to intuit this and ask a fundamental question why do we need this guy why would i do that why does this guy have so much power why are we letting him get away with this in other words nobody believes and the or so it's but it's also not just bernanke i mean the fed's
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been around you know since one nine hundred thirteen but i wanted to get your take on you know what would happen if the fed did and we hear so much rhetoric and the fed and the fed audit the fed i mean how can we really trust a part of a private institution to administer an audit without real. oversight i never really understood that but what would happen if the said were to end. then banking would be a business like any other would be like your local chicken finger restaurant or the shoe store down the street or anything else that would be a commercial free market system of there would be actual competition i know it sounds crazy but there would be actually be competition and competition terms to reward excellence and service of the consumer instead of ripping off the pulp the public with with the scam monetary policies that they've been running and the rightest are just bernanke it goes all the way back but i mean printing his particularly crazy i mean paul volcker the other day you know who is fed chairman the best public best chairman we ever had a question bernanke is policy is you know why you paint twenty five basis points on
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bank process when the fed when you're worried about lending by the banks or the reason is to give the banking system a revenue flow with public expense with us that's the reason so so how can we how can we do this and what do you advocate do you advocate and in the fed tomorrow and do you think that that would cause kind of a massive depression where the state could potentially get more control seize more control i mean how can we wean ourselves off of this very i mean just on yeah i have no perfect foresight here but you know the thing is the real working under the current system is an eternity of stagnation i mean the us i mean we're suffering terribly right now i mean so if we if we bring and young people are not getting jobs and we're seeing middle class incomes being pummelled we can't save money anymore and make money in the old fashioned way i mean this is what central banking as done to us know we don't need a sense of the system a central bank in i mean a nineteenth century system of the style system would be much better but even
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there's problems there i mean you know bipedalism there are lots of pubs i would just like to see a free market and money in banks and i mean why is it considered so radical this is most of the country of free enterprise at least while people believe it to be why can't we have free enterprise and. in banking well because i guess we live in a fascist system and it's perfect to have the private and public sector kind of coalescing together but i wanted to i wanted you to go it more into q e three to wrap it up explain what this really does to the public i don't think a lot of people when they hear all this economic rhetoric they're like what what's going on here but in a way that they had a little bit but q e three means for you and you. you can't make any money by saving money you are being punished by being a saver and it means that the end siders are going to be concocting you know decades of fun at least another five years of financial scams to make up to make profits at the expense of the public i mean basically it comes out of this if you
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outlaw interest only the outlaws will make entry i mean that's that's essentially what's going on here it could mean hyperinflation i think more likely it's just going to mean a perpetuation of the stagnating system hopelessness among the continued. low job creation and small business creation and a broken banking system that doesn't work for you and me it only works for the elites and the financial insiders which the fed as a whole be dedicated to protecting and serving. i'm sorry to say that's all q e three rooms it comes down to i listen to all the rationales of this and all the theories all the keynesian demand side you know rhetoric i don't believe a word of it i mean i've done a lot of thinking about this i think it's all just it seems like it's all just designed to protect the insiders from the consequences of their failures and the mistakes of the past and a free market you shouldn't best shouldn't be going on it does seem like everything that the fed does is really just kind of pad the assets of the one percent and all
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there are all that iran's thank you so much for coming on and breaking it down in fourteen at a time jeff a-k. wonderful to be here thank you thank you. if you like you see so far go to our you tube channel at youtube dot com slashed. on the set and subscribe check our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash breaking the set give us a like i know the nature of the enter net is that haters going to hate entrails going to troll if you are the more intelligent mind and feel free to write me and let me know what you think and if you're wondering about what i'm doing or bitching about when i'm not on air follow me on twitter at abby martin let's take a break from my preaching for now but stay tuned to hear why you might have buyer's remorse for that brand new i phone five in our brain washed up day.
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mr. after almost a year of mass protests from students in quebec a new government has decided to cancel a proposed to ration hike quebec cabinet wanted to raise tuition by eighty two over a five year period the student decided that they just wouldn't allow it the first strike was initiated by one student group in february of two thousand and twelve and within just the rio months crowds as large as five hundred thousand are marching and downtown montreal and in response the government decided to invoke emergency legislation which was used to criminalize protesters and quell the scent but regardless of the harsh attempt to stifle the movement the movement prove
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persevered and join me now to break down their success along with what lessons americans can learn this code spokes person of class a jeremy i'm so sorry i'm going to butcher your name why don't you just introduce yourself. i mean as you need to be awesome to have you on so let's start talking about you know how we were able to keep this movement so strong what was the biggest success that you felt i mean how do you get such mass mobilization out there how did the movement get such mass mobilization. where it's very simple we worked on this for about two years the dramatic video noticed us in april or in may but the organization work was done much prior to much broke to the beginning a few minutes of general strike but we triggered in february over two years we managed to mobilize students around the issue of this tuition hike around broader issues such as free education and of privatization of public services and this is why the voted in such huge numbers in favor of the strike and continued to strike
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over six months. and of course the liberal government helped us by refusing repeated b. to negotiate to open even a line of communication even entering the eighth or ninth week of strike after a huge protest of hundreds of thousands of people he still refused to be us here first negotiated to negotiate on fair terms which is why the population of. the anger amongst the population mounted and this only this didn't affect students but also the broader population as it went down into the streets first in support of the students and then in defense of their democratic rights stifled by bill seventy eight which was the repressive demonstration legislation that you talked about so this is a victory of those hundreds of thousands of give back because we them students are citizens who have resisted for six months so i mean if you're saying that there's
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been a years of planning and i think you know compared to the occupy wall street movement which was very kind of impromptu. i guess what advice would you give i mean basically we're saying is that there is a lot of work a lot of legwork that we didn't necessarily see that went in to making this a success. precisely two years ago the demonstrations were not did not recruit hundreds of thousands even tens of thousands to regroup a few hundred a few thousand students. from the very this legislation to issue hike was announced two years ago and it will thousand and ten and gradually more and more students learn about the tuition hike there it's about what it amounts what's an attack it was the accessibility to education they participated to their general assemblies through a very organized system of direct democracy direct union democracy decided on
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continuing the struggle over two years until we finally got to the point where it general strike was just a fireball in the eye of so many students really does show you how much really needs to go into it and i think the occupy wall street movement and i keep comparing back here because that's what i'm familiar with but i think really strategizing organizing and regrouping it's not all about the in the street protests that really needs to be a lot of that work i wanted to actually say quote that now. naomi klein said she said this is why radical movements are mostly. them are mocked they can win. why is it that you think that protest movements like this are mocked and what do you think just about what what she said there. well i think klein has a point here. it's very important to note that our movement was extremely organized was not spontaneous reliance on elaborate democratic mechanisms
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through but union democracy i talked to you about and this is why we managed to when we had demands we did not want the end of capitalism for instance we managed to have precise aims for instance and doing this trish and i can link it to a broader context which is why we were first able to mobilize students you know numbers and then gradually the thoughts about this issue between shiite group play states in a broader context of attacks on education on public services learns about what new liberalism meant we may not have ended well as we do we did have we did and tuition hundreds and d.d.'s have been definitely a focus and really strategizing focused on a goal and you guys did it and thank you so much for coming on and kind of sharing your insight on how that all went down jeremy researched thank you very much thank you.
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now with all the fuss over apple's highly anticipated i phone five to be appropriate to talk a little bit about the slightly rotten side of apple tech toys so there's no question that apple makes beautiful products but the reality is that we have built a relationship with these gadgets by using an relying on them without question for example over the weekend close to two thousand chinese workers at apple's i phone assembly company foxconn were involved in a massive brawl over labor disputes the company employs nearly seventy nine thousand people but was forced to close its doors today while they investigate the incident. but this is only the most recent event involving the apple parts supplier the planet's face accusations in the past over dismal working conditions and mistreatment of its employees now apple's known about these problems for years take a look at what the late steve jobs had to say about the company back in two thousand and ten. so i can tell you a few things that we know. and we're we're all over this.
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foxconn is not a sweatshop you go to this place and it's a factory. but my gosh i mean they've got restaurants and movie theaters and hospitals and swimming pools and i mean it's a it's a for a factory it's a pretty nice factory but they've you know they've had if you count the attempted suicides thirteen so far this year hold on this is in two thousand and ten a report of employees having to sign suicide contracts as well as cases of underage labor continue to surface i think apple execs need to update their definition of what is so what shop is south of the suicide outbreak the solution agreed by apple and foxconn was this giant suicide nets surrounding the buildings say in latin clear kill yourself if you want just don't do it here we don't want the liability. so apple so concerned about its employees well being so worried that the challenges of monitoring the working conditions of its factories are too large because china is so far away why not bring those manufacturing jobs right back here to the united
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states who write about the employees it's about making that dollar bill now knowing all of this doesn't stop us from waiting in line for hours just to get our hands on these shiny new gadgets but would you change your mind if you thought that you're being tracked and monitored on your i phone would you still want to brand new i phone five if all that personal data that you stored wasn't private anymore well the amount of surveillance done on our smartphones might surprise you you see not only are americans being tracked on their mobile devices with pinpoint precision the mobile carriers are required by law to have this ability the f.c.c. is in nine eleven is an initiative requires mobile companies to be able to find our locations to within one hundred meters at all times so as long as you've got one of these in your pocket someone will always know where you are here take a look at this i phone five apple ad that they didn't want you to see. me think of your i phone you probably think screw diamond i phone is a girl's best friend it's with you literally everywhere you go i accidently left my
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phone at home once and it literally felt like i was naked the rest of the day literally the new i phone is thinner and longer than the other one so i guess it's better i phone is ingenuity i phone has this sleek unibody design meaning that there's no easy way to remove the battery so given current government surveillance technology it wouldn't even be a problem for a third party to just watch listen and track your every move not everyone is aware of the overreaching applications of the patriot act or the public data mining of your information with programs like trap wire but everyone has an i phone apple is also the most bad ass company in the world forty six billion dollars in the last quarter yo us child labor laws don't apply in china suicide that apple parts supplier foxconn. i've actually gone down marginally since they put up those fish net things around the room you know to catch people when they throw themselves off apple is pretty much awesome i phone five it's on you at all times i just assume
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you're being watched ok so it's a parody of video but what we're saying is true these products are so integrated in our lives we still make if we leave the house without them and i'm guilty of it too we have to realize that our desire to always have the latest phone with even more of a dance features has a high price tag how do i phone with the what all the time with anonyma of all battery is not about ascetics it's about ensuring that the microphone microphone and camera on your mobile device can always be activated when your phone is off we live in a society where we're constantly barraged with the structures and entertainment and as consumers we feel like we need these things otherwise we just aren't cool i don't have thousands lined up to help their fellow humans instead of lining up to buy stuff look in horror dick into our phones but try leaving the house without it one day go explore nature and get connected to what really matters in life remember there's a whole world outside of that screen. morning
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news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images cobol has been seeing from the streets of china dashed. chinese corporations are all day.


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