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tv   [untitled]    September 25, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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you're burning against your neighbor understand that you are good people because if you want to become. then you do something i did by common consensus which was not going to be possible or we could start this that. it is. the friends of america and the enemy of america but it is to be so you don't want to be a friend of the united states but you can become a parking lot and then we could cope with knowing fully ready. to be you would have to do it differently well yes because at this point like you said being united states acting is often around pakistani government i mean today pakistan lives with the fact that the u.s. delivers drone strikes. that kill actually not only terrorists but innocent
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civilians. one american silliman a lot of your government wasn't really warned about it either in advance it really outrageous a lot of people in pakistan. why i put up with it now yes that's a very good question. what a military man is a. roof i. know intensity conflict that means both the united states and pakistan. war against each other a lot of people go for people from outside who go across connecticut from the drones and other people some of the people sponsor come in so that is one type of conflict that region is featured diverse thing was we carried out certain actions against. the nerd happens i suppose this is the deserve this is the punishment that peers inflicted upon you. when
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a sum of bin laden was eliminated that was like a huge deal do you think that it has actually moved the war on terror closer to its errant or it was it just another battle in a protracted war another very good question because waterbed of i said i do not make this trip another if you. will it's a known name or to be you find an enemy it could be the soviet. motto it is for political islam. and now it is the god above all to get events and parties or do to other been a mode of the. bugs even of the new vehicle so it would go on the. enemies. so that it can for the role. because of number of reasons but essentially because
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sometimes wore suits. it helps. people make certain that. the end result is a different thing but as of now as we stand today i know it's almost in order and was certainly not mean but do you think that his place right now is up for grabs could someone else take his place it does not have to be able to we can talk of the voting for example we can talk of a country for way. we can talk of presently we are talking from the human can say the mean any mean. you can believe it. so you really do find a new. hillary clinton actually acknowledge that united states along with pakistan created a terrorist poor. that they're fighting right now in that region in afghanistan and
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pakistan of course back then it was done in order to fight soviet troops that were present in afghanistan but then they left and america sort of western and pakistan was left alone to five of those two hot forces that actually turned into taliban now you where they had. in the early ninety's what should have been done and wasn't done in order to prevent this this is. the fact. that it was not like you see it this. weekend or commanded more than upon a stump whatever. it was. that is going to i have been there to get. it right. because we left that strong and all the force in the region in grouping but in a room. relations speak. because.
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go to bed is not the point as long as you have. one speech. and this is true but. on the neighboring country to. cancel is something i'm not asking if pakistan is to blame for the rise of militant islamic movement in the region first to fight the troops of soviet union and american troops but have these movements actually sort of played a role in ensuring that countries like pakistan and afghanistan remain independent because you see whoever goes in those countries they are not just facing conventional army they're facing these militant groups that they simply aren't able to defeat. if you hold your policies. resistance groups some of them. when hit back most of them simply disgruntled group
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rather than centrally enough want to start out in back of this just happened. and they can sometimes. i do them for good paying for peace. is it true that a part of pakistani elite actually believe that terrorists are a useful tool and they will never be eliminated from the lowest areas on the border of pakistan and afghanistan though you didn't hear one of the problems they don't believe that you should be elite couldn't stand and do not like them very much frankly because these sorts of so many of these groups coming up and picking on european or one or the other they have certain bebe and cece but considering that. if big and resists the. united states of america can be findable when it's.
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not but certain organs of the state again find them. that's the read these gave doggedly. eliminating them later on now the purpose of this for recruitment is gone or america is gone and all of the water in kashmir would accept accept there is another there certainly is a challenge to create certain resistance groups and be a drone if satisfied or if you have grown out of your own size. which is called be frankenstein monster syndrome then they can get back to you but that's almost an inevitable cycle that explains what future do you foresee for afghanistan could taliban fail in the power vacuum after the us that coalition with the us from the region in one ear or so the longer to. become more but the longer the coalition is there the good lord roast. two thousand and.
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one or two thousand and two. for. the two guys plays goldman and should be appropriate to become part of the mainstream after all the punishment has to be at least again it will be at that time if not because it is human do not stage was beaten they said no we don't want in the last twenty years have seen that you have grown from strength to strength you've got more support amongst the people . so my point is. they will become stronger. they've really become stronger if they vote but. when the peace comes and that is upon the sun again. becomes the what is shared by all the state workers or the group rather. than the answer because. a lot of us
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and so that becomes a government of consensus no one group. and they disappeared one can say because one billion or two were in fact. before the american invasion some of those i believe their. support will only last in the history of the country to fight will be to move on because the thought of money do not fit your. classic. upon rooting for us there on me thank you very much for this interview. thank you. lose it is that takes your breath away a few tourists travel to these parts no prepackaged confort but they joy is the while these guaranteed guineas a zoology. professor he works in the u.s.
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and travels to these remote areas in washington every summer as he says he confines untouched landscapes like this anywhere else in the world. we're going off the list below sea line. if i go wrong the wrong and surprise you will go straight to the water and so we did our plan to get closer to the sea lion and shake its flipper field. one animal whose par you definitely wouldn't want to shake here is the brown bear you can literally spot a grizzly here by every small weaver. where the bears are they have a very good sense of well the super will have to keep an eye a wind direction and the best of them. so we won't go to shell people required. and
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quiet we went but the wind was not on our side and the bear got away they're usually the first to avoid contact with humans but during spawning time when both people and bears go fishing people often shoot at them to scare them away and every year here in the region you hear about someone being killed by the predators. but at the mugger down nature reserve where we are no one disturbs the bears peanuts another local resident to haiti's peace being disturbed here is the howlers sea eagle in has a wingspan of two and a half meters ignace only here in washington far east because of the bundles of salmon and sea gulls which feed the giant bird in his studies if gainey focuses on birds so he took me to one of his favorite places here the mara island it has the biggest colony of seagulls in the region and the climb up was tough.
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but the prize was worth it. if there was no security here it would go resold to go you'll have tons of people coming here now just to get some for only on the beach here nothing is guaranteed you have to struggle to get a piece of bread there is nothing really all you can quiet oprah did you have to rely on yourself and go watch your back so you know it was a bear so we're going to have to be the fish well for it. maybe for the wildlife here the lack of physical years is for the better but when you stand on top of phenomenal and like this you just cantelupe wanting to share the beauty.
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the french invasion of russia has started again after two hundred years up at the. sub jet the emperor of the polio has arrived from overseas to lead the army i have to really take my time to prepare myself to get it right i know we. bloody bottle near moscow is going to start over. james brown will reveal the victor the soldiers are back to do it all again. but you know version twenty twelve on r.t.e.
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good laboratory was able to build a new most sophisticated robot. tim's mission to teach me. to care about humans and. this is why you should care only. high flyers on go second in the russian premier league after a narrow win over a. bust. and developing story here on r.t.e. a water cannon battle rupp's near a disputed islands in the east china sea after some forty taiwanese vessels move in on the territory only to be forced into retreat by japanese patrol vessels. iranian president delivers
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a fiery speech at the un general sandwiched using israel of illegally possessing nuclear stockpiles and occupying palestine while he also attacks the us for always siding with a jewish state. and fighting fire with fire a provocative anti islam in the ad makes its debut on the new york subway in a move that could inflame anti-american protests in the muslim world even more. now more news on g n n do sports update stay with us. thanks for watching and these are the headlines high flyers and gigo second in the russian premier league after a narrow win over. dave you probably that suit makes a winning start and they carry a challenge to scar than i have on god. and back in the ring boxing heavyweight
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champion the tally klitschko says he isn't going to retire after all. but before that fifth matches in the russian cup have got underway on a day where three first division teams are hosting premier league opposition and there is an upset on the cards and they down car by a goal to nil but half time approaching in that one defender robert money and the score the winners will go through to the last sixteen of the competition and latest any to head to the sea port city of cleaning grad to face baltic or do you say with that midfield ego denise of striker alexander could go off the pad for a second game in a row after threatening to go on strike in the other gang territory for the russian premier league spot now a chip. meanwhile angy manager has praised his side after that one now when i read lanyard to move them up to second in the russian premier league it was the fourth straight victory for the side from dagestan was decided by an early strike from the
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seniors through are a great one to learn who had their chance to get back into the gang hitting the woodwork twice but angie how long to go within a point of league leaders to your sky manager hiddink had this to say about his team before. i expect the difficult game because we know. we know the commitment of. the forward deployed we have a very busy schedule and very difficult to play with a lot. emotion there but i think we you know we managed. to get an early goal and from there on it was a good game for us. so quick look at the top of the table shows you to sky are the teams to catch but angie have almost done that with their latest picture and it's very tight up their luck my teeth are only two points off the summit himself as are defending champions uneaten spartak our feet and six respectively after playing nine. feldspar it's domestic and european aspirations have suffered
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a massive blow brazilian international rule witnessed the entire season after suffering a knee injury in sunday's three one win over all stuff the twenty two year old tearing ligaments in the eighty fifth minute the london olympic silver medalist to go through your money manager is a man well what are they also suffered enough in this game the lightning to be out for months rouleau scored inspired x. three two loss against barcelona in their champions league match last week and the red and whites were taken celtic in their next european cup encounter on october the second. now hockey star power that seeks says he's looking forward to starting a new chapter in his career after switching to the k h l during the n.h.l. lockout the center helped his side his new site iska moscow get a one zero win over guard on sunday night and afterwards spoke with marty's richard paul flicked. the n.h.l. sloss became. the north american league in lockdown following
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a paid dispute between the team owners and players so the world's top talent has descended on russia to get a game and see a scramble school have got one of the gems with public that sort joining is one of the best two way centers in the world and it's a delight to play back in russia and especially for a team of so much history and so it will again the article of all those of us love . is a slick and dirty harkey. it's kind of one of the. it's the most one of the me in that high i.q. and i can feel it are the most fair and the like are all there when you celebrate each other so everything that's all glass played in russia during the two thousand and four two thousand and five lockouts he didn't get as much ice time as his used to be n.h.l. did show dem says of some of his trademark skill and work tirelessly for the team cause says carr fans can expect much more from him a season prices and a thirty four year old says it did take
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a bit of time for him to get used to playing for his new club it's another of the benefits for the game it's a lot of pressure a lot of preparation and the third game it's taking a little bit. special of her spirit with what it's a game of this whole game tired one score a lot of pressure but now i don't have a loss now i can think about it and we need to be right in russia how have you been in moscow for our whole summer. waging wars happen and. i just changed the city it's a tough place to me but it's a new team new new cd new buildings and your fan looks like everything you. made me a war witness told me before turning production can't concede a football career and is still a massive fan of the game however he did seem to forget which sport he was playing when he decided to school with his head football and cycling what you're saying but
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in the. truce between hiking but i'm still in a place and some of them with friends enjoyed is a good game it's a very very good hitter school yeah but there's a good thing whether it's and i think that's kind of disappointing i think when you change it also. in the end it didn't matter of about gold didn't care and it's a serious car hang on for one deal win against god almighty and it's an exciting time for cage hellfire and as for the likes of bats i only like to get better as the season progresses richard d'arcy moscow. elsewhere in the f.t. he makes up for the second loss in a row absolutely flashed at home by metal. seven to a metal exhibit i mean scored the only goal of the first period after a nice assist getting malkin and in the second just in hodgman made it to neil lefty he did pull one back through. the law. but after that let alone went into
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overdrive grabbing five more and beliefs in coming away with grace. now twenty four hours after appearing to quit the sport boxing's heavyweight champion victor li klitschko says he intends to fight on at a press conference and on yet the forty one year old had suggested he wanted to focus on a career in politics but after many took that to mean he's retiring the ukrainian has now insisted he was misunderstood stating on his facebook page there is no talk about the end of my career i'm sorry if i didn't put enough emphasis on this at the news conference while he retained his w.b.c. world heavyweight title earlier this month the feeding man more charge in moscow his younger brother vladimir is the undisputed heavyweight champion no holding the three other title belt. in tennis world number two maria sharapova is in a real tussle at the moment with britain's heather watson in tokyo the pair and now in a deciding set where she wrap of it by four and serving for the match the russian had
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to come back from a set down after losing the open on a tie break early a fellow russian and the public chunk of a loss of the seven seed lee now in three sets not even is through to the second round though after beating simona halep remain your fourth seed because the to vote did suffer a shock exceeded the hand remark teacher from croatia. there you are marion bartoli was also among those enjoying an easy path leads to the second round she threw the first set against crowd favorite can we call it a groom six one. forty two later this month but the light here you see the second set was still lost. that six for san bartoli into the second. another nice the west indies are free to the super eight stage of cricket twenty twenty world cup at the expense of either in the team's match in colombo was abandoned to terrain and that sent the west indies through on a superior run rate ireland skipper will import a failed was out on the very first ball there from fiddle edwards but his side went
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on to make a rain interrupted hundred twenty nine percent of one thousand nine hundred before the heavens well and truly opened and the match was then abandoned the windy and windy said i looking forward to facing england on thursday for a place in the semi while the irish are reflecting on their bad luck. england is different than champions and you know we're not on. anybody and you know the give the award we want to try to maintain the caribbean where we can. we just have to go down and ball properly and execute our plans to them hopefully was. a good part but also. i. think everybody was called on to paul who would have a big part to play the game against england and moving forward that's it disappointing
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is not loving and. played six months back in england this summer and we had as much rain as anything else it's just been a frustrating year term in terms of well or even you can get big tournaments you don't want to well i did play a part but there's there's not a lot of it's not in anyone's control as far as players so it's just one of those things you've got to get on board and that's all time what's all the time you've got at the moment for the sport more though later on.
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