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is that so much. we believe is the israeli lobby in the us to what degree does your documentary. what about the rift that now divides. here's a man who knows how to stir up controversy and wiki leaks founder julian assange is destined to send the cyber world buzzing yet again this time when he addresses the u.n. general assembly via video he'll be speaking live at any moment that coverage coming up. good evening it is wednesday september twenty sixth it's seven pm here in washington d.c.
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i'm christine for zero in you're watching our team. well it's day two of the u.n. general assembly in new york and already it's been jam packed full of world leaders putting forth their thoughts and ideas about international issues and policy coming up any moment now wiki leaks co-founder julian a song and is expected to speak via video link at the event strengthening human rights this event is hosted by our producer and foreign minister ricardo patino or has of course granted us on asylum though he's been holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london for months now as he tries to figure out a way to leave the u.k. without being arrested songe is wanted for questioning in sweden on allegations of sexual assault now as we wait for this speech which we do plan to bring you live as it happens any moment now we want to talk about the latest in his case and what he might bring up in this evening in his talk for more on that i was joined earlier by kevin got stolen blogger for firedoglake and he talked about the significance of tonight's speech. the significance is that he's going to the international
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community to recruit support and i think to perhaps get others in the international community to lobby for him pressure on the united kingdom on sweden maybe even on the united states to favor or to go ahead and support having safe passage or to ecuador now that the topic of the event that he's going to be speaking at is called strengthening human rights any ideas on sort of specifically what he might be focused on do you think you'll be extra critical of the u.s. . i mean with the foreign minister ricardo patino is there to present some of these ideas and thoughts that assad has and also with the lawyer from the center for constitutional rights or some of those people are part of the
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wiki leaks legal team i think that you're going to hear discussion about how accurate or strengthening the rights of refugees and that's been a key thing of granting asylum it is that they are allowing people and they believe that refugees have a right to settle or go or i think there's also going to be discussion about the importance of whistleblowers and transparency and i think that you'll see a son doing what he did when he was on the balcony at the ecuador embassy in the united kingdom and shine a light on the united states war on whistle blowing which is very much a target wiki leaks organization has been in the crosshairs of this for. and let's not under play this cabin i mean this is a huge stage for anyone this is where president obama spoke yesterday president of iran and egypt smoke today for julian assange to be speaking here i mean if you say you're hoping that he's going to recruit that you think he's hoping that he's going to recruit some support for his case do you think he'll be successful in that.
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i think i mean there's going to be a dual opportunity that the science has i mean it says that he's going to get many people in the world who have done of the of this information that has been revealed let's not doubt the fact that leaders of these countries that got the doing behind closed doors had some kind of benefit in their policy making in the way that they want about diplomatic relations i think it definitely gave people in other countries an edge in diplomatic conversations with the united states but also just meant that there may be some more to speech in that it could be talking about freedom talking about transparency talking about these different causes issues taken up that there could be well there's some part of the just out there for him to get safe passage that he would also be using the platform to talk about these
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issues and i should say you know wiki leaks today sort of posted today's planned speech as an excuse to post sort of where julian assange is right now what's led up to the situation that he's in and as we know you know where he has shown this there's been a coordinated effort by the u.s. by several other countries to investigate wiki leaks as well as a science himself really quick kevin i want to play a part of a news conference with attorney general eric holder from two years ago we have a very serious criminal investigation that's underway and we're looking at all the things we can do to. try to still missing from each. so obviously kevin attorney general holder not being too specific and that hasn't changed today but what are your thoughts you know for those naysayers who still say asuncion just go to sweden and answer the calls for questioning and everything will be fine. well first people should understand that ecuador isn't negating the
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reality that sweden has a case against the son and that perhaps he should be brought to the country in fact the latest development is that there is a conversation going on in the background about what if we could fly a songe to our ecuador embassy in sweden and he could be questioned our embassy in sweden the ecuadorian embassy in sweden and so this is something that people should let go of because the ecuador country hasn't thought that a son should answer to whatever swedes wants and so the concern is that in sweden he would be moved on to the united states and so the really the reality is that united states has kept this cloud of investigation over the organization ever since the major leaks and twenty times and that this is going to continue to hover over us. and that i think that's the purpose partially maybe there won't ever be
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indictments but to continue to persecute the organization for publishing this information and the target individuals like jacob apple on wiki leaks volunteer artichoke target david house one of manning's friends before he was arrested and imprisoned this is something that the united states going to continue to do and people who have ties to wiki leaks organization will come under sort of scrutiny we have about thirty seconds left kevin but i want to ask you know with a lot of speakers augmentin a jot it happened with him every year that diplomats walk out of the room i know the canadian delegation did it when he spoke today do you think that will see anything like this when assigned a video link pops up that people will walk out of the room. you know i doubt it i don't see that there's any sort of stakes out there where any of these countries have to do anything like this right having done so and longer for firedoglake. once again you're watching r t we're getting ready to show you live coverage of giuliana
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songe speaking via video chat to the u.n. general assembly now what we've been listening to what's been happening up into this point is ecuadorian foreign minister ricardo patino he has been speaking at an event called strengthening human rights has said a number of things in getting ready to introduce julian assange he wanted to make it very clear to those listening that ecuador and the government of agra door has no intention of interfering with the do just judicial process excuse me as we've said before julian assange is wanted for questioning in sweden to answer to allegations he has not been charged but he's wanted to answer in questioning on sexual assault charges now julian a songe holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london since mid june has invited people from sweden the authorities there to come to where he is to question him there they have refused so far julian assange and as we just mentioned in that interview with kevin has said he fears that once he gets to sweden if you were to
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go there that he would then be extradited to the united states clearly attorney general holder has made no secret that there is an investigation into his son into wiki leaks though not a whole lot of details have come out about that no these are julian of songes fears and as kevin mentioned this is what he plans most likely to speak about tonight again up until this point for the last several minutes it has been ecuadorian foreign minister ricardo patino in addition to saying he has no intention of getting in the way of the judicial process of sweden he says he also is not trying to get in the way of the u.s. the u.k. of australia he says that he is simply trying to. lead by example in the department of human rights as we know it was about a month and a half ago that julian assad was offered asylum in ecuador but the problem he faces right now is again. and he's been holed up in this embassy in london is that he's
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been told that if he leaves the embassy that he will be arrested so julian assange has had no way out there's been talk that perhaps he could leave london and go to the ecuadorian embassy in sweden for that questioning and then could then leave could leave after that to ecuador that is not happening so a whole lot of questions but all of this revolves around the big elephant in the room which is an elephant in julian assange and he and his supporters have made it very clear that they fear facing charges in the u.s. so once he gets here something new to report tonight as well this is according to the sydney morning herald. basically declassified documents were released because of a freedom of information request and in those declassified documents coming from the u.s. air force counterintelligence basically that the u.s. has declared julian a songe and to wiki leaks enemies of the state so what does this mean well if
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you're in the u.s. military this means that you will not be able to communicate with joyner songe nor will you be able to support we keep leaks without facing. a military military charges a crime that carries the maximum sentence of death again that's according to the australian newspaper the sydney morrow morning herald i'm just out today that assad has been declared designated if you will an enemy of the state so these are significant developments in terms of the fate of julian of songe what will happen next with him right now again we're just waiting for him to speak he's planning to do that via video chat from where he's been for the last several months since mid june living eating spending all his time inside of the ecuadorian embassy in london so once again we have been listening to ecuadorian foreign minister ricardo. teano and we're going to tell you much more what happens as you
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know our t.v. has been covering not only the case of julian assange but also the case of bradley manning the alleged whistleblower who shared that information with wiki leaks in the first place he has been behind bars for eight hundred something days now i believe it is remember the first nine months for bradley manning he was in solitary confinement confinement the u.n. special wrapper tour on torture has been wanting to meet with bradley manning but has not been allowed to so that's been a whole. other story so we've got bradley manning that we've got that a whole lot of questions about whistleblowers and soon we do believe that we'll be bringing you the video of julian and songes speaking to the u.n. general assembly we promised to bring it live are sort of just waiting for that to happen now. but as far as the u.n. general assembly goes well we'll kind of switch gears for
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a second here one of the speakers today egypt's president mohamed morsi another one iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad and he spoke as usual about a whole lot of things including the failed system of capitalism and all the conflicts going on around the world and he was critical not surprisingly of the united states and its allies meanwhile ahmadinejad government right now in the midst of carrying out a plan to severely limit the use of internet in iran and this would block google and it would create its own domestic internet network this is interesting for a whole lot of reasons one being that it was iranian hackers who were allegedly behind several hack attacks a big banks here in the united states as according to an investigation by reuters now iranian hackers apparently conducted multiple denial of service attacks of websites of big banks we're talking bank of america j.p. morgan chase citi group during the last year now let's speak a little more broadly about some of the repercussions of what's happening in iran
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and what the threat of cyber security attacks by iran mean in the u.s. ten cars a senior director of strategy and free press and he joined me just a little earlier. well i mean it's it's interesting to note that you know the first real or first well known instance of a cyber security threat actually occurred when when we hacked into an iranian system in the united states placed a worm in their nuclear facilities they. disrupted their centrifuges and so so this does have precedence and so it is playing out you know iran is coming after us there is of course this video which has inspired instances of censorship in pakistan is shut down you tube iran is now shutting down google and other other means for people to get access to this so this is all playing out and it's been playing out over several years now i think it really became heightened during the arab spring when we saw a lot of people using the internet for political purposes as far as apparent hack
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attacks on the financial sector apparently those behind it say they carried it out in retaliation for sanctions put on iran to what extent do we think that this could continue more hack attacks from iran. i'm not sure that we're dead it is as serious a threat as a threat coming from other places i think you'll see in the united states that the president is weighing in executive order that would give the administration more control over what they call critical infrastructure to shut down systems in case of a. cyber attack and i think what the real concern there is is is with iran to some extent but also with china china has there been several is as it were chinese hackers have gotten into the systems into government systems and so there is this this notion that cyber security threats are coming from all sectors right now and and the fear is that our government will overreact in putting down clamps on the
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internet taking control of what they call critical infrastructure like the network whenever there is this perceived threat from the outside in and we have to make sure. that they're telling us the truth that these threats are real because the internet is an important tool for people to do good things as well absolutely and you bring up this executive order certainly parts of this coming from the president's office has been released or leaked out and the reason for it of course is because congress has not been able to pass any legislation dealing with cyber security they almost gone through so but people are earlier this year of course got voted down after several major web sites like wikipedia stage internet blackout that really got people angry. certainly it also has made lawmakers like senator joe lieberman come out even stronger than before in favor of the need for immediate cybersecurity legislation i want to show you a letter that he wrote to president obama just this week he says the danger is real and intimate in the event yet we have not acted to defend against it he says we
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know are and for adversaries are already stealing value valuable intellectual property and exploiting our critical infrastructure those systems that control things like water electricity transportation finance and communications therefore urging. you're executive authority to the maximum extent possible and to defend the nation from cyber attack i think you bring up a really good point tim that that we don't know everything that's in you know the executive order here and that it's possible it could go too far what are people like you and others you know in the cyber communities around the united states what are what are your concerns or are concerns are exactly that that it will go too far and cut into our civil liberties in and censor speech and and and make the internet massive surveillance system that could be shut down on a whim and so so there have been a number of times there was kill switch legislation which which had been proposed.
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could never actually made it to the floor that was killed in a fewer of controversy and outcry from the internet freedom community and then you as you mentioned we had the people in sopa legislation which was which was killed as well there has a there is a bill called cispa cyber information sharing and protection act which has passed through the house senator lieberman has a senate version that the white house seems to support i don't think we're going to moving anytime soon especially given the political climate with the elections coming up but there is a real interest in washington in among society very powerful cyber security industry to push this kind of legislation forward so that allows them to take greater control of the internet and importantly to kind of profit from the sort of government contracts that would come out of a heightened level of cyber security and when you talk about the the fear being heightened as well i want to put up on the screen for you from the financial services sector they now have sort of
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a threat level that there that they put on their website and you know the cyber threat levels you know they're showing it and you know in some cases i think this week it was elevated or even up to high so it's really interesting i remember. back in the days after nine eleven we used to do this around washington d.c. you know the threat level today and how it's different now we're talking about cyber threat levels. it's just really interesting because that is something that could get people sort of riled up and perhaps even enough to rally behind more stricter legislation but let me switch gears to him and talk about the future of the internet and the question which is a question a lot of people want to know is who will government the u.s. made pretty clear this week that it would not surrender control of the internet to a united nations agency but how do we move forward here how do world leaders sort of navigate this question well. we're bringing you live coverage of julian us on just speaking via video chat to the u.n.
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general assembly michael a fifty nine days without charge i am free in the most basic and important sense i am free to speak my mind this freedom exists because a nation of a crude oil has granted me political asylum and other nations have rallied to support its decisions they needed because of article nineteen of the united nations universal declaration on human rights that wiki leaks has been able to receive and in part information through any media and any medium regardless of front. and because about equal fourteen point one of the universal declaration of human rights which change tryon the right to seek asylum from persecution and the nine hundred fifty one refugee convention and all the conventions produced by the united
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nations that i am able to be protected along with others from political persecution . that is saying. to the united nations that i am able to exercise in this case my in alienable right to seek protection from this arbitrary and excessive action taken by governments against me and the staff and supporters of my organization. this because of the absolute prohibition on torture and tried in customary international law and the un convention against torture that we stand firmly to denounce torture and war crimes as an organization regardless of who the perpetrators are. i would like to think the courtesy afforded to me by the government of ecuador in
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providing me the space here today to speak once again at the un in circumstances very different to my intervention in the universal erotic review in geneva in two thousand and ten. almost two years ago there today i spoke about our work uncovering the torture and killing of over one hundred thousand iraqi citizens but today i want to tell you an american story and i want to tell you the story of a young american soldier in iraq the soldier was buried in quezon oklahoma to a welsh mother and to a u.s. navy father his parents fell in love his father was stationed at the u.s. military base in wales. the soldier showed early promise as a boy winning top prizes at science phase three in a road he believed in the truth and like all of us he hated hypocrisy he believed
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in liberty and the right for all of us to pursue it and happiness he believed in the bally's that founded an independent united states. he believed in madison he believed in jefferson and he believed in pain so like many teenagers he was unsure what to do with his life but he knew he wanted to defend his country and he wanted to learn about the world he hated the u.s. military and life his father trained as an intelligence analyst in late two thousand and nine aged twenty one he was deployed to iraq there it is alleged he saw a u.s. military they did not often follow the rule of law and in fact engaged in murder and supported political corruption it is alleged it was there in
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baghdad in two thousand and ten that he gave to wiki leaks he gave to me and it is alleged he gave to the world details that expose the torture of iraqis the murder of journalists and they detailed records of over one hundred twenty thousand civilian killings in iraq and in afghanistan. he's asked are alleged to have given wiki leaks two hundred fifty one thousand u.s. diplomatic cables which then went on to help trigger the arab spring. this young soldier's name is bradley manning allegedly betrayed by an informer he was in the imprisoned in baghdad imprisoned in kuwait and imprisoned in virginia where he was kept for nine months in isolation and subject to severe abuse the un special rapporteur for torture one mendez investigated and finally found against
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the united states. hillary clinton spokesman resigned bradley manning science fair all star soldier and patriot was degraded abused and psychologically tortured by his own government. he was charged with a death penalty offense these things happened to him as the u.s. government tried to break him to force him to testify against wiki leaks and me as i am today bradley manning has been detained without trial for eight hundred and fifty six days the legal maximum in the u.s. military is one hundred twenty days the u.s. is ministration in trying to erect a national regime of secrecy a national regime of obfuscation and regime way any government employee revealing
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sensitive information to a media organization can be sentenced to death life imprisonment or espionage and journalists from the media organization was of. we should not underestimate the scale of the investigation which has happened in to wiki leaks i only wish i could say that bradley manning was the only victim of this situation but the assault on wiki leaks in relation to that matter and others has produced investigation that a strain diplomats say is without precedent in its scale and nature that the u.s. government cold a whole all government investigation those government agencies identified so far as a matter of public record having being involved in this investigation include the
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department of defense centcom south com the defense intelligence agency the u.s. army criminal investigation division united states forces in iraq the first division the u.s. . computer in crimes investigative unit the safety i use the second army cyber command. and within that three separate intelligence investigations the department of justice most significantly and its u.s. grand jury in alexandria virginia the federal bureau of investigation which now has according to court testimony early this year produced a file of forty two thousand one hundred and thirty five pages into wiki leaks which less than eight thousand concerned bradley manning the department of state
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the department of state diplomatic security services in addition we have been investigated by the office of the director general of national intelligence the o. d.n.i. the office of the national counterintelligence executive the central intelligence agency the house oversight committee the national security staff into agent to me agency committee and the p i a the president intelligence the president intelligence advisory board. the department of justice spokesperson jane parade confirmed in july of two thousand and twelve for the pardon of justice investigation into recently is ongoing. so it's all. barack obama's fine words yesterday and there were many of them fine words it is his administration that boasts on his campaign web site of criminalizing more speech than oral previous presidents combined i'm reminded of the
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fray the audacity of hope. who can say that the president of the united states is not or dayshift was not or that city for the united states government to take credit for the last two years of progress was it not or davis for him to say on tuesday the united states supported the forces of change in the arab spring to new zealand history did not begin in december two thousand and ten and mohammed birdsey did not set himself on fire barack obama quickly re-elected his death was an element of the despair he had to endure under the benelli regime the world knew after reading wiki leaks publications that banality and its government had for long is enjoyed the indifference if not the support of the.


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