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tv   [untitled]    September 27, 2012 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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it's of course the american anti-missile defense system we're hearing about the united nations united states plans to actually feel it's an early warning radar in south japan and at the same time russia is increasingly worried about you know if states plans to enhance its missile defense capabilities in europe do you think that china and russia could maybe come up with a joint reaction to this plan or each country should deal with that on their own yard sort of this is the question to your foreign minister read that china and russia can join together to. make a difference the system. he didn't give me a direct answer may be a lot of obstacles on the way for china and russia to call pretty in this regard for them political obstacles and the technical people is i don't think at this
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moment the two countries major to raise no preferred to share of the. information the data you know. maybe in russia would like to show that you formation with the united states because if you have a start treaty but i think russia and china are facing the same challenge the missile defense project you know started twenty years ago twenty years ago actually . for your country of russia of chinese is a really a bad program which we all are destroying of the strategy you can display stability and power that's how far you think you know it states is willing to go in confronting both russia and china in this issue. i think. by the united states from the two sides you know russia and china you know. in the same continent. no eraser continent and from the europe aside to be
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deployed to the. system you know the european countries and asia pacific region other side of the eurasian continent they deployed a different system you know alaska deployed to the defense systems in japan and south korea and even china taiwan so. the eurasian continent you know actually the big powers russia and china. in the eyes of the united states nowadays a major challenge in china g.'s you know for their security so this time. the united states just tried to contain the two countries of course france is not only a military project i've been political you know project he's also a technical project so this time. i don't think of these two that is
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a good good per project for. international relations at this moment you know the economic crisis in here is another huge topic that has actually really got to everyone and round and it has also undermined china's demand in chinese exports to many chinese export but on the other hand it's an opportunity for the chinese to invest so maybe could this for you this crisis be more of an opportunity than a problem are the chinese attitude to word the european crises i mean financial crisis has been very cautious you know. there are a lot of us i mean there are signs of workshop and a lot of ideas whether china shoot you know financial support economic support to be. a free nation of crises especially the european countries but i think. so far the chinese government has
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been very cautious through these you know ideas i can give you another example you know the trade we neighboring countries with japan you know we are now suffering the i don't dispute you know during the previous year but the choice between the two countries theory increasing the u.n. today on the back of this crisis when everyone's talking about a possible recession in european economy you hear people talk more and more about the fact that russia needs to turn to words to at this point so if that was to happen if russia was where to turn itself toward china. how would that change the very face of the russian chinese relationship if were to forge that economic time china actually has been the engine of ward economy at
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least for for thirty years so i think your policy to word asia pacific region especially toward china is a good choice you know in economic cooperation and trade and we are being a bit too country that we are neighbor. not so good you know economy you know we we trade with japan and we also nations increase very fast about i think sino russian you know you cannot make the relations. that relations of the trade with japan and we are nice and so we have much room to do more call pretty soon these regarding economy trade two questions what's going to happen in china one day new president takes office next spring chinese vice president xi. to replace china's president. right now who jintao and that's going to be
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a generational change how schools do you think the whole transition will be actually this year is a power transition year in the war not on not only in china we are going to have the. congress in the conference. next to mine so the power transmission i think china we're not affect our policy our strategy and. focus our attention to develop the economy to have a good neighbor who we all the neighboring countries and to have a stable relations with a large country with the united states and with european countries so i think. when when he takes office you know next year i'm sure he will continue our policy no change no fundamental change for his policy but still he's considered to be
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a reformer and more open to the west than his predecessor i think his daughter is ailing studying hard words he did nothing there is going to be a new balance in china's foreign policy under his presidency i'm sure this should be reform not only to me you know actually during the previous thirty years we have focused our attention on economy but i think. my pretty to have some reform and opening up here in china's politics you know may be you know. a servant. of the ministries you know. we various nebel from the central government to the local government. and more democracy for the you know for the audience of people i'm sure when he came into the office and the new president of a. then there should be reforms not only economy but also in poverty in
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a democracy. thank you very much for this interview you're welcome. tucked in between the russian mainland japan and the suckling island is the island of minute on named after french seafarer who discovered it it is described as the pride of the sakhalin region we'll take a look at what's in store for us here. until two thousand and four the island was part of the boarders own and was completely restricted to visit to know this picture place is open to tourists unique plants and animals are its top attraction.
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to be has been exploring the deaths of the world seas for several decades but it's here at more your own island where he has finally found what he'd been looking for . the water here is very clear the visibility is very good and the underwater world here is extremely rich i've been to many diving locations across the planet including the island of bali on top of my list while some go to the cycling region to enjoy the sights others convert the islands nature's riches into a healthy dollar it is home to the biggest seafood processing factory in russia the tonight shock hundreds of thousands of tons of fish get caught in the nets too late to produce delicious salamon caviar almost unnecessary attribute of anything in russia the owner of the enterprise says a good fishing season can bring in more than a hundred million dollars net profit. and to a large extent this is old to do what succulent offers environmentally the tonight
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show operates in only and natural habitat and mild climate unique natural sights and delicious seafood succulent can all for a diverse holiday for those who are not afraid to travel ten thousand kilometers from europe the. question is whether this distant land would ever be able to become a major tourist destination. an issue free credit cation free. for charges free. range and free. three stooges free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free media r.t. dot com. the friendship asian of russia has started again after two hundred years up at the
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. sub jet the emperor in a podium has arrived from overseas to lead the army i have to really take my time to prepare myself to get it right i know. the bloody battle near moscow is going to start over. james brown will reveal the victor the soldiers are back to do it all again. but you know version twenty plus r.t. .
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he won't come to the playfish of course with me bird you can catch both of the premier maritime aviation show of the summer check out a whole family of russian engineering feats that let ships truly fly or just go with the flow and take in the view of the bay below but hold on there could be turbulence on board the plane it's only jet powered insidious plane that marks a. paired up of the world's most colorful choppered and you've got a team britain to douse the flames technology i'm doing here on a launch we've done the future air cover.
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courageous and creative. elegance and full and the public speaking. to. a few european bodybuilders against millions of weak immigrants. it's may not seem so serious now. but this could be a real threat to. european extremists. on policies wealthy british style clothes. on the. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with max concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. more news today violence has once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule today.
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the headlines on naughty and embattled whistleblower julian assange gives the president good speech to the u.n. general assembly. his words directly to the high level gathering of course from his london ecuadorian embassy hideout. syria grabs a wider attention at the united nations as moscow some of its foreign partners to continue pushing for regime change instead of condemning the escalation of rebel terror attacks. and spain's richest and most prosperous region catalonia struggles
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for independence as if to say disintegrating economy and a government accused of being aloof ultimately leaves the spaniards in a state of despair. all of us get to the world of exciting sports action has kate. hello welcome to the latest for this thursday and here are the top stories. awaiting states under armor sweat on the r.f.u. decision after their russian cup fifth round moscow dobby was abandoned due to crowd trouble. while shock exit second to receive cup holders robin to want to knock out the twice former russian transience. and bottle of the titans twice what he saw at least on the champions drama in moscow overturn a two goal deficit to beat leaders across in the k h l. but says the football and
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moscow sides that better than the now are waiting for a decision from the football union after their russian cup fifth round dobby had to be abandoned on wednesday evening due to crowd trouble scuffles broke out between dinara moscow and stop hating supporters before they lost their two dog got underway and twenty people were arrested outside the start so stadium will then during the match play was stopped after flares were thrown on to the pitch and it was finally abandoned after fifty one minutes winded i'm aware leading to one of the for the six pounds were arrested inside the ground they are accused disciplinary committee has met police and will decide what action to take the game could be replayed and the clubs find. the meanwhile in other games holders ravine suffered a shock to undefeated minnows and say we go through to the last sixteen premier league leaders take on moscow avoided an upset off the edging second tier leaders top one nil look at our teeth three past ten months i've played on the idea while
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mordovia had the better luck those reserves stopped thrashing astrakhan three one. one elsewhere across a dog came from behind to beat to make it but he would not touch ten mom valda to know what they were to. well you netted the second half without a spot so you. kind of mean times the needs of the fire during a strike alexander cocksure golf was about igor denisova but he's being called up for russia's two world cup qualifiers at home to portugal in azerbaijan next month coach fabio capello will name his final squad next week because of all the nice off should have been obvious choices after they saw skipper the national side in their opening group best victories are the northern ireland and israel doctors who called back to brace and tell of the however to have since been demoted to using its reserves after complaints over pay days of spoke out after the russian champions find out the actual it's all in a one hundred million dollar double sweep earlier this month. while
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elsewhere ukraine got out they got a new house strongly defended his move to another kid the fifty nine year old legend before mikey have strike a will remain in charge of the national side for next month's to out the qualifiers out and this time to montenegro while the number welcomed i was next week in the champions league but like a man says his new role at the club that's no one. is ever. going to know traitor i said to the created for the federation that i couldn't finish this cycle with the national side. combining the two posts and yet again i'll coach a team where seven zero zero zero internationals play and i'll be preparing them to play for ukraine so i don't like the word traitor i didn't betray anyone. well meanwhile in england former russian captain they're shouting netted goal number three is off coventry six one in the surge round of the league cup manchester
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united beat newcastle two one while holders livable came from behind to win two one at west brom levels by grabbing i grabbed readings we're now after the world twice came from behind to win three two at q.p.r. and premier league sides knowledge and tottenham also went through. well in germany however crashed. nurenberg wanted to extend their unbeaten hunt to twenty one matches last student all netted early on inside. and there wasn't anything from steve needed to know with this deadly tornado season. and a second to last place the da. has. to make the charge that the installation will cease from about life in good disney get five points behind leave is why any big. ten is now and welcome to reassure up of a has failed to reach the semifinals of the pump pacific open in tokyo after losing in straight sets to australia some starters a box that are signs of
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a champion did fight right until the end saving for much points in a second set time break so there's no will not play another russian army but rather first place in the final she came from a set down to the italy sora irani in the quarter final while while the want to tour as oregon was tied in per match against angelica and the german will next face admission about bands got to beat caroline wozniacki. onto i saw he and alexander ovechkin helped. by moscow come from two goals down to claim victory in a shootout at league leaders act by us the home side had won the previous four games and looked almost course to continue that run into twice within the first ten minutes this hasn't happened yet i do that and then he says that people following up to get to know. about how i was powered by has been impressive this season and defensemen ranks in some of your fifty two today but before conceding buckle let me with you for a second period thanks to an assist in which he was also the first player to school
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in a shootout. with alexis but go play in the decisive goal moments later well despite that defeat at boss state top of the state. gulf now rory mcilroy has played. down his well the one state is going into this weekend's ryder cup the northern irishman insists he's just one of the players on the european team who defend their title against the usa in chicago twenty three mcelroy is the youngest member of the european team and the one of the most accolades having won four events this year including one major p.g.a. championship but he insists that none of this burden same with extra pressure. this week i'm not the number one player in the world one person in a twelve month you know not you know it's a it's a team effort you know there's twelve guys all striving towards the same goal and you know i'm just part of the. well the usa certainly see michael roy is a major threat but they also have
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a few informed players themselves especially brandt snedeker at last weekend's to a championship to claim the ten million dollars fed ex cup and the american can't wait to take on the europeans for the first time. that's right now obviously as an all time high you know it's. best off my career backed it up with taking a lead in the sunday last week and winning with only the first time. i beat some best players in the world last weekend so i feel like my games that were nice to be on friday morning that are quick enough. and finally before the russian basketball season tips off next week street says the stars took time out to give a master class to incoming kids here in moscow making my child's reports. russia came home from the london olympics with a bronze medal the highest finish at the games since the breakup of the soviet union and to help the next generation perform even better russian champion c.s. car have helped to create the new dream team project which will work with the youth
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teams across the country to help develop young stars pierce that has a go at all the case this is the only bronze you supposed to get the gold so. it's always make a step forward and play their way for they were going for the show on the desire to play the game with this that it will they can win and the vision. and of the members of the world thirty year old victor can help us spend four years in the n.b.a. playing for portland trailblazers and that you can go balls before returning to russia in two thousand and eight to form a club series car who have been unbeaten russian champions for the past ten years and form a key part of the national side the forward was keen to impact his knowledge inspiring kids at this most sports school i mean you know just that was it but for me to take part in this master class with these stars is
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a big honor in the future i want to play beside them for c.s.k. or in the n.b.a. for the bigger teams joining fellow serious car and russia team makes sense or alexandre cone and point. god and some punk rational both were just as eager to get involved with a countrywide project and provide chances for kids to improve their skills that players even in their mid twenty's were denied in their youth. when i started playing basketball we had no such projects as these when we were young our sports school used to take us to games and we worked as volunteers that was it would clean the floors yes we got to watch the stars play for us that was surreal now everything has improved and the kids have opportunities to talk with the players and that's a big plus. so this new scheme in its first season offers rushing kids the chance to bridge the gap meet their heroes and they take me the dream team idea might help
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not just to improve the next generation of russian players but to my target a limb pick bronze into a real dream team gold nickel or chose our team oscar. as well as what is this person i think. for. blind russians would be soo much brighter if you knew more about some move from phones to christians. muslims don't talk teeth don't come. courageous and creative. elegance and full and public speaking.
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up for. a few european bodybuilders against millions of weak immigrants. these may not seem so serious now. but this could be a real threat. to more. european extremists. on politics you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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the fifty feet it's. absolutely.
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up. to the current science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the huge earth covered.


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