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tv   [untitled]    September 27, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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the budgets straight away we sort of broke down a fraction of the country's budget ministers said that a software session is expected to was twenty thirty and that g.d.p. will shrink point five percent we've also got occurrences check out as well you can see the russian currency that they managed to gain as did the equities two they finished the day on a positive note and a lot of that can be put down to the bout that oil prices are resuming their northward journey a lot of that is because china. stimulus measures it's not a day or two or a tabby i'll be back in about fifteen minutes or so have a round up of all today's activity. looks like a good day in the markets today will catch up with you in an hour thanks for that update right up next we focus on the future of moscow beijing relations in our interview with dr tang.
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dr john chua you're the director and research fellow of the center for arms control of china institute of international studies and it's great to have you with us today and me too so russia and china have found themselves recently in the same camp trying to prevent a possible military intervention into syria do you think it's a short lived partnership or maybe a greater strategic vision that could actually cost and quickly affect the distribution of power worldwide since we share the same response pretty well facing the same challenges that for example the lessons from that would be a case you know last year the military intervention by the best in countries gave us lessons all came to be safeguarded peace and stability. in the region no
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affairs so this time i'm sure of the two countries. can exchange be ideas to word the region the dispute to prevent any conflict a war well you know one occasionally still here is that the western countries still may invade syria going around the un resolution like it has happened in iraq for example what instruments do china and russia accept their common stand point on syria what other instruments do they have to actually prevent that from happening you know china has been very active in negotiations and in peaceful solution not only syria dispute but also you run nuclear you see you china this time actually is a mediator. i think china is accept. to all the parties concerned to iran to russia to the united states i to my knowledge you know there were several rounds of
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dialogue i'm on the parties concerned related to today iran and you can be sued and china change of a huge to be more active and this time because of china's position china's policy toward their regional affairs a more subdued more guests have to go to all parties concerned and other issues that china and russia are commonly worried about is of course american anti-missile defense system we're hearing about the united nations united states plans to actually feel it's an early warning radar in south japan and at the same time russia is increasingly worried about you know if states plans to enhance its missile defense capabilities in europe do you think that china and russia could maybe come up with a joint reaction to this plan or each country should deal with that on their own
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yeah i'm sort of this is the question are two year old wise foreign minister robert china and russia can join together to establish our common theme. missile defense system. he didn't give me a direct answer maybe. because on the way for china and russia to call period in this regard for them political obstacles and the technique obstacle is i don't think at this moment the two countries measure to raise. preferred to share of their. information the data you know. maybe russia would like to show the information with the united states because if you have a start treaty. but i have being russia and china now facing the same challenge the missile defense project you know started ten years ago twenty years ago actually.
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for your country of russian of chinese is a really bad program which we are deteriorating or destroy of the strategy you can display a stability and the power that's how far you think you know that it states is willing to go in confronting both russia and china in this issue. i think. by the united states from the two sides you know russia and china you know leave on the same continent no. continent and from the europe a side they deployed to the. system you know some european countries and asian pacific region another side of the eurasian continent they deployed very different system you know alaska deployed to the defense systems in japan and south korea and even china taiwan so. the eurasian continent you know actually
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the big powers russia and china in the eyes of the united states nowadays a major challenge challenges for their security so this time. the united states just trying to contain the two countries of course mr de france is not only a military project i've being a political project he's also a technical project so this time. i don't think of these two that is a good good per project for. the international relations at this moment you know the economic crisis in here is it's another huge topic that has actually really got to everyone and round and it has also undermined china's. demand in chinese export demand in chinese exports but on the other hand it's an opportunity for the chinese to invest so maybe could this for you this crisis be more of an opportunity than
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a problem are the chinese attitude to word the european crises i mean financial crisis has been very cautious you know. there are a lot of us seminars and workshops and a lot of ideas whether china should you know financial support economic support to be and be a nation of crises its own especially the european countries but i think so far the chinese government has been very cautious to word the you know ideas i can give you another example you know trade we are neighboring countries japan you know we are now suffering the iran dispute you know during the previous year but the choice between the two countries theory increases the human today two questions what's going to happen in china one day new president takes office next
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spring chinese vice president xi g p a's to replace china's president right now who jintao and that's going to be a generational change really how school is do you think the whole transition will be actually this year is a power transition year in the war not on not only in china we are going to have the. congress in the conference. next month so the power transmission i think china we're not affect our policy our strategy and. focus our attention to develop the economy to have a good neighbor who we all the neighboring countries and to have a stable relations with a large tents. with the united states and with european countries so i think. when when he takes office next year i'm sure he will continue our policy no change no
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fundamental change for his policy but still he's considered to be a reformer and more open to the west than his predecessor i think his daughter is studying hard words he did nothing there is going to be a new balance in china's foreign policy under his presidency i'm sure this should be reform not only khana me you know actually during the previous thirty years we have focused our attention on economy but i think. might have an opportunity to have some reform and open up in china's politics you know maybe you know. this year we're a servant. of the ministration you know. various nabel from the central government to the local government i think and more democracy for the you
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know for the auditor people i think i'm sure when he came into the office and the new president of china then there should be reforms not only economy but also in poverty in a democracy. thank you very much for this interview you're welcome. if you're posting through russia's very region you really can walk on the wild side . thousands of kilometers of unspoiled countryside make up an area where it's still possible to live off the land and enterprising locals so the fruits of the forest by the side of nearly every road. such spectacular scenery makes it a paradise for fisherman and provides a business opportunity for hunters. going on he has been hunting for more than
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thirty years and works for a company providing expeditions for tourists this season ducks are on the menu. the two things are successful that kind of. silence which means that i need to be very quiet i'm not going to write in the. office. but when you've been in the business as long as he has the birds don't stand much chance. there are defined hunting seasons in russia but lax enforcement means many animals are killed out of the allotted times which can leave young animals orphaned and unable to survive but environmentalists are fighting back the heart of just us forest provides a sanctuary for the most famous beast in russia it's home to a group who rescue often bear cubs and raise them when they're old enough to fend for themselves the cubs a target taken to a remote location and released back into the wild but it's not just bears who find
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a haven here this is wolf island here wolf pups have been captured by hunters or bought from zoos have a second chance at life and conservationists have a unique opportunity to observe them these walls are all around four months old and they'll stay in this area for up to three years then most will go back to the wild for good just viewing them from the car was an experience in itself but then after a bit of a bumpy ride came an opportunity i just couldn't pass up. this is what i was hoping for was coming to a place called wolf island a chance to get close and personal with the locals and it's these guys going to act as pasta parents for the next generation of wolves who come here using the old rules as surrogate parents has already proved a successful technique. every place infant wolves with one year old wolf cubs his
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parental instinct is totally shaped and they take them as their own cubs it's an important part of the world's development and a major factor in the success of a project which has seen more than twenty generations of cubs grow up here it's going to continue to take time and money to rehabilitate the reputation in russia. but the keepers here hope their research and dedication mean that wolf island remains a place where visitors can truly understand. of the wild. more news today. these are the images. from the street. giant corporations are today.
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well you do the place the shooting or swimming you can catch both of the premier mares like deviation show of the summer check out a whole family of russian engineering feats that didn't let ships truly fly or just
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go with the flu and take in the view of the bay below but hold on there could be turbulence on board the plane it's only jet powered and b.b.'s plane. really pair them up with the world's most powerful jumper and you've got a team ready to joust in the fleet acknowledge them here on launch we've got the future of an. embattled whistleblower julian assange gives in the new president and speech to the u.n. general assembly are beans in his words directed to the high level gathering from his london the ecuadorian embassy hideout and. the altar on politics israel's leaders a draw is a long awaited red line on making his case on why the world must support an un president an attack on iran. and spain's wealthiest region.
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proves an independence referendum as a disintegrating economy and a fresh round of austerity needs spain in display. time for the latest border with caked. hello welcome to the third is a small round up with milk a quadrature and things the headlines but on a skins mega rich and minnows who are out for two on penalties while crash out on a third night of drama in the russian cop. while guilty chelsea cap. john terry's hand is a form much balance fined by the f.a. for misconduct after previously being creative racism charges in court. and back eight time world rally champion sebastian loeb rules himself out of contention for next season's title by saying he'll drive his favorite places. but first
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a football and who see things mega rich angie side held on to win four two on penalties at second on the third night of high drama in the last thirty two of the russian cup the second placed top flight side failed to break down the house with a one hundred twenty minutes but substitute striker last seen a try or eight did see red in extra time and a spot that got near missed a penalty so we went to a shootout where brazilian midfielder as you see they netted low enough next up are clearly as a bad off who rallied from two goals down and struck twice in extra time to win four two at secondary guys a big box for russian champions alani a crash dash to third here then two one after going down to ten men later on well me was leeds under fire gio strike alexander golf and midfielder igor denise off have both been with us in the right for russia's two world cup qualifiers at home to portugal and azerbaijan next month coach fabio capello will name his final squad
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next week because of all the nice off should have been obvious choices are that in itself skipper of the national side in their opening group victories over northern ireland and israel. brace and tell of the however the two have since been demoted to soon its reserves after complaints over prey denise of spoke out after the russian champion signed an actual roots all in a one hundred million dollars double swoop earlier this month. now after surprising football fans worldwide with his move to russia thought new record signing david bentley as well as former liverpool striker floral cinema punggol has twice lined up for premier league side stuff because it was out of reports of what life is now like for russia's first english professional footballer. don't have any major trophies in their cabin and their biggest achievement was runners up in the russian cup in two thousand and three and their highest place in the top flight was six in one thousand nine hundred eight however the don't cite heap the headlines by
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signing tottenham and former england midfielder that had banned on a season long loan as he became the first ever englishman to play in the russian premier league was an opportunity and you know took me up a journey and so far it's been very good the people and i'm from enjoying myself i don't disappoint him results that i might say my manager and it's all my me so very welcome it's been a pleasure seven kept mentally remain stone lambs record signing joining from leghorn for twenty seven and a half million dollars in july two thousand and eight but he has scenes drop down the pecking order at white hart lane loan spells and birmingham and west ham followed as well as an emerging and reportedly fell out of favor with manager harry redknapp since soaking the coach live on t.v. when spurs first qualified for the champions league and the twenty year old hopes a new challenge in russia will help him keep start his flagging career. i don't
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have regrets and i would qualify for the channels i got on thing that was the major factor you know you had to pick from and. yeah just things in life and on this is the way i go sometimes we move on from there on here now and enjoy myself and hopefully i'll get back on top bentley made his russian debut in a one knew how we move against dumpy trespass rock bottom dinamo moscow along with another familiar face to english football fans florentin them up on goal the french one kept former liverpool striker who has a russian wife also managed to score a storm's only goal in the following game a three one defeat at sparta but despite this it seems both players enjoying their time in russia so far for them on the weather still has to go and see the wall and . nothing to complain because the club we know can fall very good after after me in my life and after the language barrier can they can be difficult for an international language so the football hasn't been
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a problem sometimes the pitch kemi a problem they've. they've made me feel very welcome last season restore finished thirteenth out of a top flight of sixteen teams and only survived the drop by winning a really geisha playoff they're currently twelve up to nine games having won two and drawn three but hope their decisions of bentley and see them up on goal will have a positive impact on their taking play and help last season's relegation haunted side not only beat the trap door but set their names a little high in the table constantine got out of archie. for me while over in england chelsea captain john terry has been handed a four much ban and find almost three hundred and fifty seven thousand dollars after the football association found the defendant guilty of misconduct following a race around the thirty one year old was cleared in court in july of racially abusing q.p.r. defender anton ferdinand after an exchange in rangers' one when i were nine man charles e. in
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a feisty west london davi at loftus road last october for former england skipper terry who won seventy eight caps over nine years has now retired from international duty after being stripped of his captaincy by the f.a. last february which also led to the resignation of then england manager fabio capello terry has fourteen days to appeal against the decision before any ban and fine can be enforced. well league leaders chelsea will go to austin on saturday for a lunch time london davi in the first of eight top flight matches both sides are unbeaten though the hosts are currently fifty four points adrift of their west london neighbors again as manager aston venga is wary of their in form rivals. and going to different strong. rejuvenated with team because they. may be more. technically. gone.
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you know it has worked well for them so it's a good judge for us to beat. the goals now and rory mcilroy has played down his world number one status going into this weekend's ryder cup the northern irishman insists he is just one of the players on the european team who defend their title against the usa in chicago at just twenty three mcelroy is the youngest member of the european team but the one with the most accolades having won four events this year including one major the p.g.a. championship but he insists that none of this burden same with any extra pressure. this week i'm not the number one player in the world one person and it's well known team you know i'm not you know it's a it's a team effort you know there's twelve guys all striving towards the same goal and you know i'm just part of the well the u.s. i certainly see mcelroy is a major threats but they also have a few players themselves especially brandt snedeker mcelroy at last weekend's tour
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championship to play in the ten million dollars fed ex cup and the american comp wait to take on the europeans for the first time. convert right now obviously an all time high you know it's playing best golf my career backed it up with taking a lead in the sunday last week and winning with a leaf the first time. i beat some best players in the world last weekend so i feel like my games need to be and friday morning can get a quick enough now one of my to sport's biggest stars the s├ębastien love says he won't be driving in every race the next season's well try championship the frenchman broke the news asked the paris match to show position driver has all but secured a record nine w. aussie title the city a year old leaves his perennial rival because heaven and by sixty one points with just three stops left on the calendar but this potential crime would be his last one as a lobbyist close to switching to a new type of racing in the walls touring car championship. that's what i said yesterday was that several years into those and said you know. i don't know
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a whole neighborhood but there were seven chip and then we so yeah we try to prepare sometimes you try the w t c you know the forty inch if you figure that out . and finally staying in paris and it's probably not the first thing you think called cost in bronze but xina jeans and infamous head butts in the two thousand and six world cup final has been immortalized in the french capital a fine way just that it has been unveiled in front of the. contemporary art untitled headbutts it's depicts the notorious challenge by france vocal legends and on italian opponent. in about in final so that in the sense of following the incident and retired after the match italy went on to win on penalties four zero later apologized for his actions and this had about one to overshadow the rest of his industrious korea i think he should be known for more than just this particular moment at after all he did school the goal in that. world cup song and if he hadn't
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been sent up maybe they would have won but on the other hand the world cup he it was because if you can the french so i think he's one of the best players of friends if it produces. a good attention seeking but i hope it's not the way he's remembered forever more. and that's all the sports news for this thursday by fire. download the official ati application cellphone choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from atsushi t.v. is not required to watch on t.v. all you need is your mobile device to watch r.t. any time.
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wealthy british style sign. is not on the. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on. the french invasion of russia has started again after two hundred years. up at the . sub jet be in for a napoleon has arrived from overseas to lead the army i have to really take my time to prepare myself to get it right i know. the bloody battle near moscow is
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going to start over. james brown will reveal the victor the soldiers are back to do it all again. but you know version twenty twelve on r.t. .
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i've. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything is ok you don't know i'm tom harvey welcome to the big picture. i've. seen.


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