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tv   [untitled]    September 28, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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justinian's ever since nine hundred forty eight and if one looks at the sad map of palestine you'll see from the. green line nine hundred forty eight borders now what is the enclave of gars which has very little contact with the west bank and of them anyway and then you see the west bank and then you see the areas and say and then you see the huge number of settlements all over and it continued land grab a new kind of question the viability of a state with some much occupation going on anyway i would think that by gaining recognition of palestine as a state it then becomes very obvious that in any sense in international law israel's continued colonization occupation is illegal particularly the current flashpoint is jerusalem with the development of two particular certain ones in jerusalem but also the prevention of many palestinians returning to trust them when
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they go to the west bank and the expulsion of palestinians from their homes to make way for. the new city of david in the south of the city you mentioned the u.s. and israel's opposition to a full u.n. membership for the palestinian authority but unlike at the u.n. the u.s. doesn't have a veto in the general assembly could it still do something to de rail this attachment well those two parts to that i think what the hope. is that the palestinian diplomatic initiative of the past couple of years has borne enormous fruit pretty well every country in latin america now recognizes palestine most african countries will take many salvation in southeast asian countries also recognize palestine this could be an overwhelming vote in the general assembly that doesn't grant money. to the. security forces will make it clear it will
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use its power of veto the security council and the british government's position is still i believe they're going to abstain on the a c. how you abstain for or against palestine i don't know but that's the position they're taking so i think what we'll get from this is a vote by the general assembly and from that some kind of in hearts to observe a status of the moment the palestinians do enjoy a degree of observer status within also u.n. organizations particularly for example human rights council what granting this request amounts to u.n. support for the recognition of palestine well it's a decision made by the general assembly majority of the world's nations crucially represent the majority the world's people are going to vote for recognition of palestine that will further isolate the united states and one day some time some day the united states is going to wake up and realize that the future of the middle
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east is not going to be sorted out by then pouring arms and money into israel is going to be sorted out by the u.s. taking a positive role in bringing about recognition of palestinian rights and therefore the recognition of the rights of all people so that in the region commentators are saying that u.n. nonmember state it is likely to be granted but thought of calling it a pyrrhic victory one in which neither side where it's saying it won't bring statehood any narrow but it will i'm get the israelis and the americans do you agree don't call it a pyrrhic victory her call it a halfway house by achieving that it is a recognition by the nations of the world that palestine deserves its place also i think exposes the nonsense of the u.s. and israeli position because the u.s. and israeli position is essentially that they're going to continue the support for israel they're going to continue allowing israel to undertake its settlement policy and this will help. to isolate that and also encourage i hope the european union
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not to grant enhanced trade arrangements with israel which of course they have for a long time been preparing to do the palestinian problem is really been neglected recently particularly in the media because of the arab spring infighting in syria what impact it had those events had on palestinian society i think it's had a very big impact it's had a big impact on a lot of young palestinians of realised the isolation of their position their levels of unemployment their levels of poverty and the levels of education achievement which are met by jobs and by career as much the same as young people in egypt algeria tunisia name any country there also bizarrely it's had an effect on israeli public opinion as well for the first time that i can ever recall it was been a huge demonstration in israel against poverty against tax increases against service
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cuts. was there not raising the palestinian issue during those demonstrations look at the economic issues they're raising and no different to what the youth of the whole region are raising and so maybe we're seeing a turning point in that young people in israel are beginning to realize that perhaps they belong in the middle east not in an american colony or an offshoot of europe so you think in fact that the arab spring may have made a solution to the palestinian problem. yes i do because egypt has for a long time certainly since nine hundred seventy nine been seen as the western bridge into israel in it's the main speaking country that's recognized israel diplomatic relations a very close security would like sions the new government in israel and where it comes from or where its support comes from indicates something very very different now was there quite cautious at the present time they. i don't want garza to become
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an extension of the chips they are i suspect going to increasingly use their pressure to force israel to open the open the gates to allow transit of goods and people in and out of gaza through israel to the west bank one of the results of the arab spring has been a rise in radical islam in the middle east what kind of spillover effect do you think that israel and the palestinian authority expect i think radical islam is a consequence of suppression of people's views and wishes and radicalization happens when you don't give people their voice there is a right wing radical christianity in the united states there is different forms of radical islam across the region but when it comes to elections most of the election results and most of the people elected seem to be more based on the economic demands and needs of people and the role that the society will play in the future
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and certainly very much against the dictatorial regimes of the past i think we're seeing absolutely fascinating development in a sense it's a bit like the nineteenth forty's fifty's. of uprising against the anglo-french monopoly of relations across the whole region what we're now seeing is an uprising against these pliant dictatorships many of whom cooperated with the war on terror many of whom imprisoned people many of whom allowed extraordinary rendition to take place through their countries during the early stages of the afghan war i think this is going to be a fascinating period to watch but if we don't do something now for the palestinian people grant them their rights granted their recognition grant their peace ground their security and stand up to israel's land grab theft and imprisonment then it's the war of tomorrow israel must be feeling increasingly uneasy surely about the top player. of pro american regimes in the middle east i think israel was very
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alarmed at the fall of mubarak because ever since that the seventy nine deal they've always seen egypt as being maybe a difficult neighbor but nevertheless a neighbor and the levels of cooperation between israeli security and egyptian security in the side of the eye on the border with. gaza are absolutely huge and i think they are probably extremely nervous of that and that indeed is probably encouraged the right in israeli politics i hope instead a more rational voice appears in israel saying hang on we're in the middle east we've got to live in the middle east and just look forward this be optimistic the helsinki conference on nuclear weapons free on a nuclear weapons free middle east in december is an opportunity back here in the u.k. some poll showed that sixty percent of u.k. very think that palestine should be recognized as
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a state even more in some other countries in europe and yet no governments have come out in support of it what's stopping them do you think what's stopping them is a traditional recognition and support of israel ever since the foundation of state of israel in one nine hundred forty eight on the basis that the jewish people were disgustingly disgraceful and appallingly treated by the nazi regime by the holocaust and it's a sort of sense of saying well the israeli is right so if israel was set up in order to provide a safe haven for jewish people and that is still quite an important narrative in european politics but i'm quite hopeful that the irish presidency of the european union of ireland has a very strong and very honorable record in supporting the rights of palestinians and of the other people in the region maybe they can move things around a bit i'm not surprised that sixty percent of the people in the u.k. support palestinian recognition public opinion has transformed during my lifetime from being overwhelmingly. unconditionally pro israel to now being.
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very conditional about israel and very positive about the rights of palestinian people why should british voters care about what happens to palestine after all that's not a lot going on here at the moment it's not always an awful lot to worry about of home but if wars break out somewhere else. and suppose israel decided to bomb iran i hope they don't just suppose they did the oil prices would go up very quickly there are british forces in bahrain in the navy and on the straits of hormuz as a us base in bahrain as the us navy there's bases all over the region and we would then be probably sucked into some ghastly conflict of course it matters but human rights matters as well and if you suppress a people's identity and their ambitions and that's what you are end up with war if the request for un nonmember status is granted what their next for the palestinian
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independence movement to push for full status but also to use this. position within the un to force israel to withdraw the settlements and ultimately take down the wall and recognize the rights of palestinian people you don't achieve good relations with your neighbor by surrounding yourself with barbed wire and machine gun emplacements your chief security to a neighbor buying friends jeremy corbyn thank you. in this remote siberian vintage people still seeing the signs which russians sank in the middle ages and they cherish things practice church before the seventeenth
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century the old believers here is sign the area are conservative community. that i may believe me there yet again i feel that. i now am i correct that i am. i that. people here are happy to show their way of life to tourists and teach them how to dance in the local star. seventeen year old nadia is from the same village she now studies in the city and dances at a club. she puts on her costume and the traditional amber necklace only when she comes to visit her grandmother that. night and actually i didn't ask untampered and say yes because i want to keep up to date with this morning world but still i would like to have camp my bank ground hall my answer since they are very attachment to
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the church brought not just an sistas to this remote glen deflate by call more than two hundred fifty years ago they were exiled in pepsi q-tip for not agreeing to the orthodox who forms introduced in russia in the sixteen hundreds killed believers still baal and cross themselves with two fingers not with three as they do in modern orthodox churches in russia and never knew when praying was more and more young people leaving school big cities this year is the old believers culture could be imperiled. nazia plans to continue her studies abroad. the grandmother says wherever she goes as long as the queues are fresh in her memory so is the culture. of the. technology innovation all the developments around russia.
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wealthy british. market. happening to the global economy.
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headlines. the headlines. with full force. a case for war. but israel's main ally the u.s. seems to be toning down its support for another. question whether an anti terror operation that killed. staged. between special services and terrorists it's all claimed president saakashvili knew all about.
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the struggle to balance the books as a plans to cut public spending. seventy five percent of the. critics of the country will only see the money from for it's. an exciting weekend to look forward to with the ryder cup about to kick off with the latest on the. hello there thanks for watching and these are the headlines big movie formula one star lewis hamilton will leave mclaren for miss avies at the end of this season in the hundred million dollar deal. last terrific in tokyo rushes ninety for trover spun sam stosur to reach the final of the pacific open. and that the action began after hours of practice and the glitzy ceremony america and europe are paired to do
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battle in the ryder cup. but first formula one driver lewis hamilton has agreed to race from the sadie's next season ending a fourteen year career with his current team mclaren the former world champion has signed a three year contract with just under one hundred million dollars in who's twenty seven says it's time for a fresh challenge after being with mclaren since he was thirteen cyber driver says your pet is assigned as his replacement sadie's driver michael schumacher will make way for hamilton it's unclear if the german legend will retire for a second time or look for another team. and turn it over has caused another major upset at the pan pacific open beating eight seed sam studies it to reach the final in tokyo and she did it in straight sets to put rover is ranked eighteen in the world but always looked the better player claiming a six four six two picture nine eighty's along the way all those days it didn't help herself with thirty nine unforced errors in the final patrol over her face
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defending champion achilles get advanced after she crashed and. now you've got americans home debut in the cage shell could not have been much better the pittsburgh penguins star is playing for metal of course came russia during the n.h.l. lockout and got a goal and two assists in their six one thrashing of western conference lead is prague he played his part in the go skating through the new. before feeding denny's platen off to maybe one meal you own but you have did get one back through alexander picard to tie the game and the theory however was never really close after that mesler took the lead again with sergei gonchar malkin on a breakaway with a long two line pass malcolm was stopped but the rebound sat up nicely for the jacket he scored it was then three one a minute later and he pinned tucking in a rebound from gonchar. and two more goals followed before mounting had the final say this his first goal of the season natalie
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a fifth in the eastern conference the two gangs and and. the man in football guus hiddink mega rich and g. have survived a scare in the russia cup they needed penalties to beat first division side last night riding high in the russian primarily but couldn't break down their opponents from the division but i had tried to listen or to order a sent off in extra time or euro missed a penalty so it went to a shootout for a brazilian midfielder the leg netted the winner and in the last sixteen angie will face clips of yet of the first division side garza v forward to the former russian champions alan you are and you seem to want to teesside cimi. meanwhile under-fire midfielder eco denisova and striker alexander could speak of but have been called up for international g.t. there's any pair were forced to play in their club's reserves after complaining new signing holt was being paid too much however russia coach fabio capello does want them for the world cup qualifiers against portugal and as
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a big john next month i will name his final squad next week. after surprising football fans worldwide with his move to russia tottenham's record signing david bentley has lined up twice for premier league side draw stuff and says so far he hasn't joyed every minute constantine pathak off caught up with him. straw stores don't have any major trophies in their cabin and their biggest achievement was runners up in the russian cup in two thousand and three and their highest place in the top flight was six in one thousand nine hundred eight however the don't cite heap the headlines by signing tottenham and former england midfielder david bentley on a season long loan as he became the first every englishman to play in the russian premier league was an opportunity and you know i took the opportunity and so far it's been very good the people and i'm for enjoying myself i don't disappoint him a result that i might say my case manager. is all my me so very welcome
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it's been a pleasure seven kept mentally remain stone aimes record signing joining from leghorn for twenty seven and a half million dollars in july two thousand and eight but he has scenes drop down to banking or at white hart lane loan spells and birmingham and west ham followed as well as any and reportedly fell out of favor with manager harry redknapp since soaking the coach live on t.v. when spurs first qualified for the champions league and the twenty year old hopes a new challenge in russia will help him keep start his flagging career. and don't have regrets you know he would qualify for the channels i got i don't think that was the maija factor you know he had a very good place to pick from and. yeah it's just things in life you know this is the way i go sometimes we move on from there on here now and enjoy myself and hopefully i'll get back on top bentley made his russian debut in a one neil home when the against down to tresco is rock bottom dinamo moscow along with another familiar face to english football fans florentin them up on goal the
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french one kept former liverpool striker who has a russian wife also managed to score rostov is only goal in the following game a three one defeat at sparta but despite this it seems both players enjoying their time in russia so far for them on the with us to know her. good see the wall and. nothing to complain because the club in looking for good after after my wife and the language barrier can be can be difficult for an international language for the football hasn't been a problem sometimes the pitch can be a problem but they've. made me feel very welcome last season restored finished thirteenth out of the top flight of sixteen teams and only survived the drop by winning a really good asian playoff they're currently twelve after nine games having won two and drawn three but hope their decisions of bentley and cinema up on goal will have a positive impact on their taking play and help last season's relegation haunted
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side not only beat the trap door but set their game so we go high in the table constantine brought up of r t. meanwhile over in england chelsea captain john terry has been handed a four match ban and a hefty fine for using racially abusive language the football association punishing him for a marks made to keep p.r. defender anton ferdinand during a match last october terry had appeared in court in july for the same incident but was clade of a racially motivated public order offense he now has fourteen days to appeal before the ban and fine of over three hundred fifty thousand dollars can be enforced. ryder cup gets underway shortly with the americans making a surprise selection for the first foursomes the opening ceremony wetting the appetite nicely as america attempt to win back the trophy but their captain davis love has raised some eyebrows opting for three rookies to play in the session davey boy brian snedeker will lead the way with jim furyk and they will go up against
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europe's world number one rory mcilroy and graeme mcdowell another dead beat in keegan bradley has been partnered with phil mickelson for the usa in the second time that's against donald. and jason dufner gets his first taste of the tone paired with zach johnson they will take on lee westwood and italian french eskimo nari while america's anchorman tiger woods is back with steve stricker to take on importer and justin rose so the usa relying heavily on new faces while europe has gone with its strongest pairings from the off the captains explain their choices. there was not a whole lot of rhyme or reason to it except that you know maybe. we wanted to get going to get out there and get after so it was a good. feeling keegan are a little bit excited to be point two so get them going. and then we've got some pretty cool customers that can handle whatever whatever happens. in the last two
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matches. i want you to have my if stronger for some bearings tomorrow for the first session and. the logic behind these parents here i know that their marches are going to be tough the u.s. team is playing grey we do have you know very strong pairings on the u.s. side. and the european players are going to have to play really really well you know there to win points that's their way these royal cup is going to be should be exciting now cricket twenty twenty world cup the defending champions england have suffered a setback losing to the west indies by fifteen runs in the opening game of the super eights the windies won the toss the underside is to bat first in the big all randy chris was seeing piling on the run scoring fifty eight off thirty five balls while fellow opener johnson charles added eighteen for the windies finishing with an impressive innings on one hundred seventy nine for five in reply england made
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a shocking start losing the wickets of craig key sweater here and luke right in the very first over however alex hales restored some respectability for the partnership of fifty five jonny bairstow. but despite that and the quick fire seventy one from own morgan being given were left with too much to do one fell fifty run sure the windies relieved and delighted. but it was a period when i mean. you are going to win the tournament when the tournament if you don't win matches. is a good way. good things come out of it just looking to just focus. and the other house harangue could be news even but only after a supernova sri lanka needed a single off the final bowl of normal pride to claim victory but like here today monday was run and so with both sides on one hundred seventy four the much was decided by a simple trying to hit the scene in new zealand needed off the last two bowls but
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i'm not sure. that's all the sport with. welcome to the should really be sure swimming bird you can catch both of the premier merits like deviation show of the summer check out a whole family of russian engineering feats of the black ships truly fly or just go with the flow and take in the view of the bay below but hold on there could be turbulence on board the plane it's only jet powered and b.b.'s plane some are. paired up with the world's most powerful choppers and you've got a team ready to douse in the fleet technology here on r.g.p. we've done the future cover.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day. wealthy british style. is not on my list. of. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our.
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