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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2012 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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moscow says nations backing syrian rebels are sinking the war torn country deeper into grice and calls for all sides to lay down arms. austerity bites and spain's informal war protest vein while the people of california prostrate obama driven postcards seek to find their own way. and more young people in the u.k. are finding themselves without warble prospects with university graduate struggling to pay their bills.
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it is love em the russian capital you're watching with me marina joshie states that back syrian opposition groups are pushing the country even deeper into crisis as russia's foreign minister says the floor at the un general sam sergei lavrov said a comprehensive cease fire was needed to stop the violence he also urged the u.n. security council to resume debate on the humanitarian limits to sanctions. as the details from new york. russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov talks about a variety of issues but clearly syria dominated his speech foreign minister lavrov says he believes and russia believes there's still an opportunity to and the conflict in crisis in syria but it will require some fierce international consensus he says the international community must come together to demand
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a cease fire in syria by both the government and the opposition to demand the release of prisoners and hostages and allow for humanitarian assistance russia's foreign minister said that he believes that one of the very big problems is that all members that signed the geneva communique are not fulfilling their responsibilities and obligations he said is very important for the six point peace plan that kofi annan outlined many months ago for that peace plan to be the foundation of what there could eventually. result to the crisis that's escalating in syria but he said what is most troubling for russia is that many western countries that are supporting the opposition are only demanding for the syrian government to cease fire but are looking the other way when the syrian opposition is waging very deadly attacks those who oppose the implementation of the geneva communiqué so they can plan themselves an enormous responsibility if. only by the
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government and encourage the opposition to intensify. syria even deeper into the abyss a bloody string extremist organizations including al qaida have become in syria they perpetrate attacks against innocent civilians and civilian infrastructure. foreign minister lavrov said another serious concern is the use of unilateral sanctions particularly by western countries he believes that these unilateral sanctions taken outside of the united nations are for example in syria you. yes and european countries imposing reduces the credibility first and foremost of the security council and also can escalate humanitarian crisis further foreign minister lavrov said that at this point it is a very important time he believes for international relations to come together and the credibility to not be compromised even further by their by there being many
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divisions within the u.n. security council on a variety of issues meanwhile syrian activists report more casualties on the rebels claims of advances on several fronts in the city of aleppo have seen no breakthrough on friday the u.s. defense secretary reported syria had moved some of its chemical weapons for security reasons but the country's main stockpile remains intact and under government control president obama said the threat of chemical weapons could be a red line for the u.s. to act in syria this is washington pledged additional multi-billion dollar aid to the syrian opposition to help fight against political analysts jacob says u.s. intentions in the region are driving syria further from a peaceful solution. well it's a standard policy of the u.s. government it is it is designed to oust rulers of regimes that are independent of what might be called the us military empire and replace them with pro-u.s.
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rulers so we have the dichotomy of supporting dictators in countries there loyal to the us government and trying to oust dictators that are not loyal to the us the us is committed to the ouster of the assad regime and whenever you hear the united nations it just designed for the american taxpayer the american voter create the appearance that the u.s. is interested in spreading democracy and freedom when in fact it has a long history of supporting dictatorial regimes in saudi arabia even iran under the shah of iran syria itself don't forget that the cia used the assad regime to torture some of its rendition torture victims and so the the whatever goes on in the un is really ridiculous and senseless while we're also closely following some lighter stories from the general assembly on our website as some world leaders seem to be tiring have taken sessions seriously and he found the mood has been filmed
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prank by a pseudo canadian prime minister who put his absence from the names down to the movies and only his harem with superglue. and the us and way to begin when preferred to skip a speech by israeli prime minister netanyahu and have a launch break instead all that is available on our t.v. are. faced with a fifth budget n.r.o. spain is gearing up for a new wave of protest people are demanding the government turn around its policy of cuts as bags wait for billions of euros to head off a further crisis artistic of greece is in madrid. now we've seen those and demonstrators out in force throughout the course of the week on tuesday and wednesday massive demonstrations in central madrid where thousands of people taking to the shrieks as a part of the so-called surround or occupy congress movement we're also seeing
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clashes there tween police and demonstrators on both occasions on tuesday night police charging down those protesters they batters they fired rubber bullets in total sixty people being injured thirty people being detained in their accusations leveled against the police force of brutality using excessive force in those actions that's on the back of a very austere budget we've seen in earlier this week axing forty billion euros in terms of cuts target ministries and also see again a freeze when it comes to public sector pay thirty year that's now been enforced it's all comes on the back over sixty two billion euro car that we saw take place earlier this year largely impacting the health care and education system mail through fruitless because spain's boring costs look the saw from nine billion euros to thirty six billion euros in two thousand and thirteen that really take a massive swipe any savings are seeing from these us their team measures. spain is
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also at the moment facing a crisis within a crisis because on top of everything there's those in catalonia calling for independence and separatism now this will only be adding to the worries of prime minister. catalonians feel they're being hard done to by current economic conditions that they contribute far more to madrid central budget and the ever see in return to take into account that catalonia as a region contributes about twenty percent of the nation's annual g.d.p. we expect that sentiment to be heard later today in the streets in central madrid as with more and austerity sentiment again prime minister rudd government will be forced to listen to some of that anger. catalonia is parliament has voted in favor of holding an independence referendum professor of international finance and european university mark guerrero tirado says barcelona is frustrated with how
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madrid astri it came from barcelona in catalonia we complain about this one is government but you don't we think they should do more things we have he's got rain in catalonia eleven percent this is unique in the walled region that the rich are in the world that based more and with less by their own estate and that's one not one of the reasons not the only one but one of the reasons that people in catalonia or creating a new estate in you it's clear that the situation in the spain's economy to mission is not in fact in europe is going to war so we have to take me through. anyhow i think a more growth in the economy not just austerity measures and having more growth in the economy and that's where we have to build a force to recover the economy on the continent and to create more jobs is the main objective i think in the coming weeks and the coming months. and that was
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international finance professor mark guerrero to rago talking about the state of spain's economy and why catalonia wants to break away. america has removed a militant iranian opposition group from its list of terrorist organizations originally one of the main participants of the rain revolution it's now in opposition to the government's into iran. and international affairs and a fancy alice believes the u.s. has called evading a dangerous ally. this group. has been very successful apparently to get the support of my birth from both the republican and democratic parties. as well as the military. and also there is another issue that the washing up i find these groups the useful it seems that they have used to be that use sophie at least two thousand and seven to try to this. situation apparently in cooperation we face really secret service. they have used this group
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to conduct the assassination so for dr scientists to be run on to carry out their acts of sabotage the group is the way they're going to be secular. in case they power in. the right they're going to go back to their own roots which she said is it took six weeks of marxism alongside. anybody who is sick rethink of the current government of iran i would say that it's child's play compared to what the government if you were i would be run by the. coming up in just a few minutes here in our we explore what's being tackled massive youth unemployment in u.k. where one in four has no job. we finally have terrorists may face void of by governments saying i'm pursuing their own goals. which are to live from
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moscow more news for you in just a short while. it's perched atop a jaw and the view from the kremlin stretches as far as the eye can see. for a city to siberia for centuries. it lost its economic importance even before it was bypassed by the chance i bear in railway but the a spiritual. scenes like these are a yearly occurrence thousands of worshippers did themselves in blessid water to commemorate the baptism of jesus. in the fifteen eighties the russians had only just conquered siberia taking it from
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the muslims. surrounded by enemies the balls to be their stronghold constructed on top of the city but soon enough it became an economic siberian oil of its time bringing in a third of the state revenue but the location had of the use as for the russians the russian. a revolt against the czar and eight hundred twenty five known as the decembrists will stand here and drove. there they created a replica high society adopting the latest fashions as soon as they came out or at least once they made it from paris to siberia. but the city also serves up some bit of irony for the russian royal family after the bolshevik revolution. this is the office was tsar nicholas the second spend most of the last year of his life his whole family had been exiled here they were the fairly comfortable existence this was a big house but they weren't allowed to see visitors or go outside themselves leaving
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the ordinary normal countryside life style they even had thoughts of a scape but within the year the czar and his family would be dead. great juice and creative. elegance and full and public speaking. of european bodybuilders against millions of weak immigrants. it may not seem so serious. but this could be
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a real threat to. european extremists. welcome back you're watching r.t. live from moscow looking for work in times of recession is a daunting task but some struggle more than others and many young people in the u.k. send out sow's of job applications to no avail and despite the government's efforts to create jobs for those under twenty five the prospects are bleak as are the sara for us has discovered. picture the scene nothing to do and nowhere to go. name money and no prospects but this is not
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a film plot this is the reality for millions of young people all across the person who has come to join the rolls which is a film production company of this working and training young people in media and communications this is a really good way for a lot of people who are looking for jobs to come develop face communication skills unfortunately across london in very much depends on which party you live in a say whether these types of services are available to young people because of this you've got this opportunity to promote this different thing. i mean how many. people of anything it is a big issue a big issue. then i think that's when young people go off sometimes they can go off the roads because they have nothing to do job prospects a bleak one for sixteen to twenty four year olds in britain right now are out of work and the capital's been hit particularly hard for everyone just.
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three to four weeks. and if you take any of these. while the immediate reasons are economic east unemployment has been a growing issue for more than a decade and it's called far reaching cultural implications do you think is the recession this is this is the people there isn't this. just a recession i mean because there is there is jobs out there i mean some of my friends have gone into shops or have signs in their windows and then they get turned down straight away anyway just gets put to the side so. why why why is the reason for that because we're going jeans and not trousers so what's being done to address the problem the government pulls out to use contract providing
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a billion pounds of funding the schemes aimed at getting young people into work but by the ballot it's an organization aimed at getting young people politically engaged say that's alone won't be enough it's cool all these wonderful things coming out but they're not telling anyone about it and that's a problem. young people who are looking for apprenticeships and sending out with something like three thousand job applications and not hearing back at all and that's just ridiculous really so what they need to do is come down to the channels where young people are facebook twitter all the social media streams but actually beyond that door to door when people knock on your door and talk about politics or your parents that that's not what we need anymore we need to go we're here to talk to you and stead and i think that's that's what they need to do anything to start really. demographic in fact engagement was the word repeated consistently by the young people we met lucky enough to have children. and it's
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a church. you know we. have. the government there for us to do and have a right to. maybe you know do you feel. your sector but what's hollywood may love a happy ending the reality is for young people in london right now that might be a little hard to come by surface r.t. london. now take a look at some other stories from around the world bahraini opposition say a teenage protester has been killed in violent clashes with police in the capital and our police firing tear gas and stun grenades to disperse the history who were throwing stones and petrol bombs this comes as the opposition continues to keep up for. on the wall of western bath and repression. the kenyan army has driven out al qaeda linked militants from their last stronghold in the
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somalian port of kismayo the operation came after african union troops shelled the city and attacked the airport and surgeons lost control of the capital mogadishu last year because my oh was the last for they control. and you protest against militia groups that sparked in the capital hundreds of people marched across tripoli demanding to disband interim security brigades and introduce national police an army the militia groups can comprise mainly rebels that topple moammar gadhafi last year people however blame them on numerous security breaches and lawlessness last week as have all those rallies turned violent protesters stormed their headquarters. recent muslim protests sparked by a single video posted online underlines just how powerful it all the internet is now so-called hacker chapters there are now spreading across the arab world are
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seen as a way to promote in the panel journalism but as a policy reports the groups could and of being used by governments to promote their own agenda. each day across the world millions of fingers fly across keyboards with the power to break through some of the toughest security fire walls this is the most powerful weapon streams of darter flashing across the computer screens of the world in the blink of an eye information that can promote provoke and educate people. to talk. to that or not that i mean. physically attacking the clinic and that's where you will find a lot of hearkens grown up in this political situation and this time the arab spring gave birth to a new generation of how they polish the skills in bypassing government controls to speak out it's very popular in countries where you know websites are banned and
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there are restraints on websites mostly in gulf countries they start by using proxies and other stuff to access private that websites and then the big draw on it and they go with this knowledge and this growth of knowledge is being put to work in jordan a leader in information technology in the arab world. old like other governments and man has introduced new laws to try and expose this new generation of hackers with power in their hands some people would hate to do this. because it's powerful you can't neglect the fact that it is powerful when when they when their page facebook page is giving one opinion and it's nobody knows that it starts giving the other opinion but it's to them this is a very very strong way to to reach to all these people. to convince them to convert them but who is behind the web of secrecy these hackers spin the night foundation says openly it backs hacker groups across the globe the american
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foundation is attached to the international center for journalists in washington a group closely aligned with u.s. foreign policy it's first group started work three years ago in new york since then chapters have been set up in cities across five continents the latest in tunis and amman so-called hackers chapters are springing up across the arab world bringing together journalists and developers their intentions might be noble to advance citizen journalism and civil society but in real life they often pave the way for subversive activities what is going on in jordan. that's going to be funded and. forces in the west is part of a larger story of how the united states and the western powers are responding to the initial arab spring very quickly the u.s. was here with democracy promotion programs and hundreds of programs to steer the arab spring into outcomes that are not going to be threatening to western terrorism and to us geopolitics and it's really geopolitics in the region history is littered
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with western governments using n.g.o.s and groups to advance their interests and more recently with the electronic media and social networks they employ but the angry demonstrations have rocked the arab world after the you tube clip of the innocence of muslims trailer when viral shows yet again how the west sometimes force victim to the very same activity it promotes policy r.t. . for me this hour our interview spotlight is up next. in this remote siberians in which people still sing the sounds which russians sang in the middle ages and they cherish the practice church before the seventeenth
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century the old believers he resigned the area are a conservative community they're known as the simi skia a word which refers to family. that i may believe need there yet i feel. i know i'm the first to tell you that. i. people here are happy to show their way of life to tourists and teach them how to dance in the local star. use of prayer and the girl needs to watch her legs don't go up too much during the dance she must be immodest. that. seventeen year old nanda is from the same village she now studies in the city and dances at a club. she puts on her costume and the traditional amber necklace only when she
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comes to visit her grandmother. and i think. you know that. i didn't ask on time for her dad says because i want to keep up to date with this morning world but still i would like to have camp my ground home as are some players and this is my treasure their attachment to the church brought not just an sistas to this remote glen east deflate by call more than two hundred fifty years ago they were exiled in persecuted for not over. in rushing the sixteen hundred they wanted to maintain their time honored rituals deal believers still baal and cross themselves with two fingers not three as they do in modern orthodox churches in russia and never knew when praying but this fall the city says it's not so much the rituals they cherish as the moral principles he does not approve of what ninety's doing is akin to build believe
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a woman must never show her naked legs and. things started to spoil during the soviet union. was more and more young people leaving for a big city it's this here is the old believers culture could be imperiled nowadays young people prefer urban life to devoting their lives to agriculture but it's not necessary to leave the inside to remember that and try to think you know you. plans to continue her studies abroad the grandmother says wherever she goes as long as the jews are fresh in her memory so is the culture. hello again and welcome to the spotlight. on auditing i think today my guest on the
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show is a lot. more than a central longest cinema sorry for experiments today in search for something new hollywood directors try out different things mostly itek like three d. and others europeans have chosen to be artistic one of the latest experiments of that kind was made by the brothers whose movie caesar must die is becoming one of the biggest breakthroughs of two thousand and twelve. talia brothers is my guest on the show. the telly only brother his most recent major achievement is the golden bear the highest prize awarded at the berlin film festival they won it last february for their latest movie caesar must die a documentary drama played by the inmates of a high security prison the career of poland vittorio yani began over half
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a century ago they used to be journalists but switched to filmmaking and directed their first short film in nine hundred fifty four since then the brothers have always worked together each turn it seems tauriel have shot about twenty movies so far while that might be less than some frontline hollywood filmmakers. among the most influential directors in europe they won the cannes film festival top prize in one hundred seventy seven and the cannes jury grand prix in nine hundred eighty two . welcome to the show. thank you very much for being with us well first of all i would like to ask you how was the idea of this season. how did you come up with it.


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