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tv   [untitled]    September 30, 2012 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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the journalism getting the truth out there is considered. an act of an enemy which is brother against the muslim or is it published i mean i'm not trying to discredit what wiki leaks is doing but. there's a difference a little bit of a difference it seems to me like wiki leaks is accepting information and publishing it they're not going through it they're not asking questions about it they're publishing and if we can leaks joining us on to others a part of the cleese decides that it's important for the public to know this classified information they will publish it so that journalism or publishing it is part of the journalist to music community it is pure it is of course that it is what is journalism but and the duty of journalists who unearth secrets so that we shed a light on the society we live in an informed electorate and. serving the public good that's what it is doing in the world of journalism you are
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contributing in many ways and you can be a photo journalist taking a snapshot. before these massive leaks that have changed history in twenty ten we can use did provide context in publishing and when i got involved it was when we produced the collateral murder video in april twenty term before it was produced to look good online. i went to baghdad. producer and cameraman and him to be investigated on the site and. what had happened. we managed to show that. there were people who were stumbled accidentally upon the scene and were basically butchered it was a war crime they were unarmed with no doubt about it. so we provided also a context to do that but with all the huge struggle asian became off to do with the
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gun award i read the iraq war logs and the diplomatic cables to towards the end of the year twenty two we sought the cooperation with the mainstream media we cooperated with almost one hundred media organization all over the world and it was a corporation. and had massive pre-sold so i mean thousands of human if not tens of thousands of headlines and stories which made a difference it made a difference in the arab world that you had a cuttle into effect in tunisia and egypt we all know that do you think that more whistleblowers are going to be hesitant on dealing with wiki leaks and julian assange right now now that the u.s. has officially declared. him and the organization as an enemy of the state it is quite possible that it will effect and deter him some but around the that is the obviously what is the into the intention of the obama administration it is to deter people from not just cooperating with we can lease but the mainstream media
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as we'll so this is a very serious question for the mainstream media which has to wake up and smell of you know the coffee this is getting very serious in the in the situation here julia sighed point blank accused u.s. president barack obama of exploiting the arab spring and in many ways using it to be reelected in the u.s. now the u.s. is approaching a presidential election what did he mean by that you're the spokesman of wiki leaks so that's why i'm asking you well it's hard for me to interpret what julian was meaning i think was very clear on what he was saying. he is exploiting and i'm referring to obama he is exploiting the arab spring or the arab awakening for his political gains which is very hypocritical if you consider how the obama administration was supporting the dictators that were thrown out by the people in tunisia in egypt and in other countries. the u.s.
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government was. supporting the belly routine to protect the little little. popular uprising. that allergy and in the same story was in egypt the u.s. government obama is going to even try to avoid and who would replace him but again endured and their pick was the leader of the guardian of the the torture chambers in the in sort of man who had been used of course to torture prisoners that were rendition. this year to egypt when u.s. president barack obama was addressing the general assembly. he brought up the fact of this anti islam film that that sparked a lot of anti-american sentiment in the arab world and actually even beyond and he said as as crude and disgusting as he believes that film is as us president he will
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still defend the constitutional rights of americans to have freedom of expression and freedom of speech but during a song when he was addressing the u.n. . he sort of said obama was being quite hypocritical by persecuting joining us on and his organization wiki leaks for leaking diplomatic cables what why is this seen as hypocritical well i mean it is hypocritical for the president who campaigned on the platform. encouraging whistle blowers and whistle blowing and if you look up its exact words it was very clear that whistleblowers were essential for the health of two democracy once he was elected in two thousand and eight he becomes the president who has gone to war on whistleblowers
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and he is frank record is such that he has managed to to. to fight more whistleblowers with the f.b.i. as act of nine hundred seventeen than all presidents of the world war two combined came before him so it's an extremely serious this trend has continued and what can you say but this is hypocrisy of course it is let's talk about julian assange and she's been the ecuadorian embassy in the u.k. for more than one hundred days now there's been reports that on the sidelines of the. the ecuadorian foreign minister and his u.k. counterpart have been in discussions of possibly allowing a songe to receive medical care without risking arrest is his health ok he's in
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good health and he's taking good care of himself and he is holding up pretty well and he's in good spirits and and continue his work. to. the term being holed up inside is frequently used when when referring to a situation they could do an embassy but he is a relatively good call for them of course it takes just told to be locked inside for all this time it's more than three months ago but that house arrest before that and i was arrest before that so we were. a small dance agent getting quite used to operating with the editorial. in difficult circumstances and he as well in dealing with those witnesses you know many ask even some of his supporters. why doesn't he just go to sweden and get this taken care of why doesn't a songe just go to sweden because many people don't realize is joining us on to correct me if i'm wrong has not been found guilty of any crime he has not been
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charged at any crime either he hasn't even been charged so some ask why doesn't he just go to sweden and answer whatever questions this sweden officials want answered and then move on well to make one thing clear years try to to be questioned for two years and he's offered himself to be questioned for them to come to the u.k. or go to the scotland yard to be in question through a video link or i mean there's a but i don't have treated to that that makes that possible. it's about the entire time so he is not he has not been conveyed in that process. but i can ask again to those who are saved wages and go to sweden if there's even a small risk that he will be extradited from sweden to united states to face very serious charges here even he declined us the enemy. of course he's hesitant to
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go there and has asked for guarantees this we discover him and has not been able to guarantee that he would not be extradited to the united states onward from sweden why is that that is a question that has to be ensured the culpability of foreign minister sweden has that it is impossible to do they are not allowed to do that which is totally wrong of course it is possible and it's very spirit that this reader's authorities are not able to give this guy or n.t. . sweet is system is. on the surface of neutrality but beneath the surface of course it's a strong ally of the united states let's not forget that not that many years ago the swedish security police swept up two asylum seekers from the streets of struck cold and threw them aboard the ghost plane i don't see a plane where they were flown to egypt and tortured and the
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a torture chamber so but i concur i'm speaking of the us there is as i mentioned earlier a presidential election that will soon be approaching with you know just a little over a month. do you think that the circumstance for joining us on and or wiki leaks water could change if mitt romney won the us presidential election then brok obama would not be reluctant i don't want to speculate on how or if there will be any change in the situation or policy towards we can look at the changes in the in the white house i doubt it and why is that well you see how the obama has basically in foreign affairs and. in dealing with weekly leagues and continued on this hard line position. and why should there be any change with mitt romney.
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probably not so then what's the next move for julian assange wiki leaks well we of course awake waiting for the year the u.s. equivalent of the are up a good way getting them for the u.s. population to rise up and. sense that the human rights have been deteriorating in the us freedom of the media is not as it was before and i think it's pretty much the time poor the us population to realize that. their country is one of a very bad track and that joining us on i think they could save the future of the american people thank you very much for your time thank you.
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europe is involved in protest over a bailout terminal stare at a restoration over disintegrating economies has turned into a violent clashes with police which saw scores arrested this week. syria and iran topped the debate at this year's un general assembly with russia calling for peace and israel drawing up plans for war it's a prime minister wants military action before problem develops a nuclear weapon which the islamic state denies that stooping. to provides julian assange with a video link to the u.n. makes his first speech to the world leaders holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london during his address he condemned the persecution of wiki leaks and criticized
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the u.s. for criminalizing free speech. sport is next with the union and the all blacks are on top of the world once again they certainly are card to run this time every year i say to myself why oh why do i not put a few rubles on using being rugby championship winners because that's exactly what they are once again we're going to have a look at how they got there right. thanks for joining us this is indian sports today we have got plenty had few including the following. day of reckoning host to us a the advantage over europe heading into the final round of the ryder cup in chicago. all block going to new zealand russia argentina to secure the in old world rugby championship title and extend their winning run to dean matches in the
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process. again the annual cup will see two russian sides to poplin sunday's decider after. lithuanian the opposition. russia is set to spend almost double the early estimates to make world cup twenty eight dean a reality is according to the country sports minister plenty of expensive stadium on infrastructure work ahead for the country now after this weekend the somewhat surprising eleven cities list which will host the event. the tournament will cost us around six hundred billion rubles which is approximately twenty billion u.s. dollars fifty percent of those costs will be covered by private investment while the government will handle the other half. of moscow some petersburg and so what you are all sure to be picked from the thirteen hopefuls and chosen they were but two regions had to be dropped to make the final shortlist of twelve stadiums in eleven cities krus the door and the others level saying their dreams of watching
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the sport's biggest stars up close but means moscow st petersburg saw the rainbird kaliningrad nizhny novgorod summer of all ground surrounds rough stuff on all. that stay with football where game week ten of the russian premier league is continuing apace on sunday with three games up for consideration the first of which has now wrapped up with a big surprise in moscow seeing off city rival sask away from home and again which saw islands of who have sent off for the losers the army men had won their last six games before today second place currently attempting to finish the weekend above zero on top of the standings are looking pretty good at the moment one in their last no guess is it is samuel eto who scored in their clash with volker while the remaining rust off a little. the losses keep mounting for spartak moscow who may have lost another key
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player this week cool keeper under dick can we are getting last year shoulder injury during a league car on saturday leaving plenty of questions to head off their champions league battle with celtic it's still not known how much time the ukrainian will miss and whether or not the return for choose these big encounter the thirty five year old has been one of support talks in form players this season but suffered several injury relapses dating back to last year brazilian midfielder rahman who is also months for move from talking out again following me surgery in germany while circuit. yeah like the place finds. its. talking english football now where there's just the one game in the premier league today and it could send west brom up to somewhere they haven't been very often before second place in the table the vikings are a way to aston villa later for the first time in thirty three years from finished above the last season a winter today's clash is favorites just one of their five games so far
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a kind of welcome back to turkey winner brett home an injury while west brom's peter odemwingie house completed his first red card against the. gulf team usa are on course to reclaim the ryder cup the spy the late fight back from europe on day two in chicago davis love the third man have a ten six lead heading into the final run scoring five off the eight points on offer on. the deva belong to ian porter. his last five holes in the final. much is earned europe a vital point which keeps them in the test the u.s. no need for the half points single structure isn't something i. or to boxing where russian alexander ovechkin successfully defended his w.p.a. super heavyweight title knocking out. the thirty three year old showing little mercy on his american opponents but that can dominating the fight with victory coming in just this second round by we have stoppage over his thirty nine year old
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opponents extends his victory record to twenty five he has never been beaten by clash with multiple world champions but the mere klitschko of the smooth little. elsewhere new zealand tough won the inaugural rugby championship after a demolition job on argentina in buenos aires the one sided victory in the all blacks and on the saleable lead at the top of the fourteen group that means they become the first winner to show all of the tournaments which took place to trying to argentina were included in the. sack. he sees the advantage in the first try to save him but the visitors turned on the style after that cory jane the tell us man helping himself to trick tries again following your journey and sophia out of a race to complete the comfortable victory the world champions their boy standing near winning run time. i. tell you what he does get there in the end i think in the end but certain.
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parts of africa as bryan habana showed us truly he still got the skills that earned him i.r.b. player of the year honors in two thousand and twenty. suring his side came second place in the standings overall by helping the most of all these three making no i. was off against us i mean he was always in the second half he said i would pass the . time i. think the price i was thinking wait. i mean while the n.h.l. lockout is continuing in north america but the players association have now returned to the negotiation table with team owners after a two week break the two sides hammering out issues such as drug testing and player safety although they're yet to the scope of the economic divide which caused the competition second lockout in seven years. the story where we try to tackle
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health and safety issues drug testing. training staffs things like that and we have we are good discussions we have. some things and that you know as it was a good morning let's talk basketball finally whether russian shelp in ship starts next week on the alexander cup is the last pre-season tournaments ahead of it saskia moscow clawing out a last gasp win over rival and telegraphs in the semifinal last constantine but top off now reports. despite the friendly status of the tournament and match between say sky enjoyably race of flu to any it turned out to be a crack at the visitors were used to bowl full starts right from the tee ball and had a double digit lead me way through the opening quarter poetess government is to cut the deficit to five bourne's by the end of the first ten minutes twenty twenty three. the home side can contain the leafy end in attack as the side from countess
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blew away and their army man tried to keep the pace and chasing them all the time finally drawing level five minutes to go in the second. in the third quarter the green and white stick advantage of today's cars board the fans and misplaced bosses increasing their couche into twelve points but the red and blues applied pressure on the visitors the fans and get back into it thanks to alexander cohn who's been headed their tank netting several b. with two throws to his comment it all square seven to seven old with six minutes to go and a seesaw game in the final corner i get to speak daters only age of this is discussed captain week that it happened didn't let the team down dying seconds levelling mather is once again made seconds before the final maza. restoring the ball in their last attack and the hosts new guard are in jackson sent the winner eighty nine eight. that will have time. he's
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not worried about what i just want to see how we react and fortunately we got the way for sure we have made the first place for. play no part of the fact that he was the best. officer of defense. systems basis. meanwhile in the second semifinal russia's locomotive could one manage to quote an eighty two seventy nine when over the euro league title holders olympiacos and will face the host say sky in the final of the government's kick up on sunday on something but out of all richie. is a sporting route i'll see you in just under two hours time with the war.
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courageous and creative. elegance and full of public speaking. a few european bodybuilders against millions of weak immigrants. may not seem so serious now. but this could be a real fright tomorrow. european extremists. on.
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the friendship asian of russia has started again after two hundred years up at the . sub jet the emperor napoleon has arrived from overseas to lead the army i have to really take my time to prepare myself to get it right i know. the bloody battle near moscow is going to start over . james brown will reveal the victor the soldiers are back to do it all again. but you know version twenty five of our team.
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overcoming a barrier like this seems possible. but then you crave something higher. and when you reach the peak. you'll do whatever it takes to get on the top of the world on r.t. . russians would be soon which brightened. about someone from funniest impressions. muslims starts on t.v.
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