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tv   [untitled]    September 30, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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i. long as it needs to last until people's daily needs are met europe is engulfed in protests as frustration opera disintegrating economies and fighting collets turns into a violent clashes with police in. syria and iran top the debate at this year's un general assembly with russia calling for peace and israel drawing spanx for war. and archie provides julian assange with a video link to the un the makes his first speech to world leaders and attacks the persecution of wiki leaks while holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in washington.
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hello and welcome to our tease the week leon karen tara well protests against biting spending cuts continue throughout europe as people vent their anger over bailouts sponsored austerity mass demonstrations in madrid turned to violence earlier this week as police were forced to fire rubber bullets to calm a feeling of the public there been dozens of injuries and arrests and artie's jacob graves has been following developments. so i'm stalling agreed to spain approving the border advance the austerity protest in the euro zone first time their frustration and anger only seems to be hardening less of a want to challenge the record was claimed by a politician. as many people feel they're already being fed a diet of police officers. broken promises bruised protesters ambassador buildings
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becoming the euro zone's currency from athens to madrid capitals this week have been braced for an onslaught of the angry and indignant. boss to get out all the bleach and sun and press here a surgeon measures job benefit us they just benefit a very few people. on the european union on the banks these are at cheats of betrayal the first force that increase promised during negotiations at. the next door and that is the agreements between greece and it's not just in this state without any negotiations they have promised mrs major and the other european leaders just to implement. athens sort firebombs a mass spaniards claim they were victims of police brutality chasing down
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protesters they fired rubber bullets into crowds the injury count from just one night topping sixty this will last as long as austerity says as neoliberal austerity lasts and as long as. it's going to last as long as it needs to last until people's daily me i met. their t.'s rank and file have most recently been posted by portuguese protesters a nation known for its tolerance of bailout sponsored cutbacks reforms that put the onus of social security payments on workers appear a step too far but this week's hot spot remains madrid where three demonstrations oppose real resistance to the government's public sector cutbacks heed the surround congress movement has called for the dissolution of parliament but the heavy claims made to the group more harm than good cause alone in separatism with the potential . for spain to lose twenty percent of its current output would likely because the
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government more sleepless nights but prime minister a whole new budget shows no concessions to the protesters with forty billion euros a fresh cuts economists and activists alike have labeled the move as pandering to e.u. eurozone and i.m.f. demands adding fuel to the fire as people populate the central madrid on saturday to hurl accusations at police and the politicians they shelled j greece madrid find out more about the disturbances and damage that's shaking up europe by logging on to one side r.t. dot com here's what else we have for you on. galaxy quest india is pumping more money into its space program on larger satellites and planning ambitious projects on far away planets. plus the cities that made their pets and won the fight announces the final list of venues for the two thousand and eighteen football world
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cup in russia you can read all about the big spending on big stadiums at r.t. dot com and. it will take some time before those state of the art football arenas are built but even without the competition and the russian premier league is heating up you know it is here to tell us more about the main news from around ten season when dean we're going to be talking more about the russian premier league one game in particular current it was top person is pretty much almost score for c.s.k. moscow versus moscow and there was a result that very few people saw coming so that's coming up in a row in forty minutes time here we've got much more it is a sunday so it's a busy sporting day more from the n.h.l. talks will they or won't be the rugby championship so keep true and it's coming up very shortly. in syria a new wave of filings being reported in the second city of aleppo which is said to be seeing an. crash it's government forces claim they're beating back
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a rebel all slot but the insurgents are talking only of a successful offensive casualties are mounting in the battle that began in july with a side being able to seize the initiative self far dozens have also reportedly been killed in firefights and suburbs of damascus this count meanwhile washington's pledged more multimillion dollar support to the rebels but russia has warrants that such moves are only serving to sink syria deeper into turmoil political analysts take apart barker says washington considers the assad regime expendable. well it's a standard policy of the us government it is it is designed to oust rulers of regimes that are independent of what might be called the us military empire and replace them with pro-u.s. rulers so we have the dichotomy of supporting dictators in countries that are a loyal to the us government in trying to oust dictators that are not loyal to the
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us the us is committed to the ouster of the assad regime and whenever you hear the united nations it just designed for the american taxpayer the american voter create the appearance that the us is interested in spreading democracy and freedom when in fact it has a long history of supporting dictatorial regimes in saudi arabia even iran under the shah of iran syria itself don't forget that the cia used the assad regime to torture some of its rendition torture victims and so the the whatever goes on in the un is really ridiculous and senseless. the issue of syria has been raised that the annual u.n. general assembly gathering this week has russia called on those who support the rebels to stop sidestepping international law a long running question of whether iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons was also up for heated debate but israel trying to draw up quite literally
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a case for intervention reports from new york. as world leaders gathered for the annual u.n. general assembly international anger over and islamophobia american film was still blazing in the muslim world addressing the world body u.s. president barack obama condemned the video nonetheless defending the right to free speech as president of our country and commander in chief of our military i accept that people are going to call me awful things every day. and i will always defend their right to do so obama also pledged his support for arab spring nations like egypt and libya however when egypt's new president spoke at the un for the first time mohamed morsi said free speech will not be accepted as a free pass to insult islam prophet. the obscenity is recently released as part of an organized campaign against islamic center is unacceptable and requires
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a firm stand egypt respects freedom of expression one that is not directed towards one specific religion or culture the opening of the u.n. general assembly is usually criticized as political theater with a lot of talk this year however there was no talking with us president barack obama the leader of the country hosting the un left immediately after his speech on day one and held no bilateral meetings on day to the eighth and final speech of the always controversial iranian leader saw an ad musicians of corrupt western politics and a subtle tipping of the hot to the occupy wall street movement are we to believe that those who spend hundreds of millions of dollars in election campaigns have the interest of the people of the world at their heart in the united states and in europe their voices are not heard even if they constitute ninety nine percent of their societies meanwhile israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu called for
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a military all tomato on iran over its nuclear program using some surprising methods to illustrate his point this is a. this is a fuse a red line should be drawn right here before iraq completes the second stage of nuclear enrichment. necessary to make a bomb israel stole the show in more ways than one will be. what's more the wiley coyote nuclear bomb. the really good of her tandem we're going to pretend that you don't know what a nuclear bomb hoax like. here israel. run downstairs and look in the basement on another us show for russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov recalled another time problems were used at the u.n. executive to garner support for military intervention as you learned when my good
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friend colin powell colin powell was shaking this via with some white powder in the security council just about the nearly can see what they're doing us unless we also writes the use of force against iraq we would be on their own thoughts a few story. and the turned out to be that there was no anthrax and that while today russia and the u.s. remain divided over how to end the civil war in syria moscow says some countries supporting the opposition are turning a blind eye to terrorist attacks committed by the rebels and you say pushed syria even deeper into the bloody into next week's drawing the militarization of the conflict is continuing with a cool open intervention russia says confidence in the un has also been compromised by unilateral actions taken against countries like cuba iran and now syria there are consequences to unilateral sanctions imposed by state group of states going to
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be un to advance a political goals we have no doubt that such sanctions as when they are applied xterra to weaken the unity of the international community and undermine the effectiveness of its efforts the un was originally founded as an arena for all parties to respectfully discuss issues and diplomatically collaborate on solutions as the sixty seventh year of the general assembly begins many are left wondering why at least one country has cemented a pattern of acting alone. r.t. new york time now for some of the stories making today's world our series of bomb attacks targeting shia communities has killed at least twenty six people in iraq some sixteen more explosions in several cities from the country's south to the manage north the deadliest last war in taji where eight people died in back to back car bombings now ones yet the attacks. have encouraged people to hand
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in their weapons in a bid to boost security and misting areas have already been set up in the country's capital and the second largest city benghazi this comes after a wave of rallies across the country people demanding an introduction. of the national police force and army that we are remains unstable after last year's revolt the government unable to contain powerful militias. a member of nato staff on a civilian contractor have been killed in eastern afghanistan in an apparent green on blue attack it's the latest such as solved in the country which taliban militants claim as part of their anti nato tactics two thousand u.s. military personnel have now died in afghanistan the complete withdrawal of nato troops is due by the end of two thousand and fourteen. well the gloves are off in georgia head of monday's parliamentary election in a few minutes we report on the opposition about setting out to mount
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a tough challenge to the country's ruling party after holding a hundred thousand strong march. on the remote rocks are now being fought over by three countries including asia's biggest power players with more on this week's developments in the south china sea after a short break. and. flying north with me in this old soviet work also the helicopter is doctors london near brodsky and his team from the region's medical aviation service we head across ever more barren tundra higher and higher into russia's arctic far north until eventually we see our landing spot with arrive at this tiny village after crossing hundreds of kilometers of snow we will this is a boy here suffering and the doctors are going to see what they can do. inside
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a small building not warm but two babies and their parents are waiting for us the doctors inspect them but can't make a diagnosis and decide to bring them to a regional hospital for better care spread learner doesn't like taking her baby away from home but she's been before and degrees to go that's. the usual practice with those who live in atlanta they keep mothers with their newborns in hospital for a month. on the way back another stop to check on the health of some native new units reindeer herders out in the tundra it can take many hours to reach the nearest village so our medical problems simply fixed here in the tent that i wish they used to be but now we can go to civilized places so we call for emergency help. back at hospital other patients helped by the air ambulance are being treated the service costs forty million dollars a year to run and there's been controversy with some claiming that locals exaggerate or make up health problems and use the helicopters as
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a free taxi service accusations vladimir firmly dismisses your brother is not true usually the calls are perfectly justified sometimes we even reproach locals for waiting too long before calling us he's been working as a doctor now for forty three years but vladimir is confident the diva now after he retires his helicopter doctors will remain a lifeline to the peoples of the russian far north. but back you're watching our team live from moscow to care and. julian assange has managed to address world leaders in new york despite still being holed up in ecuador. it's been sheltering the wiki leaks editor for months during which keeps
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stressing the latin american nation must hand over to swedish authorities as artists are for. clayton having been holed up. in the air doing here. at the home for us of ministration is in trying to erect. a national regime of secrecy a national regime. a regime where you need government employee revealing sensitive information to a media organization can be sentenced to death life imprisonment or not he spoke knowingly about his bit about the implications that this kid if the us continue along this cools the song the founder of wiki leaks wanted in sweden for questioning a sexual assault allegations now some of the songs critics say. and his legal team
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claiming it. will be tempting in some way to say justice and you think if you think. about the fact that they want the questioning to go ahead they're ready to. say they want to hear it. now we. don't commit that thing in the u.s. . the fact that. we keep the name. even there any who says the wiki leaks the people who look with wiki leaks could end up committing. that we would like to take the nation. and the overall quote a detail. that the u.s. government and well probably didn't know about and later this hour on r t a wiki
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leaks spokesman tells us more about freedom of speech and the future of whistleblowers. this is the case who received an documents that have sources that show that that communicating with some providing weakens with information and consider is considered communicating with the enemy aiding the enemy. with these is the enemy. and what is we can use it's a platform for whistle blower to get information out to the public we are doing what any media organization should be doing we are doing journalism and the implication is that journalism getting the truth out there is considered. an act of an enemy that is the obviously what is the into the intention of the obama administration it is who would deter people from not just cooperating with we can leaks but the mainstream media as will so this is
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a very serious question for the mainstream media which has to wake up as well and you know the coffee this is getting very serious and in this situation. georgia has seen some of its biggest opposition rallies to date with over one hundred thousand people turning up for pre-election demos in the capital and the country's second largest city on saturday charges will choose their next parliament tomorrow anti-government no it has been fueled by the recent prison torture scandal which sparked massive protests and international condemnation georgian authorities are also accused of high level corruption and cracking down on activists who speak out against the government the opposition claims to be a sea of using dirty tricks to retain its image and as it got spun off reports there are claims that some were at the expense of georgia's northern a back. of the old girl on the recent alleged police operation new georges bellew
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with russia's republic will be a good start eleven suspected terrorists did release a series of the armed men were just youths who crossed into georgian territory and kidnapped around two locals before being caught by police the news spreads quickly but not everyone is buying it the only this was all organized by georgian security services. the lack of transparency and details about the incident has led many to believe the whole so-called anti terror operation was a complete hoax georgian authorities have been very successful in creating an image of a modern western civilized state of beacon of freedom by force w. bush once called it but in this case the opposition's accusations are fighting supporters on the other side of the caucasus meet he's a young dumb he spent two decades fighting on the side of chechen militants against moscow and officially representing them in georgia he also has doubts about what
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really happened at this latest water operation. first of all their weapons were american made second none of them fired off a single shot. the uniforms of. his were brand new that was saakashvili plan nice and his guys across the border into russia and then have them shot by the georgian police this was a setup just to be brainwashed no one will ever be able to prevent it. he said he cleans the beaches were terrorists began in the ninety's when you personally helped kitchen severances why delivering weapons and aid from georgia. surely a goat in georgia is really close to chechnya it takes just ten minutes to fly across the border by helicopter so we helped our warriors from georgian territory from the gorge we delivered weapons money to the injured and then send them all around the world for treatment and with the help of georgian security services and
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it got us glad to get we got the weapons from the depository of georgian anti terror center our guys came there with cash able to choose whichever weapons they wanted and. found ahmed says he's interesting just didn't diminish even after president saakashvili came to power a man often bridge street as an envoy of democracies. everything is still controlled by the anti terror center the mujahideen and the jim are our in its hands they are their people any chechen who lives in georgia and wants to study in an islamic country has to go through the anti terror center they tell you to tbilisi you go to this center meet with some official and they won't let you go into you say yes to us free to work for them although of graeme's that his knowledge almost cost him his life for going to sas solution attempt he was allowed to return to church with a green light from russian authorities after he asked for forgiveness now he plans
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to reveal everything he knows you want to spin off r.t. grossly the chechen republic they say a strain in relations between china and japan and korea this week in dispute flaring up over a chain of islands in the east china sea which both countries claim as their own and number of protests were held in both countries over the ralph throughout the week taiwan also claims the islands which lie around two hundred kilometers from its coast and are believed to contain large will serve support talk asked south korea's president warn that asia security is becoming increasingly unstable due to the territorial dispute investigative journalist james corbett says some world powers are interested in stoking up the conflict. a stance of believe this is about the potential oil and gas reserves that have been estimated to be in that area but i think we have to understand this entire dispute not in terms of the islands
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themselves this is being played up as a as a nationalist sentiment nationalist fervor it has the potential to to get bigger it will see if it does broaden out into the region we see the u.s. starting its asia pacific pivot so i think it actually has an interest in increasing tensions between japan and china because that makes japan ever more eager to accept an american military presence which up until now there's been quite strong protest against but now we see them renewing miller. joint military exercises in guam etc so so it is increasing the japanese reliance on the american security blanket as the as it were and i think that that plays into american interest and a couple of minutes our team talks with a wiki leaks spokesman about the limitations of journalistic freedom and the future was a blowers across the globe to stay with us. courageous
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and creative. elegant and full and public speaking. for. a few european bodybuilders against millions of which immigrants. this may not seem so serious now. but this could be a real threat to. european extremists. on. the plane.
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overcoming a barrier like this seems possible. but then you crave something higher. and when you reach the peak. you'll do whatever it takes to get on the top of the world on r.t.e. .
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joining our team for our one on one exclusive interview is kristen the spokes person for weiqi leaks mr hobson thank you very much for sitting down with r.t. that's right and reports have come out that the u.s. now has officially made joining us and wiki leaks an enemy of the state. what does that mean for joining us on time with every being is that he has a very serious concern that if he is extradited here you would be treated as them enemy an enemy combatant. and we all know what that entails this is an indication that we see him in documents that have sources that show that that communicating with we can lease and provided we can use
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with information in considered is considered communicating with the enemy which is aiding the enemy i.e.d. we can use is the enemy. and what is we can use it's a platform for whistle blower to get information out to the public we are doing what any media organization should be doing we're doing journalism and the implication is that journalism getting the truth out there is considered an act of an enemy which is brother against the muslim or is it published i mean i'm not trying to discredit what wiki leaks is doing but. there's a difference a little bit of a difference it seems to me like we can leave says accepting information and publishing it or not going through it they're not asking questions about it they're publishing it if we can leaks julian a song and two overs apart weeklies decides that it's important for the public to know this classified information.


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