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tv   [untitled]    September 30, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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work right they were unarmed was no doubt about it. so we provided also context to do that but with all the huge revelation that came after with the gun award i read the iraq war logs on the diplomatic cables to towards the end of the year twenty two and we saw the cooperation with the mainstream media we're cooperating with almost one hundred media organization all over the world and it was a corporation and had massive pre-sold something thousands even if not tens of thousands of headlines and stories which made a difference it made a difference in the arab world it had a cuttle into effect in tunisia and egypt we all know that do you think that more whistleblowers are going to be hesitant on dealing with regularly singling us on right now now that the u.s. has a specially declared. him and the organization as an enemy of the state it is quite possible that it will effect and deter him some better i mean that is the
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obviously what is the into the intention of the obama administration it is to deter people from not just cooperating with we can use but the mainstream media as will so this is a very serious cornerstone for the mainstream media which has to wake up and smell and you know the coffee this is getting very serious and in this situation here julia signs point blank at soused us president barack obama of exploiting the arab spring and in many ways using it to be reelected in the u.s. now the u.s. is approaching a presidential election what did he mean by that you're the spokesman of wiki leaks so that's why i i'm asking you well it's hard for me to interpret what julian was meaning i think was very clear on what he was saying. he is exploiting and i'm referring to obama he is exploiting the arab spring or the arab awakening for his
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political gains which is very hypocritical if you consider the whole the obama administration was supporting the dictators that were thrown out by the people in tunisia in egypt. and in other countries. the u.s. government was. supporting. them to live a little and when the popular uprising. really played out and the same story was in you do. you listen to obama's going to even try to what happened with replays of him but i didn't and there pick was the really guardian of the the torture chambers in the in sort of mine who had been used of course to torture prisoners that were rendition. to egypt when u.s. president barack obama was addressing the general assembly. he brought up the fact
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of this anti islam film that that sparked a lot of anti-american sentiment in the arab world and actually even beyond and he said as as crude and disgusting as he believes that film is as us president he will still defend the constitutional rights of americans to have freedom of expression and freedom of speech but during a song when he was addressing the u.n. . he sort of said obama was being quite hypocritical by persecuting joining us on it and his organization wiki leaks for leaking diplomatic cables what why is this seen as hypocritical well i mean it is hypocritical for the president who campaigned on the platform. encouraging whistle blowers and whistle blowing and if you look up its exact words it was very clear that
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whistleblowers were essential for helpful to democracy once he was elected in two thousand and eight he because the president who has gone to war on whistleblowers and he is track record is such that so that he has managed to to. to fight more whistleblowers with the f.b.i. as i've told nine hundred seventeen their own presidents of the world were to come by and they came before him so it's an extremely serious this trend has continued and and what can you say but this is hypocrisy of course and let's talk about julian assange she's been in that dorian embassy in the u.k. for more than one hundred days now there's been reports that on the sidelines of the. that ecuadorian foreign minister and his u.k.
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counterpart have been in discussions of possibly allowing a song to receive medical care without risking arrest is his health ok he's in good health and he's taking good care of himself and he is holding up pretty well and he's in good spirits and and continue his work. to. the term being holed up inside is frequently used when when referring to a situation in the ecuadorian embassy but he is relatively good covert there of course it takes was told to be locked inside for all this time it's more than three months ago but that house arrest before that and i was with us before that so we are. just mobilization and getting quite used to operating with the you know the tour and. in difficult circumstances and yes will in dealing with those witnesses you know many ask even some of his supporters. why doesn't he just go to sweden
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and get this taken care of why doesn't a songe just go to sweden because many people don't realize joining us on to correct me if i'm wrong has not been found guilty of any crime he has not been charged at any crime either he hasn't even been charged so some ask why doesn't he just go this week and answer whatever questions this sweden officials want answered and then move on well to me one thing clear years try to to be questioned for two years and he's offered himself to be questioned for them to come to the u.k. or go to the scotland yard to be in question through video link or i mean there's a but i don't have treated to that makes that possible. so while the entire time so you know is months it has not been that invading that for. but i can ask again so those who are saved why doesn't build in sweden if there's even
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a small risk that he will be extradited from sweden the united states to face very serious charges here even to find us a real enemy. of course he's hesitant to to go there and has asked for guarantees this we discover him and has not been able to guarantee that he would not be extradited to the united states onward from sweden why use that that is a question that has to be answered the culpability for a minister or sweden is that it is impossible to do they are not allowed to do that which is totally wrong of course it is possible and it's very spurious that this reader's authorities are not able to give this government. suite is system is. on the surface of neutrality but beneath the surface of course it's a strong ally of the united states let's not forget that not that many years ago
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the swedish security police swept up to asylum seekers from the streets of stockholm and threw them aboard the ghost plane i don't see a plane where they were flown to egypt and tortured and the a torture chamber so but i can cuddle speaking of the us there is as i mentioned earlier a presidential election that will soon be approaching with and you know just a little over a month. do you think that the circumstance for joining us on end or wiki leaks would or could change if mitt romney won the u.s. presidential election then brok obama would not be reluctant i don't want to speculate on how or if there will be any change in the situation or policy towards we can leave that that would change in the in the white house i doubt it and why is that well you see how would the obama has basically. in foreign affairs and and in dealing with we can leagues and continued on this hard line position.
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and why should there be any change with mitt romney. probably not so then what's the next move for joining us on talking with us well we of course awake waiting for the year the us equivalent of the are up a good way getting in for the u.s. population to rise up and and the. sense that the human rights have been deteriorating in the us freedom of the media is not as it was before and i think it's pretty much the time for the he was populations realize that. their country is one of a very bad track and that at the same joining us i think they could save the future of the american people thank you very much for your time thank you.
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in japan the average height for men is one hundred eighty two centimeters ten centimeters shorter because of that some employers refused to hire me one of them even told me directly that i was too short to deal with the client's computers already spent three months in this hospital and plans to stay for another four to add the coveted seven santa majors to his stature invented by the famed soviet orthopedic is good for you is there and the nineteen fifties these frames were initially used to treat fractures in deformities by cutting bones and slowly pulling them up or therefore stimulating tissue regeneration it was out of was able to receive arms and legs and people who thought they were crippled for life be sent to the other patients shattered bones and in many cases their shattered lives with the main goal when professing designed his first brain using bicycle parts sixty
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years later season venture is increasingly being used to help people quite eager to fracture their legs to become a few centimeters taller than the ultimate goal is still the same fixing somebodies lives both literally and figuratively about a third of patients admitted to the was out of center nowadays seeking surgery focus medical reasons most of them a man and most are not what you would call vertically challenged professor novick of who operated on many of them says it usually comes down to a man's pride some of the first patient to turn to us with a leg length in the request to meet his fifteen centimeters to be still want to surgery because panos tool than him we like to say that we need to break their legs in order to fix their head maybe nothing wrong with them from an orthopedic point of view but there is something psychological that prevents them from living their lives fully being happy and we fix it like lengthening surgeries are banned in many countries and even the out they're pretty expensive in russia the entire course
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costs eleven thousand dollars about one tenth of the similar package in the united states. financial considerations were one of the reasons that brought this washington state nature to western siberia yet his main motive for the surgery had to do with how he fared auditors in america advertised as one seventy five i was one sixty seven or one sixty eight and so one eight centimeters would have brought me right to average if i just wanted to be average for women height isn't so important you know i think girl can be short and it's not a big deal i think a guy is like expected to be taller just before the operation most this matter a russian girl who found he's a regional hide quite endearing yet he still want to have had the surgery adding seven more centimeters to the self-confidence she took to told me the whole time you're crazy you're normal you're perfect. so now or so they call you so what
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a compliment for somebody who's used to falling short of his own expectations. there are those who desperately need it to survive. the sparkle is there to give money to look i'll choose long gone goldman the fish. on the suppresses the prize
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the. markets why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy in cars a report on our. top stories more news your view of the week europe's in go from protests over driven austerity frustration over disintegrating economies has turned into violent clashes with police still schools the rest of this week also from syria and iran top the debates of this year's u.n. general assembly with russia calling for peace and israel drawing up plans for war its prime minister wants military action before to random nuclear weapons which the islamic state of nice. and r.t. provides julian assange with a video link to the u.n. he makes his first speech to world leaders will hold up in the ecuadorian embassy in london during his address he condemned the persecution of wiki leaks and criticize the u.s. for the increasing. play to sports news now with you today suddenly covering
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staying in the russian premier league as he's about to tell us. thanks for joining us this is sports with a plenty head over the next ten minutes saying clearing the following. army men overrun struggling to shock the premier league leaders heading into the weekend c.s.k. moscow put together their longest winning run this season. cruise control is truly is march towards the last four of cricket's twenty twenty world cup shows no signs of relenting after going to talk on south africa. all black arts new zealand thrush argentina to secure the inaugural rugby championship title and extend their winning run to fifteen matches in the process. russia is set to spend almost double the early estimates in the build up to world
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cup twenty eight doing that's according to the country sports minister plenty of expensive stadium on infrastructure work ahead for the country no after fee for this weekend this somewhat surprising eleven cities list which will host the event . for you she's just i mean the tournament will cost us around six hundred billion rubles which is approximately twenty billion u.s. dollars fifty percent of those costs will be covered by private investment while the government will handle the other half. two regions had to be dropped to make the final shortlist of twelve stadiums in eleven cities cross the door and you're seeing their dreams of watching the sport's biggest stars up close surrounds the supplies inclusion in the list the city not really noted for its all to fulfilling tradition while dressed in dark and currently post to top like science. cannot stay with football where there's a new team leading the way in the russian premier league c.s.k. moscow had been the team to catch up they were the first of the games one was in
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moscow seeing off the city rivals ten men. you just kind of liked and were in scoring goals either side of the break which made the difference for the rights according to africa in particular indicative of the problem sisko had in the fence all day long those problems worsening when starland islands of well received a straight red after lashing out at nick wiltshire the final score their second straight win moving them up to twelve after the ball. while angie went top believe for the first time ever beating vogue at the spiked something the rest of their suspicions up with but some eleven was going to the end of the first tough deserving a closer look at setting up the for. scoring. seem off the roof on the necessary space to tie proceedings right before the hour. seeming fired up the way he took manish intrudes on how it should be i think just. the ceiling
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a lot more i. made it two wins on the trot the title contenders always with the upper hand away to rust off to nil. eventually double valleys for. affordable fun sport topper start food move up the joint six twelve or a stall for men with only nine points from nine games. the losses keep mounting for spartak moscow who may have lost another key player this week goalkeeper under dick on i've been feeding last year shoulder injury during a league. leaving plenty of questions ahead of their champions league battle with celtic it's still not known how much time the ukraine will miss and whether or not he'll return for choose the big contract the thirty five year old doesn't want to spotlight for this season but suffered several injury lux's dating back to last year brazilian midfielder romelu is also months for me from talking out again following the surgery in germany should be
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a test call to replace vice captain deacon in between this. on the moto g.p. circuit overall leader jorge lorenzo played it safe by finishing second behind the oregon crown prix the spaniard smartly settling for the points after almost crushing out early on the run so started from pole but was determined not to repeat the fate of his colleague stephan rubble and suffered a scary accident the twenty five year old almost letting off the track himself and produce it past him and maintained a comfortable spanish rival on the eve of the season so mean well it's not third place the end of the still top dog pulling a hefty thirty three point lead. it's not boxing where russian alexander privette can successfully defended his w.b. a super heavyweight title knocking out how seem man in homburg the thirty three year old showing little mercy on his american opponent dominating the boche with victory coming in just the second round by way of stoppage extends his record to
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twenty five victories no defeats clash with multiple world champion for the near klitschko another moves a little bit closer. to cricket for australia are cruising towards the last four stage of the twenty twenty world cup. he also he's making short work of south africa on sunday australian i four from four of the tournament opponents travelling from the office they took to the crease on the slow track in colombo zavvi a dollar to two to three wickets just balls so tough to get picked up the pace some walked towards the end of their innings though finishing with a modest yet respectful one hundred forty five or six. history in showing with bob and holland was tailored wants again to run competition top scorer shane watson an incredible display from the sydney sixers all rounder thumping seventy off forty seven balls a string of marks to their tally in seventeen point four overs the age of the wicked win means there are now all but guaranteed a seventy five so. moving to tennis for
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a while minako us claimed his fourth title of the season on his first on the hard courts of the malaysian open the argentinian out of his name to the list of champions of the tournament which only got its start in two thousand and nine the twenty eight year old last thing julien benneteau in the offense the longest match were number eleven go starting that three hour extravaganza by taking the opening set seven by a mile beneteau was quick to respond i think i think it's either i am enough to finish the comeback seven five four six six games that i never follow for. those who are new zealand how it will mean or world rugby championship after a demolition job on argentina in buenos ariz the one sided victory handing the all blacks on the seal bullied at the top of the four team group it means they become the first winners shall for the tournament which placed the tri nations after argentina printed in the form out it was actually the pimas who sees the advantage
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scoring the first try after seven minutes the visitors turned on the style after that jane the talisman helping himself to trick i j. fellow winger and sophia out of a brace to complete the comfortable victory the world champions thank you by setting a winning run. while south africa's bryan habana showed a surely he still got the skills that earned him i.r.b. peer of the year on mission two thousand and seven the twenty nine year old ensuring his cycling second place in the standings overall by helping demolish the wall base and patrol we're making a forty mil with a stretch try have been having two more scores in the second half the casing is worth speaking about twenty six your back is a new perch and also contributing to tries in the thirty one. all your sports flow i'll see said.
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news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada as. china corporations are today. courageous and creative. elegant and full and both public speaking. to. a few european bodybuilders against millions of which immigrants.
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these may not seem so serious now. but this could be a real threat to. european extremists. on top of. the four. it won't come to the should play fish for swimming birds you can catch both of the premier maritime aviation show of the summer check out a whole family of russian engineering feats of the flat ships truly fly or just go with the flow and take in the view of the bay below but hold on there could be turbulence on board the plane it's only jet powered insidious plane the marcellus. pellet up of the world's most powerful choppered and you've got
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a toothbrush to douse any flame technology i'm doing here on a launch we've done the future of cover. line motion to be soon which brightened a few pounds from feinstein christians. who threw stones. t.v. dot com. wealthy british royals it. was. the perfect. place. for the markets i now. find out what's really happening to the global economy for our no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tonight and to cause
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a report on our team play. play . play. play. overcoming a barrier like this seems possible. but you crave something higher. and when you reach the peak. you'll do whatever it takes to get all the talk of the world on artie's.
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plate. my parents really truly honestly believe that what had happened was as a result of my father's exposure to agent orange i was born with multiple problems . i was missing my leg. and my fingers and my big toe on my right foot i use my hands a lot in my artwork i find myself drawing my hands quite a bit to me for my hands you know just as if anyone would but they do tell a story they tell us story of. oxen. sigrid
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laboratory to mccurry was able to build hundreds most sophisticated robots which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only on the dog.


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