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tv   [untitled]    October 1, 2012 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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dot com. george jones can the ballot or a new more powerful poland while scandals hold president saakashvili is reading party. russian punk band pussy riot to appeal against that two year prison term after staging a point in russia's main cathedral. the u.k. admits to political benefits to clients the secret courts where the boys in complicity and torture charges the main objective. international news live from moscow this is assy with me thanks for joining us
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georgians are heading to the pools and water is billed as a landmark parliamentary vote for the country president to me hell saakashvili is ruling party faces a tough challenge from the united opposition with his campaign head by allegations of corruption on the prison abuse scandal ortiz alexei you know chefs care ports now from beneath. fourteen parties running in this election but the main battle is understood to be between the party of the president the ruling party of the united national movement and the party a businessman whose fortune makes up almost half of the country's budget mr ivanishvili his party georgian dream it's actually in fact an alliance of six opposition parties on saturday the country saw the biggest political rally in its more history with two hundred thousand people protesting in the streets and definitely this adds a lot of spice to this election the importance of this election is that. when he steps down next year the parliament of the majority parliament will be able to
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elect the prime minister who according to you amendments in the constitution will have almost the same powers as the president's deputy the party which wins this election will have the future of georgia in its hands right now the surveys suggest that the ruling body is in a slight lead but still the opposition still has a very good chance to be victorious in this election as this election seems to be pretty much unpredictable given the latest twist of events in georgia with the political complaint the election campaign ahead of this vote has been very very turbulent first the businessman mr manish really announces his participation in the election and he is then being stripped of the georgian citizenship fined for about ninety million dollars for as it was alleged using dirty techniques in winning the electorate then in september the reason for torture and abuse was released in georgia which caused massive outrage in a country with hundreds of thousands hitting the streets of the thing which
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troubles the opposition and many in georgia the most is the allegations by the opposition that the country is gradually emerging into a police state with the torch in prisons with the ruling party with the government suppressing any kind of opposition on television and the judicial system also being very much under the thumb of the current president and his party for. prime minister in fact a former ally of saakashvili you know better than i was once described saakashvili as a neo bolshevik rule and that his country is getting more authoritarian so there's definitely promises to be a very tight race we will certainly be bringing all the latest exit poll results as they come out later during the day after massive protests falling georgia's prison abuse scandal many refused to buy president promises of transparency and democracy oh he's involved is going off reports now on what's behind the country's modern image. brand new boutiques banks restaurants and
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a western style face with in general is definitely something georgian authorities can be proud of glass was in police stations and many other new government buildings aimed at creating an image welcome we transferred state system but is it merely an image the recent footage of alleged torture and sexual abuse of inmates in prisons has shocked the georgian public i mean you're comparing it to cases from guantanamo except it contains suspected terrorists and these are ordinary georgian inmates and. you are the former senior staff member of one of the prisons who leaks the forage claims president saakashvili is perfectly aware of the torture thousands took to the streets in protest demanding the arrest and prosecution of all those responsible while a burning building has become a symbol of the opposition since this is what the authorities are accused of using for torture in some of the videos this will not be tolerated opposition activists
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died she claims over six hundred people have been tortured in prisons and nationwide many died he says are to me our goal is to make sure the election is without provocations and the people who committed these crimes are punished especially mikhail saakashvili duchy was arrested by traffic the day after. officially. he was given in prison meanwhile to see feasts president saakashvili was busy sacking the police chief arresting all the officers shown in the video footage and substituting the staff in all prisons with the police but both his and the ruling party's readings still dropped when you leave twenty percent. portion of the government supporters used to come from civil servants many of them resigning and crossing over to the opposition with an average salary around four hundred dollars a month poverty is another issue sparking public disapproval in shiny new buildings
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can't hide that. with a population half the size of paris change is going to happen fast the question is how bad the georgians want them is going all of. the three members of the russian punk band pussy riot in court in moscow to appeal against their prison term they were sentenced to two years in jail an organist for inciting religious hatred during a political protest at russia's main cathedral they verdict sparked controversy in the country and abroad are shown tom is trying to foul live good morning shows so they here is to just start in a couple of hours from now what can we expect that. well today is part of the appeals process or for the sentencing and what that means is that no evidence that will be heard in fact they will only be listening to. details that specifically deal with the sentencing now let me go back a little bit give you some of the details of what happened back on february twenty
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first members of the pussy riot a punk group performed what they called a prayer in moscow's christ the savior of. which is the russian orthodox main cathedral and they were then arrested in march for hooliganism now during the summer there was a trial and a media frenzy that surrounded it and in mid august they were convicted of who were going. specifically motivated by religious hatred they were sentenced to two years at that time now today it is possible that they could be acquitted entirely but that is not expected to happen lawyers for the defense are hoping that there will be a reduction in the sentence maybe by as much as six months and here at court things are quiet there is considerably heightened police presence a lot more security than normal also a lot of journalists to cover this particularly court case as well as many supporters and people who are against pussy riot themselves in fact we're told that
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. there are supposed to be rallies planned today both for and against the members of pussy riot and we're expecting those crowds to start gathering as the day progresses yes indeed the case highly controversial with voices for and against the bond in russia and abroad bring us up to date. well certainly it has been very controversial a controversial on an international scale in fact there has been support for the group the media frenzy and calls from a different western governments for it leading it see major artists like bjork madonna and the red hot chili peppers have called for leniency as well and different governments have said there needs to be a punishment that they say is more fitting to the crime now this is also caused a lot of copycat crimes if you will or incidents in support there is an incident in ukraine where a woman took a chainsaw to a crucifix and destroyed it saying that this was in solidarity with pussy riot and
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also in cologne germany and it was the main cathedral there a group of three people got up in the middle of the service and staged a protest there they were arrested at their trial is supposed to begin this week as well now in russia the country itself where this all took place it has been more deeply divided in fact this is a very religious society there are people who are very offended by. this the fact that this took place in one of the main orthodox cathedral and they even wanted a much more harsh sentence saying that some of the stunts that pussy riot had to perform in the past were very offensive now prime minister medvedev has said that he doesn't see any reason for them to spend any more time in jail saying that the time served is enough and president putin has said that he is staying completely out of the process not wanting to get involved the orthodox church originally said that this was blasphemy but they themselves have even called for clemency if the women say that they will repent and to basically admit to the crime that is not
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expected to happen as well now certainly here at the court the energy is intense the media is here the crowds are gathering and at this moment things are quiet we'll see how things turn out through the rest of the day. he's trying thomas reporting that mosque safety course many thanks indeed and we'll talk to him later . and coming out on our c brushing a bar scene revelations under the carpet lived in and made to wanting cover up sensitive issues but a system of secret court with which could still go ahead despite a coalition split. and thousands demand parents take control back from brussels armed and deals terracini that is driving people to despair at. this and much more ahead for you after a very short break to stay with us here. i
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welcome back here with ascii coming to life for most co london's plans to set up a new system zero secret cause has been rejected by one party in the coalition the liberal democrats but might still see the light of the day documents show big government in the meetings secret hearings would allow the u.k. to defend itself from such allegations as being complicit in torturing detainees aboard. the motion entails nipping charges of complicity in the bud that's what the u.k. government admits it's trying to do with its plans. the secret courts ministers have more secret courts a need is to protect sensitive information and the workings of security agencies
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but in documents seen by the guardian newspaper the government acknowledges it would benefit politically able to defend itself from allegations like complicity and torture without the details ever becoming public there have been a number of cases where the government has the government's lawyers have tried to shut down court hearings and have things heard in private as a minute has transpired true that your dish will cry says that what they were really trying to cover out was a lot of government embarrassment about wrongdoing. within the agencies that these proposals if they are passed will sweep away hundreds of years of the british legal tradition the proposals follow a law suit brought by binyam mohamed who was held in guantanamo and all good the british government was complicit in his rendition and mohammed won the case to the d.p. million and if the government and now they're trying to change the north so that
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government often a party in these matters would decide if a case should be heard in secret it wouldn't just be kept from the public if the proposals go ahead neither the defendants nor the defendants legal team would be able to hear the evidence against the human rights lawyers are concerned it would trample on the principle of a fair trial in effect a large chunk of very important chunk of the case you're trying to your client you're going to be. they're going to be behind closed doors closed sessions you are not. so if there is an inherent on furnace there is a huge scope for. a future miscarriage of justice evidence m i five and m i six knew that britons were being tortured in guantanamo m i six helping to deliver libyan dissidents. into the hands of the secret police critics say that's the kind of information the bill is designed to suppress so beg who was held here alleges
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tortured in by graham and guantanamo has a special interest in making sure there are no more secrets this theory i remember the discussions that were taking place at the time it was very odd former guantanamo prisoners on one side sixteen of us and a whole bunch of government officials on the other side having a discussion negotiating a settlement we would have been able to do that basically we would have been able to certainly try to take the government to court but we would have to do it with our hands tied behind their back even the government admits that black and asian muslim men will be disproportionately affected as it's day who are most often involved in cases where said steve information is being considered and still the bill rolls on the plans for so-called secret justice proven so deeply controversial that they've been delayed but like a bad penny they keep turning up and every time they do it gives human rights
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groups another opportunity to rail against proposed legislation goes against one of the founding principles of the british legal system not only that justice is done but that it seemed to be done laura smith forty london. and don't forget you can always log on to our website dot com if you missed any of our stories and here's a little of what's lined up for you there right now the power of nature in full view now as a force for typhoon blasts its way towards tokyo fall on you tube channel. this it is that made the pitch and one announces the final list of venues for the twenty eighteen football world cup in russia all of the big spending on big stadiums that are. thousands have swarmed the streets of paris to call for an end to tough austerity. mergers and take decision making back from the hands of brussels president orlanda has unveiled thirty seven billion euros
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worth of cuts and tax hikes but people are most angry at the proposed fiscal parks which would see the spending nations penalized by the e.u. ati's maria for notion explains now why the treaty is so unpopular. it was prepared earlier they smart by e.u. leaders including the president of france nicolas sarkozy a. german chancellor angela merkel and and forces stricter fiscal discipline from the u. members and it requires them to slash the public deficit dramatically oh to be punished to be fined critics and people who've come here say these pact is all about control the brussels want to have over the european union members if they streety is ratified that means france will have to will be obliged to reduce its budget by fifty billion euros and of course it will affect life in france dramatic life of ordinary people i mean this budget document says it was already ready it's
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been reviewed recently and it says that it proposes to save thirty billion euros by cutting public spending and by increasing taxes and of course this is something it's not going to help economy growth but instead may lead to stick nation this is what people of com hate are protesting against in the city we don't want austerity . the pressure of concrete out of kremlin u.s. team in public sectors like u.k. sure don't put this that we are protesting against the sincerity in europe at all and everybody knows that are staring he leaves recessional control of from the city he said we are against the imposition of the austerity plan he will be very difficult for us of course we don't want that. story to measures have a letter to the national wine trying to say in many countries and the protesters have been clashing with police all ols road to europe and many here fear that france could be the next country to face this reality his dramatic reality and they
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say they've come here to protest to evolve these negative consequences and not to repeat the mistakes of other e.u. members. carries. to some news in brief from around the world bangladesh are muslims infuriated by a burned koran on a facebook account has torched ten buddhist temples the picture was allegedly posted by a buddhist teenager rioters a target is communities injuring dozens of people the boy however said the photo appeared on his account by mistake his parents have been detained and an investigation launched. two pretties police have also be rude protesters dismantled barricades from around a u.s. marine base in the city of on local residents protested against the deployment of american osprey planes and staged a sit in front of the entrance to the base the demonstrators say the aircraft safety record is not up to standard following
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a series of countries in the. new released media would pull claims of former libyan leader moammar gadhafi might have been killed by a french assassin who mixed with the revolutionary brigades this challenge is the official version that he was murdered by a rebel fighter after being cornered in a drainage pipe sources claim paris wanted to silence gadhafi over his links with the french government and election campaign financing. time for business with natasha now on spain's troubles seem to be mounting down day absolutely mounting along with spain's debt all the details in just a moment but first let's check out the equity markets in asia first japan's nikkei is shedding value in the first trading session of the fourth quarter and bounce after the bank of japan serve the showed the mood imagine manufacturers is actually worsening chinese manufacturing activities also deteriorating and hong kong's hang seng would have reacted to what it would have been closed for a holiday on monday u.s. stocks ended friday's session in the red but for the year so far the dow jones
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industrial average is up more than ten percent the nasdaq is nineteen point six percent above the lines here in russia equities ended friday's session with gains as. can see there the optimism seems unlikely to continue when the markets reopen in one hour this very bank was among the gainers on the news that is that finalized its takeover of turkey's dennis bank it ranks among the top ten in turkey the deal is worth three billion euro the cash will help did as bank parent company did c.e.o. lower its debt was very bank it's the second largest of the year a few months ago it bought austria's international and on the currency markets the ruble and the last week to lower to the currency basket the euro this hour is shadi to the u.s. dollar and continued troubles in the euro zone such as spain's debt it will continue to rise next year piling pressure on the state and has been struggling to cut spending the nation's debt will reach eighty five percent of the g.d.p.
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this year and ninety one percent in two thousand and thirteen that's almost three times more than before the property bubble burst in two thousand and eight analysts believe it's just a matter of time before spain asked for a bailout and that's the latest from the business desk see you back in fifteen minutes. late and that's shortly who could the extreme conditions of bonds earned and just as in my. me eat eat eat eat eat eat. eat eat eat eat eat. it'll eat.
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on akpo we are far from everywhere but everything is checked. and you check all backs it's all the bikes through this sort of community when i go up to even the people you know you've been working with for years you have to search their backs even those including the head of the station. the searching for many. to tissue anything that's bound by drugs guns knives. this kind of thing else this bad. situation on the gulf of guinea and the most populous country in africa nigeria is roughly the size of france and belgium combined.


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