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its appeal against their prison term is adjourned until next week after one of the russian paltry zero plus some new lawyer. georgians cast their ballots for a new more powerful parliament scandals called president these ruling party. in the u.k. admits to political benefits to clients for secret courts with a working complicity in torture charges the main check him.
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though and thanks for joining our team monday here three o'clock in moscow and karen tara while russian punk band pussy riot have appeared in court in moscow to appeal against their prison term the three were sentenced to two years in jail and august for inciting religious hatred during a political protest art russia's main cathedral the verdict sparked controversy in the country and abroad here's our thomas with details of the hearing. court has wrapped up for the day and this is coming after you cut that you know somewhat so you have it's the oldest of the three women requested a new lawyer and the court has granted that request which means she needs time to prepare the appropriate documents in the papers in order to let this specific hearing go through a new court date has been set for that hearing that is october tenth now again today many people here to see inside the courtroom it was packed in fact it spilled out into the corridors of the courtroom so that people could watch on television to
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see what was happening inside the courtroom outside the courthouse itself and many more people both pro and against suppose he rioted coming to let their voices be heard showing that this case specifically still has wait a minute still resonates inside russia a little bit about the details on february twenty first pussy riot performed what they called a punk prayer at christ the savior cathedral in central moscow they were arrested in march a trial during the summer and then in mid august they were sentenced to two years and this is part of the appeals process today which has now been delayed until october tenth well certainly this incident has sparked a lot of international attention support for the group of media frenzy as well as calls for leniency for the group major artists like bjork at madonna and the red hot chili peppers have called for the government to be lenient as well as other western governments have said that they need to find a punishment that is more fitting to the crime of what they say is more fitting to the crime now prime minister medvedev has said that he doesn't see any reason for
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this group to spend any more time in jail that the time that they have served is already punishment enough for the crime president putin has said that he is completely staying out of this he does not want to interfere at all there's also been many copycat incidents around russia as well as in other countries as well in ukraine one woman took a chainsaw to a crucifix and destroyed it in a cologne germany in a cathedral there three people got up in the middle of a service and had a protest there they were arrested their trial starts this week as well in russia this country is very divided about the subject as seen here today this country is a very religious country and many people were offended by what happened in the country's main church. georgians are heading to the polls in what is billed as a landmark parliamentary vote for the country president. ruling party faces a tough challenge from a united opposition but his campaign hit by allegations of corruption and the prison abuse scandal artie's alexander reports from the. voting continues into what
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promises to be a crucial election for georgia and it's more than a history this election will show whether the people are happy with the current political regime with business saakashvili and his united national movement party but more wider picture the party which wins this election will be able to then appoint a prime minister and when the constitutional amendments take place next year when the state is down which will allow other prime minister to have just about the same powers as the president had then this party would be able to appoint the prime minister and basically have the georgia's future in its hands fourteen parties are running in this election but the main battle will be between the united national movement party the ruling party of the president saakashvili and the party georgian dream run by a tycoon whose fortune makes up almost half of the country's national budget mr ivanishvili according to all the surveys the ruling party is in the slight lead with about forty percent but the party georgian dream still has
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a very good chance of winning this election especially with a very turbulent twist of events in the recent months in georgia with a video of prison torture being released and this caused a huge public outcry in the country with thousands taking to the streets to protest in fact on saturday we saw nearly the largest political rally in the history of modern day georgia with over one hundred thousand people in the streets basically voicing their discontent against the current political regime now i haven't been in georgia for the last five years but soon as i arrived i've seen now the country is change the safer he says the roads from airports are much better but if you go sideways from in on any smaller road in central city you can still see the old soviet low quality road. basically the same applies to economy with the country being labeled as one of the leading growing economies in the world but still over a third of the population is living below the poverty line but what really concerns many in georgia and many in the opposition is that legations that the country is gradually turning into a police state now many have been accusing the current president. of cracking down
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freedoms of speech and basically suppressing all kinds of opposition on television the judicial system has been pretty much under the thumb of the current president of the current ruling party his former allies many politicians who are now in opposition have been describing him as a totalitarian ruler and they are there in the opposition to oust the present saakashvili and to change the system this is something mr vanish really the leader of the georgian green party is destined to do as he said in politics in georgia so with all the better roads economic prosperity many believe that this still a facade for a very to tell it's arian rule and my colleague we got the skin off found out what georgian image is really like now at the moment. brand new boutiques banks restaurants and a western style facelift in general is definitely something georgian authorities can be proud of glass walls and police stations and many other new government
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buildings aimed at creating an image welcome we transferred state system but is it merely an image. recent footage of alleged torture and sexual abuse of inmates in prisons has shocked the georgian public many are comparing it to cases from guantanamo except it contains suspected terrorists and these are ordinary georgian in meets. you are the former senior staff member of one of the prisons who leaks the footage claims president saakashvili is perfectly aware of the torture. thousands took to the streets in protest demanding the arrest and prosecution of all those responsible while a burning broom has become a symbol of the opposition since this is what the authorities are accused of using for torture in some of the videos will not be tolerated. opposition activist claims over six hundred people have been tortured in prisons and nationwide many died he says. our goal is to make sure the election is without provocations and the
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people who committed these crimes are punished especially mycar saakashvili duchy was arrested by traffic police the day after we met officially for resisting orders he was given ten days in prison meanwhile to see fees president saakashvili was busy sacking the police chief arresting all the officers shown in the video footage and substituting the staff in all prisons with police but both his ruling parties readings still dropped when you're twenty percent. allergic portion of the government supporters used to come from civil servants now many of them are resigning in a crossing over to the opposition with an average salary around four hundred u.s. dollars per month poverty is another issue sparking public disapproval in shiny new buildings and kind that. change is going to happen fast the question is how bad the georgians want them he is going off the. london's plans to set up
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a new system of secret courts has been rejected by one party in the coalition the liberal democrats but it might still see the light of day documents show the government admitting secret hearings what allow the u.k. to easier defend itself from such allegations as being complicit in torturing detainees abroad or to his lawyers murtha looks at what the motion tales. nipping charges of complicity in the bud that's what the u.k. government admits it's trying to do with its plans for secret courts ministers have argued that more secret courts are needed is to protect sensitive information and the workings of security agencies but in documents seen by the guardian newspaper the government acknowledges it would benefit politically able to defend it. from allegations like complicity and torture without the details becoming public there have been a number of cases where the government has the government's lawyers have tried to
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shut down court hearings and have things heard in private and it has transpired true that your dish will cry says that what they were really trying to cover out was a lot of government embarrassment about wrongdoing in the media agencies that these proposals if they're passed will sweep away hundreds of years of the british legal tradition the proposals follow a law suit brought by binyam mohamed who was held in guantanamo and all the british government was complicit in his rendition and torture mohammed won the case to the d.p. merely a sion of the government and now they're trying to change the law so the government often a party in these matters would decide if a case should be heard in secret it wouldn't just be kept from the public if the proposals go ahead neither the defendant nor the defendant's legal team would be able to hear the evidence against them human rights lawyers are concerned it would
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trample on the principle of a fair trial in effect a large trial very important of the case you're trying to your client you're going to be. there are going to be behind closed doors closed sessions you are not. so if there is an inherent on furnace there is a huge scope for. a future miscarriage of justice evidence m i five and m i six knew that britons were being tortured in guantanamo bay m i six helping to deliver libyan dissidents into the hands of gadhafi secret police critics say that's the kind of information the bill is designed to suppress so begg who was held and he alleges tortured him by graham and guantanamo has a special interest in making sure the. are no more secrets i remember the discussions that were taking place at the time it was very old former guantanamo prisoners on one side sixteen of us and
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a whole bunch of government officials on the other side having a discussion negotiating a settlement we would have been able to do that basically we would have been able to certainly try to take the government to court but we would have to do it with our hands tied behind their back even the government admits that black and asian muslim men will be disproportionately affected as it's they who are most often involved in cases where sensitive information is being considered and still the bill rolls on the plans for so-called secret justice are proven so deeply controversial that they've been delayed but like a bad penny they keep turning up and every time they do it gives human rights groups or not the opportunity to rail against proposed legislation goes against one of the founding principles of the british legal system not only that justice is done but that it seemed to be done laura smith london and new around surrounding one of america's military bases in japan u.s.
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osprey planes over okinawa. want to fly and that's the details coming up later in the program. and much more ahead for you after the break to share with our. looking at some dogs you simply do not believe they come speak and goodness how they can wrong oh. it's an international sled dog race with those driving the dogs. coming from as far away as a strand in canada and the us i come to russia and everybody is so very friendly they welcomed me with open arms and the scenery is so beautiful it's very much like a laska and so i felt at home the first sled dog was brought here from australia now let's try and come to this remote russian village to take part in the race it's
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not surprising they love it this trail are amazing but even more amazing is the story of how racing first started here atoll it wasn't the top sled grazing who set the trail ablaze but a nun and for those who brought their dia to life. five years ago mother put a scare of a bill to dog kennel in the village kids from the local open age came around to take care of the dogs and one day they state their life might seem extreme to some the boys wake up at six to feed the dogs before school in the evening they spend up to three hours training their four legged friends but mother purse cable also encourages her kids to become dab hands on the computer and internet the boys who regularly update their website and they're in touch with their busy mother twenty four seven on the phone. but children are the most important thing my only
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interests not play any rule any more and regardless of whether parsky has hoskins window race or not she hopes the competition will take place in the village next year. but called these dogs and the children it really is not the weaning but truly just the taking part that counts. welcome back to our today on karen tara well tens of thousands have rallied on japan southern island of okinawa against the deployment of all spray planes at an american base there the demonstrators say the aircraft safety record is not up to scratch following a series of crashes and the parents but six also three planes have already been transferred to the base near the densely populated city of you know what protestors
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are also calling for the facility to be shut down human rights activists ryan dawson says despite local anger u.s. bases seem to stay put for ever. these bases cause a lot of problems not only for safety very noisy issues and a lot of conflicts with the servicemen and. elves in the local areas but the u.s. isn't going to budge in that position they've been dragging their feet now for six years so i think it's highly unlikely bases will close nobody wants any of their bases there but for them to be bringing these in the twenty two osprey from boeing is very dangerous a crash just recently is june in florida that could fall on someone's head that's not an exaggeration is the seeing there a hybrid helicopter airplane and they haven't got the bugs out of them you know they always say they're building up a presence because of north korea and maybe part of that is true but i think
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a lot of it's about and certainly in china as well it's like world war two never ended and there's still bases in germany as well there are necessary the residents don't want them but this is us geopolitics they are never somewhere temporarily once the us comes somewhere with the one exception of saudi arabia and they put a base they never ever leave don't forget you can always log on to our t's website or you tube if you missed any of our stories here's a little of what's lined up for you there the power of nature in full view now as a forceful time for blasts its way towards tokyo watch it in full on artie's you tube channel. plus wedlock oh around the clock couples in the u.k. can now get. more details on our team dot com. thousands have swamped the streets of paris to call for an end to tough austerity measures and take decision making back from the hands of cross holes president
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island has unveiled thirty seven billion euros worth of cuts and tax hikes but people are most angry about the proposed fiscal pact which would see over spending nations penalized by the e.u. artie's more if a notion that explains why the treaty is so on popular. it was prepared earlier this march by e.u. leaders including the president of france nicolas sarkozy and and german chancellor angela merkel and enforces stricter fiscal. it's all about control the brussels want to have over the european union members of course it will affect life in france dramatically life of ordinary people i mean this budget document is what was already ready it's been reviewed recently and it says that it proposes cutting public spending and by increasing taxes and of course
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this is something it's not going to help economy growth but instead may lead to stick nation this is what people of color are protesting against. we don't want. because europe wants to pressure us to stop our country from investing in public sectors like education we are protesting against the spirit in europe and everybody knows that hysterically leads to recession in the cities we are against the imposition of the austerity plan will be very difficult for us of course we don't want but stare into measures have led to national wide protests in many countries and protesters have been clashing with police also road to europe and many here fear that france could be the next country to face this reality was dramatic reality and they say they've come here to protest to these negative consequences and not to repeat the mistakes of other e.u.
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members. our team paris. at least fourteen people have been killed and dozens more injured in a taliban attack in eastern afghanistan a suicide bomber on a motorcycle packed with explosives round into a patrol of local and international forces in the city of course this comes as the u.s. military death toll in the war reaches two thousand after a firefight of a checkpoint and nato soldier and a civilian contractor died when their afghan holy fire political analyst ahmed quality she believes america has brought this rise and violence upon it. it's quite obvious that the united states military is leaving behind a new war faction or a new militia in afghanistan in addition to the dozens that already exist in the moved into the of gun national army at least parts of that are well trained by the us military and the national army is no turning against it so that many factors as
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mentors of gun national army is is one of the blunders of the u.s. military in afghanistan in addition to. the midst of created a country over the past decade three thousand american citizens died on nine eleven the u.s. military blunders resulted in addition old americans dying of one is done over the past decade and these are the american soldiers and of not just on this notice basically belongs purely to the u.s. military to pentagon to the cia because of none has done has been their baby now to some news in brief for you from around the world bangladeshi muslims in here rated by a photo of a burned koran on the facebook account have torched turned to this town halls the picture was allegedly posted by a buddhist teenager rioters attacked buddhist communities injuring dozens of people the boy however said the photo appeared on his account by mistake his parents have been detained and the investigation launched. friends top court has rejected an
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appeal by unknowing victim for their participation in last year's pro-democracy uprising and up held the previous verdicts this comes amid an ongoing crackdown and the jailing of key opposition leaders anti-government protests have been a constant across the country for more than a year but some western countries being criticized for turning a blind eye to the violence. italian newspaper. is reporting that former libyan leader moammar gadhafi may have been killed by a french assassin who mixed with the revolutionary appreciates his challenges the official version that he was murdered by. a rebel fighter after being cornered in a drainage pipe sources claim paris wanted to silence gadhafi over his alleged links with the french government and election campaign financing. turkey's prime minister of the on been reelected as leader of the country's ruling party but his support has suffered since switching his position over neighboring syria the prime
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minister once again slammed the assad regime saying turkey will stand firm by the armed opposition and will provide them the chance to call support dr hussein but she is of the middle east technical university says such rhetoric won't help him score political points. the turkish government has miscalculated the advance in syria expected that the arab spring would be having to see the church unlike in d.v.r. not in tunisia or in egypt. believe but in case of turkey has been indeed in the last five years particularly very very close to food. if you want and suddenly this change of turkey has done here the police see what the united states of america and european union suggested and this is why they took these people do not support the policy of the government. very temperate
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business for facebook founder mark zuckerberg is in moscow on monday saying out certainly here really had a chance to walk around red square and staying true to themselves had a bite to eat at mcdonald's our correspondent tom barton is following the story for us tom what's the real reason i guess visiting moscow. good question indeed there are few people in the world of technology or social media more famous than mark zuckerberg and he's in day today in moscow he's meeting with prime minister dmitry medvedev he's going to go to moscow state university to meet students there and will probably spend some time behind me at an event called digital october mix between a. technological expo for technological whiz kids that is on the face of it the reason why he is in moscow there is however
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other ideas that have been posed by members of russia's technological community and companies here they say that the real reason may be to head home to poach advanced russian programmers to work at facebook. and they don't they don't feel particularly happy about that telling vedder mosty amongst other russian newspapers that they remember one nine hundred ninety eight when russia was going through a financial crisis and microsoft was busy doing the same thing or at least they they thought that microsoft was here poaching and as they saw it stealing away russian talent to work in america and they wouldn't be happy about zuckerberg trying the same thing here the message is still technological he's here to look at and talk about technology but there are all these ideas about possible all teary eyed motives to the facebook founders visit. thanks for that update our
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correspondent reporting from the center of moscow and moving on let's check out the equity markets banking stocks drive european equities higher this hour after a stress test showed that the spanish banking system needs a lower than expected capitalization but spain's economic health is still a major concern spain's debt level one priest further next year and that's despite the state's effort to cut spending the nation's debt is expected to reach eighty five percent of spain's g.d.p. this year and ninety one percent in twenty thirteen and that's a three time increases two thousand eight x. precedes just a matter of time before spain asked for a bailout and analysts are that's right and on to the currency market so what we're saying there is that a euro is shedding value to the dollar contrary to what we saw last hour and the russian ruble is trading next to the currency basket when it comes to the russian markets bulls are running the show as very bank is up more than one percent on the
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news that it's finalize the deal to buy turkey's debt is bank and energy major gazprom has signed a twenty year deal to supply liquefied natural gas to india and that's all we have time for this edition of business i'll see you back here at about fifty minutes all right well we look forward to thank you. shortly peter love l. and his guests debated whether we're going to see an arab winter that's in crosstalk up next. the. solution would be soon which brightened a few new monsoon from finest impressionists. whose phone starts on t.
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