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tv   [untitled]    October 2, 2012 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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it's this one was about the the futility of the deaths in the last few days and the utter imbecile lying ministers who come before us and made it in your sick excuses for continuing the war there's only one reason why the war is to win and that is to protect the reputations of politicians our soldiers of the as human shields for ministers reputations what they're trying to do is to keep the war going on to the best moment that will reflect on the reputation of politicians so we do the same position the end of us will war when it was said that this war is being probed long by those that have the power to end it canada brought their troops home two years ago so the netherlands fringe new zealanders are coming out early absolutely no reason why you shouldn't bring our troops home now the only
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reasons that we're tied in with the politics of the united states we don't independent state we have to remind ourselves that we can take our own decisions and what we're going to see in the future is deepening trouble they'll be more slaughter because of this whole of this fictitious fictitious aims of the war was seen to collapse happening now there is no possibility that we can train the afghan people an army and police that will fight their own people will kill brother afghans for for a corrupt election election rigging the pravy president or to defend the interests of a foreign country it can't happen you say that ministers are keeping soldiers in afghanistan to protect their own reputation but how does the day. best of more
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soldiers protect anyone's reputation the official attitude is we must protect reputations against our previous mistakes and end the war so that history will judge the politicians made the right decisions in fact we've been making the wrong decisions for many years and you maintain that what britain is doing is arming and training its future enemies and i suppose there's a historical precedent for that there is a very powerful precedent that the americans trained and armed the mujahideen and the mujahideen are the worst government the afghanis are. in one hundred years the taliban were a great reforming improvement to the mujahideen but we've done this in the polls and we are going to do it again. is no way that a taliban army or police are going to risk their lives killed their brother afghans in the service of a foreign country when we've gone or in the service of
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a corrupt president they going back to their tribal loyalties the. passions will be divided as they always have been divided and the likelihood is that there will be disorder when we leave we went through a civil war was going on the country was bitterly divided when we after we leave after we've left a few years the situation will be very similar they'll bill be more civil war and it likely future rulers will be the taliban what lessons then should have been learnt from both britain's own colonial past and the soviet union's experience in afghanistan in two thousand and one in strasberg a very a bubbly and member of the duma tapped me on the back and said you british i'm going into afghanistan and you captured it in a few days and saying that we russians did that and we were there for ten years we killed a million afghans which. billions of rubles and we lost sixteen thousand of our own
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soldiers and when we came out we left a puppet government there but there were three hundred thousand. in the hills who eventually took over and he initiated it will happen to you and he's absolutely precisely right we deluded ourselves we told ourselves fairy stories about what was going to happen we could change things and we couldn't there was a benign cause that the russians were taking up in afghanistan of taking people into a modern life giving them a chance to improve materially i mean nothing really happened in the end in we went in decided we couldn't get rid of the drugs trade we were ending corruption we were going to give women a better deal and nothing has changed as corruption is exactly the same possibly as drugs trade is is ninety percent of the drugs in britain come from afghanistan tony
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blair told her ninety percent twelve years later ninety percent of the drugs still come from afghanistan it is a different there is more of the cheaper of the streets and more people corrupted in two thousand and one the afghanistan was the second worst place in the world for a woman to live no it's the second worst place in the war before we're going to live with the object of the war was a hopeless were utopian and we've we've wasted lives and the huge sums of money and we end up in two or three years' time with the situation just as bad as the one with the british before we invaded and let's talk a bit about the logistics and message that pulling out now would send what about the soldiers who are serving in afghanistan at the moment those who have already served and the families of the soldiers who died when pulling out now send a message to. everything they've done has been essentially for nothing but it's
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certainly a tragedy that those families must go through this trauma of realized that this was a war in which nothing has been achieved but sadly that they have to face that eventually what it would be immoral and cruel is to tell other people the same lies and that people more lives should be lost in order to comfort the bereaved or to comfort politicians who made the right decisions at the moment there's no conceivable reason why you shouldn't start telling the truth to people and say that there isn't this mythical threat. of terrorism in britain somehow ending by b b afghanistan if we say to the taliban why are you killing our soldiers when they say well when we've killed all your soldiers we're coming over
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to newport and to cardiff and we're going to blow up your streets no interest in that the rule reason the taliban is a killing british soldiers is because we are the foreigners we're the in for bills with a foot of rain and we're occupying them by force of arms their country it's this sacred religious duty to kill us if we're not there they don't kill us i mean to for the simple argument to understand so what you're saying is that pulling out of afghanistan right now wouldn't affect the security situation in the rest of the world nor not not in the slightest there's security threats to come from pakistan they come from the yemen big come from somalia i mean they come from bradford we have an attack by al qaeda the. people brought up in england is it not there better to have the us as friends rather than enemies what kind of message would leaving now send to america which at the moment. it is a supposedly
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a trusted friend and ally we have a claim that we are an independent country and we spend billions on an independent nuclear weapon we should be an independent as far as afghanistan is concerned we've already seen countries that we greatly respect and admire some with themselves pulling out of the conflict quite rightly on rudely they've given huge contributions in blood and treasure we should take our own decision we know that at least eighty percent of the population are same for goodness sake bring our boys home by christmas or at message received no troops what about drain drones that are an enormous. problem i believe in that they've altered the rules of war that for the first time ever there's an ability to kill with minute accuracy enemies in other countries borders don't exist hideous problems in the future.
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a few days ago and eight at least eight innocent afghan army women in civilians were killed as collateral damage a slight error by a drone that's a problem in itself but the whole morality of warfare as the drones are affected is an unwritten page nobody is rooted there are no rules for this but we're in we're in this position no where we have the drones and none of the enemies have the drones and it's a totally unequal battle and i believe that the world has to think very seriously about the morality of using drones in warfare and the problem is is that the policies we've been following for so long in afghanistan and iraq is the belief that you can win hearts and minds with bombs and bullets you can't and the battle of the decade will be willing heart and minds of making sure. so that we're
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building some trust in the world community to be destroyed by part of it by the belligerence and foolishness of our own military operations how do we then turn that around is there a political solution we try to build trust in between ourselves we try to convince the muslim community of the world who who instantly believe any fiction about western society who want to persecute them we've seen that the riots that have taken place because of a foolish piece of film the soldier but the most of the muslims around the world are prepared to believe that because they've seen we have double standards we see that we're not being fair in the israeli palestine situation and that we've got to be in and attack muslims in in iraq and afghanistan so of course they don't trust us imagine the riots that we're seeing because of this film about the prophet mohammad obviously there's a large muslim population here at home do you fear that
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a section of it will be radicalized by what we're seeing throughout north africa and the middle east is i'm sure that the great danger the world faces is that the roads are irrational they're based on nothing really there but the the myth is believe because opinion among muslim communities has been primed to believe that the west is against them and i'm afraid we dangerous situation the tinderbox can corporate any time and in part it's mainly. knighted by the foolishness of our military adventures in the last twenty years pull flame thank you my pleasure.
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from start top teams don't come.
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the top stories on all see the blood off the political blood leave presents me hell psychiatry's government but the opposition mega build georgian dream looking set to undertake a diverting policy domination. syria's foreign minister poised to fingo blame as rebel friendly states that he says by terrorism in his country that he finds by a bar of criticism because you are. nato secretary general because it is an early troop withdrawal from afghanistan amidst us takes in find the time and of flogging will roll. and more news for you in about ten minutes from now up next paul is here to bring us all the latest sporting action.
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thank you very much you're welcome to the sports headlines here's what's coming up . brave paul. prepare for game with to win the champions league because they welcome scorsese champions celtic. over and out and in defense of the t twenty cricket world cup comes to an end as they move by nineteen runs to host sri lanka. and fighting backs back alexander yaml yang continues his rise back up the mixed martial arts rankings with a dominant display in moscow. but starting with football in sparta moscow have injury concerns ahead of tuesday's champions league clash with celtic at the newsmaking stadium the moscow club are still looking for their first points in this is competition after
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a three two opening day defeat in barcelona which have empathy for parts. parcel of a strong favorites to win group g. the race is firmly on for second spots of a spot tight they'll be looking to gain all three points in their bid to make the knockout stages tuesday's match will be a private moment for aiden mcgeady in particular he played two hundred fifty one games for celtic before moving to spartanburg and the good news for him is he's overcome a potential injury worry is likely to start against his former club sponsored were unlucky last time out against barcelona where they lost for you to. emery says his team's going to a lot of confidence from that game after the defeat to barcelona last time out this game against celtic is of massive importance to us no one really gave us a chance at the nou camp but we've formed very well and that gave us a lot of confidence niki stadium is going to be a fortress for us and i'm fully expecting our fans to get tried behind us and i'm sure this will give the team a massive boost spartak warmed up for tuesday's encounter with
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a comfortable forty one win a dumb car however that victory came at a cost goalkeeper i'm going to come was forced off in the first half to sort of shoulder injury and he will now be out for a month or muscovites of a ready last influential midfielder romelu to injury wave guinea marquis of kerio combat of a nicholas party for all doubts all of us apart as head coach won't be using this as an excuse. we have prepared well for the star i even though we do have some injury worries however we can to you that's an excuse if you don't manage to get all three points celtic are a good side and we need to be at our best if you want to get the win that we need this is a very important competition for us and we also need to be prepared both physically and mentally. meanwhile celtic come into the match having never lost on russian soil however they have a miserable record on the road in the champions league they've not won in the last twenty games away from home and manager neil lennon knows his side will face
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a tough test on tuesday for the very top spot of law school. in an excellent coach. forward. very constrained and. skillful. very rigid in. but you know we're kind of human in good form. and europe has been pretty good recently it is a real step of for us and seems of class and competition for scottish champions do have a few injury worries about rome however frankly very not on the scale of spock's problem there have been some concerns about the artificial pitch of illusion in the stadium but celtic have been quick to play down its importance the side from glasgow will start as the underdogs but i'll be trying desperately to get my first point in the champions league away from celtic park since two thousand and four
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spots i will be desperate on tuesday to pick up their first points in this season's champions league campaign where most of us do have injury problems and are we facing a celtic side are always tough to beat the scottish champions we boyd by picking up a credible draw in their first game of the competition against benfica last time out. hati moscow meanwhile the other teams in group g. barcelona and benfica go head to head in lisbon on. tuesday night the catalans are on top after a three two win over the muscovites while benfica shared the points with celtic in their opening game as you heard richard say there just by that boston manager tito vilanova says his men will have their work cut out in portugal. so you know it's little bit of you know this will not believe the match in the two previous visits here barcelona could not school and it goes and this means it will be a tricky gate for us i think that up front very dangerous to play very well on its wide and they're going to make things really difficult. meanwhile in group h.
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manchester united will be looking to put the weekend's home defeat it on and behind them as they travel to remain here to take on c.f. for clues midfielders michael carrick ryan giggs paul scholes and antonio valencia are all missing from the squad hoping to avoid a scare in transylvania in the other game portuguese side braga travel to turkey to take on the gala task. of preparation merve to assess the opponents. to see the performance of. no ask amy and brag. on the no two of us will beat him twice and we know from early experience that was so last season. so i think that gives as. we can give to cause because. the other good team elsewhere in group a current leader shouted don't yes from ukraine is eventis while defending champions chelsea take on the danish side abstain or just allow. the group back party but
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a saw from belarus host joint leaders by munich palencia and french side in spain both sides lost their opening fixture. that's the t twenty cricket world cup where england's defense of the title is over following the one thousand run defeat to his sri lanka the holders went into the super eight match knowing that defeat would see them eliminated from the competition. captain it's true brought winning the toss and electing to field with bowlers were unable to contain the hosts the highlight jayawardene i led the way with a thirty eight ball forty two and he was given able support by angelo mathews on to sell the player who contributed fifty four between them off only thirty five balls one hundred sixty nine to six the score from a twenty overs in reply ingrid failed to dig deep at the crease and found lasting rolling in lethal form he finished with career best bowling figures of five thirty one as england fell nineteen runs short. for joining in
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the last four will be the west indies they qualified second from the group after beating new zealand dramatic fashion both sides scored exactly one hundred thirty nine meaning a super over was needed to separate the teams during the school of ninety six point one the kiwis. now several members of france's olympic gold medal winning handball squad have been accused of match fixing star monica about it john eight of his more pelley a club teammates detained by undercover officers and mediately following sunday's loss to p.s.g. the twenty eight year old two time olympic gold medal winner was led away for questioning right after giving a post much interview the french media reported last week that he and several other players intentionally helped news club games that their relatives had gambled on the squad have dominated matters domestically would he doesn't league title since one nine hundred ninety eight some of those same players helped france become the
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first nation to win two straight lympics gold medals in the summer. and finally to mixed martial arts where alexander the a million anchors are sent back to the sports ranking top stage continued the russian known as the grim reaper claiming his fourth win in a row in moscow in one of the most brutal events in m one challenge history by don young has more. on the charity steal one of the best pair of hands in the mixed martial arts had to wait division on sunday night that x. under a million ink up proved that in style the main event of the n one shows tournaments held in the russian capital so the thirty one year old days the dangerous striker constantin the lot this world and european kid boxing champ then maybe much less at depth in the ground game though you million incl was far from teasing it take down . like the fact that he showed so much heart and courage at every opportunity he
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was looking for a big punch and missed it always takes a lot of energy from so i got him exhausted toe to toe and what is important i showed him i was even better a striking then took him to the ground which was also tough. when it comes to this weight division every single punch can be to the side or. simply outclassed his opponent in striking reminding everybody of what he's known for fast and powerful hands and a surprisingly easy going at it was often on the edge in this fight you saw all those have the punches swing over my head didn't i even got the sniffles you see he was like i'm going to start off in tomorrow. how well would wish to take you through it was the least of his problems. will be giving him a chance to survive in the fight and make it to the final bell for the us was crystal clear before that there was a unanimous decision victory for
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a sunbed who have built what gave him an extra edge in the bout having fodor in my corner is great it helps a lot in all respects you want to know why i was so much better than constantine tonight that's because there were two of us fighting against everybody my elder brother was with me. i'm sure alexander can do much better. sometimes he was a bit too cautious just taking chances sometimes vice versa and he was too risky in the fight so his performance was not flawless he can do great things in the ring what is best lies ahead it's already the fourth consecutive win for xander a million inca who continues he's come back to the enemy summit on the fifteenth of the member he will face one of the world's best wrestling specialists jeff monson a true test of how far he has come to the new york city moscow and that is all from the water sport for now but i'll be back with plenty more in just
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under two hours time here in our taking join me that. overcoming a barrier like this seems possible. but then you crave something high. and when you reach the peak. you do whatever it takes to get all the talk of the world
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