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tv   [untitled]    October 2, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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tonight syria played rebel friendly countries for backing terror and sidelining peace at the u.n. and while some points of warning signs that israel might get a far more hostile neighbor if the opposition topples president assad. another uprising continues to get without any western attention a young man dies in a bahraini prison after claims he was denied medical help and having spent several months locked up for taking part in anti regime protests. plus georgia's president saakashvili admits defeat for his party in parliamentary elections despite reports of massive electoral fraud and ballot stuffing in its favor.
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hello this is r.t. love from moscow day pianist tuesday evening welcome if you just joined us my name is kevin now in first tonight syria has accused the u.s. france and their allies in the arab world of sabotaging peace efforts by supporting rebels with arms money and mercenaries the country's foreign minister delivered a fiery speech on the final day of the un general assembly meanwhile claims are merging with some of the western backed rebels who also have the support of israel might try to target jews if they manage to topple president or sad let's talk to the manager uncovered evidence of these plans journalist capital of comedy he joins us now from london thanks very much for taking the time really interesting the line we're getting here so little is known about. many of these rebel factions and who they actually are what like can you share then on this and how did you come by this information. i interviewed
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a group of rebels in damascus who were holed up in various parts of damascus and very suburban i interviewed them and some of them a few of them who traveled from afghanistan. they had a big fight against the jews ahead of them and this is a million to me because i've met people elsewhere particularly in pakistan who say that they have a fight with the jews ahead of them so they see that as the ultimate test. but i don't know if this is a view shared by all the rebels who are fighting the assad government but there are some who certainly see see this as. as as a sort of stopover in in the journey to the final destination do you have any other evidence apart from the views of the rebel fighters you spoke to are there any other indications israel will be facing a more dangerous only one of the things that was particularly one of the things that was particularly disturbing to me is how close is being groomed as a possible replacement for assad not
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a lot of people know that men are classes father mustapha class is a first rate might he's written a book called the not so the design which talks about the blood libel and he was smuggled out class was smuggled out of the country by french spies he is he keeps making trips to saudi arabia but not a lot of people know the history behind monarch people should be wary of men are close to being groomed as a as a possible replacement in your view how we've reached this stage where what was once the face of a just an anti government pro-democracy movement has now become something mixed in with them perhaps taken over by jihadists and radicals as it happened. there are two things first is that what began as a peaceful revolution. the government didn't really respond peacefully initially but as early as may of twenty eleven the american ambassador to syria. informed his his colleagues and his counterparts in syria that al-qaeda had
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penetrated the syrian opposition is certainly evidence of. interference from saudi arabia qatar turkey so there's a lot of the regional elements pumping money pumping arms into this conflict the consequence of that and also the regime unwillingness to renounce peace to renounce peaceful means to arriving at a solution all of these put together have brought us here still israel and its allies in the west sympathetic to the opposition despite the warning signs you're picking up or do you think they're aware of this risk of religious persecution very possibly also true of other whites and christians if the regime is toppled and if so why is it being ignored i wonder. i that's ironic i think many people in the west are aware of this and they're wary of interfering straightaway intervening which is why america hasn't yet intervened in the way that it did in libya in the way that it did elsewhere. i think the irony of supporting the rebels who
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may eventually become great enemies of the west is something that's lost in the into the on the very eager interventionists were pushing the west to intervene in syria to arm the opposition i don't think listening to these enthusiastic interest is going to result in peace i think the solution is political i think it will come by pushing the government the assad regime and the opposition forces to go to the negotiating table and to work and to work out a peace deal i think arming one group over the other which will yield a messy situation or i'd post your thoughts and be on the lawn of the journalist couple can really love in london. as western eyes are firmly fixed on the syrian conflict the slow burning revolt in bahrain is claiming more lives a young man there's died in prison after having spent several months there for taking part in anti regime protests something he denied his lawyer claims the twenty two year old was refused adequate health treatment meanwhile five medics
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have been jailed in the gulf kingdom two for their role in pro-democracy demonstrations the charges have been condemned as politically motivated by rights groups comes just a day after the five doctors along with four others lost their appeal against jail terms at the country's highest courts the medics was part of a group that treated protesters injured during the state of the regime demonstrators last year well for more on this story let's talk about the column covered is a former lecturer university of bahrain and author of the book exporting made in america democracy call in very good evening thanks for being with us now the death of the twenty two year old prisoner comes just days after a teenage boy was reportedly shot dead by bahraini forces reporting on these cases would usually when they draw a chorus of condemnation from western governments but yet despite that the reaction is very very muted if nothing at all. yes you're correct kevin the u.s. is not going to do anything president barak obama is not going to sleep feeling
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against bahrain. until the election is over the presidential election has taken priority and the election here in the united states is on november sixth so barack obama's not going to say anything about the brutality of the bahraini regime until after the elections so right now the khalifas are getting away with murder they're getting away with torture they're getting away with criminal activity and they're buying seats on the new in human rights advisory council tried to make their own lawyers regime appear to be acceptable to the international community but of course they're not and they're committing murder calling the activists over eighty people have died in bahrain since the beginning of the uprising why is the west virtually ignoring what is going on there the bigger picture here apart from that individual cases we're talking about why isn't it calling for the government to step down as it does elsewhere. well yes more than eighty people is just the
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official number of people that have been killed actually the numbers are around one hundred forty two hundred fifty right now since february of last year that have been killed by this regime and of course the main reason is because the u.s. naval base fiercely based in bahrain and the u.s. knows that they don't want to upset the khalifa and their basing rights that they give us for our fifth fleet but the sustain this relationship is answers supportable and barack obama realizes that not only bahrain but the relationship with saudi arabia that has now gone on for over sixty years have to change because the internal rebellion in each of these gawking. is causing instability and the u.s. knows that to continue to support these autocratic regimes that are committing
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murder and torture is unsustainable collin let's get you thought about something else while you're on the line and despite the continuing violence in bahrain we're talking about the country's ministry for social development won a seat at the u.n. human rights council advisory committee kind of ironic isn't it is that appropriate you think given the flagrant human rights abuses that are happening there that we're witnessing. well the response to all problems in the gulf kingdoms is that throw money at it and when they realize that they. seem to be an odious regime they're out the world what they've done is turn the money into gold in the u.k. and in the us to make an image appear to be better and no better place to make an image to mean better in the united nations so they're paid money to other government vote or a representative from bahrain to sit in on the un human rights advisory council so
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you can be certain that this is the bought and paid for seeds colin thank you for thoughts calling evolve from a lecture at university of bahrain at all through the book exporting and made in america democracy we appreciate your time. next thousands ago to support the winning party in the parliamentary elections in georgia they're also getting ready to test the results of any evidence of fraud emerges we got more details of that just ahead. president vladimir putin criticizes the e.u.'s food energy package saying it could lead to a financial collapse in gas transportation all that and more after a short break. the sun rises over what seems like analyst forest but here in town your reactions quite hundred kilometers north of light of all stock as in much of the world it's disappearing at a catastrophic rate. workers both illegal and those finding
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ways to outsmart the system filing down the forests of the more skilled region for them profit goes well beyond the future of our planet and the result could be an ecological crisis we are on the hunt for illegal loggers and it's not going to be easy to forests in. in on it's in our chances are slim now for now we can stay in our dreams but as soon as we find solid tracks we'll have to drop our wheels and get out and move silently in order not to scare the loggers off alexander someone in ca has been a ranger for over twenty five years he can spend weeks at a time tracking a single group of loggers leadership so it's easier to work when snow falls in autumn it's impossible to find human tracks and even transport tracks are hard to see after hours of driving we get sent in the right direction by word of mouth you can see that the ground is soft here which means that there's twelve the tractor
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trails are very fresh which in fact means that we need to be quiet in order to not scare them off as we get closer. this team says they're legal but have no documents now xander can now call the police to take over his work here is done he is overwhelmingly outnumbered there are too few rangers working in the promote the region and the w w f says the government isn't doing enough to stop it just you. know do it there's no one tries to stop them in just five years the force will be gone what will the people who live after us do it's a question more and more people are aware of today climate change in the safety of our environment as a whole are being discussed around the world and perhaps it's those small steps that might be a start to people living in harmony with nature. georgia's
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entering a new political era with president saakashvili admitting defeat for its ruling party in parliamentary elections the opposition bloc georgian dream will now form a new government effectively ending the current regime's decade long monopoly on power outages lectures you have skis been following the votes on the count in tbilisi. statement is as sensational as the outcome of the voting may eventually become he already said despite the voting vote counting still continuing that he spotty admits defeat and now will work in opposition but despite that statement there are still growing concerns among the opposition members that the governing forces may still be stalling the outcome of this vote the vote count is growing very slowly it's less than three million votes to be counted but ever since the polling stations closed last night less than thirty percent of the votes have been counted so far and also the international ngo called international transparency in
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georgia reported a very serious violation to even received a photo of mosques to men entering a polling station in georgia taking everybody out from the polling stations and the that n.-g. o. claims that the result at this particular polling station was altered in the favor of the ruling party the u.n. am as it stands the opposition party is in the lead with a little more than fifty percent and the governing party the ruling party the unanimous trailing behind with closer to forty percent and as it stands if the such result comes that to be eventually in the end we are in for the first peaceful transition of power in georgia ever since the collapse of the u.s.s.r. the party which will have the majority in the parliament all the alliance of parties will then be able to appoint a prime minister who according to new amendments by the constitution will have the same powers as president next year when saakashvili steps down basically saakashvili and his party which proposed these amendments in a way dug their own hole because nobody expected last year when businessmen
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eventually form the georgia dream party that anybody could post competition to the ruling party their rating was that around seventy percent certainly dented move from the opposition unprecedented rise but a large credit on that comes from the scandal which happened in september when the footage of prisoner abuse and sexual torture in georgian prisons was released causing massive outcry causing mass protests in the streets. of the georgian cities nevertheless the opposition seems to be winning this election and right now the people are celebrating as they were celebrating last night though given the past record of violent protests in georgia nobody can still rule out if this result changes then the people may take to the streets and we still may see some bloodletting action in the streets of georgian cities or the leader of the opposition coalition. already called on president assad to resign but professor mark almond is a co-author of a book on post communist georgian history thinks that despite admitting defeat saakashvili is not likely to give up power easily could be
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a dramatic change or it could be the herald of the period of infighting so surely may well try to shape the situation to both bring a supporter to power to protect him in the future but also to try to split the georgian dream coalition remember it's a rather disparate group of people who have been primarily united by stability to saakashvili even if you like their fear of saakashvili. who is admission of defeat in a sense perhaps shows that he's a wounded animal but the would be still a fear that he would use the prerogatives of the president to try to split the opposition or to try to create perhaps a crisis that will restore his position. a correspondent in georgia keeping you updated on what's happening there virus twitter feed he's now saying that supporters of the georgian dream of the gathering outside the central election commission as they fear may have been in the vote is the latest pictures we got from the scene. you can follow him for the latest details from the streets of the
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capital tbilisi. nato chiefs admitted the alliance's withdrawal from afghanistan could be exhilarated now because of the taliban's strategy of insider attacks it comes as the number of u.s. soldiers killed during the invasion and eleven iraq you pay should reach the two thousand mark according to the nato secretary general the so-called green on blue attacks on western soldiers have undermined troop morale they've also affected nato afghan relations as the alliance proposed to hand security responsibilities to local forces middle east academic had been gathered from the american university in washington told me he believes nato has brought afghan hostility upon itself. well first of all there are there is the issue of the difficulty of trying to
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impose order and or a certain kind of order by foreign powers on afghanistan but other part of it has to do also with the policies which have been pursued by nato in afghanistan these policies have not really transformed they question on the ground they have not greatly improved the lives of people and they have not contributed to building up of afghan infrastructure as some had promised more importantly i think what we are seeing is that there is a sponsor from afghan population which certain extent is reflected by the counter attacks from taliban and its allies there is a great deal of resentment against that tax by drones which have led to the deaths of many many innocent civilians and afghanistan even the afghan president himself karzai has called on nato to curb these efforts and stop them because they are
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ending up killing a lot of innocents and creating a great deal of anger and pattern isn't powered nato discontent with the conflicts also brewing in the u.k. to this we hear from a british m.p. was suspended from the house of commons for his fiery antiwar speech. the war is being prolonged by those that have the need canada that brought their troops home two years ago so the netherlands french new zealand is a coming out early absolutely no reason why we shouldn't bring our troops home now the only reason is that we tied in with the politics of the united states we don't need independent state we have to remind ourselves of that we can take decisions and what we're going to see in the future is deepening. trouble they'll be more slaughter because of this whole of this fictitious fictitious aims of the war we've
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seen to collapse. of reality dot com now we've got news of high powered social networking for your russia's prime minister but that of a famous new friend on facebook find out what the site's father mark zuckerberg was doing here in moscow as he met with tech savvy pm also online to know when i read about the route would be a usual airbrushing of the current ikea catalog in saudi arabia. more than two years in jail in the trials yet to happen the lawyer for the u.s. soldier bradley manning is again demanded that the charges against him be dropped manning's accused of treason after allegedly transferring top secret files to wiki
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leaks but the whistleblower support movements getting momentum is ati's christine for explains. his name. has evolved into a movement a movement with a mission to truth is the point. maybe i'm maybe i'm idealistic but there are saying it's worth fighting for those who attended the event hope to eventually see accused wiki leaks or bradley manning freed from prison he's already spent eight hundred sixty two days there much of it in solitary confinement and still has not gone to trial we are here because the truth is on trial bradley is not a traitor. he's not a spy but a truth teller and it was a former national security agency executive thomas drake is a whistleblower as well like manning charged by the government under the espionage act he revealed information to a reporter with the baltimore sun that the n.s.a.
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was spying on u.s. citizens he was later found innocent freedom is extraordinarily precious he was a featured speaker along with the government accountability project director jesselyn radack manning friend and co-founder of the bradley manning support network david house duty honor and stop before us and journalists chris hedges and others. matter what anyone feels about probably many everyone in america each course whistleblowing is of course transparency probably many views an example of a young soldier or three years of age to upload. so americans everywhere surely they have a good opinion of the young and the point of the events to raise awareness of course but also to raise money donations book sales someone even donated a bottle of wine in california a white called screw everything raised here will go to the bradley manning defense fund ever since nine eleven i've been concerned our civil liberties are in jeopardy
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and it's pretty obvious that. this is where i came from massachusetts to. here in support of several georgetown law students and professors attended the event many knew very little about manning beforehand i learned a lot more then more knowledge and i came here where it's very important for me to be here to see a lot of. whistleblowers. at this question here i discussion about a young man and his future and the future of the country's laws and legacy me in washington christine freeze out our team. elsewhere in the world briefly twenty six students have been killed in northeast nigeria's government over foreign halls of residence the attacks a day after an operation against an islamist militant group in the town that organizations but attacks on christians and churches and is reportedly responsible for over six hundred deaths this year. six crew members have been arrested after
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a pleasure boat and ferry collided off the coast of hong kong which killed thirty eight people the pleasure boat was carrying more than one hundred passengers to watch fireworks in the city's harbor the ferry was mostly on damage but the boat sank with people trapped inside. protests and strikes of rocks to lizzie a as hundreds hit the streets to blame the government for failing to fix the faltering economy the birthplace of the arab spring has had renewed rallies against a teary rating living conditions and perceived government neglect protests are spread across the country of several regions full demonstrations in support of a number of activists who've been arrested. after a short break to beatrice got the latest business tonight. on the march under god these men and women are walking one of the longest and
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probably the loneliest road in the world they reenacting the march into exile made by thousands and czarist russia. if i was here three hundred years ago i may have disappeared my local lord i may have deserted from the army or a variety of other crimes the result was the same what my fellow prisoners around me i've got a long and very cold walk ahead into exile in siberia it took them years to get their summers and winters entire years a lot of people died on the way this group in the western siberian region of omsk discovered their living on the only surviving stretch of the original nine thousand kilometers of the siberian exiles track that's had no modern changes made to it yevgeny discovered that he's descended from some of these exiles and decided to build a museum telling a story he and his re-enact is now receiving letters from all over the world to show them what it was like what the story is going to stop it's scary to put the
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shackles on of course but it's interesting if we don't remember our history we will have no future. it's a monument to one of the risk russia's cruelest chapters. the city serves as the capital of anticommunist white russian leader admiral culture shock in the civil war from one thousand nine hundred to nine hundred ninety whilst in residence he lived here though the study of the man like the maintenance of this building has remained a taboo right up until the present day or we still receive hate mail saying that he hanged a lot of people and was famous for severe punishment it's all true but it was at a time of civil war both sides were monstrously cruel it is sadly the theme of cruelty which links so. much of the history to the rest of russia is particularly of exile with the. criminal.
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law and welcome to the business update on r.c. with me to be sure of it and her present letter person has criticized the e.u. furred energy package which envisages just to remind us of us the separation of transport production and sales assets in the gas industry now he says this would be completely harmful and could lead to a financial collapse in the gas business. but you know because the gears transportation business is separated. it exists only through subsidies from production and sales as a business transport is not that attractive and the third energy package separates it which is dangerous. now this comes amid a trust probe which has been launched against gazprom by the e.u. and this hasn't been helping gas from shares today which went down worse than the market around one percent overall the markets were passing mistakenly forecast from
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the economics ministry that capital outflow could amount to sixty five billion dollars this year and that's after eighty billion left the country in the previous year over in the united states we're seeing a pretty flat a mixed session with the dow jones nasdaq looking different directions tech shares feeling a bit better but the dow is correcting after a pause of session on monday also we've had housing prices coming in with an increase the biggest increase in the past six months and this is limiting the losses on the dow over in europe we've had a pretty mixed feeling for the whole day was mostly positive after news came out that spain and might go ahead and burned ask for a sovereign bailouts in the in the next coming days but then we saw a correction at the end of the session again point two percent down that by financial shares mostly nevertheless the european currency is feeling stronger versus the greenback and it's up around fifty fifty five points to be exact the
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meanwhile the russian ruble lost its positions that again on monday against five currencies so it's pretty flat. tanguay b.p. is russia's furred largest oil producer and its face could change within the next couple of months because b.p. owns fifty percent it wants to get rid of these fifty percent and sell them and the two possible buyers are either the russian shareholders in the n.k.v.d. that's a group or russia's largest oil producer ross sniffed and analysts tell us ross net is more likely to weigh. i don't really think. our would be able to buy out the piece share it's too large so the only real scenario i think right now it would be discussion how really rosneft would buy this stake from. from b.p. so rosneft could become number one on the company in the world as a result of this deal potentially a bug.


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