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tv   [untitled]    October 5, 2012 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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live. our lives. a wave of anti-war protest and go off thirty with activists accusing the government of being a u.s. stooges and grow rice possible military action against syria. the u.k. military aims to balance its books by laying off thousands of soldiers while still throwing billions at malfunctioning military machine was. fourteen years of textbook socialism are put to the task in venezuela as hundreds of thousands fled the capital in support of a good job as out of sunday's elections. it
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is ten am in the russian capital you're watching r.t. with me. now what began as a peaceful anti-war demonstration turned ugly in the turkish capital ankara after riot police moved in to disperse the crowd officers fired tear gas and used water cannon as well as small grenades against the activists with manny bystanders also getting caught up in the mainly thousands also poor done to the streets of istanbul to demonstrate against the policies of turkey's ruling party using it up singing to the tune of the u.s. the wave of popular discontent was sparked by the parliament's approval cross border military action in syria which could pave the way to a full scale war more of that from artie's middle east correspondent policy or. they were chanting slogans that syria is all framed and that we are against war but they clashed with police firing rounds of tear gas at them more people are concerned that the border tensions could disintegrate into
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a regional conflict on tuesday the turkish parliament held a closed door emergency station in which a bill was overwhelmingly passed that allows the turkish military to carry out cross border operations against syrian time. now this is in period for a year it has been defended by the turkish government that says it has the right to defend itself it is a pains to point out that this is not a declaration of war and that and operate in conjunction with international bodies the turks are responding to a syrian mortar that was fired on wednesday it killed five citizens two of them women and three of them children while they were preparing a meal to keep immediately responded by firing into syrian territory and this offensive continued until the early hours of thursday morning now by all accounts there were several syrian soldiers who were killed tookie also responded by going
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on the offensive in the political arena an emergency meeting of nato was hold on wednesday so as i say an extremely volatile situation that we're keeping a close watch on turkey says it has no intentions to start a war with syria but political analysts covering the middle east. doesn't necessarily have to engage in direct military action against the embattled state to defeat it. turkey's declared war on syria long time ago this is arrogant endeavor to lose war they supplied weapons and they've supplied training assistant they've harbored you know gunmen in jihad just on their territory so so you know turkey's at a situation now crossroads where they cannot seem to get the international system thingy to sort of you know do a last question against the assad regime and they cannot get a u.n. security council resolution to authorize these things and this may be you know setting the groundwork a pretext for
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a backdoor into military intervention because of course turkey then caught it can call on its nato allies to to assist and it's essentially the nato allies who would anyways do you know a military confrontation with with the assad regime if there was a u.n. security council resolution so you know and there are questions about this is this the false why you know operation to to sort of set the ground for military intervention there's been many false narratives over syria i think this is just another one. the un's most powerful body has called for restraint from both and qur'an damascus as a strongly decried syria's deadly attack on turkish citizens are. the latest from the un security council in new york. the u.n. security council agreed and issued a presidential statement strongly condemning wednesday's mortar attack by syria on a turkish border town that as we already heard has killed people in injured several
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others the council called on the syrian government to fully respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of its neighbors and the calls on all concerned parties to exercise maximum restraint a presidential statement issued by the council also demanded that quote such violations of international law stop immediately and are not repeated mortar fire from syria had a town in turkey on wednesday and that's when the security council began deliberating this presidential statement earlier on thursday the u.n. secretary general ban ki moon also voiced his alarm at escalating tensions along the syrian turkish border and the u.n. itself there's a lot of divisions over how to solve this crisis that it escalates and everybody within the security council in the u.n. is trying to ease tensions that are growing not only within syria but now on the border between syria and turkey a timeline of events and more analysis on the stories available on our website r.t. dot com and there are also find more on there with all of the running syrian crisis
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starting to neighboring states. and iraq is one of them a couple of hours an hour to talk to the country's prime minister who says peace can be brought to syria through weapons and foreign troops. the british army is the latest victim of the country's seemingly endless a sturdy drive with eight thousand fewer u.k. soldiers reporting for duty come the new year but artie's probably boyko reports when it comes to funding expensive war toys britain apparently has money to burn. the number of soldiers in the british army is being cut back by a fifth as you can see here that's quite a significant reduction is going to mean the smallest british army since before the napoleonic wars eight thousand u.k. troops face christmas as unemployed civilians defense secretary philip hammond insists the cuts a necessary to balance the defense budget yet at the same time the u.k. is committed to remaining one of the biggest military spending is in the world well
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any modern army even if it cuts its troops needs up to date equipment but take a look at these the british government has spent some two billion pounds on developing remote control attack drones since two thousand and seven but growing u.k. drones don't have a good track record how about the watch keeper drone this nifty piece of military equipment has already cost the u.k. taxpayers about eight hundred million pounds it was meant to be up and flying by now it isn't yet ready and now running two under half years late the want to keep its predecessor it was a drone called the phoenix that proved so unreliable that an army cycles it became known as the bugger off because it often left on missions never to return the phoenix was such an epic fail that it was used as an example of the quote dismal failure of the british built drone for systems engineering students in one u.k.
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university and the cost of this techno flop two billion pounds in fact the ministry of defense his attempt to balance its books has actually contributed to an increase in spending on equipment something those troops facing their final paycheck in the coming weeks will find hard to stomach. arty. now more stories features videos and analysis is in store for you on the web including in the big apple jewish and christian activist groups respond to an anti islamist poster campaign with a message of tolerance. an eleven year old boy from northern siberia has made a malibu discovery uncovering a thirty thousand year old animal buried in permafrost.
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after a long and bitterly fought campaign but as wally is now braced for presidential elections on sunday but both candidates incumbent and he's rival and ricky certainly made the most of their last day on the trail as artie's lucic often have discovered after fourteen years in power the president can still draw a crowd. chalice
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is rivalry cake a previous has been described as the opposite of the incumbent president in nearly every policy for starters capri was once to private eyes the venezuelan economy as against almost all welfare programs and of the diehard supporter of israel and south american political analyst adrian salutes he says it's no surprise washington wants to see travis out. he has taken a stance which is very highly respected throughout many countries in latin america showing that the united states is the real jerk not just in the middle east but
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worldwide and not so much the countries that are attacked by the united states especially at a time when in two thousand and eight the united states has reactivated the fourth south atlantic fleet and they now have a very strong military presence throughout latin america in the south atlantic just as they have engineered insurrection and civil war which seems to be washington's specialisation now with the so-called arab spring mini theater here and that in america we will be seeing a latin american spring with different characteristics but where the united states will meddle in the internal affairs of countries like venezuela and they will even trigger in activate a generalized latin american spring which will be turmoil social unrest and even civil war. another battle for power this time in the u.s. saw incoming obama all at sea with five presidents first televised tussle left his supporters called while some critics slammed entire u.s.
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election system for a lack of real choice. flying north with me in this old soviet work or so the helicopter is doctors run amir brodsky and his team from the region's medical aviation service we head across ever more barren tundra higher and higher into russia's arctic far north until eventually we see our landing spot with arrive at this tiny village after crossing hundreds of kilometers of snow a wilderness as a boy here suffering from favre and the doctors are going to see what they can do. inside a small building not one but two babies and their parents are waiting for us the doctors inspect them but can't make a diagnosis and decide to bring them to a regional hospital for better care spread lana doesn't like taking her baby away
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from home but she's been before and agrees to go that's the usual practice with those who live in atlanta they keep mothers with their newborns in hospital for a month. on the way back another stop to check on the health of some native minutes reindeer herders out in the tundra it can take many hours to reach the nearest village so a medical problem simply fixed here in the tent. they used to be but now we can go to civilize places so we call for emergency help. back at hospital other patients helped by the air ambulance are being treated the service costs fourteen million dollars a year to run and there's been controversy with some claiming that locals exaggerate or make up health problems and use the helicopters as a free taxi. service by causations vladimir firmly dismisses it bro that is not true usually the calls are perfectly justified sometimes we even reproach locals waiting too long before calling us he's been working as
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a doctor now for forty three years but not a man is confident that even after he retires his helicopter doctors will remain a lifeline to the peoples of the russian far north wealthy british style. markets why now can they. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max kaiser for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our.
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welcome back you're watching i see live from moscow and the u.s. presidential candidates barack obama and mitt romney have addressed their supporters following their furth t.v. debate poll showed romney overwhelmed incumbent obama in the duel can commanding the ninety minute debate but rocky anderson presidential candidate for the justice party thinks two parties ultimately dominating u.s. politics is unhealthy for america i left the democratic party and helped form the
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justice party because now the republican and democratic parties are simply one do awfully they have a stranglehold on our electoral system from the stage of getting on the ballot all the way through the debate process and they have both been bought and paid for by the same special interests we have a plutocracy not a democracy in the united states where our government is for sell to the highest bidder romney would bring us along the same path that led to the economic disaster in two thousand and eight with shields tax cuts for the wealthy i'm normal stuff assists low employment rates and president obama has a pathetic record he's the only president that has presided over three years of unemployment of over eight percent should absolutely can be changed we know that that's what the american people want it's simply that we don't have those elected
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to office that are willing to take on the special interest political cartoonist and columnist have raul says americans are seeking a new policy vision for the nation. it's very hard to tell to see how mitt romney can overcome the lead in the key swing states that obama currently enjoys which considering the state of the economy over the last four years is say something about the ineptitude of the romney campaign now that said he did outperform expectations last night and you know he is still in the game if he continues to surge and does better in the future debates it's possible that despite vote will be able to turn against obama and go for romney you know two party system that's all we really have what was very strange is how the democrats who typically identify better with the poor and downtrodden fail to humanize their point of view you know obama talked constantly about how to get a different approach rather than having a different vision americans don't want
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a different approach they want to different vision and they want solutions mitt romney talked about the people who are hurting in the midwest people who are unemployed whom he met and asked for his help that's the kind of thing that obama should have done it's really politics want to one and somehow he was just really off his game. and also the latest edition of our tease debate show crosstalk dissect the first t.v. debate between romney obama to find out where the president went wrong how that will show it's coming your way player the sound eighteen elementary school students have been killed in a landslide in south china medics police and the military personnel are searching for survivors trapped under the rubble the landslide came down early in the morning hitting the school and nearby houses and blocking a river over eight hundred people were evacuated from the region although it was a holiday in china the children still went to school to make up for the days they
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have missed because of an earthquake which hit the region last month. massive rival demonstrations are expected in jordan's capital amman and around two hundred thousand supporters of king abdullah's reforms and about fifty thousand batterers of the opposition muslim brotherhood party are expected to gather for peaceful rallies of the same benny on friday earlier the king dissolved parliament for clearing the way for new elections he pledged to introduce more reform aiming to avoid arab spring stahl unrest the country has already faced nearly twenty months of protests with people demanding more say in how the state is run. the repercussions from the war in afghanistan have now reached as far away as india their entire farming communities are being devastated by the influx of cheap afghan heroin with addiction tainting every aspect of life at anger over the issues being directed at the us which refuses to go after afghan drug lords and their vast plantations for fear of driving them into the arms of the insurgency are reports.
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almost two thousand kilometers from the war zone in afghanistan and women like smith rocor are fighting a battle of their own in punjab india you know how do you know my son lives with me we lost his father to drugs and recently lost his elder brother to drugs everyone in the neighborhood is taking up drugs and if my son or i don't i them who will look after the children. once known as one of the most prosperous states in india punjab is now one of the biggest drug trafficking hubs in the world officials say most of the confiscated drugs are coming from nearby afghanistan the largest global producer of opium and the situation is getting worse the united nations has reported that opium production has more than doubled in afghanistan since the united states invaded the country in two thousand and one critics say that nato and the united states have not done enough to eradicate the narcotics producing poppy
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fields which they say is the afghans biggest source of income. is such a culture would lead is such a bankrupt lead used to its condition. trysts. are resistant to anything you see the community is hardened it's of so much so they're not going to listen to you if you say looks nice you know start going to await the drug addiction problem in punjab is becomes so bad that at spirit say that one in three people are actually addicted to drugs and in this area alone people say that seventy percent of the people between the ages of fifteen and thirty five are dicks it's the drugs and that's not good news for these women smithville course community has now become known as the village of widows because of all the men who have died from drug addiction. now many bring their children to
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. this school where sixteen percent of the six hundred fifty children are orphaned most of their parents died from drug related mainly through private donations they are all able to get an education for free but it's little consolation for what many fear could become a lost generation in punjab if more action against drug trafficking isn't taken again i think if something happens to my son to happen to the family where. can i bring them up my so. far from the bullets and explosives in afghanistan the people of punjab wonder how they too can escape the war that has started to impact millions of their own preassure either r t india. let's go back to europe where marina has more details on the whole energy debate taking place right now. will know that the has been fighting for transparency in
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the energy market for many many months now and five now it's proposing to basically have its member countries deal their oil and gas contracts and it's also want to push for universal points as the start of the next year the eve commission will also be able to take part in all energy talks the move columns. of us the geisha into gas from surprising strategy in europe last week. basically expresses doubts over the economic efficiency of europe's energy rules and let's take a look at some international markets this hour we'll start with because the markets kicked off the trading session here as we can see that there are now back and hauls the territory the arts yes it's getting over one percent and the my sex is right there in spite of the fact that oil prices are dropping more on that next hour as the picture becomes clear right now in asia let's take a look what's happening there investors are getting ready to go home and basically
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we're saying that the nikkei is minimizing the earlier days and that's because we have a decision from the. bank of japan that said that there will be added stimulus measures and of course investors are waiting for the u.s. jobs report coming out later today from the who was go free to stay with the talk about samsung electronics in particular which has reported record profits in the third quarter driven by strong sales of the galaxy smart phones electronic giants operating profit ninety one percent to seven billion dollars which is almost double last year's figure and much higher than analysts expected bought us not all peachy for samsung as it is currently battling apple over patents and from apple to place fault which says the number of active monthly users has top one billion it's roughly half of internet users in the world and double the social networks or two years ago the average age of a facebook user is twenty two and their country of origin that's likely to be brazil india or indonesia analysts say the latest milestone raises questions
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whether facebook can profit from its giants user base and look at currencies the euro as the week in the against the u.s. dollar but still on the flight line when it comes to the ruble you. gain into the currency baskets and this is what we have this hour and of course next hour europe opens so we'll have all the details for that but for now back to you marina all right thanks very much indeed and just a few minutes peter asks his panel of guests about the first debate between romney and obama and how the debates are likely to affect who becomes president next year . more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world
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has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are ruled the day. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture .
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my parents really truly honestly believe that what had happened was as a result of my father's exposure to agent orange i was born with multiple problems . i was missing my leg. and my fingers and my big toe on my right foot i use my hands a lot in my artwork i find myself drawing my hands quite a bit to me for my hands you know just as if anyone would. but they do tell a story they tell a story of. oxen. a
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a low in welcome to cross talk i'm here lavelle debating the debate the first direct encounter between president barack obama and republican challenger mitt romney left the incumbent looking like road kill what is behind obama's failure and does it really matter. if he can. start. to cross talk the first us presidential debate i'm joined by rachel mars today in paris she's a political communications strategist and sidney cade a columnist in washington we have niall standage he is a staff writer for the hill and in london we crossed to david nicholson he is a london based freelance journalist right folks cross the girls and i mean you can jump in anytime want to rachel what in the world happened last night why why did obama really bomb. we just had a really long day off it's interesting however when saying the bar really low for each of their candidates both campaigns were the word got out that apparently mitt romney was really.


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