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tv   [untitled]    October 7, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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the latest news in the week's top stories war looms between turkey and syria after four days of cross border bartman with some experts suspecting the rebels are trying to provoke foreign intervention. moscow demands an investigation into a violent incident in a canadian detention center that left a twenty four year old russian student clinging to life. and only hours left before venezuelans head to polling stations for the presidential vote a race too close to call between the current socialist leader and its young democratic rival.
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in the russian capital you're watching r t with me we're going to joshua today we take a look at the top stories of the week as well as the latest news turkey and syria are on the brink of war after a four day exchange of life fire across the border fighting was triggered by the syrian side and wednesday with a mortar killing five turkish civilians women and children ankara responded with artillery while its lawmakers authorized sending troops into syria if necessary. several mortar shells have landed on turkish soil since provoking more return fire ankara says it doesn't want war but warns it will retaliate against any further attack it's not clear who is responsible for the provocations by the syrian fire zone is said to be under rebel control some experts suspect the shelling could be a false flag to incite intervention. you've got opposition forces there there
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and they they are desperate they are low on ammunition there and i think they would love to have turkey get into the get into the fight they're moving they've moved their headquarters from turkey into to syria and that's going to set up a logistical problem for them in coordination with forces inside of turkey to bring in more ammunition and and logistics to back them up but would be an easier way than to set up a situation where where you bring turkey into the into the fight and in order to provide that kind of distance that they need i don't rule that out. and the solace was from working there in that in that region there they're very very good at that kind of set up. as a nineteen month long conflict in syria rages some foreign powers maintain that
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president assad must step down while they've offered no clear alternative several potential candidates are being groomed abroad one of them is the fact that syria in general. but journalist cocktail of the ready told r.t. that such rebels could turn against their foreign backers in the future. the irony of supporting the rebels who may eventually become great enemies of the west is something that's lost in the into the very eager interventionists who are pushing the west to intervene in syria to arm the opposition interviewed a group of rebels in damascus who were holed up in various parts of damascus and there is a bird i interviewed some of them a few of them who traveled from afghanistan so that they had a big fight against the jews ahead of them and this is a million to me because i've met people elsewhere particularly in pakistan who say that they have a fight with the jews ahead of them so they see that as the ultimate i mean one of
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the things that was particularly disturbing to me is how the man after last was being groomed as a possible replacement for us are not a lot of people know that men are classed as father most of a class is a first rate he's written a book called the marts of design which talks about the blood libel he was smuggled out class was smuggled out of the country by french spies he is he keeps making trips to saudi arabia but an awful lot of people know the history behind him and our people should be wary of. close being groomed as a possible replacement a twenty four year old russian student remains in critical condition after being brutally beaten in a canadian detention center almost two months ago that is still a cough was arrested after he allegedly threatened another student russia has demanded a full investigation and punishment for those responsible for the attack probably boycott has more. a trip to study english in canada gone horribly wrong twenty
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four year old denise tan a cough arrived in calgary in june eager to learn about the country and make new friends it was it s. language school those friends would quickly enemies with a misunderstanding over a girl she was charged with making. threats and placed in calgary's remand center actually we're going to face like you were only. you know larry you know. that you know what. i mean. i don't know why it was a big misunderstanding while his family in moscow tried to scrape together the bail money things took a turn for the worse cellmates brutally attacked him jumping on his head repeatedly after months on a life support machine denise recently was gained consciousness doctors say he's in a vegetative state his adoring family is devastated. not
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eating i mean. you have been grooming through you are all your worries go our way or you know very slowly or very the charges that denise faced have now been dropped which in turn meant the detention center was no longer responsible for his medical bills leaving his family facing a financial nightmare on top of the emotional one local media campaigning to raise funds for denise's ballooning medical bills. or what action. all or. all or. all general. all. or all all. well. denise isn't the only victim to emerge from this facility
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last month another man christopher kirk suffered a laceration spleen and a broken nose after a similar attack while in custody. very often in sharpening all we were and it's been an awful lot but. you know when we were dating. in the war i mean. the young man so eager to find out about life in canada studying english like he didn't initially set out is now a distant prospect first he'll once again have to learn the basics how to walk feed himself and speak his native russian denise's family can only hope that the country where this brutal attack took place provides him with the help he so desperately needs. r.t. . on sunday when as well as well cheers the man who will run their country for the next six years current socialist leader overcharges to seeking another term after
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over a decade in power but the election is expected to go down to the wire with his young democratic rival also attracting a wealth of support was a couple of reports from caracas. well the stakes could not be higher as venezuelans take to the polls to determine who will leave their country for the next six years at one end as president incumbent president hugo chavez was represented a radical change for venezuela and the region as a whole under his so-called twenty first century socialism policies where this is meant as a nationalization of certain industries as well as the use of venezuela's revenues from oil exports to really focus attention on some of the poorest segments of the population here this has meant policies that have improved health care education given the poor access to housing things that have really earned to a child as a massive massive popular support at the same time venezuela is plagued with a high crime rate one of the highest in the world as well as corruption and these are just some of the issues that have been seized on by the opposition candidate
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and the previous he's a forty year old very wealthy businessman who has energized the population and there's also criticize the country's economic policies now and he's also promised to improve relations with the west now critics say and fear although this is something that the previous ona is that he would really represent a radical shift for the country in the sense that he could impose austerity programs and possibly roll back some of those popular economic social justice missions that hugo chavez has put into place this is something that has really concerned people and has raised a lot of questions about the future of this country but the issue of electoral fraud is always a concern there are some nineteen million of registered voters who will be taking to the polls throughout the day now what's interesting to us is people we've spoken to on the street both supporters and opponents of president hugo chavez have said that electoral fraud on election day isn't really something they're concerned with that it eventually has one of the most developed systems of voting in the world it's an electronic system where people vote with their thumbs the results get sent
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to a central headquarters and are tabulated right away electronically and in fact president hugo chavez found this issue to be so important that he just wanted to host a surprise press conference just hours before the polls open to force there's been a lot of tensions between the. president hugo chavez and that very same press conference r.t. had an exclusive opportunity to ask the president why the west considers him to be such a threat they should take a listen to what he'd have to say that when the world runs out of petroleum only five countries which possess the majority of reserves are going to remain in my life and those are russia iran saudi arabia iraq and venezuela hard from oil there's a political side to the issue some call it a bad example a lot about example of venezuela of course they call it about example it was said there's an american model let's assume it will rule the world do you remember the thesis by an american francis fukuyama i think a young end of history and suddenly a surprise to many as well arose against new liberal leaders who were twenty years
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ahead of the european uprising which is happening now a days and then israel escaped the i.m.f. that is not a world power to say so now again the last time venezuelans took to the polls to vote for their president was six years ago there is no mass of excitement here both candidates have called on supporters to come to the streets early even hours before the polls opened it's a very festive mood people are very excited about this opportunity to really have a strong say about which direction they want their country and their region to go on. with the coffin of reporting there james spader us professor of sociology at new york's am ten university explains why there is exit would be warmly welcomed by washington. the united states would like to get rid of chavez and put on more malleable clients like capri lace back in power for a student she has taken a very independent foreign policy position opposing u.s. military intervention in the middle east he's opposed to u.s.
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free trade agreement and has been in extraordinarily influential. president in fomenting latin american integration which essentially means the exclusion of the united states so all along the line president chavez has been defining an alternative route for latin america is sensually you have two different philosophies you have shaggers promoting social democracy in a in a generic sense of the word against a candidate who wants to go back to turn the clock back to the one nine hundred ninety s. nail liberal policies privatization primacy of your ties to the u.s. as cetra so you have a real choice and not an echo in in this election and on the way a georgian dream becomes a reality as a country's opposition bloc secures a crucial victory over the ruling party forcing president saakashvili to go on the
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defensive. plots and tell us course eight thousand strong peace rally nor threats as it sets out to reach pakistan's most troubled region or in that in just a couple of minutes. my parents really truly honestly believe that what had happened was as a result of my father's exposure to agent orange i was born with multiple problems . i was missing my leg. and my fingers and my big toe on my right foot i use my hands a lot in my artwork i find myself drawing my hands quite a bit to me for my hands you know just as if anyone would. but they do tell a story they tell a story of. their oxen. you
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know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know. are looking at the big picture. welcome back to what you are to you know it's been
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a week of an arrest and then with clashes between police and anti-government protesters in bahrain authorities are cracking down almost daily on the opposition that's calling for more rights and a man's to discrimination on monday the country's court upheld jail terms for nine medics who helped to treat probably form campaigners a day later demonstrators threw petrol bombs and stones at security officials following a funeral for an activist who died in custody of alleged mistreatment this friday police disperse crowds of the santas with water cannon and tear gas the sunni model has been cracking down on the opposition for twenty months now with about eighty deaths overall thousands were arrested including prominent human rights activists neville wran job is now in prison for attending an illegal demonstration former c.n.n. reporter amber early on says the truth about bahrain is scarce on western channels . period. to kind of dodge or minders and sneak into some of the villages and actually see these atrocities patients who'd run out of the hospitals that were
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shot up with birdshot ambulance drivers who were beaten and as we were heading back out of these villages we were violently detained by security forces and proffering about twenty masked men with machine guns who then try to erase all the video that they found and luckily my female producer and i were able to hide some disks. and we were able to actually get out of the country with this content so you can imagine surprise when we got back to the u.s. and this content was airing on c.n.n. and right after that is when the phone calls started coming into the network complaining about me and trying to get my coverage. is paying c.n.n. to create content that shows bahrain in a favorable light even though c.n.n. says this content you know is editorially independent it doesn't. affect that what we've seen that with this documentary not airing and also with the constant struggle i had c.n.n. to get bahrain coverage accurate coverage of the human rights abuses on air while i
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was there what c.n.n. is doing is they're essentially creating what some people have termed infomercials for dictators and that's this sponsored content that they're airing on c.n.n. international that's actually being paid for by regimes and governments and there's every principle of journalistic ethics because we're supposed to be watchdogs on these governments we're not supposed to allow them to be paying customers as journalists. opposition in georgia are still celebrating after resting the majority of seats in parliament away from the ruling party in monday's vote the georgian dream bloc secured more than half of the votes while president saakashvili is allies barely top forty percent and as the reports leaders authority has been rocked. it was a jubilation like never before seen in the billy sea filled. georgia had won the world cup. their win was not yet been found but thousands took to the streets to
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celebrate supporters of it it was this in particular that in central square policing played out that the exit poll results suggest that their proxy could be victorious in the parliamentary elections something hardly any one of them we haven't liked it only twelve months ago last year the ruling party is rating was at seventy percent and nobody could challenge that so confident was saakashvili that he amended the constitution granting more powers to the prime minister a position many predicted he would eventually feel himself little did he know he was digging his own hole won't he move this changes to the constitution does it count as a dream that any more or less save the parliament these are the majority of. it that's legal that's for however this situation did not come out of nowhere prison torture tapes released in september really the hardest thousands took to the streets as allegations emerged that he personally ordered the torture and filming
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of these atrocities and now the president could even lose his job with the possible next prime minister bidzina ivanishvili already making his intention clear comes out there with this man's ideology has established a climate of lines of violence and torture it would be good if he submitted his resignation rather the now starting various procedures to force him to resign saakashvili did concede defeat live on air but the question remains whether he's really ready to let go of the reins it could be a dramatic change or it could be the herald of a period of infighting talk issues admission of defeat in a sense perhaps shows that he was a wounded animal but the would be still a fear that he would use the prerogatives of the president to try to split the opposition remember it's a rather disparate group of people who have been primarily united by still a two to saakashvili it wasn't only the prison tape scandal. fortress of power down see experts corruption among the elites don't see him playing hardball with old
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contributed the new really policy says it will address these issues in the first place but as the party continues in belief georgia is bracing itself for a new era and the first peaceful transition of power in its post soviet history. reporting from billy c. in georgia mass protests have taken place in several cities across italy as people continue to van their anger over intensifying spending cuts protesters gathered in venice on saturday demanding an immediate referendum on independence from rome this follows a series of violent clashes between students and drive police that saw several officers injured earlier this week professor. separatist party organized to finish a rally believes that was biding cuts getting worse a floating city would be much better off on its own. or in a situation worse than a colony because there's a worse. in italy it's the highest in the world and our services.
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are extremely poor we twenty billion nation in. our regional resources each year and that's unbearable and. a couple of days ago there was a siege of st mark's belt powered by four workers and there's this huge weight and here invade it so it's it's almost explosive sold so they had thousands of people who have gathered in their regional government for sure in italy who were not the only one there really in sort of the strong movements for a chorus who are the best organized but. you know it's going to happen either regional serenely. on our website right now israel faces a multimillion dollar lawsuit over the deficit. three man during a two thousand and ten raid on a turkish aid flotilla. plus grant how russia's space agency and
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the mass are planning an extended mission on the international space station in a bid to get one step closer to the red planet r.t. dot com has the details. hundreds of pakistanis joined by foreign peace activist are marching through the country in protest against u.s. drone strikes a convoy led by cricket legend and opposition from man. is having to south waziristan region plagued by insurgency and most frequently targeted by american missiles this despite warnings from pakistan's taliban militants that protesters could be targeted by suicide bombers political activist believes the rally has the full support of the people. in the lords the grand jury that region has welcomed in india the only systems that is being provided by the government which does not want to open this to exposure because for the past five years you've been hiding the
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fact that zones have been a region on the on the public front the act you deny it but on privately behind the doors with the u.s. government they actually accept the fact just a simple attack most of the energy and unfortunately for the past five years our government has actually bought into the american war and the american war has now become and should be should catch on all of these terrorists that are doing it but unfortunately not able do not able to handle the economic affairs of the country let alone this is a mission that has been before the guard. now look at some other stories from around the world israel's military has shot down a drone over the country's southern desert the origins of aircraft are now the drone was not caring explosives however israeli officials called the incident a potential act of terrorism in the past similar missions have been carried out by eleven. these militant group has bombed. radical islamist cleric abu hamza al
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masri has appeared in court in new york on terrorism charges which could carry a life sentence who was extradited from britain along with four other man is accused by washington of supporting al qaida kidnapping and plotting to open a training camp for militants in the u.s. four other suspects have already pleaded not guilty to charges of being involved in the nine hundred ninety eight bombing of american embassies in kenya and tanzania that killed over two hundred people. miners in south africa have rallied against the dismissal of twelve thousand of their colleagues they were sacked after staging a strike demanding better pay and conditions the protesters are also mourning miners killed by police in a brutal clashes that began two months ago so far forty eight people have died in the ongoing unrest. a british court delayed its verdict this week on whether julian assange supporters will be allowed to keep the money they put up as bail for the
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whistleblower over two hundred thousand dollars has been jeopardy after he was granted political asylum in ecuador the sum put out by activist and celebrities has been frozen since the we can weeks editor of sought refuge at that would doors london embassy three months ago has been holed up there ever since despite being granted asylum by the cells american country the whistleblower says if extradited to sweden on sex crime charges he'll then be sent to washington to face prosecution for publishing secret u.s. diplomatic cables. the us presidential candidates barack obama and mitt romney clashed over the economy and the role of government in their first t.v. debates this week polls show romney overwhelmed incumbent obama commanding the ninety minute verbal duel romney said his rivals in favor of a trickle down government while obama said romney would bring the nation back to bush era economic pie. sees the u.s. president has a slight edge in the polls but his followers will due to criticism over we growth
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unemployment and health care reform historian jell horan believes voters are caught between a rock and a hard place. unfortunately in this debate is one reason why nowadays there are those who say that what we have in the end of states is not democracy but a democracy that is to say what happens in other states is that all the candidates of the left that just the green party are barred from this kind of president and as a result will be kinds of policies that president obama has been acting better subject to withering criticism from the left for example bailing out the banks but not bailing out homeowners for example this war against libya they were not able to be criticized adequately by his opponent mr romney and as a result you have a very very tepid debate that takes place how can you have a realistic debate about the problems that this country faces the many problems this country faces when because analysis and critique from the left are basically
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excluded basically this debate comes down in many ways to a choice between tweedle dum and tweedle dee. spy scandal involving a russian citizen surfaced in america this week the f.b.i. arrested a group of employees of a u.s. based on tronics company accusing them of illegally providing millions of dollars worth of cutting edge technology to moscow investigators claim they acquired data could be used by the russian military eight people four of whom have russian passports are still in there a rest charged with espionage and illegal commercial activities moscow says the case is criminal dismissing any talk of a spy scandal. on the way r.t. talks to lord robert skidelsky an award winning economist and historian to get his take on how to mend britain's failing economy.
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download the official application so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. l.t.v. is not required to watch all its hear all you need is your mobile device watch r t any time i did it. would be soon which brightened if you knew about songs from feinstein pression its . stance on t.v. dot com. world with.
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its technology innovations all these developments from around russia we've got the future covered. today i'm talking to north robert skidelsky he's a professor of political economy and also the biographer of john maynard keynes widely considered to be the most influential economist of the twentieth century we'll be talking about what keynes could bring to today's economic crisis though it's good to ask you first could you explain to me in layman's terms what the government is doing to mend the economy and why you think it's not.


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