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tv   [untitled]    October 7, 2012 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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today the week. turkey and syria closer to war with. suspicions of syrian. strikes to bring about foreign intervention. into clashes while civil servants are marching for their jobs in spain. and a wrongly accused. who was brutally beaten in a canadian detention center faces a long recovery. the country isn't doing anything to help.
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with the top headlines of the week today this is the weekly on the with me. before day exchange of fire between turkey and syria has moved two states closer to the brink of war began its artillery shelling on wednesday in retaliation for syrian mortar bomb to cross the border and killed five turkish the. parliament authorized a military response the prime minister warned it will not shy away from war if provoked the syrian border is said to be under rebel control therefore it's arousing suspicions as to the shelling could it be worked to deliberately try and bring an intervention the antiwar activist says it's turkey this undermining its own stability by getting tough with its neighbor. minister erda one may think he's a very clever. artillery shells over the border into syria but what he may actually
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be doing is shooting himself in the foot taking military action opens a pandora's box. kurdish demands for a separate state. the kurds say to themselves or certain kurdish parties say to themselves. turkish government and in syria to change the boundaries and the borders in the middle east we need to demand the changing of the borders in syria as a clue to include the kurdish state. so this is the kind of blowback that mr airline gets when he and in the legal military action across international borders . let's switch our attention now from syria to out of bahrain which is certainly keeping up its crackdown on program form protests causing more fierce clashes between police and demonstrators on friday and water cannons were used to disperse
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the crowds the violence started off at the funeral of a young protester who died in custody activists are demanding equal rights from the sunni want to keep the release of political prisoners one of the prominent human rights defenders a job he's gone on hunger strike and was preparing for these to attend his mother's funeral but is not allowed to mourn with his family but our job is serving a three year jail term for participating in legal gatherings meanwhile former c.n.n. reporter believes documentary on what's happening in bahrain was deliberately censored by the. brain is paying c.n.n. to create content that shows bahrain in a favorable light even though c.n.n. says this contents you know is editorially and dependent it doesn't see it can affect that well we've seen that with this documentary not airing and also with the constant struggle i had at c.n.n. to get bahrain coverage accurate bahrain. coverage of the human rights abuses on
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air while i was there what c.n.n. is doing is they're essentially creating what some people have termed infomercials for dictators and that's this sponsored content that they're airing on c.n.n. international that's actually being paid for by regimes and governments and their spy lates every principle of journalistic ethics because we're supposed to be watchdogs on these governments we're not supposed to allow them to be paying customers who are able to kind of dodge our minders and sneak into some of the villages and actually see these atrocities patients who have run out of the hospitals that were shot up with birdshot and as we were heading back out of these villages we were violently detained by security forces and buffering and luckily my female producer and i were able to hide some disks in our broads and we were able to actually get out of the country with this content so you can imagine surprise when we got back to the u.s. and this content was airing on c.n.n. and right after that is when the phone calls started coming into the network
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complaining about me and trying to get my coverage off the. rest has returned to. me as well of this time it's a class of trash at least thirteen dollars of the angry residents hit the streets and said. over the reopening of a rubbish dump the details on that on our website. and what becomes the latest development city to display and. look at whether it may actually be provoking even more hatred of the world this many more stories waiting for you. austerity anger it's mounting across europe as civil servants take to the streets for a second day this time in madrid the trade unions have gathered thousands to demand an end to cutbacks in the public sector and the privatization of public services italy has also seen its fair share of action this week led by the country students who clashed with police thousands marched in major cities calling for the
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government to save schools and not buying books meantime in rome up to six policemen were injured students told stones try to rush a police for a while in venice independence supporters marched on saturday to demand the region go with. the best of advisors patrick young says the e.u. is heading towards. the european union constantly believes it knows what's best for all of its client states therefore it pushed countries like ireland should be allowed in order to basically appease french and german borrowers there are absolutely no positive results from what the e.u. has done over the course of the last five or ten years indeed basically the history of the euro is not horribly saw an exercise in effectively reaching the people and trying to destroy economies the european union has several fundamental problems ultimately it is a very rich area with a great deal of resources the difficulty is it's very difficult to start
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a business it's very difficult to run a business if you're successful in business they're going to tax you to death and in the meantime they're all running absolutely ridiculous communist era sized socialist states the truth is western europe is bankrupt it cannot afford the howard government be the major economic actor in the system and therefore just as we saw russian communism collapsed so too we're seeing the death of western european socialism. u.k. prime minister david cameron has warned that he would veto the e.u.'s new budget if necessary he suggested the e.u. should have two separate budgets one for countries which use the euro and one for those who don't later economic historian professor robert skidelsky tells our see that london is quite used to blaming others for its own economic troubles. the sad fact is that the british economy has been shrinking slowly almost for
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a year now rather like a very slowly leaking balloon and the government of been trying in one or two small ways to give it a bit of a stimulus one thing is that they're blaming everyone but themselves per school it was it was the euro crisis then it was the high high commodity rise in commodity prices and so they claim that the policy of the sterett to should bring about the recovery but that it's derailed by these unfortunate external shocks but the policy of a sterrett is basically wrong when there is a lack of private sector demand when banks aren't lending when businesses don't want to borrow when people are cutting down their spending because they want to reduce their debt when the government then adds to that sort of downward pressure on spending then it's no surprise that the economy isn't growing.
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at all you can watch out the full interview with economic historian robert skidelsky in just over an hour's time here on c. well change or more of the same the question venezuelans have to answer as they had to vote for a president now long standing incumbent hugo chavez now faces the biggest challenge yet to his socialist rule from a very young democrat in caracas artie's lucy calf. well the stakes could not be higher as venezuelans take to the polls to determine who will leave their country for the next six years at one end as president incumbent president hugo chavez was represented a radical change for venezuela and the region as a whole under his so-called twenty first century socialism policies where this is meant as a nationalization of certain industries as well as the use of venezuela's revenues from oil exports to really focus attention on some of the poorest segments of the population here at the same time venezuela is plagued with
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a high crime rate one of the highest in the world as well as corruption and these are just some of the issues that have been seized on by the opposition candidate and the previous he's a forty year old very wealthy businessman who criticize the country's economic policies now he's also promised to improve relations with the west now critics say and fear that he would really represent a radical shift for the country in the sense that he could impose austerity programs and possibly roll back some of those popular economic social justice missions that hugo chavez has put into place now the results of this election will be significant far beyond this country's borders we have to keep in mind that venezuela has the world's largest proven oil reserves and the winner will get to determine just how to use this multi-trillion dollar assets with the likes of the u.s. wants access to that as well as black gold they aren't likely to get it under a chavez administration the president has promised to ramp up production and reduce his country's dependence on the western markets by doubling crude exports to asia according to chavez as a new world order at that the west is just going to have to get used to. when the
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petroleum five countries which possess the majority of reserves. are russia iran saudi arabia iraq as well. there's a political side to the issue that is. real liberalism. the world would be dominated by washington but it. still would not a world power if you ask my victory in this election is do. it could only be dangerous for striving to dominate the world now again the last time venezuelans took to the polls to vote for their president was six years ago there is massive excitement here both candidates have called on supporters to come to the streets early even hours before the polls opened it's a very festive mood people are very excited about this opportunity to really have a strong say about which direction they want the country and the region to go on and we will of course keep you updated throughout the day on these developments
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party in caracas venezuela. from moscow and an u.s. motorcade hits the traffic of the military prevent the convoy entering. the hall to stage a protest over the use of deadly american drone strikes across the country. liberations in georgia as the ruling party and loses the parliamentary election explain what led to president saakashvili defeat. but all of these stories are much more after a short break. it's perched atop a jaw drop and the view from the kremlin stretches as far as the eye can see. for a city to siberia for centuries. it lost its economic importance even before it was bypassed by the chance i bear in railway but the
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a spiritual center. scenes like these are a yearly occurrence thousands of worshippers did themselves and blessid walter to commemorate the baptism of jesus. in the fifteen eighties the russians had only just conquered siberia taking it from the muslims. surrounded by enemies the balls to be their stronghold constructed on top of the city but soon enough it became an economic hub siberian fire was the oil of its time bringing in a third of the state revenue but the ball scrimmage location had of the uses for the russians the russian crowd a revolt against the czar and eight hundred twenty five known as the decembrists will stand here and drove. there they created
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a replica high society adopting the latest fashions as soon as they came out or a place once they made it from paris to siberia. but the city also served up some bitter irony for the russian royal family after the bolshevik revolution. this is the office where the tsar nicholas the second spend most of the last year of his life his whole family had been exiled here they were the fairly comfortable existence this was a big house but they weren't allowed to see visitors or go outside themselves whilst leaving the ordinary normal countryside lifestyle they even had thoughts of escape but within the year the czar and his family would be dead. in the russian capital this is our to you with me rory sushi thanks for joining us
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on the weekly today the pakistani military has blocked an anti us motorcade rally which was heading towards the country's tribal along the afghan border and the protest which began saturday is being led by a cricket legend turned politician imraan khan and is attracted thousands of people so is that a large number of civilians have died in the american drone strikes and is calling for an end to the killing and demonstrators plan to reach south waziristan an area plagued by insurgency and most frequently targeted by missiles but they were turned back they were ignoring reports that the convoy could be targeted by taliban suicide bombers but political analyst to what i was we believe the rally does have the full support of the people. nor the grand jury that region has welcomed in india it would be only an assistance that is being provided by the government of iraq sound which does not want to or in this area up to exposure because for the
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past five years they've been hiding the fact that zones have been acking this region on the on the public front they actually deny it but on privately behind the doors of the us government they actually accept the fact just a simple attack on us of their energy and unfortunately for the past five years are going. and has actually bought into the american war on terror at the american war it has now become our war and they should catch on all of these terrorists that are doing it but unfortunately not able not able to handle the economic affairs of the country let alone this terrorism issue that has been before the our country. will get the world up in just a few minutes or an r.t. for now though george was opposition is celebrating a surprise victory in the country's parliamentary election on monday the georgian dream bloc secured more than half the vote despite the high poll ratings of the ruling party backed by president mikhail saakashvili. now explains what brought defeat for the president and this are lies. it was a jubilation like never before seen in billy c.
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it felt like georgia had won the world cup. their win was not yet been found but thousands took to the streets to celebrate supporters of it it was this in particular that in central square policing played out to the exit poll results suggest that their party could be victorious in the parliamentary elections something hardly any one of them we have expected on the job months ago last year the ruling party is rating was at seventy percent and nobody could challenge that so confident was saakashvili that he amended the constitution granting more powers to the prime minister a position many predicted he would eventually feel himself little did he know he was digging his own hole while he made this changes to the constitution it was a dream that he never see the parliament these are the majority of. it that's legal that's flare however this situation did not come out of nowhere prison torture tapes released in september hit saakashvili the hardest thousands
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took to the streets as allegations emerged that he personally ordered the torture and filming of these atrocities and now the president could even lose his job with the possible next prime minister even is already making his attention clear comes out that there were guns this man's ideology has established a climate of lines of violence and torture it would be good if he submitted his resignation rather than now starting various procedures to force him to resign saakashvili did concede defeat live on air but the question remains whether he's really ready to let go of the reins but it could be a dramatic change or it could be the herald of a period of infighting talking to his admission of defeat in a sense perhaps shows that he's a wounded animal but there will be still a fear that he will use the prerogatives of the president to try to split the opposition remember it's a rather disparate group of people who have been primarily united by the. really it
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wasn't only the prison tape scandal which brought saakashvili fortress of power down say experts corruption among elites daunting poverty in playing hardball with all contributed the new ruling party says it will address these issues in the first place but as the party continues in d.c. georgia is bracing itself for a new era and the first peaceful transition of power in its post soviet history. r.t. reporting from delhi see georgia. five twenty pm moscow time this is r.t. four russian citizens accused of espionage in the u.s. this week they are among a group of employees that company arrested by the f.b.i. investigators claim they illegally provided millions of dollars worth of cutting edge technology to moscow saying it could be used by the military a total of eight people four russians among them charged with espionage and illegal commercial activities if found guilty they could face twenty five years in prison. this is a criminal case and has absolutely nothing to do with spying. all right straight to
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san francisco now to open up the r.t. world update as promised about twenty two protesters in san francisco arrested in march that was reportedly marking the one year anniversary of the world wide occupy movement please disperse the crowd which was blocking traffic in response demonstrators threw rocks and injuring at least one officer marchers were arrested on a variety of charges including conspiracy and assault not having a permit. israel is accusing iran of sending a spy drone that was shot down after entering its airspace the aircraft was allegedly on a route to the negev desert where israel has a nuclear plant is the first time in six years an outside aircraft is violated israeli air boarders the government called the incident a potential act of terrorism and threatened retaliation. south korea has signed an agreement with the u.s.
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allowing it to possess missiles capable of reaching any part of north korea a previous arms part with washington restricted souls ability to develop or deploy a long range rocket leaving many targets in a communist state. and carried out a satellite launch which the u.s. described as a ballistic missile. the philippine government looks to have ended decades of insurgency by signing a peace pact with muslim rebels the president said under the preliminary agreement there will be an autonomous islamic region in the predominantly catholic south it's hoped a final deal could be reached by two thousand and sixteen this agreement comes after fifteen years of talks between the government and rebels over one hundred twenty thousand people have been killed in the country's restive self. now a misunderstanding that left a young man badly beaten in a hospital bed a russian student who'd been detained on charges that were later dropped is now
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facing a lengthy and uncertain recovery after being brutally beaten by inmates at a canadian remonde center and his family and friends say that the country's authorities aren't doing anything to help his party boy investigates. a trip to study english in canada gone horribly wrong twenty four year old denise telecasts arrived in calgary in june eager to learn about the country and make new friends it was at this language school those friends would quickly turn to enemies with a misunderstanding over a girl she was charged with making threats and placed in calgary's remand center she was. like you were only. you know you don't know or you know. that you were no buyer or. something i mean. i don't know why it was a big misunderstanding while his family in moscow tried to scrape together the bail money things took a turn for the worse cellmates brutally attacked him jumping on his head repeatedly
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after months on the life support machine denise recently would gain consciousness doc to say he's in a vegetative state his adoring family is devastated. no eating our meals aren't you have you been grooming through your. lawyer or you've go our way or you know very slowly or very the charges that denise faced have now been dropped which in turn meant the detention center was no longer responsible for his medical bills leaving his family facing a financial nightmare on top of the emotional one local media campaigning to raise funds for denise's ballooning medical bills. or. all the records. or. all the
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general. all. all all all. well. denise isn't the only victim to. emerge from this facility last month another man christopher kirk suffered a lacerated spleen and a broken nose after a similar attack while in custody. very often in sharpening all we were and it's been a normal lot but. you know we were very good. in the war i mean. how are the young man so eager to find out about life in canada studying english like he didn't initially set out is now a distant prospect first he'll once again have to learn the basics how to walk feed himself and speak his native russian denise's family can only hope that the country
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where this brutal attack took place provides him with the help he so desperately needs poly boyko r t. and in just a few minutes here on our two year nearly four decades after former president nixon called an end to the war in vietnam a close look is taken at the scars are legacy still clear for many to see this is art. wealthy british style.
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