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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2012 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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russia says turkey endangered russian lives after war jets intercepted a syrian passenger plane flying from moscow all suspicion that it was carrying weapons to denounce cuts. they pointed their guns at the i'm going to put this in the grown those on board the plane tell r t they were threatened and humiliated by turkish authorities during the stop the nun caught up with. a yemeni security official working for the us embassy is assassinated in the capital in the latest incident signaling i'll call it is on the rise in the region. at the bitter blow to
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struggling spain where staggering unemployment mounting debt and nationwide desperation lead to another downgrade. and welcome to our team where we are on screen and online twenty four hours a day karen. passengers on board a syrian plane forced to land an al qaida have told r.t. they were humiliated and threatened by turkish security forces have sixteen fighter jets intercepted the flight from moscow bound for damascus which was carrying thirty seven people many of them russian artie's medina cochon of all has the details. russia's foreign ministry demanded x.-plane nations why the turkey failed to inform that there were russian citizens on board of this plane seventeen
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passengers were reported to be russians while all over all they're worth thirty seven people on board of this plane up in among them there were small children moreover at russian embassy in ankara son deployments and a doctor to the airport however they were all denied access without giving any explanations to the euro accuses turkey also of piracy over at the detention alfred's plane he also spoke to the flight engineer who told us that be crew felt degraded why charge your security forces during their stop at the end of our airport. authorities told us they wanted to take all the boxes out we said that that was not a problem we just needed to see a warrant they said no first we will unload the boxes. the we needed to see a warrant they left and came back in an hour with. they pointed their guns at the hands of those put those on the ground then the judge was back to the plane in two
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vehicles turkey claims that the reason behind this incident is the fact tradition tallit just believed the plane was a carrying some sort of a military cargo however a leader according to the reports of the cargo that was found on the plane couldn't radio equipment which was not produced in russia and not weapons but still the search allotted for more than eight hours and at the end of the cargo was confiscated by the turkish security forces and only off through that the plane could continue its journey let's now talk to me clark a journalist and contributor to britain's guardian newspaper who's written extensively on the developments in the middle east. thanks for joining our team now given that tensions running high between syria and turkey to the extent that the turkish parliament has backed military measures on damascus what do you read into this latest incident with the syrian. well i think it's quite outrageous it isn't
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it let's call it what a duty to piracy it's a blatant breach of international aviation law and let's just consider current if the syrians a gun this is what would have happened had a turkish civilian plane been flying give us your neck space and syria fighter jets aboard it down in damascus what would happen then we had we had william hague the british foreign secretary coming out denouncing damascus we're going to recreate a b. fifty two will be sent to new york to go on syria i no doubt so there are boxes out is not something really it is a call and yet turkey has also banned its own planes from flying over syrian territory could this be a sign that turkey has fully fledged military action in mind against its neighbor who are very dangerous period here karen aren't we because. the turkish leader has taken a very aggressive stance towards syria and he's really always provoking a war here and to hope that he can back down from this one which the goal of russia i'm very pleased that president putin is conscious trip to turkey russia's got to
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use whatever means it's got over turkey to urge you to back down its aggressive policy and the other is the turkish people the turkish people do not support what he's doing. demonstrations antiwar demonstrations. were called by what's going on so those two forces can people play then. change policies the passenger plane was suspected of carrying weapons to syria but russell says it has long standing contracts with damascus that are fully in line with international law we saw so. restate that as recently as all get so what might be the point of trying to expose some hidden agenda here. i don't think there is a gender of the i think that this is just turkey trying it on its bullying it's very aggressive it's about how trying to say who's boss and it's wrong and professor got in car but of course he would be doing this he didn't know he had major support to do this so that us has got to sort of think what's going on here and change is happening because we could be sleepwalking into a major war here now turkey says it will not allow any transfer of weapons through
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its territory to syria how does that sit with earlier reports that syrian rebels were getting heavy arms of the a turkish territory. well it. isn't on the one hand we have we have a fire burning in syria going around one petrol the blades is back in the rebels sending arms over it's played a very bad role in this whole conflict in this conflict the turkish role and yet you have the audacity to bring down a syrian civilian aircraft carrier for a look it's just stalling very aggressive manner so they've got absolutely appalling well you brought us nato nato says it will stand by turkey in any standoff with syria what do you think might be used as the final trigger for a full fledged nato action against a mascot's. anything could could be karen but i think that obviously i don't want to plan for nato i mean president assad should have gone by now that was the great plan of the west was to topple assad by now but of course he's still in power because the ba'ath party still outside syria this is been
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a basic question so now got to decide what to do next do they risk a book full scale war or do you just carry on with this sort of background this is a proxy war and what will obviously be a pain carol what happens in the u.s. . she's through because if we. pass on this policy on this has been bad you know we've gone it gets dicey you know cold war and i hate to think what might happen if you get selected certainly all right while neil clark journalist and contributor to britain's guardian newspaper always good to have an r.t. all of us care of cheers. and we're also asking for your thoughts on whether our car will send troops into its neighbors territory you can cast your vote at r.t. dot com still ahead for you in the program there might be another front opening up with a potential conflict with syria as the u.s. has deployed troops to jordan. things are far from calm elsewhere in the middle east in yemen a security official at the u.s.
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embassy who is also warden a that anti terror work with yemeni authorities has been shot at washington's increasingly knowledge in the rise of terror i am a lack of security in the region. has more. security official who was on his way to work to the u.s. embassy was shot dead in a drive by incident now the yemeni officials are saying that this particular incident has the fingerprints of al qaida all over it now many may seem to ask why it is that al qaeda still seem to be so powerful even after the death of its leader osama bin laden back in two thousand and eleven a lot of very small terrorist organizations which existed in the middle east but also of course in pakistan and afghanistan in the northern africa region the so-called islamic magreb all of these organizations are now trying to latch on to all and they want to be filled with this large very well known terrorist organization and they are continuing their operations on the ground in these
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countries in a very vast area just recently u.s. military official who was working as the head of the military security team in libya has said that. unfortunately is alive and well and very much kicking in the country and he did say that unfortunately after the. qaddafi things have just gotten worse now a lot of analysts are saying that this seems to be the habit that united states has gotten into they are aligning themselves with the rebel fighters in various countries which are trying to depose all of these so-called dictatorships this was the case in libya of course this was. unfortunately a lot of times the u.s. seems to disregard any voices of concern that a lot of these rebel fighters who are fighting against the regime actually are fighting alongside with al qaida members unfortunately once the u.s. does not. officials disregard these warnings they find themselves in hot water like they did in libya where u.s.
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ambassador was killed in what is now confirmed as an attack specific lead on a u.s. officials that was thoroughly discussed at a u.s. congressional hearing security at the mission hardly inadequate but retired cia officer governs that while congressman look for weak spots in guarding american missions in the middle east they're failing to get to the root of the problem. this is a political carnival this is represented trying to make political points now they're trying to get hillary clinton for a lack of understanding what security is needed that's not where they should try to . get every clue because the words she and others in libya the problem here is not getting to the bottom of the thing the bottom of the thing is the issue in congressman ok they are the they forgot their constitutional duty insisting that before we went to war in libya that there'd be
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a congressional vote they ducked and the result is the people like hillary clinton and others think they can fix things in the country. almost junk that's the grim verdict on spain's credit rating coming from the employer agency standard and poor's and the latest blow to the cash strapped economy s. and p. has downgraded madrid debt score but not jets but the pain in spain runs deeper than the downgrade with raging joblessness and a mountain of debt which is set to rise even more madrid recently announced a slew of new crops and tax hikes in a bid to cut the deficit we go until moved out only spanish journalist and writer says during years of economic woes the e.u. has been failing to offer an effective remedy to mention it. the problem is political is not is not the economy of course the economy looks very good but the
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problem in europe is that the european union doesn't work as an actual political union. v.c.s. the patches that the european union can offer instead of. well doing some soul searching trying to think how to make these mechanism work and i buy a mechanism i mean the european union we behave us different countries which yes of course we are part of this. currency but dr shaw we look for ourselves and i think it's not working we are not offering real solutions just well remedies. to kick the can down the road as they say all stare at me as now a dirty word among britain's leaders about the terminology strange thing they have no pain no gain for me last season in full swing although not everyone is convinced it's working as we hear later plus. it's just baghdad wants to kick out exxon mobile from the super giant westcott no one will. potentially offer the place to
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russian companies more on this and other stories objects will break. i never thought i could earn a living this way. natalee a shell of i. should test small arms so that's what i was to machine building plant a lot of the also lost count of all the weapons she's fired over the past twelve years. i got so used to it sometimes my friends ask me to join them at the rifle range and i say no way i'm so tired of shooting. the planet's history goes from making firearms during world war two to ballistic missiles from your class submarines during the cold war the bulk of the soviet industry was moved here in the 1940's to flee the advancing germans south here also became the heart of soviet
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military production closed off to foreigners for half a century it thrived on the massive roots of the soviet military when the u.s.s.r. collapsed but life here was shaken to the core but some adapted to better than others. this is the year old truck factory brushes number one truck made for grabs a look at how well the workplace is organized everything's done to make sure the. don't waste time waiting there was production is booming in the factory has largely managed to get on to civil rails these giants are sold around the globe here there's a brand new car waiting to be delivered to a client seventy trucks like this one roll up the plants conveyor belt every day look at this things that absolutely huge. well i'm no formula one pilot but hopefully if i can get up that. far to
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drive. well that was fun to get one of these to travel to whatever it was with a cost of about forty thousand dollars i should start saving money. hello and welcome back to our t.v. with me karen. well britain's prime minister insists he'll home to firm on further austerity and that is bad news for anyone expecting him to loosen up in the near future the i.m.f. warning the u.k. will miss its deficit targets this year for leader of the u.k. and dependents party says david cameron's policies are not bringing any meaningful change to the recession ravaged economy. you know when david cameron talks about
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a stare as he what he fails to tell you is that we continue every year to run a massive budget deficit and by the end of his five years as prime minister but nationally deaths in the u.k. will have increased by fifty percent so i think we'll have an entirely false debate david cameron is calling the british public into thinking that he's actually really cutting back at the levels of debt you know and it's not true i think that the david cameron and george osborne combination. together a coalition telling us they were going to deal with debt in this country they have absolutely failed to do so they haven't dealt with the deficit they haven't got growth coming back into the british economy a lot of the thing is a dramatic failure and unless things turn around that i think the conservative party is in for a really terrible result in twenty fifty the next general election and only the leaders have been showing the mafia who's boss powerful bathroom friends didn't help one city council in the south it's been dissolved by the government because of its corrupt connections as we report online. and we are in the sky to dig
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out drugs our russian scientists are planning to use satellites to pinpoint elusive not comics for. turning to the middle east now where syria might be facing trouble and not just on its borders with turkey u.s. troops are in jordan and what's become the biggest fix deployment of american forces in the region since the end of operations in libya the pentagon citing the danger of violence spilling over and monitoring syria's chemical weapons stockpile artist can has more on the move and the intended message. according to defense secretary leon panetta they send the troops to syria jordan border in case violence escalates in syria and spills over the border leon panetta did not go into details
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as to how many troops and so on but another u.s. defense official speaking on condition of anonymity said the forces are made up of one hundred military personnel and other personnel who stayed on in jordan after attending an annual exercise in may and several dozen more have flown in since they're operating from a joint u.s. jordanian military center north of online that americans have used for years the news about u.s. military personnel so close to syria actual actual boots on the ground suggests an escalation in the u.s. military involvement in the conflict even as washington pushes back on any suggestion of a direct intervention in syria but jordan is not the only place where the u.s. has military presence if we look at syria and the u.s. military presence across the region we see that syria is pretty much surrounded militarily also tension is growing on the border between syria and turkey after several days of shelling this wednesday turkish military chief vouched to respond
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with more force that is the day after nato said it student ready to defend turkey important to note one of the reasons why the rebels refused to settle down for a negotiated solution through dialogue is that signal that they get that sense that support is on the way that there will be an intervention everybody understands without a negotiated solution the bloodshed will continue so the signal that the rebels are getting including the news about u.s. troops standing by right across the border could be making it much harder to come to that negotiated solution now let's turn to other news making headlines around the world u.s. drone strikes and northwest pakistan have killed at least ten suspected militants four missiles were fired on a compound in an area bordering afghanistan the attack comes days after a massive protest against american drone strikes in pakistan some estimates say the strategies responsible for hundreds of civilian. of deaths. for greenpeace activists have been arrested by police in sweden after spending twenty eight hours
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at a nuclear facility in the country's southwest they were part of a bigger group of twenty members who forced their way into reactor site footage provided by greenpeace showed people riding bikes within the grounds of the plant the movement says the air action was aimed at highlighting concerns of poor safety at swedish nuclear sites. the race to the white house seems to be driving a deeper wedge between america and israel over iran's nuclear ambitions president obama is now using all his influence to rein in israel's increasingly aggressive stance towards attack iran polar slayer reports on how wide their division has become. over the years israeli leaders have been very careful in expressing their stance towards american politics until now with us elections less than a month away israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has made no bones about who he favors and it is not barack obama and netanyahu has basically been pushing obama in the united states around. pushing that not that forcing america to do anything
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that america doesn't want to do but forcing america to accept to shut up in the face of netanyahu is what netanyahu would job obviously does not like and netanyahu has done that has melted do that because you knows that there is such that the republicans are totally behind him netanyahu has had very public spats with the obama administration the most recent of which was sparked by his demand that the u.s. sit out a red lines for iran which of crust would bring military action so far washington's refused prompting a tongue lashing from netanyahu. who. was. going the. wrong way it is already working. at a recent united nations session netanyahu went further he produced the now famous bomb diagram while drawing a great line. to never again strength not of her
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a g.'s his outburst appears in an anti obama advertisement that will be broadcast on u.s. networks paid for by an organization called secure america now what it's come down to now in america is if american politician criticizes israel that translates into support for quote unquote terrorism traditionally israeli leaders have relied on board bipartisan support in the united states but netanyahu has had a rocky relationship with obama from the start and is ready to take sides with the prime minister he is a republican and he's aboard the. and so netanyahu also seems convinced republican contender mitt romney will take a harder line on iran but netanyahu is perceived strategy looks risky to israelis who feel they were alliance with the u.s. could be in trouble if the incumbent wins especially when it comes to recognizing a palestinian state i think it will come back through the u.n.
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if the vote on the record nation and i think the revenge the american revenge will be they will not work this time against it as they worked last year. the result will be humiliating to a survey show that israelis are more worried about losing the strategic alliance with the united states than they are of war with iran however few observers believe there is a real threat of u.s. israeli relations becoming seriously damaged but it is highly likely that the abominate on yahoo relationship will become even more strained should both leaders be reelected. dimitris here with business news and iraq wants to switch around the big oil players and its key project that's right according to media reports wants to kick out exxon mobil from the a huge west qurna one project and replace it with apparently russian companies let's get the details from our business that is to make cool all right michael so what is behind this move why is this happening. but
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it seems that exxon mobile has incurred the wrath of baghdad boy doing a series of deals with the separatists kurds in the north of the country nearly a decade on from the us in the lead invasion of iraq the government is searching its independence and is about to boot america's biggest oil for from the joint west kona one oil project but there are a number of other western oil firms also working in iraq several in total for example but they've also done deals with the kurds in the north and this means they would also be excluded from the west current project. and that pretty much leaves the russians the big question there is which russian company look or it already has interest in iraq is developing the west to feel that it cost several billions of dollars it says it does not wish to increase its exposure gazprom you have to like some of the other foreign companies also doing deals in the north so really that just leaves roads you have to grozny have to made no comment but of course it is
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russia's russia's biggest state run oil for a wednesday this week president putin iraqi prime minister he said at the time that he wished to increase russia's role in the iraqi oil industry it looks like he's going to get it we're soon. all right ben thank you nic pool of business out of reporting about the story that iraq wants exxon mobil out of west i don't want all right let's move over to two other matters now another surprise from the labor department in the u.s. jobs jobs initial jobless claims have come in at a decline of thirty thousand for last week which is now the lowest level since again the beginning of president obama's term so let's take a look at more detail they've come down to three hundred thirty nine thousand again this is extremely optimistic and it coincides with the last week's report on august september which showed that the unemployment rate after
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a revision is now at seven point eight percent now this whole above or below eight percent is has been a sticking point in the romney obama debate in the upcoming presidential election well as you can see the u.s. markets if we take a look at them they're reacting a very positively to this news over the dow we're seeing a gain of around half a percent nasdaq point six percent and that's despite negative news in europe let's take a look at what's happening there one more hour to go before the close of the session the footsie of the dax are up more than one percent and that's after standard and poor's downgrade spain. rating subtropical b. minus which is just a not shy away from junk status so it seems the markets for really do not care about spain's rating anymore well also global wealth has fallen over five percent in the past year in the euro zone crisis was one of the main reasons for the drop according to credit suisse reports european suffered the most and they lost around
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eleven trillion dollars worth of assets which is hardly surprising in the west hit france italy and germany and now. that's apparently all i have time for this i'll be back in fifty five minutes side with another update.
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the news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day. even in the years. it's never too late to start. trying to treat paragliding. championship. or become
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a pawn. stars or welcome to the kaiser report more algo bought sand so those suits in today's headlines wells fargo as just been charged with civil mortgage fraud as opposed to the unfriendly or surly sort of mortgage fraud that near moral thing agent while in matters of law so all of.


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