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tv   [untitled]    October 13, 2012 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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no calls for a holy war against the us egypt one of washington's longtime alleys in the region sees signs of growing islam as. tear gas and stun grenades are again directed up operations peaceful protesters in the latest crackdown which is drawing little attention and most international media . a ukrainian journalist is kidnapped in syria in the latest incident involving a journalist working in the war torn country.
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thank you for joining r t this saturday it is four o'clock here in moscow i'm karen . well al qaida is calling for a jihad against the u.s. over an american made film mocking the prophet muhammad the leader of the terror group urged more protests outside the u.s. embassies in the middle east while praising last month's assault on the consulate in libya that killed four diplomats the rallying cry to the muslim community came just days after washington acknowledged as growing influence in the region meanwhile egypt where the group's current leader comes from has seen large protests against the growing islamization of the country a young liberals rally turned ugly when islamised also descended on talk where square and clashed with anti-government demonstrators over one hundred were injured
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in egypt's most violent protest since mohamed morsi came into office journalist bell true reports on how events unfolded in the heart of cairo. what happened was there were two protests organized one by the liberal forces who were complaining against these last a hundred days. this plan that he said he would be able to to achieve significant changes to key social issues in egypt and also into the constituent assembly you are currently drafting egypt's national charter which is being dropped in quite an islamist way so we had the liberals who were here to protest against that for the same time the brotherhood came down there was organized protests in the brotherhood in the brotherhood so critical party of the njt the freedom and justice party against the recent ruling acquitting twenty five people who were involved reports of involved in the back of the camel one of the bloodiest battles of the eighteen days last year when we had really was liberals and islamists in particular pro brotherhood supporters meeting on time period which then erupted in clashes and
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kind of top street and just behind me as you can see by the museum i personally witnessed a lot of rock throwing several very heavy head injuries to talk throwing we have heard gunshots there's been no police presence whatsoever even though in more sees a hundred day plan he did say that he would up security in the country and reassure people that they wouldn't see scenes like this which is what we're witnessing right now there is obviously a growing political islam happening in this country what we saw recently was the supreme guide of the muslim brotherhood he made quite a contentious statement recently calling for jihad or holy war on jerusalem to wrestle it away from the jewish population and give it back to the muslims this is a very contentious statement made morsi himself the president has affirmed it all distance himself from the statement but of course the spot many feel is in addition we're seeing a massive it isn't my zation of the constitution which is obviously key at the moment key articles in the constitution like article two an article thirty six relating to the egyptian penal code and those who really can see women's rights are
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really seeing a lot of islam eyes ation in that people are saying that the egyptian law should not just derive from from islamic sharia but actually follow islamic sharia these are one of the ongoing battles within the constituent assembly so basically what we're seeing is on a grassroots level the national level the political level quite a heavy islam is ation of egypt. james john trials who's a former u.s. senate foreign policy analyst says the threat of radicalization of egypt shows the inconsistencies of american policies in the arab world. but we were seeing a very rapid islamisation of the political structure in egypt and nobody should be surprised at this. there was a lot of discussion about the power struggle that would ensue between morsi and the military and it seems that morsi in the brotherhood have triumphed much quicker than anybody expected and nobody should doubt what their ultimate intentions are in terms of strict enforcement of sharia and they recreate the caliphate the khilafat
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so i think this statement about the jihad to recapture jerusalem should not come as any surprise to anyone i don't think the peace treaty with israel ultimately will be altered but we will see what form that pigs and whether it will take it i think the most important thing that strikes me is it shows the utter incoherence of american policy in the arab world by promoting the islamization of egypt to the removal of our long time satrap in egypt hosni mubarak and then we seem surprised that democracy in egypt has taken this direction and egypt might not be the only young democracy generated by the arab spring in disarray tunisia has been shaken by a leaked video of a secret meeting between the ruling islamic party head and solace casting doubts over the secular course of the government and the damning tape and now how about a party leader ross have with god is heard assuring the solid peace that they share
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the same goals and fighting secular trends in tunisia conversation also mentions alcohol bans and the imposition of religious law islamic party that won the parliamentary election issued a statement saying the video was heavily edited to tarnish their leader's reputation. the u.n. security council has adopted a resolution paving the way for military intervention in mali to oust islamist extremists from the north but it needs regional african leaders all sides for any operation to go ahead mali plunged into chaos after islam. scripts twa rank rebels took control of northern regions after the president's overthrow in march joining me now is author and historian gerald. gerald thanks for being with r.t. today now there's opinion mali was relatively safe a stable country while colonel gadhafi was in power in libya due to his close tribal links tell us more about this kind of entered dependence. there is no question what is happening in mali which is a humanitarian crisis and disaster is
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a direct outgrowth of the north atlantic countries intervention in libya in two thousand and eleven in order to dislodge colonel gadhafi the north atlantic countries had to tons of weapons into libya which inevitably leaked into neighboring mali which there to for had been relatively stable with the leaking of these weapons into mali you saw the eruption of civil unrest and then military unrest in northern mali and now what we have is that in a height of like formation has taken hold of a region of northern mali that is more bitter than the state of france what has followed what has happened in the wake of the overthrow of the authorities and bomb a cope has been the logging of suspected criminals the taishan and some suspect that. the persecution of single mothers tens of thousands have fled into neighboring algeria tens of thousands more have fled into
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neighboring mauritania tens of thousands of fled into neighboring niger share it's also fair to say that this event in northern mali has given jilt of success so called as long as this throughout northern and northwestern africa for example in neighboring nigeria the local for rahm has been repeatedly attacking christian churches in recent weeks and months what's happening is that now the united nations security council. has. to authorize a resolution for the economic communities of west african states to intervene in mali in order to overthrow the islamicist formation in northern mali and basically big cleanup the mess created by the intervention in libya by the north atlantic countries carol for many countries gadhafi was a man who supported insurgents and eventually took part in the coup in mali but to
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others he helped restraint munk those desert warriors how does something like that happen how do you see that. well basically the state formations in that part of africa are rather fragile and it's an editable that if you drop tons of weapons into fragile regions that there is going to be unrest that ensued immediately in automatically not only vet but colonel qadhafi had worked out an entente with the north atlantic nations to contain the conservative religious radicals but basically the north atlantic nations led by washington london and paris overthrew that entente they turned the tables on colonel gadhafi aligned with his former antagonist and overthrew him and now the inevitable has happened we have to recognize that there is a fatal attraction between conservative religious radicals in the north atlantic nations were a couple of what happened in afghanistan in the one nine hundred eighty s. when they had allied with the same forces and now we see the same result
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a quagmire in afghanistan with these former allies of the north atlantic nations now fighting them to the death ever briefly we will know that western powers weighed in to help overthrow gadhafi in libya do you think and if so just how much responsibility should they provide for provoking such major instability in the region. well it's going to be very curious that person at all won't flow to there will be no french troops in this intervention in mali it seems to me that the north atlantic nations bear total responsibility for this humanitarian catastrophe in mali they should be made to pay reparations not only to mali but also to the neighboring countries that are have to take in terms of thousands or refugees thereby putting enormous strain on their fragile states and author and historian gerald horne offering his thoughts and analysis from the u.s. thank you jerrold thank you. now there's
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a further trouble in the region and what's being labeled the forgotten revolution coming up security forces once again to lash out at peaceful protesters demanding little reforms as the monarchy reinforces times with its powerful military great britain. moscow claims that a group of russian citizens arrested in the u.s. earlier this month were forced to admit they were involved in illegally exporting high tech electronics to russia diplomats say the suspects are being put under psychological pressure more on that from archies peter all over. what we're seeing is a statement being issued by the russian foreign ministry regarding the four russian citizens currently still in custody who have been charged with the illegal export of military technology the foreign ministry suggesting that these four russians are being put under extreme psychological and moral pressure in order to get them to sign confessions the foreign ministry is also wanting
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a review of the decision to deny these for russian citizens bail it has taken the media by storm a little bit it has been all over the media that this is some kind of spy scandal that is dismissed by the foreign ministry they say all you have to do is look at the charges that have been leveled against these four russian citizens that their criminal charges the families of the russian citizens have been expressing concern over the way that they are being treated while lowering custody has been suggestions that they're being forced to sleep on the floor that they're in very crowded cells these four russian citizens were picked up on the third of october as part of a group of eleven people that the f.b.i. wanted to speak to in connection with the export of high tech technology from the united states to russia it's believed that technology has a potential military use they were picked up in houston in texas over the next few days they're going to be moved to new york where the first hearings on this case will be heard next week however later in the program heavens above americans seem
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to be losing faith in the church. we realize all the religions with. you look at each different every book has a similar story a residence in new york to sing every sunday praise has gone past say. spain's national day of division but catalonia and separatists are not taking to calmly to an anti independence march in their stronghold city of barcelona it's all coming to you after the break. was. i was in the middle of rushes no crew way from civilization in a three hour helicopter train from the nearest village. saying they stole one
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family have been living here for a long time in tents made of reindeer skins. look . lodging runs in a signal and then it's they also grew up in the but left it at the age of six and never returned they now live in the seat in apartment building but still room and they are regions. was planted here as a dancing teacher. was. to his tenses he tells the stories about his motherland.
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laws in europe to now has a one thousand strong reindeer herd when the enemy only saw the lichen and most around leaders gather their turns and move to another posture they travel hundreds of kilometers in winter we men and children for them. the two families have less of a chance to come across each other they belong to different worlds even though there's sometimes a similar. welcome back to our tea with me karen tyrol trying what's been done to be an invisible arab
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spring continues to unravel and fraying police used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse hundreds of peaceful protesters. at least ten people have been arrested demonstrations have continued almost nonstop since last february and. heavy response from the country's security forces meanwhile britain has signed a military treaty with the state seen as a sign of support for the under fire regime dominic from the nation's justice and development movement believes western nations have too much to lose from reform saying. it will be it doesn't send a particularly fantastic message when you are sending weapons to a country that is using weapons against its people on a daily basis to kill to injure to crush protests to crush essentially democracy but i think. the reason why why the u.s. and other countries do that is because they want to keep. the trade is seen as an
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ally of western countries and therefore they want to try and keep that relationship but what these governments don't realize that they are too few to realize they have a huge amount of leverage they have a lot of ability to convince about cradle to pressure them into reform perhaps they missed on. the strength they have will perhaps you know they're scared that their interests which are tied up in that region could be damaged if they you know if there were a democratic change but the reality is the people of bahrain calling for democracy they're calling for change but doesn't have to be against the western interests that you know i could be very much in the interests of the west and i know the rest of the world how democratic and stable country we've got eyewitness accounts online from someone who took part in the latest protest turning violent also on our website we have photos from bahrain's capital manama for it that's happened spiraling over the past months. the family of a journalist helping russian news outlets in syria has told r t that she has been kidnapped
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and the city of holmes. was working in an area of intense fighting between. government forces and the opposition when she went missing she went to syria after the uprising began and often wrote reports criticizing the rebel fighters it's not yet clear who might have been behind the kidnapping her colleagues and russian diplomats in syria say they're looking into her absence. the syrian opposition is being increasingly helped by al qaida related jihad us the rebels say fighters from the islamist all notice that off front help them to attack and seize an air defense base in the outside of the major city of aleppo jeff steinberg from executive intelligence review magazine says rebels growing links with terrorist groups should ring an alarm bell for their foreign supporters. the syrian opposition is increasingly being dominated by the same al qaeda linked jihadi networks that just
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recently as last unaided an american ambassador and three other american diplomats in benghazi libya the opposition has clearly rather grand serves of any military capacity to overthrow the assad regime so the opposition is resorting to suicide bombings card bombings the standard techniques of all qaida that they're continuing to use against the united states in afghanistan and iraq it's a terrible embarrassment that the united states is back in bed with al qaida and one is osama bin ladin tensions are heating up between syria and its neighbor turkey holding on to cargo confiscated from a syrian plane turkey says the shipment brushing made weapons claims strongly denied by russia we'll find more about the diplomatic standoff that our team
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colleague there's also exclusive and first hand reports from the passengers and the crew of the plane intercepted. they describe how badly they were treated at the airport. and october of discontent continues in the. u.s. tens of thousands of angry students marched across italy they're outraged by cuts to education spending which have already been imposed by the government headed by prime minister mario monti and the sentiment is also expected in the spanish capital later today also in spain there have been fresh clashes in barcelona between those supporting and opposing catalonia independence comes as the e.u. was awarded this year's nobel peace prize for sowing peace across the continent researcher also as the award comes in to contrast with what the union is doing. when it comes to. this attribution of a nobel prize to the european union obviously it comes into contradiction with
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boasts what the european union is doing on the european level and what do your opinion is doing in the rest of the world so i think that i mean the same way that we see the same way that happened human years ago when obama got the nobel peace prize and i think that what is going on is that we can see that the nobel peace prize is much more a symbolical stance a symbolical process so decision that that has the aim of just favoring some actors in order to push them to do better than what they are doing when it comes to spain's problems we can see that this really reveals a kind of a kind of real crisis either in spain or in a lot of sort of european countries and obviously we can disconnect the catalunya issue from the global financial crisis that is going on in the european union since that in your fields and with the crisis it's been losing a lot of money and it feels that the deal that you've had with the central
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government in spain isn't worth it anymore. as europe's cash strapped countries are scratching around for any cash they can right now italy is planning to dip their tents into the church collection ten plants to strip the catholic church of its tax exempt status in order to patch holes in the country's budget. plus a degree of drilling now america's hunger for energy means plowing up college campuses to get at the gas underneath. sunday worship used to be routine for millions of americans today the congregations are looking a little sparse archies in new york to see whether it's time for a faith lift.
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a new pew poll indicated one in five americans has no religion and more and more americans are becoming atheists is america losing its religion and if so why this week let's talk about that i think as we get smarter we realize all the religions are the same you look at each different book every book has a similar story. it's all the same we're on one planet there should be one war doesn't matter if you're in pakistan or new jersey well i think i see more people that maybe keep to themselves i mean you can be religious without going to a sanctuary or something along that line so i think the perception has probably changed a little bit i just got baptized last year everybody has their own way of coming to their beliefs but for us it was just as you know we're getting older and you know we're getting closer to those they say the pearly gates but what we are grows was
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the insurance you got baptized for insurance purposes probably what you want to believe but don't force it on other people or use it for you know things that hurt other people is that what it is is that people see organized religion as something detrimental to other people well i'm speaking i guess for mostly myself here but yeah that's what makes sense to me yeah when you see wars being waged in the name of religion it makes it yes the bottom line is american seems to be losing their faith in organized religion which might be less of a sign of their waning spirituality and more of an indication that it might be time to reorganize. and just after a short break r.t. talks to john esposito former consultant to the u.s. state department discussing america's current foreign policy.
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wealthy british style. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into a report on our. feet . to meet.
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your new super secret lover touring to mukherjee was able to build the most sophisticated robot which will unfortunately doesn't give a dollar amount anything turns mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and world this is why you should care only on the. plug. plug if you cut it live a. little.
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live. i'm very pleased to introduce my guest today john sponsored oh he's a professor of religion and international affairs and islamic studies at georgetown university he has served as a consultant to the u.s. state department and other agencies dr sponsored overrode a number of books on islam dr thank you very much for making yourself available glad to be here i was looking at poll numbers saying different muslim countries their opinion of the u.s. now is either the same as under george w. bush or much worse as is the case in pakistan in egypt for example four years ago seventy five percent of egyptians had an unfavorable view of the u.s. now it's seventy nine percent in pakistan used to be around seventy percent now
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it's around ninety percent these figures have nothing to do with the infamous anti islamic film where do they come from in your opinion well i think if you actually take a look at you know data from the muslim world associated with the gallup organization gallup did a world poll of and that included thirty five muslim countries from all over north africa and southeast asia and what we discovered was that majorities of muslims. while they admire. america's economic and technological development its freedoms the rule of law among other things resent with they see as an intrusive foreign policy as a foreign policy when it comes to the promotion of democracy and human rights based on double standards now what happened was that when president obama gave his speech in cairo then his numbers really spiked up countries like egypt and others but
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what's happened throughout the obama administration is that you had rising expectations those expectations not fulfilled in the numbers start really going down one of the risks that you have when you are it seems to me a president. or anyone is that if you raise the bar you'll be judged by that obama had the genius and the insight to present a vision that was significantly different and claimed to be significantly different from that of george w. bush on a variety of issues whether it was palestine and israel whether it was the use of military force etc but the reality of it is that in many ways a fair number of the obama policies are are similar to the bush administration's i was listening to a conversation on fox lately yeah and it was about whether the u.s. should stop meddling in the affairs of the region in the world was divorced from the region and the anchor at the question that he was that he.


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