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tv   [untitled]    October 20, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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the people of this country generally because of radio like the fall of. the secrets of the u.k.'s nuclear tests exclaims. the under siege stronghold of gadhafi supporters in libya faces an assault by army linked militias we look at why the country still gripped by chaos a year after the western backed revolt with live reaction on the shortly on r.t. . scuffles break out between police and protesters in london where tens of thousands marched in the late show of anger against a sturdy that's sweeping europe. and a wave of violent protests in lebanon after the powerful car blast that killed at least eight and leaving a top security official opposition calls for an indefinite strike while the army reportedly fires on demonstrators.
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from a new center here in central moscow international news and comment live on r.t. the libyan army and loyalist militias are preparing for the final assault on the city of bani walid where supporters of the old regime have been besieged for more than two weeks the deadly battle comes a year after the capture and death of longtime leader moammar gadhafi and the nato military campaign just to warn you some of the images we're about to show are graphic over a dozen people including children have been killed and many more injured in attacks during the blockade residents say they are short of medicine food and shelter the turmoil in bani walid is seen as just one sign of the continuing disarray that has reigned in libya since the western backed with its gadgets to cut reports. a year after the killing of warmer canal feet not only has the new government of libya made it illegal to criticize the february revolution of last year but
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a group of malicious affiliated with the country's defense ministry has be shelling parts of the country which were considered conduct is trying to halt the bombing it from the air and rockets because it was one of the towns which stood against the intervention of the outside world. in-body well the local media report that the strikes have killed around a dozen people including children but apparently the people of bani walid are not the only ones persecuted by various militia groups in libya we saw the total wiping out of the thirty thousand strong town to want to go many black libyans which the misrata brigades which are also laying siege to bani walid who call themselves the brigades for the black scheme it's such as they are wonderful humanitarian and freedom loving. and discourse that they wiped out the town they've been chasing the people toward the civil war has left libya shredded in pieces with radical islamists taking advantage of the chaos basically what's happening is that in different cities here we pointed out the main ones tripoli is in town misrata each
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of them has their own army of their loosely united as the so-called libyan national shoot at the same time they're not really under the control of the new defense ministry they're basically on their own according to various reports most of them are even suspicious of the new government in tripoli on top of that division we also have one hundred forty tribes in the country one hundred forty tribes many of them have long running grievances against each other and they're located very close to each other for example the town of bani walid that we mentioned in the report is not even two hours away from misrata so amid all the food and lawlessness people in those places no anything can happen to them last year coalition forces armed libyans to the t.c. in order to oust moammar gadhafi today the country is flooded with weapons of all kinds and this they made it twenty million weapons are still freely circulating in
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libya that's in a country of six million people it's roughly three guns per person today than in multiple assassinations around benghazi different parts of libya where people are settling scores of all sorts of stripes it's chaotic. forces in libya well those are the weapons of the most they have the agencies not to be just as eager to have tribal or that indeed politics despite the ongoing atrocities and chaos up until this september washington had the revolution in libya check because the foreign policy victory for president obama after all the u.s. provided most of the foreign power which led to the capture and the killing of the libyan leader. yes we came we saw he died. but only after the tragic attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi and the murder of the american ambassador did lead to come back into the spotlight it raises the question for the administration why didn't
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you see this coming if there was intelligence about the growing presence of al qaeda in eastern libya we have an election coming up and no one wants to take blame for messing up the arab spring president obama's most recent remarks suggested that he said mr ation is not finished in libya we are going to find out who did this and we're going to hunt them down because one of the things that i've said throughout my presidency is when folks mess with americans we go after them the obama administration has received congressional approval to allocate money for a special unit reportedly of some five hundred people who will allegedly be training counterterrorism forces in libya also there are anonymous reports that the cia is asking for more drones specifically for libya none of this sounds new drone strikes training forces in foreign nations but past experience has shown when the u.s. goes about cleaning up a mess it often gets even messier in washington i'm going to check out. of will respect of analysis on the ongoing term on in libya i'm now joined live by dunn
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glazebrook he's a middle east political analysts join me from oxford in the u.k. well the bunny sieges into the seventeenth day now with the libyan army gearing up for the final battle against gadhafi supporters is the fact that this battle is taking so long an indication of the strength of support for the old regime. well you know i think to a certain extent that's true and it's also very embarrassing short of the for the new government and the militias that are running around libya at the moment that any one leader has a sense of been a kind of. a kind of oasis of calm and relative stability over the past years what's the situation in the rest of the country going to. take and we saw just last week hundred twenty prisoners escaped from jail in tripoli who saw this recent report by human rights was talking about the executions captured prisoners at least sixty seven captive prisoners executed in the battle for sirte.
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rebels rest of you are involved there's no order no ability to live you don't want to you just don't just interrupt there we got a slight sound problem here i did lose you for a bit but i just would ask you that you do say there is stability throughout the whole of the country but nevertheless we're looking at a core group of gadhafi supporters about to be have a public accounts what would that not be symbolic and what you mean that the country could then be heading on a path to peace no it's the opposite magazine bani walid has managed to keep the militias the armed gangs roaming around with impunity around the rest of libya they've most to get them out so far and as a result have been free from a lot of the massacres and the terror around the rest of libya so no the involvement of these armed militias if they do manage to storm into bani walid and take control there as well as the reps and the end of this relative period of of
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stability and come in by me will lead but let's talk about that recent report from human rights watch that was published very recently claiming that dozens of gadhafi supporters were massacred in two thousand and eleven now what impact does this have on nato's image which of course assisted the rebels in toppling the regime over a year ago. well anyone who still has any any faith in mater having a kind of image of humanitarianism is has not been paying paying attention frankly i don't think this we didn't need this latest report to show us that i mean you look if you look you just need to look at the lies nature were telling i mean it's interesting today most abraham was captured you know most of the room was being watched by all the western journalists were kind of spouting about these lines he was the spokesman for going to his government in court today. according to reports you know compared to what nato powers and that journalists were saying everything that he when he was saying at the time has been proved correct you know and using
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it if it's nato and their and their friends in libya succeed the country essentially be turned into a failed state with rival militias battling it out for control of territory that's exactly what's happened it will destabilize the whole region and we just have to look at when somali city that has been proven correct. as well would say that this terrible current situation actually warrants another intervention by nato to clear up the mess that they started in the first place. well well quite you know where we were and. that's not the answer that's not the answer at all but it's important to see what the cause of all of this destabilisation was. you know the other the other thing as well that nato is claiming this was a popular revolution and so on but again this is these claims of being clearly. destroyed in just the past few months particularly of the militias the political organizations representing the militias in the elections that were kind of
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trumpeted as they were going to bring democracy to the country but it's interesting the results didn't get so much of the city in the west because in one thousand out of the twenty provinces. to the preferred is of the militias fled the so-called revolution were all you know completely defeated so these militias were not popular there's been huge demonstrations against them calling them to be disarmed in the past month so this was not a popular revolution but you know there was a clear i think to anyone who follows what made her involved and that should have been clear at the time where we're heading now despite that clampdown on militias of course there's a rise of extremist groups now concerned tribal political and religious divisions that exist we'd like to see another failed state like afghanistan iraq just briefly . yeah i think it's i think it's heading in that direction and what's going to make that worse is the the massive this chaos has been used as cover to implement a massive program. according to the financial times even health education and public transport are all going to be sold off to the precisely to the foreign interests who were responsible for the devastation of the country even the bank of
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libya now is owned by qatar who are responsible for joining the war against libya lost last year so privatization by taking away the safety net has been established over many decades in libya for hundreds of thousands of families that's going to feed into this as well alongside the fact that you've still got these rival militias buying it out and troll the central government really seems to void of all authority. in the case like you very much your thoughts and. there have been scuffles between police and protesters in central london after a huge march against austerity measures tens of thousands of people took to the streets of the british capital in anger against the painful cuts being forced on them from mr david cameron recently one of more tough decisions for the struggling economy first was among the crowds thousands of people have taken to the streets of london to dance the all star exhibits organized by the trade. how many people
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turned out that is against the can they say. the economy that there are people from all walks of life there are nurses worried about the other there are police officers off the t.v. all worried about. this is the most of people you see much in here today many many families all across the age range but they've been affected in some way by the continued cuts my parents rely on the n.h.s. you can see cars getting worse my son to stephen is paying the uncrowned here in fees i work in the tree sector and legal aid is being kept so we work with very wonderful people and they won't. to get the same house for might for next year they just protect the rich they protect the interests of the rich i'm a bit out fair in the people who are it really much against the cuts and she's marching for her future situations where there was. a large chunk of my future is banked up now because it's not just britain this mean affected the whole start
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because it had a europe wide effect of the earth crisis rumbles always seem to start taking great the specially in the last month in spain in greece all across the usa the people are simply saying that they've had enough here in london as we said possibly into the hundreds of thousands maybe even more the come out here today to march against the us there it's. one of the organizers of some of these massive protests as britain's decision makers are completely out of touch with the plight of ordinary people i just don't think. the pain that their culture and their economic program have been in communities up and down the country whether it's public services that you use or value whether it's your job if you worried about the future living standards even those people who work a full on over the last two years people are hurting and the courts not even in the government's own terms they're not working the deficit is going up because more people are out where the benefits of bill is going up the only way to really reduce the deficit is to get economic growth going again and again to austerity plan is
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failing to deliver economic growth we need to see people back at work investments in jobs investments in communities and the government needs to swallow its pride and go for plan b. because plan a just isn't working and i think we're going to see lots of different forms of protest people come pain in the local communities up and down the contingent cases that will mean people taking action. with the teen life here in moscow still to come in the program this grainy troops except a gaza bound boat with international activists and humanitarian aid on board the latest attempt to reach the blockaded and claimed by c. plus. now listen you guys i'm warning you if you keep screwing up like this will show you some different treatment. a chilling warning for some top flight football and since the threats and paintball rounds fired at a russian t.v. . this story and more after the break.
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a texas mom was arrested and thrown in jail orange jumpsuit and all for neglecting her kids who are playing in front of her house for just a little while a concerned neighbor and sort of say walking across the street you know to talk to an attendant children to find out what's going on went to total sheep mode and immediately called nine one one because children playing it is truly an emergency worth the police's time but i guess it was worth their time because they showed up and slap the cuffs on the mother who claimed that she was there the whole time and of course to punish you for ignoring your children briefly while they play you'll get thrown behind bars because that makes sense where does this culture of fear come from if you leave your kids alone on your own property why does that mean that
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they are certainly going to die there are dangers out there believe me but living in constant fear abuses your children far worse that's just my opinion. wealthy british style. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser reports. download the official location so for choose your language stream quality and
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enjoy your favorites such t.v. is now required to watch all its he only needs your mobile device seen any time. there's a war on iraq. friend or foe is missile defense offensive. stuff u.s. election close to a twenty second one on. the for. the for. more news today violence is once again flared up the
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film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations are today. the news continues here on r.t. here live in moscow lebanon is engulfed in protests triggered by the death of a top security official in friday's car bombing in the capital some runners have turned violent with two people reportedly injured after the army opened fire in one of the roads blocked with burning tires the opposition has called for an indefinite strike and for the government to be dissolved a correspondent is in the region following the developments. we have protests all over the country essentially last night and they continued this afternoon there was a huge gathering at the capital beirut but that's of course not the only place
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where people are protesting they're protesting in that other towns as well they're blocking roads they're burning tires back to the reason for this and rest of them all the people were killed on. top of a police official who was known for his severe and to syrian stance thousands of workers are now out on the streets saying that he was syria that was behind the blast in beirut something which the city hasn't seen in four years now people are saying basically that they want the government to step down the entire government there is a sit in being organized in beirut in front of the parliament people are saying they're going to stay there until the government resigns however this is where it should be mentioned is that the prime minister has filed a petition for his admission to the president by the president refused so we have these acts of protest we have the people who are supporters off the killed officials who are saying that syria is to blame they're also calling for the u.n.
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peacekeeping forces to come in and line up on the border between syria and lebanon and a lot of people at this point already starting to express their worry that the conflict in syria inadvertently or purposefully of course there is some clear at the moment is being spilled into the neighboring country into lebanon. well for expert opinion on the possible connection between the lebanon blast and the conflict raging in syria head for r.t. dot com where there's more video coverage and add your voice on who you think is to play in our online discussion. a vessel with thirty activists from eight countries carrying humanitarian aid on route to gaza was seized by the israeli military the mission was meant to serve as a protest against the israeli blockade of palestinians we're going across live to victoria strand she's a spokes person for the ship to gaza in sweden well we've received information now that the ship's passengers are allegedly imprisoned in the israeli port of ashdod what do you know about the status of the team have you been in contact with him recently you know we didn't have any quantity or not allowed to make
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a new telephone call or contact or relatives we only got information from israeli prime i.d.'s that today are now ashore after a long transportation because they were taken way back out to the international troops and. it has been said to us that. if they don't. they are probably paid by. illegally entering israeli war tourists or something like that then they will be taken to prison are you concerned for their welfare for the safety yes absolutely and and their relatives really would like to know how they are because we have experiences from before and. peaceful or treatment is not
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always. the way that they tell us to be i don't trust anyone until i hear from the passengers on board that they are well they would ask you from past experiences why you would continue with these sort of missions i mean after all the blockade has been going on for five years now and nobody's ever achieved to actually breach that blockade what do you think you can actually achieve. what we can achieve is that we can in the international community to focus on the fact that the blockade still is going on all that it is. only to get it is getting worse year by year and what we are doing is actually walk to w o u n e seth save the children and fifty other n.g.o.s are saying that. the blockade has to end it is now its sixth year and he also say that there are. water situation fuel situation the health situation is deteriorating dettori
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eighteen all the time and people from eight countries are involved as activists on board the ship and here we have well we course can't forget what happened back in two thousand and ten when israeli forces killed nine turkish activists on a very similar humanitarian for the tiller and here we have a similar situation where the activists have now been taken into custody and yet we've not getting much of a reaction from the international community at the moment why is that when so many countries are involved with this as it were. i think there are action reactions from the international community and i can tell that. from the foreign minister is and for the countries that are involved we had statements. at least from the europe from the european countries about the blockade and they won't tell that to look a these counterproductive and they are against a duplicate and this is important to kind of talk on the table again and to stop to
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talk about it again because it's not only about talking must be about activity for tourists spokes person for the ship to go also in sweden thank you so much for your time and this is all to you live here in moscow now the man loved by the people and fit by the banks because reporters next after the break here on l.t. . in this remote siberian village people still seeing the signs which russians saying to me ladies and they cherish the practice will set up church before the seventeenth century the old believers here is sign the area are conservative community. that i believe need there yet and i feel. that i
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now i'd rather that. i the. people here are happy to show their way of life to tourists and to show them how to dance in the local star. seventeen year old nadia is from the same village she now studies in the city and dances at a club. she puts on her costume and the traditional amber necklace only when she comes to visit her grandmother. ok i didn't ask untampered and say this because i want to keep up to date with this morning world but still i would like to have camp my very ground home exercise lawyer very attachment to the church brought not just and sisters to this remote blend deflate by call more than two
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hundred fifty years ago they were exiled in persecuted for not agreeing to the orthodox who forms introducing rushing the sixteen hundreds the old believers still bolland cross themselves with two fingers not with three as they do in modern orthodox churches in russia and never knew when praying was more and more young people leaving for big cities this here is the old believers culture it could be imperiled. not your plans to continue her studies abroad. the grandmother says wherever she goes as long as the teen years are fresh in her memory to quote her. secret lover a tour to mccurry was able to build roots most sophisticated which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything. to teach creation why you should care about humans.
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this is why you should care only on the orgy dot com. guys are on the kaiser a part let me tell you about the very rich they are different from you and me they live in an economy that isn't plunging a place where the bridges and banks not collapsed yes the elite reside in a world with a health system and where one can actually retire and with
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a separate but not equal legal system in which a mugging rape and pillage are not crimes yes the extremely elite are extremely different from you and me states are never. yes max you and i and the rest of us out there live in the world of this first headline visualizing america's economic freedom. and so the us is currently eighteenth globally in terms of economic freedom and this is the lowest position it's ever been usually it's up a number two or three and what has caused the drop well according to the report on the economic freedom the number one reason ramifications from the wars on terrorism and drugs well you know freedom drop free for all of us radio and america's plunging because they're wasting all this money and resources on wars and the folks are experiencing ever closer post from all. the permanent present
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state. is going to present business it's very lucrative business days you know all my money invested in american prisons because as a flick of any it's going to allow themselves to be incarcerated for profit ok to get rich oh oh. well we have covered the fact that the number one counties in terms of wealth in america are surrounding washington d.c. and it's mostly to do with military contracting or prison industrial contracting this is sure and number two reason for the plunge in economic freedom in america the increased use of eminent domain to transfer property to powerful political interests classic banana republic sort of action we've covered this in california with this proposed new eminent domain used to actually see these contracts i.e. the mortgages from one group of investors i.


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