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tv   [untitled]    October 23, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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tonight devastation breynton colonel gadhafi his former stronghold as libyan pro-government forces keep up there are sold with hundreds displaced and children among the dead. obama paints romney as a novice who's not ready to be america's commander in chief but he finds out victory elusive though in the final presidential t.v. showdown. in this debate seen by media's protocol in this election governor romney and president obama were on the same page on pretty much everything all be back in just a moment with more. time for spanish regions of pounded by ratings child movies as
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thousands prepared of march in madrid against looming. eight pm here in moscow you're watching with me kevin owen warm welcome to you our top story hungry thirsty and forced to flee their homes the people of bani walid in libya are seeing their hometown ripped apart by pro-government shelling women and children are among those loyalist militias trying to take the last stronghold of moammar gadhafi supporters a year after his violent sting a middle east correspondent paula sleep that's the latest. police each of bunny while it has been on the go now for almost three weeks and almost by the day we are hearing and receiving reports of new atrocities being committed we are hearing on the photos and from the of witnesses reports of people being killed of the bodies
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being dismembered of children being murdered at the same time we know that there is constant shelling this constant attacks and also reports of the alleged use of chemical weapons by these pro-government forces now according to eyewitnesses on the ground as well as doctors and the soon many of the people there are suffering from toxic gas poisoning and this does tie in the with unconfirmed reports that we have been receiving that gas field shells are being used on the local population now earlier r.t. spoke with a man in italy who has family in bonny why did he outlined for us the consequences and the circumstances in which they were surviving but we have not identified him because he's afraid of the safety of his family i spoke with my family on the last few days and they are telling me that the situations that. on the last few days they went to the mosque here because there were there weren't any safety on the city right there so they went to the most care with the other families from the
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women's and the little kids there were women have the. pregnant woman have a baby there. she is there because the situation was that it. did not stop the war and today it was really really strong bombing from outside the normally with all the kind of heavy guns the government the. only thing the start of the government was that the what happened in between ben wedeman so i start but after that a few days i'm going to have came out and he said that it's a war it's a good war against the wall and he said. but from who i really don't know this is billions are falling down every day but all the current of weapons the looting the. aircraft machines a bullet on the head i don't know what happened but the few there is
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a people says the woman right there. it's such a such a mess from the other side from the road of people who are using the family as a human. right there for the criticism leveled against the former libyan leader moammar gadhafi the one thing that he did bring to the country was stability and many questions are being asked if indeed iteration today is better than it was a year ago you have in power and national transitional council that is largely quiet about all the atrocities that are going on inside the country we have heard from a human rights watch an exposé of atrocities and crimes that have been committed in the city of misrata and in addition to this you have a nato armed militia that acts almost as if it is above the norm so certainly a lot of questions being asked and a lot of doubt being cast over whether or not the country is better off after
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independence it was a lot of criticism leveled against gaddafi and there was a lot of silence in the international news of the moment of what was happening in banning by live that is the question why these double standards why is so much made of one aspect and some leaders want so much is being kept quiet about another. fall asleep while the latest violence comes a year after the brutal hours to give colonel gadhafi is a bunch of before with the disarray libya still ongoing let's discuss libya situation sure with all three blogger barry lando from the doctor blogs don't log sport dot com studio together good site though now how people's lives changed in the last twelve months do you think well you. your report of the way it's changed is there's absolute chaos now and fear and or under gadhafi you knew who was the brutal dictator you knew how to stay out of his sights now anybody apparently it's
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fair game you have hundreds literally hundreds of militias all various sizes growing in the countries many of them heavily armed with hundreds of thousands maybe millions of weapons out there more weapons than people and it's also spilling over into other countries that mali which is actually larger than libya is now suffering from the results of the people in libya. the residents of bani walid focusing on then there's been a paling to the u.n. for how but the second general said the two sides should resolve the standoff peacefully it's not happening would you like to see a more robust response from the u.n. what should the response be i don't know what more robust response means other than you're talking about sending in let's hold more action yeah. i don't believe that the international community has got any appetite whatsoever to get it all more deeply than they already did dearly and libya sending troops into that situation would be would you want troops would be that extremely difficult to
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move as well what's the role of the new government there in the country's security generally as the tribal clashes continue and also we're seeing this ongoing violence siege in bani walid how are they involved to mesh them with it the new government seems to be standing there looking at what's happening around them really powerless to do much about or so. armed militias that are really there the army today the national army isn't really much at all and huge numbers of aren't very happy every weapon out there that's where the power is and that's the problem what happened was he was overthrown but under gadhafi because he was so brutal and such a dictator you have no institutions nothing the chair and nothing of a government structure that got built up under him there's a vacuum now after his fall and the problem is between to build out vacuum in middle of what is essentially a war zone bar there's
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a school of thought that the u.s. and its allies should share the blame for the situation the country given that they backed the rebels during the revolution do you buy into that. well i mean this is all twenty twenty hindsight and there were commentators who when the u.s. and nato or were about to go away and said don't this is it and basically said this is exactly what was going to happen on the other hand what were they supposed to do one of the most interesting backers was the people from qatar who gave a large number of arms and weapons and money to the rebels in libya and they're doing exactly the same thing though again in syria. ok i think you've been on the program tonight for we don't leave it there often jealous perelandra good to hear your thoughts speciated. you came out fighting in approach this paid off in most polls but still president obama failed to delist republican rival a decisive blow joy in the final pre-election faceoff obama took romney to task
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over inexperience in global matters will stressing his own foreign policy achievements but it's not he's got a pitch account reports next the way the candidates actually view america's role in the world stage is not actually all that different. this debate showed that the candidates agree on a lot of things on some issues they were almost in sync with one another even using the same words it seemed the occasional big ring that happened between them was more for the sake of the debate rather than about real differences in the policies that they propose on iran for example they couldn't agree more with each other they were absolutely on the same page with regards to putting sanctions on iran with regards to backing israel they were saying exactly the same things but president obama did say something interesting he said he is against the premature military action against iran governor romney's a vase of response to the same question suggested that he doesn't want to go there either he said i don't want to get into a hypothetical so then on of ganesh then governor romney showed himself as an added
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we could of the president's policies there he said that he thinks the surge was successful that as the president of the united states he too would bring troops home in twenty fourteen something that president obama says he's going to do on syria though they both agree that the u.s. should get in the read about saad and make sure that the next government in syria is friendly to the united states they both agreed although they did disagree on whether or not the u.s. should give them some heavy weapons to the rebels in syria that's what governor romney suggested whereas president obama at least seems to recognize the complexity of the situation on the ground take a listen for us to get more entanglement militarily in syria is serious stuff and we have to do so making absolutely certain that we know who we are helping the we're not putting arms in the hands of folks who eventually could turn them against us or our allies in the region to a more general point governor romney kept using the word opportunity when talking
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about the revolutions in the middle east and north africa when talking about syria and it's very telling of the foreign policy that he's suggesting is very opportunistic with regards to syria he basically said that the u.s. should take advantage of the. crisis in syria to deliver a defeat to iran syria's an opportunity for us because syria plays an important role the middle east particular right now syria is iran's only ally in the arab world it's their route to the sea it's the route for them to arm hezbollah in lebanon which threatens of course our ally israel and so seeing syria remove assad is a very high priority for us the candidates did mention russia on a few occasions although there was no specific question about russia of course that hot mike moment came up the one between president obama and the marshes bed of this spring when the u.s. president suggested that he would be more flexible to discuss america's missile defense plans in europe after the election and for that remark the president has come under avalanche of criticism in washington criticism that came down to this
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basically how dare you be flexible with the russians i want to talk to them about security issues and governor romney during this debate has made a similar point but i have clear eyes on this i'm not going to wear rose colored glasses when it comes to russia or mr putin and i'm certainly not going to say to him i'll give him more flexibility have to election actually election he'll get more backbone the missile defense shield in europe is a longstanding sore point in the relations between the two countries moscow has suggested many times resolving the issue by building the shill together but to no avail the only response russia has been getting from this administration was don't worry it's not against you but then they listen to candidate romney who calls russia an enemy and virtually election every statement on russia that candidate romney has made so far has actually played into the concerns that moscow has with regards to this schildt because russia then says ok president obama we believe hugo what if maybe not this year but four years from now so long with the mindset of
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governor romney is alike to president how is he or she going to use those military bases so close to the washroom borders because that childe is not a four year project it's a long running thing and despite. this administration's more forthcoming official latitude. still stands. guys you can watch to the know but not all the foreign policy debate was a serious as it sounds take barack obama sarcastic retorts of mitt romney to be discovered dot com how is remarks about forces of. galloping across the web. the debate between the two main contenders for the white house may be over them but the still plenty of fight left in the us election the so-called third party candidates are the two main political forces were excluded from official television joules but they reacted by staging their own r.t. dot com an r.t. america helping them views the organizers behind the debates christina tobin told us voters deserve greater choice. the two party system has been playing us for over
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a century since the creation of the us trillion ballots back and eight hundred ninety we're going to be launching shortly after the election a nationwide database listing every single candidate running for office whether you're within a party or not it doesn't matter independents and we're going to shine a light on special interest money in politics corporate money and politics and we're going to shift the power back to the people back to the origins of the constitution which doesn't even mention parties nor corporations i think that we need to implement instant runoff voting would be a great start opening the debates sort of electoral because we need to get people out there to speak about it a personal representation blackbox voting doesn't work at all and then with training collections in two thousand and thirteen we're going to host this panel conferences conferences of experts uniting experts experts that is not only within the united states but internationally to talk about these issues and to wake up
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america to inform to inspire people to run for office under these sort of platforms . this presidential election is not just about obama and romney there are also third party candidates on the ticket and they will influence its outcome see a debate among this nation's major third party candidates right here on our t.v. over twenty thirty. this is our. spendings government is funding a so called from all sides these days ratings joy slush the score four of its regions worldview moving cut seas boil over. three to one. and you can just say she goes the next international space station crew blasting off with a two. the first time was
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a report from along side after this break. which is slow often enough and knows that to ride a horse you've got to catch it first. for him it's a daily routine that you're soft as a force on the island of a horn and the heart of. his life on an isolated farm is about blue sky green grass and his horses weren't there sometimes he gets lonely here but horses have become part of me now i've fallen off so many times sometimes. it's part of my everyday life. i holmes been home
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to acknowledge brats locally just laugh for centuries most still live off the land but cattle and fish. if you might call it is often called the pearl of siberia a horn is said to be the pearl of by. it's all end of think forests. and vast staps. virtually undiscovered by tourists until some twenty years ago i was cornish quickly becoming a magnet for nature lovers and fuel seekers you're quite some way from civilization here accommodation on the island is very basic so you can forget about a t.v. or even run in water for most people a tent is the on the eruption but for those who come here it's exactly what they're looking for.
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and journey to buy coal can be using trip of a lifetime and the local say once you've seen it they'll be coming back again and again. another financial blow for spain is racing this giant moody slush the score of four of its regions including catalonia by one to two notches that's a spain central bank says the country's economy keeps shrinking the speculation it might ask the e.u. for a lifeline the government's desperately searching for ways to keep spain afloat with more cuts debated in the parliament for next year's budget or crowds of start of a come out in protest against the plans in madrid with people angry over ever mounting austerity political communications professor victor sampedro told of spain's
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political crisis means there is no real challenge to this policy. the problem is that those cats are not going to be discussed in the parliament given the absolute majority of a popular party a party of which is in government now and in the main opposition party that this story is facing a huge crisis and internal crisis so all in the main minority parties will have enough will used to gather the support of the people in the street the course of events that you will be developing by their own nomics i suppose depending on how many people are there at the attitudes in the in the in the wheel is that you know by your listeners three violence would have been bad maybe that is not the intention. of the authorities it was proving the previous money to stay surely police when they first went back the protesters. turkey promotes itself as
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a regional leader in freedom but in fact is imprisoned more journalists than china or of. american media watchdogs exposed turkey as the world's leading jailer of reporters who criticize the government we're covering that story online now it's interesting read r.t. dot com and exactly ten years on from the moscow theater siege that left one hundred thirty dead r.t. dot com has first hand accounts from survivors and hears from victims' relatives so always. the u.k. is doubling its drone fleet in afghanistan to ten multibillion dollar unmanned unarmed aircraft that's even though london says it's preparing to leave the war so head of the twenty forty nato withdrawal deadline middle east expert tariq ali says drone warfare is a hypocritical crime. i think it's an emergency measure. they want to have the capability to blast people they don't like whenever they want to without loosing the lives of their own soldiers oh this is always been very
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a priority they can always find money for weapons for war was buffy insist on austerity measures reducing salaries so for workers and the less well off and guiding down so should be expended trip innocent lives are lost women and children die and they create more havoc then perforce will the result is really very come to productive and they build up a trade in these regions you know on the one hand you have western countries saying terrorism is a threat and on the other hand they launch grown terror on innocents in different parts of the world in africa and now as we're seeing in south asia and tomorrow who knows way so what it does is keep the war feet were going and then people want to react in india beecham groups of terrorists want to it but countries that are doing
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this so they can pretend that they don't know this is going to be the result it's well attested. told world news a brief series of deadly attacks that hit she other areas of iraqi capital for parked cars exploded in the northwest of baghdad killing seven leaving sixteen injured there and another attack struck a northern district where two mortar rounds were reported to have landed as claimed to lives and wounded several others it's not known who is behind the attacks but baghdad's shiite areas have previously been targeted by al qaeda linked sunni militants a blaze at a hospital in southern taiwan has left twelve dead and seventy others injured the patients died of smoke inhalation as that fire swept through a nursing home located on the second floor the building most of the victims were bedridden the couldn't escape the fire emergency services quickly brought the blaze in the control of the cause of what went so badly wrong still. and you three man crew is speeding its way to the international space station as i speak for the two russian cosmonauts it's their first ever spy in space flight and
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their american counterpart is making his debut to aboard a soyuz rocket that is loosely caffein off witnessed the launch of the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan but take a look at this amazing sight there she got firing it up. and blasting off. quite soon i had about two days in fact they should be reaching the i guess that's where they'll be spending the next six months of their lives i can tell you these guys have been training really hard for quite some time and they say that they are as ready as can be blasting off into the heavens for mission control it's now a routine trip but for these men it's their first mission to the international space station and their debut journey aboard a soyuz rocket. a day before liftoff russian cosmonauts levinsky if they need to relook and u.s. astronaut kevin ford met the press. each of us has piloted an airplane we've only
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sent rockets down now will have to fly up into space inside i'm not feeling i think is one we simply won't forget to be at the top of this joint missile construction and mini thieu is so much power that even thinking about it is a bit terrifying. it's a fear their families know all too well. of course it's worrying we're nervous after all this is their first flight to space. there's no question i think that every man must have a purpose for which is strives and when he achieves this goal he finds happiness but in reality i think amounts to happen as takes place when he chooses and has a clue what was waiting for him at home it will take about two days for the soyuz rocket to reach the station where the team will live and work for the next six months their first week will be a busy one i think of. tasks include a space walk to repair station equipment as well as returning the world's first
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commercial cargo space ship back to earth but intense training has prepared them for the tasks ahead getting that rocket off into space may be an act of precise science but here and baikonur tradition and faith play a role to. a tree planting ceremony is one of the many soyuz crew traditions each crew member also signs a wall here in baikonur space museum meanwhile in accordance with local custom a russian orthodox priest has blessed the rocket and the media. tour both up in the heavens and here on earth the space program is one of the few things that brings countries together at a time of global unrest for backup crew astronaut chris cassidy that's exactly how it should be when you're up on the space station and you look down on the plane and you see the beautiful blue and browning clouds but no borders there and i think that's the most indicative of how the space program is. lucy catherine of r.t.
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baikonur and wish him all the best with the post that they get on well that his business with a very shortly now this tuesday evening they have moscow it's now twenty six minutes past eight. wealthy british scientists think it's time to explain exactly what.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to gaza report on our. side. government betrayal. how can the truth be revealed if there's no official evidence there was a very bright day to the service make a search who will give proper protection and to the people of this country generally because of radio like the full. secrets of the tests.
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secret. to building. tombs mission to teach creation why it should care about humans. this is why you should care only. twenty minutes past the hour we're watching business on our team rosneft plans to pay a quarter of its profits in dividends once it completes its merger with t.m. k b p that's according to its head. as for the dividends for t n t b p's shareholders it's a different story more on that in just a second but russia's third largest oil company t.n.t. b.p. has been cohen by b.p.
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and its russian partners are at the end of the day b.p. will get twelve billion dollars in cash and twenty percent of rosneft stock for half of d.m.k. b.p. rosneft will buy the other half of the company from a a r for twenty eight billion dollars the deal will result in rosneft becoming the largest publicly traded oil company in the world controlling more than fifty percent of russia's oil exports but old guard of lechon from around cap says that doesn't really change the government's plans for privatization first of all even in these particular transaction rules enough to go as is selling vulnerable to five point seven percent stake i think the government has committed and reconfirmed the recently it's plans for a further privatizations in the in the economy including oil and gas so i think this is an intermediate step. and create the aimed at the.


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