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tv   [untitled]    October 24, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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on r.t. tonight moammar gadhafi is perceived former stronghold is said to be sliding towards a humanitarian catastrophe while libya's pro-government fighters claim they are controlling the city center because the latest for you. they've ended america's wars and take the influence of big money out of politics we bring you the presidential candidates forced into the sidelines getting their voices heard in a t.v. debate bayati. and as u.k. health workers threaten to strike over pay losses a spate of negligence cases shines a spotlight on poor patients. welcome
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this is our sea life with me kevin and our top story tonight at ten pm moscow time libyan pro-government forces say they've occupied the center of the opposition stronghold of bani walid with only a few pockets of resistance left dozens of being killed in recent shelling to end the almost three weeks long siege which has left the city on the brink of humanitarian disaster paula slayer brings you up today. what is important to note is that all these reports of bani walid has fallen are coming from government forces we in fact are hearing quite the opposite from our own sources we are hearing that fighting continues if anything it has intensified now as nearly three weeks comes since the fighting began we are also hearing that the city has not fallen now it does seem as if hundreds of pro-government fighters have made their
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way into the city center they've been seen hoisting flags onto abandoned buildings and also firing in the air but certainly this does not suggest that the whole city has fallen only a we spoke with a man in north africa his family is in bani walid and he gives us an update of what the situation there is like there is no government photos. and no it. all most of them. because. they really. love food reducing for everything they use machinery here if you. don't get by. far the use. of getting guys is. really an be able to incite. their claws
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for. now we've also been receiving reports that the army has arrested at least eighty four men gadhafi henchmen it accuses them of being involved in torture and murder this is other reports are circulating that the release of some forty hostages has taken place by government forces most people have fled according to the red cross some five thousand families which stands at around twenty five thousand people have fled to neighboring cities and towns but this figure is far below the total number of. people who we understand have been made refused treason by the situation we continue to receive unverified photographs as well as video of dismembered bodies of children that have been slain and we continue to hear reports of the use of chemical weapons we are reminded that we are being told that shells that contain gas are being fired on the local population with eye witnesses and doctors at the scene telling us that many people are
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suffering from poisoned gas inhalation on tuesday the united nations security council to have a session at that session of russia put forward a draft statement in which of course for the fighting in by meanwhile to be ended for some kind of to be brought to the ongoing violence now that statement was stopped by the united states and moscow has responded by saying that a fine is the american actions strange and difficult to explain certainly they're difficult to explain if you remember that just last month for us citizens were killed in benghazi libya and in response to that washington bought up all the stops to try and deal with the situation you have a situation where more and more people are saying that no one really cares about what is happening. and you compare this to the almost mass hysteria in the mainstream western media and the international community in terms of what is happening today in syria in the past russia and china were blamed for voting
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against resolutions in libya so more people are saying that we have at the moment on the table is a very clear example of double standards in terms of how the west deals with crises such as these on the go. over the correspond of the british journalist morris. as well what's really happening. usually going to doctors and they were leaders of chemical weapons not the end to see all this for a channel to noida spoke to one of the senior members categorically insisted that not being. used chemical weapons there's still no properly verified evidence they're saying what do you think is really happening. well doctor certainly gave accounts of symptoms that reflect long breathing problems were you would find with gas inhalation the n t c i don't know if the n.t.s.c. really represents the misrata militias who are actually doing the fighting so the
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situation's a bit more anarchic i don't know there's anyone that would really own up to such a thing is in ten brigades in the past in this year have been accused of using gas so it's not the first time. it's unverified but we've had doctors say the n.c.c. is positions and there was say the basically everything was under control every move they looked after there is a. pending a rosy picture for the same thing with the control by taking what you're saying as well and if this medical evidence is substantiated what kind of international response can we expect you know why in facts are they still quiet three weeks into the siege do you think well even the people of bani walid have been asking for international intervention and assistance but it's a it's a very blurry line because they don't want nato coming back and how many of these organizations are just spokespeople for nato acting on behalf of nato so just the
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human rights is used discriminately the issue of human rights i don't know who can be trusted. the west is really supplying still supplying weapons from the reports i'm reading into misrata so i don't know what western or international institutions can be trusted anymore to to uphold human rights or to defend the needy while the people in this besieged city being heard why aren't there calls they can listen to. indeed that's correct there's just been twitter and you tube channels and the mainstream media r.t. has been quite good but there's very little news it is not particularly. sympathetic it's the west for some reason the world has wanted gadhafi overthrown too many vested interests have wished to see the downfall of any of his supporters and this may well just be a continuing revenge this tension around but i believe that the lies and the
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challenges in bringing peace to the greater libya how much power do you think you touch they just never. really have an idea assess their role in the country's security they have very little power it's mostly militias there are as i say they're still being supplied with weapons by ship from from nato turkey has been named there is no unified control or authority and i think this is also by intention the whole intention of the western intervention was to have a failed state like we see in somalia this was the intentionally wanted to continue they will spread it throughout africa and this is a modus operandi for the nato forces and their masters is to keep people fighting particularly muslims particularly arabs but black africans as well they want chaos why isn't the world community apparently getting more enraged by what's going on. well i'm afraid not i'm afraid not to. why not indeed well we have to
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reappraise our political systems because they're obviously ineffective and useless and highly corrupt the media. with our t.v. and people like you is doing a great job but we need an enlightenment one wonders if people are actually being dumbed down chemically i mean one recalls the viet nam riots one recalls when people got upset and angry about things those days of gone protest hardly appear and. maybe recently things are absolutely desperate it's been very very interesting during the program thanks so much for those journalistic morris herman talked to some of them there from london thank you. next terribly embarrassed his foreign wars to a close taking corporate cash out of politics and stopping indefinite detention all election promises but not ones you'll find in the manifest as a barack obama or mitt romney there are other names on the ballot in the u.s. presidential election r.t. help them air their views by broadcasting an alternative live debate.
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well let's not talk to presidential candidate for the green party jill stein she's joining us on the line from chicago jill very pleased to have you the program now you are rested what you're reporting on this the other day when you tried to become part of the second debate between obama and romney do you feel the risk was justified. absolutely the debate that the american people are watching the debate controlled by this so-called commission on presidential debates is a farce of a debate it makes a mockery of our democracy it's not so much the candidates the alternative candidates who are being locked out it's the american people who are being locked out because when the debate is controlled censored really by corporate america by wall street and by the same economic elite that's sponsoring the
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political parties when they're censoring the debate we're not going to hear about the really critical problems that american people are facing americans are being thrown under the bus our jobs are going overseas our wages are declining our health care is. unaffordable and the tire generation of young people have been turned into indentured servants loaded up with heavy draconian today i hear there's an. unemployment rates of fifty percent i hear this list rockier this presidential kind of justice party i spoke to last hour you said the same thing begs the question why more people of america are on the streets of moms about this. well you know in fact they are they are up in arms all over america from the strike of the chicago teachers union to the occupy protests to eviction blockades trying to keep homeowners in their homes and prevent banks from throwing them out there is
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a rebellion that's in full swing you won't hear about it from the corporate media and this is why they have to tightly control the debate in fact one out of every two american voters is going to be staying home from this election because they know that neither the democratic norm of public and parties represent them so the establishment parties are quaking in their boots that word will get out and in fact if it does there are enough people to turn the results of this election on its head will jews that are going to happen i'm not holding my breath but if we're ever going to win it we've got to begin it ok you got a chance to your views of course last night you would three of the potential candidates do you think we showed you on oxy. exactly i mean this is really a second class debate and most of the american public doesn't even know that there are other candidates running so that's why i went to the gateway to the
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debate at hofstra university two weeks ago to demand that the debate be opened up and as a result i was arrested put into tight handcuffs and handcuffed to a chair for eight hours unfortunately this is what our democracy is looking like. that did get some coverage and it's not going to be solved easily but this is a fight that we have to be willing to stand up and fight he's a bully of course we have to fight it in the voting booth and we need to fight it in the streets not americans people who live in america difficult briefly for the two main political parties like yourself to get a company rolling remote. it's it's . very difficult for the first eighty percent really of the campaign you spend all your time just getting on the ballot the big parties are grandfathered in with minimal signature collection they're on the ballot but we have to collect really
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hundreds of thousands of signatures around the country in order to just get on the ballot so our hands are tied really for eighty percent of the campaign and it's only in the last few weeks that we can get the word out but there are millions of americans that are clamoring for exactly the solutions that we are supporting and in the same way young people took their future back into their own hands in tahrir square and in tunisia and they said they weren't going to take it any more even when the playing field was enormously tilted against them they did not have a free press they did not have political parties they didn't have money but they stood up and they changed their future because it was time joe you google you both thirty seconds to come parting for you green deal for a new bill clean energy would you cut from the u.s. budget to move why do you think voters would even go for the first place. where we are squandering trillions of dollars right now on wars for oil that we don't need on tax breaks for the wealthy and on bailouts for wall street forty
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billion a month now being spent to bail out the bankers once again so we can stop all that we have plenty of resources to redirect we can tax the rich put a small transaction tax on wall street the american public knows that we're in deep trouble on the climate and deep trouble on the economy and in fact we can only fix them. oh i'm divorced did say that only thirty seconds left the us presidential candidate from the green party. a deadly medical error people's trust in britain is how. it's impossible for so many individual consultants to tonight so many every. oh i can think of any other word. with none still so a catalogue of fatal flaws in the health care system just as the government increasingly turns its back on doctors and. after this break.
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you can tell an ordinary russian siberian in the blink of an. anthropologist. those days siberians were different clothes different food. different animals. but what about. my journey began in two men but the big city was all shiny all funded school scrapers and shopping malls much like any other prosperous russian. so i decided to travel to. a small town just outside. many. dumplings came from here to dominate the russian cuisine but only in siberia . filled with cabbage and making sure you can have as
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a starter main dish. although it may draw. most people in siberia see nothing wrong with hunting only if you decide to participate. when you look upon martin. as in the middle of a swamp only accessible by transport in the summer months and went. to do dogs it's inhabited by siberian a large muslim minority that migrated head before the russians. and this. israel siberia maybe not the stuff of tourist brochures but
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distinctive enough to show that after all these yeahs siberia still not quite like anywhere else. cultures that so much as i can recall on it until you can it's probably going mitt romney revealed little major difference between the two and their approaches to security in foreign affairs many claim. what will change when america picks its president i made muslim rage working the iran tight rope pushing china and russia as occupy anger spreads to parties still dictate will their future this election up close guy every member fifth on our team.
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helen emergency meeting of all what they allege is an israeli missile attack on its weapons factory near the capital has killed two and injured another four israeli planes reportedly carried out the air strike on a plant which they believe is rockets to harm us. sudanese officials say debris from the explosives point to israeli involvement in the bombing there they've increased security measures and threaten to take the issue to the un security council but it was run by a sudanese state owned company that produces weapons under license from iran israel says it's absolutely no knowledge about because of the incident. british health workers are threatening a walkout over the government spending cuts union say they've been jewed a two year pay freeze which could be extended as well as increased workload all of which is ruining medical staff morale what's more the national health service is
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already losing the trust of the people it serves as police found. clearly in agony but in supposedly safe hands in hospital that's what janine harvey says distort when she came down with severe hit pain last december despite over forty visits to doctors in three different hospitals janine cervical cancer went on diagnosed rhyming in city hospital doctors here failed to spot janine harvey's cancer not once but twice all the hospitals missed it too exposing her side of the barrel but let's have the death of the thirty three year old mother of four just months later her family now say they want to news story to be heard so that others can avoid a similar freights at one point doctors even suggested that jeanine's excruciating pain was all in her mind but her post-mortem examination showed that
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a cancerous tumor had grown so large inside her that it had shattered her pelvic bone janine's family gets upset when people ask why they didn't pay for costly private care you know. with all the resources that you know what we made it to go private we felt we trusted them we trusted their every word janine isn't the only patient to be failed by the n.h.s. somewhere around sixty percent of deaths in hospitals. or something else happen but potentially was avoidable another country contributed to that that's one thousand patients a month a recent study by the national institute of health research says that one patient in ten is affected by potentially serious medical errors hauffe of whom die as a result such as twenty two year old cane gorney he died from dehydration from
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a combination of misdiagnosis and what the coroner cold. the incompetence of n.h.s. staff it's definitely a problem that patients are repeatedly coming to us with. reporting failing is a similar nature to that which happened to janine harvey the n.h.s. trust responsible for janine's care says we are extremely sorry for any distress caused to the family we can understand the need for says and this is what our internal investigation process is about examining what lessons there are to be learnt and making changes if there's anything that needs to be changed janine's family are now turning their tragedy into forming a charity to give other people with complicated medical conditions a chance to get a second medical opinion privately before it's too late it's impossible for so many individual consultants to to make so many errors it must be the sister it must be
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some my. major or the lack of communication to negligence is leaving someone you know bed all knowing it's all i can't think of any other word for. months long after. polly boyko r t london. so story it seems blowing the whistle can land you in prison especially for a former cia agent who revealed the torture of suspects suspected terrorists he's been sentenced to and of years in prison because of it as we reporting online tonight take a look at this who is this phantom football closely ghostly figure spotted a month celebrating quarter of a photo taken jury away for champion's league match make up your mind zone line from. the world's top news stories now a suspected u.s.
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drone missile attack in pakistan killed three and injured two children the strikes hit a compound believed to house militants along with civilians according to the local military there the u.s. has been heavily criticised for hundreds of civilian deaths including children in its attacks aimed at al qaeda members along pakistan's border with afghanistan other headlines tonight a car blast has reportedly struck southern damascus it killed six and wounded dozens more the suicide bombing was allegedly carried out by an afghani linked to al qaeda this on the eve of a decision by syrian leaders over whether to observe a ceasefire during the muslim festival of aid which had earlier been announced by the un peace envoy. thanks for being with us slightly shorter than r.t. tonight's latest business update with katie.
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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. the news a secret lover of taurine to mccurry was able to build a new world most sophisticated robots which will unfortunately doesn't give a dollar amount anything tunes mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and we're going this is why you should care only on the dog.
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wealthy british style. not on. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our. was new to a fashionable side. radioactive fallout of government betrayal a government blog everything lauded and lauded and claude how can the truth be
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revealed if there's no official evidence there was indeed a very great danger to the servicemen concerned who will give them no problem for to action and to the people of this country generally because of rodeo like the full. the secrets of the u.k.'s nuclear tests explain. to the. british soldiers cowards this month the moon is the center of our universe the tides are forever while the sun's rays can be fickle innovative construction methods last cost as well as environmental damage brand new turbines boost efficiency with a simplified design and who needs batteries blakes can store energy discover a new era of clean power driven by the mood. here on r.g.p. we've got the future.
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hello there welcome to business a sound of a global domination of the big three credit rating agencies may become a thing of the pulse not because several agencies from different countries a joining forces to create a global competitor to the u.s. agency is moot is fit and s. and paid on nicole has all the details for us. there are only three credit ratings agencies with global reach moody's standard and poor's and fitch they are all american and some would say subject to the same kinds of wall street bias all three have had a bad financial crisis failing to predict in two thousand and eight the imminent downturn at the time they were giving the highest possible credit rating to securities sociate with the u.s. housing market slated prompted the crisis they also failed to spot what was going on in iceland shortly before it collapsed and as recently as two thousand and
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knowing moody's was saying that investor concerns about greece would perhaps misplaced but despite this less than stellar track record a new global agency is not going to have it all its own way it will need to establish its own credibility and this can only be done by showing long term accurate and reliable analysis and that is going to take some time and say with a top aide then richard haynesworth doretta general director of one of the firms involved in the project says well they're trying to do is offer a different opinion. the american new york centric view of the world does not take into account many of the strengths that exist in different in the countries because they put asian companies lower than u.s. companies and yet the asian companies are doing better. watch out for markets some of the able to say this is how the russian ones.


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