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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2012 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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here with me today is a french politician former presidential candidate and now the head of the popular republican union here in france. thank you very much for being with us thank you for inviting me mr sort of not one of mr allen's complaint slogans was change is now that was the most important slogan actually of the whole campaign and actually now we see a lot of changes indeed in france but unfortunately not always for the better so where is france go in right now. this situation is complicated at the moment and we'll get even more so it's not just in france but all euro zone countries look at what is happening in greece italy spain portugal arland france is somewhat better off than those in the south but the situation here is great on employment has
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surpassed the three million mark and things will continue to worsen. why is this happening because our economic policy is bound to create recession cycles the central strategy is to cut government spending apparently in order to balance the budget people often say there is a budget deficit so in order to balance or we just need to cut government spending but it only works if your income comes from salary the state's revenue comes from income tax corporate tax the eighty attacks on fuel but these largely depend on the level of economic activity in the country if you cut government spending stop hiring government employees if you lay people off if the government invests less then obviously social care systems will suffer unemployment will go up people without jobs will consume less they will stop driving and so on companies will sell less trade will decrease as a result the budget will receive less money from taxes the fuel tax corporate tax
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the value added tax so it is very possible that there will be an even greater budget deficit even though government spending was cut now with the economic crisis and golf in europe france has also been shaken dramatically and mentioned that stat is an enormous budget deficit is to be in this situation how dangerous is this situation actually and when and why it all went wrong and who's responsibility or whose fault is all this the problems that could the problem is that the french people were robbed of all their major powers in the area of economic fiscal and budgetary policy taxation diplomacy and military policy all these powers were transferred to someone else. and mask who are these people those are there is the european commission in brussels the european central bank in frankfurt it handles the euro so this institution also pushes policies that lead to recession and finally nato and the i.m.f. which is based in washington d.c.
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they also impose financial diplomatic and military policies on all european countries a good example of the u. . european approach to the situation in the middle east the syrian crisis it's very good that you mentioned syria and libya let's discuss a little bit france's foreign policy at the time of nicolas sarkozy the arab spring has just started and france has actually played has been very much involved and has played a central role in the libyan crisis what role does france play in the syrian crisis today. this is a difficult question because the coverage has been mainly one sided a few years ago nobody had a serious problem with the assad regime the syrian president was invited by nicolas sarkozy to attend french national day celebrations but somehow he is now the devil incarnate i am not trying to defend the assad regime but we get all our reports from the syrian observatory for human rights basically to people in london
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presenting only one side of the conflict first of all i think the countries must observe international law and international law prohibits interference in the internal affairs of a foreign state so the first thing we need to do is to make sure that other countries don't interfere with the situations in syria and libya france no doubt has sided with the opposition but what kind of opposition is it the opposition that enjoys wide support and sufficient funding it gets arms from saudi arabia qatar and nato countries and the u.s. in particular as such the current situation can be described as external aggression against a sovereign regime not a civil war i think that the french government is biased i don't think it's trying to resolve this crisis in earnest despite a new government coming to power the wall and replace our cozy no major diplomatic changes occurred the reason is what i've already mentioned france is a member of both nato and the e.u. so every decision has already been made for us the new government should reassess
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the situation and said we will look into this again alas for a minute. mr fab you said exactly the same as his predecessor mr assad has to step down and on what grounds can we make this demand look at what is happening in libya what's been happening in iraq since the so-called western intervention these countries are now hotbeds of islamism where christians are persecuted like iraq is a striking example hardly any christians live in iraq under saddam hussein they made up almost thirteen percent of the population what will happen to syria if we continue down this path the country might fall apart into emirates like libya into smaller hotbeds of instability like somalia sudan iraq or afghanistan. do you think france should reconsider its foreign policy. of course france should take a neutral stance and cease this policy of double standards remember the pussy riot case which started massive outrage in the west with western media calling russia
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a dictatorship but it's similar to any sleep protests were raging in bahrain a tiny kingdom in the gulf seven protesters were sentenced to life in prison you see a life sentence is different to say the least from a two year sentence for pussy riot and all those bahrainis did was take part in a political protest but nobody in the west spoke of that because the u.s. fifth fleet is based in bahrain that country is protected by nato and this can no longer be tolerated and i believe that france should revert to its traditional policy of restoring justice in international relations this is the role we should play instead of taking sides. what has the new french president brought to people friends. mr all and got elected on promises he cannot keep it's a simple as that so what is going to happen is what's already happening mr owens does not have the resources he needs to change policies imposed by brussels the european commission or european central bank his election victory was a result of
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a misunderstanding and a few months into his term the french have already started. i feel angry and i'm willing to bet my last dollar and please note i'm not at all happy about it that in a few months time the political situation in france is going to become very problematic isn't going to stay like this will status quo remain holes debate and criticism of the european system are not allowed in france legally you do have such a right but in reality you don't it's as if it never existed it is prohibited for all major french mass media outlets many french political parties criticize the e.u. and decisions coming from brussels normal democratic logic would be to discuss whether we should continue to be a part of this political structure or not our party is the first to offer its citizens the political possibility to step out of the european system to pull out of the treaty and by the way it is legally possible as article fifty of the e.u. treaty allows it but i should say that since creating this party i have run into
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major difficulties in advocating my position in major newspapers and french media outlets the union only grows even though it's not functioning any longer switzerland and norway are not you members and they are better off than other european countries furthermore inside the e.u. sweden denmark and the czech republic are not part of the eurozone and they are fairing better than eurozone members there is no reason to believe that things will worsen if we pull out of the e.u. and the eurozone ok another dollar a fan of the european union but what future you seem to having. i am sure its future is bleak in any case people are now turning away from it for example fifty five percent of french voters opposed to the european constitution in a two thousand and five referendum but instead of saying ok our people are against it we need to have a real discussion to find out whether we really want to move closer to disaster we forced the european constitution on the people in the case was far from democratic
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going overboard ok as i understand you say that your p. . is the biggest threat for france but ken france actually resolve its economic problems without european union. when you know the e.u. is aggravating our problems and not solving them and first of all every year france pours twenty one billion euro into the e.u. budget and the e.u. gives us from seven to fourteen billion back it means that every year we lose seven billion euro spent on funding you operational work or financial institutions that provide aid for eastern countries secondly if we leave the eurozone we will be able to determine our monetary policy on our own again to set interest and exchange rates none of which we can do now. thirdly people think that the e.u. makes a stronger but in what way. there aren't any examples of joint manufacturing projects
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that have been successful thanks to the e.u. many people believe that airbus and arianne space launchers were the result of e.u. cooperation but that's completely wrong these projects are international and i support international cooperation there is also a moral aspect to the european integration crisis people understand that they can't control the process anymore we just need to take the power to determine our own future back into our hands and then moral will improve. you also known as a harsh critic of another membership of france's membership. why. nato was created in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine to counterbalance the soviet union does the soviet union still exist no moreover nato is engaged in the afghan war at the moment if you know what nato means nato stands for north atlantic treaty organization does afghanistan border the atlantic region nato has become a military alliance which is trying to impose its rules on the entire planet france
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has always been known to stand up to empires. let's not change the subject completely. provocative low budget u.s. made movie insulting islam has provoked into western protests throughout. all around the globe france is home to the biggest muslim community in the western europe around five million people is there anything that they too could be inflamed . i think that it's quite possible that some french muslims are shocked and rightly so i believe most of them are shocked i don't think it can lead to mass demonstrations though but since you mentioned it i'd like to elaborate on the issue personally i'm shocked that in western philosophy there's a will to confuse freedom of expression with obvious insults to other religions i think this is all part of the course that i disapprove of it's not only about islam you know what happened in russia with the widely covered pussy riot case it's not only about freedom of expression there are agencies organizations anglo-saxon power
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groups that are behind it poor thing all oil on the flames i can see that freedom of expression is regarded differently in different countries here in france we use what we call two sets of standards is often becomes a target for criticism but muslims themselves don't criticize other religions they don't do it because of one simple religious tenet moses and jesus are also considered prophets so muslims don't do that however there are some taboo topics in france which are never subject to criticism so before making any conclusions you need to find out who is behind all this we do have the right to advocate atheism or agnosticism but that's not what we see here it's something different someone is trying to sow seeds of discord and unrest poor oil on the flames on purpose with political and geo political motives in mind.
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the variety that takes your breath away through eating across the scholar's it was a mohnish who do know the biggest salt lake in europe and more than two hundred species of birds that are also are on the verge of extinction on these islands in the south of russia they find shelter before migrating to all the parts of the world paladins as well as other species of the monish who do low feed and face these words are waiting for their parents to bring them food to the best cash for them is in a small areas of lake where the water is relatively fresh as fish cannot survive in the salt of the month and the lakes getting salt every year. to fish oil reservoir
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which was failed in the nineteen fifties in the areas hot climate the water evaporates quickly and the local sources natural sultanate steaks over a call from birds the drying out of the lake. of the world's biggest populations of most things. there are four hundred of the animals here to protect. it's a place of peace and calm in recent decades dozens of canals of around here to cultivate the locals taps broad grassy plains this may be useful for humans but it does badly hit many species of the animals here. so i guess antelopes just some forty years ago there were more than two million. the world now people brought the species to the brink of extinction this region has been. i for thousands of years but now i know relatively short space of time it's my been
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diversity of creatures. all from. the headlines and government forces in libya claim form a stronghold it is now. but there are pockets of resistance still remain after weeks of shelling we've dozens dead and many more displaced. to be hit by a new wave of potentially painful revelations as wiki leaks opens up about america's overseas prisons and being holed up in ecuador's embassy for four months isn't stopping the group's leader julian a songs from working with.
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the battle for the white house is in full swing in america. outlined their foreign policy goals the pentagon believes it's cyber crime that's now the biggest threat bring you all of our special election coverage. of the international space station and the two russian cosmonauts and an american astronauts left from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan on choose day and will spend the next six months in orbit. by this gets into water sporting action mr unit good to see you today a big challenge though lying ahead for the current top team and russian football there certainly is this evening rory. doing everything right in russian to do it on the continent liverpool lie in wait very shortly more not coming up right now.
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thanks for joining us. today busy day let's get right to it. continental. european credentials are said to be given. later this evening they face liverpool at anfield in the europa league. moving on up maria sharapova arena williams qualifying for the semifinals of the season ending championships in istanbul. a young russian footballer. of the european club after being rejected by a slew of sides in his home country. it's been a dream start to the season for. the club currently set top of the russian premier league and at the summit of the europa league group but they're set for quite a challenge tonight. are away to liverpool in europe tournaments the russians have been in. just one loss in twenty one games in all competitions winning seventy
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three of those but three players have been ruled out for the. night former real madrid. fellow. made off giving hitting a selection headache but captain is expected to leave the line once again up front liverpool may twelfth domestically but hiddink is well aware the european giants have always done well on the continent troubles at home. although they're not in the top three at this moment. as we have experienced players they know they are going for this competition what i know as well to get through that in europe. and that makes them favorites another. let's talk tennis where a viral infection has forced the writter all of defending champion petra from the
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year ending w.-t. a championship in istanbul the czech has been replaced by world number nine some stores are. expediency you can have. yeah i mean i don't like to. send. me. up of a storming ahead in her quest for honors in turkey i just read from her latest record russian made it to. the hard courts aging the first seven five and was for it to dine in the second before battling back to also take it seventy five or. eighty five year old thus marching into the semifinals but. let's talk all fun to china where jamie dalton has sped out of the blocks at the b.m.w.
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masters the welshman securing a four shot lead following the opening round in shanghai the thirty six year old shooting a course record ten under par sixty two at lake lawler really hoping to keep up the chase for the ryder cup winning perve sweet peter hunt. francesco molinari six. while the top ranked rory mcilroy is right on their heels after posting a five on her sixty seven alongside the defending champion is another northern irishman michael hall spaniard who was in maria. i just played really well from start to finish hardly missed i think i missed one shoulder all day which is great. you know. the law puts today which sort of finished off well you know you can play well with a push don't go in the net you know it's not as good as school but we put it really well and he puts on the line and they all just seem to go in and they were golf moved to malaysia where american troy madison has not been a one shot lead after round one of the cia and b.
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classic in kuala lumpur. tiger woods he fired a five under sixty six the set three shots behind the current leader in joint seven place alongside its. of all their players going to ball or of india who carded a six under sixty six it's joint fifth with american tom gillis. formula siegel put in the seventeenth all in the twenty four year old very much in the. future master will continue to fly the ferrari flag next season the formula one team the serving this week to extend the brazilians contract for another year at least massa has been a ferrari man for the past six years his best finish coming in two thousand and eight when he finished second overall now i'm not. really looking forward to carry carry on with. it now. that's for eight. good result but also very. good temperature.
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but from the beginning. really looking for that. with. finally second chances these days are all too rare but for some of the world's most gifted. the opportunity to become a pro has come knocking again thanks to a major sports manufacturer robert downey and picks up the story. everyone's given the chance to get others wasted and that's what separates winners from losers. is the one who won the relaunched his football career. program to the youngsters from all over the globe without professional. earlier after a serious injury the eighteen year old had almost lost hope to return. i try to come back and join spark talk locomotive. schools but they weren't interested i was told i was too small they said to gain some weight and grow some
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muscles and then try again if they like my skills but fitness has always been a priority for them. jones gave him no show but he had to get through the local selection just one hundred out of one thousand from the russia met up in most skilled. and games watched in assessed by group coaches only four of them would be chosen to present their country at the world finals in barcelona. i went there for nothing less but the victory i spent so many years playing football my parents helped me as much as they could but a year ago my dad lost faith in me as a player that was my motivation i had to win. with a global final being held in barcelona that was definitely in my favor. i think i play a spanish style fast passing great vision good ball control that's my game and i
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think the coaches saw it in me training with the likes of the nest and must run bring his skills and show him and the top one hundred contenders from all over the world and proving he had the word takes to make it to the last sixteen. has already done that in style because our logic is no set to embark on a world tour early next year with the chance to be signed by one of europe's still clubs that stink but myself and my teammates trained with javier mascherano for a while frankly speaking i realize then even superstars were just human just like any of us and most of us could reach this level the gifted midfielder was once tonight by some coaches in russia but he proved it is a second chance now it's time to take it to the next level and i think russia will do very well of the twenty teams world cup especially if they pay more attention to young and talented players. has already learned one of the greatest lessons in life
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try not to waste the chances you are given and there will be very little to cheer. about but unknown our team. sport it always ends much too soon i'll see you in just under two hours time for more. eaves.
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police. say. nuclear file full of hides inside the. radioactive fallout of all government betrayal a government of laws and claude and claude and claude how can the truth be revealed if there's no official evidence there was indeed a very bright danger to the service make a search who will given no problem protection and to the people of this country
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generally because already like the full. the secrets of the u.k.'s nuclear tests exclaims to. wealthy british scientists. sometimes the time. markets why not scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our. magine assets that the phone watches show every single moment. and waiting for you to stumble.
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i saw a man with a video camera so i moved over and he phoned me. you know we realized that we're following everyone from early in the morning. the only chance to get rid of him. is to reveal him. to me. on our t.v. . news it sigrid laboratory makes him a curry was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which fortunately doesn't give
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a darn about anything tim's mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and world this is why you should care only on the dog.


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