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people have looked to harness the tide for electricity generation. a number of projects around the globe were proposed but were decried economic. time it looked as if the proponents of title power were fighting a losing battle but hundred sixty three the rance river brittany france blocked off to start construction on what would be the first industrial power station in the world in the process of a half million cubic metres of water were displaced seventy five construction site . twenty four term passive two hundred forty megawatts of this very day but the hefty price tag dampen enthusiasm for such plants in the country but that didn't deter others who knew it could be done better and more cheaply. today.
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but. i think it's safe to say. that was the driving force behind the. thirty eight. he had already played the idea of a power station. one instance while working on his
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thesis he travelled. home which is remarkable for the shores. despite the fact that it's up in the arctic circle more months it was already a well established and thriving port in the one nine hundred sixty s. . the industrial might for innovative engineering projects like baby. because of the. fluctuations in the water level as the tide rushes are more pronounced than otherwise would be the views can be breathtaking when the last ice age having stripped away the top layer sediment leaving mostly exposed. water. purposes the most ideal spot for the world's second title power plant was here. it was selected because it's. connected directly to the via an especially outlet
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compared with a concurrent competing project in france. much less invasive site prep was required. there was absolutely nothing nothing at all people thought were going about it. there was no way you can build a tidal power plant like you can and. perhaps the most important breakthrough was a revolutionary method of construction instead of blocking off the waterway entire powerhouse. greatly reduced environmental damage like that scene in france. arctic the climate proved to be another potential obstacle. we had to find a concrete composition that would survive such severe winters. and we managed to make concrete.
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that we had invented here that we developed. that is the core of the entire facility. so once the construction was complete they simply attaching joint pontoons filled the dock with water and tugs the whole complex to the chosen site along the way they took the opportunity to monitor how the structure fared in rough seas in total the trip from more months to mission just a hair under one hundred kilometers. an hour triumph.
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he had done this before everything went well he took us one day to transport the planes. to the underwater. this was a great success once we had done it we get universal recognition. in the decade since those accomplishments have withstood the test of time and have been adopted the world over the floating method has become an industry staple project engineers everywhere cut costs by as much as up to fifty percent and the station itself has also held up well against father time the original power house operated its entire useful life without problems or substance of repair and when engineers tested the state of the two thousand they found that the walls of the structure were in great shape even after nearly forty years of constant freezing and thawing of the arctic frigid waters. at the center of this russian engineering feat a french heart turbine with a rotatable propellers was the most complex and most exclusive part of the power
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plant it could generate electricity as the tide came in with water rushing into the blocked off as well as in reverse thanks to the special made blade system however most of agree that it's often better to just use in one direction because as the water rushes back out to sea it operates at ninety percent efficiency but only fifty percent in the other direction. we bought. us. from france it was about seven. but also very complex and expensive one of the units was equipped with a french german and the other one was left empty forty five years ago we had hoped that we would eventually make a turban of our own and so we did here it is an orthogonal turban. based on what's called a dairy is turbine and uses blade shape similar to airplane we. can vary in depends on the speed of the water goes of which way the water flows in the turbine spins in
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the same direction with no significant change in efficiency and after being tested out for a few years and eventually found its way into a brand new title power plant that was being added onto the existing structure. to produce a new turbine and powerhouse whose hydro turned to mush one of russia's leadership in submarine makers and a testament to the relative simplicity of the new voter system the whole complex complete with turbine generators was constructed in around six months as a factory just outside of the white city of hunger and in two thousand and six following as much fanfare that would normally accompany the launch of a new ocean liner the floating power plant made its maiden as well as final voyage to key. just like the original it was towed on pontoons into the bay instead of tearing down the existing structure they
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left it in place and simply attached. to the face of it which by the way had been made a monument to russian science and technology. outfitted with new digital equipment the original control room still remains the hub of human activities here surprisingly simple an actual operation. power plant can be. more than just a few workers. need. any machine. which can be mounted. in the process of converting mechanical energy tricity is rather straightforward as well get the turbine spinning it operates pretty much like all other power generation
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plants out there because of the. vertical shaft. of the turbine. to create electricity. construction. itself. to a passive one and a half. power. plant . produced so too was the generator. here engineers relied on a tried and true manufacturer to construct probably the second most important part of the station. electro machine building factory is one of the country's top makers and generators of all kinds including those special built for small and medium sized hydro electricity plants and then all of that experience prepping for the
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tidal power plant. the fact that it has to be floated out. particular challenges for design engineers. in the region of fifty to sixty tons these generators are far more likely to sink than swim when face to face with water. engineers decided. to trance. also developed. in japan. they were able to achieve an efficiency thirty percent. so they gave up working on such projects and went there with both and we picked it up when we changed the blade. as well as the section two. and today our turbans efficiency factor is as high as any
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the official ati application cellphone choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from ott such l.t.v. is not required to watch all its heat all you need is your mobile device to watch r.t. any time any. street . institute of structures is ready for the next.
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the roller. in the waters of the. tidal power station. five point. powerhouse. give it a total capacity of twelve however given that the powerhouse is a small part of the entire structure. by using the.
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project. three fold. power plants. crashes into the water. the rising forces air inside the. electricity. peak. and driving the turbine and creating a crystal. together to create more powerful. perhaps most interesting. title power plants blocks of place previously
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simple concrete retaining walls. at the institute. this is the. air driven turbine with a fan that generates an airstream pressure of up to eight pascals. the air rushes through a pressure air duct and into the turbine this is exactly the kind of turbine there will be installed on the new ground breaking russian wave power plant which scientific research institute of energy structure just finished developing. the term mine is connected to a thirty generator. here including pressure. sensors and turbine air speed sensors. their readings enable us to evaluate a turbines performance. we have an analysis center that collects all these data and studies them to find patterns and correlations. here's where the incoming data get
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analyzed all kinds of streams and their flow rotation speed even the temperature of various parts of the construction. they can monitor how the turbine performs under various conditions different speeds or alternating flows one thing they've noted is that because the turbine spins in the same direction regardless of the flow it's ideal for use in these water columns in which the direction of air can change rapidly of course there are other kinds of wave energy converters out there but these engineers are confident that they're designed for something that the others simply can't use to some power plants that are shaped like a snake but that's naik often gets carried away by the current. the installation is too heavy complex and difficult to secure with all the joints that serve to generate electricity. there are also hydraulic turbines that absorb and convert wave energy. but their design is way too intricate and leaves something to be
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desired. there are floating power stations but they also get carried away if there's. by and large humanity is constantly in search of whatever else it can. first we came up with a concept of an orthogonal turbine and then we successfully applied it in designing a way for our planet. and the groundwork for including such wave columns in future projects has already gotten started this past year alone hydro built a prototype up in more months it will produce electricity for the local grid as well as give the engineers back at the institute precious data to improve the next generation of ocean energy snatchers. could help. dealing with an inevitable draw tidal electricity stations. this is.
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ok proceeding. because they're. doing so. even if. a huge amount of electricity. since the tide only comes in and out twice a day all of its potential energy has to be harnessed in short bursts to help smooth out this and other peaks there is another type of hydro plant out there this one requires an artificial lake but relies on the natural power of gravity. pumps stored. energy right.
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hundred meters of. water drives the turbine electricity generated. take advantage of lower prices and pump the water back into the upper reservoir more often than not these plants are switched on to handle peaks and electricity demand in the morning and evening. they can also be used in tandem with. balanced approach to energy. pumped storage power. turbines each with a capacity of two hundred megawatts of generation mode and two hundred twenty megawatts and pumping about it was designed to regulate the energy balance in moscow region in neighboring areas in central russia the power plant was built back in the one nine hundred eighty s. in the one nine hundred ninety s. it did reach designed capacity in two thousand but is currently operates full power
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. this practice pumped storage power stations are normally placed in mountainous areas with greater water pressure european part of russia doesn't have the kind of terrain however still managed to set up a fairly efficient facility in spite of an average incline of around one hundred. stations efficiency factor is seventy four percent of all of the equipment here at the station is russian made including its turbines manufactured by power machines and its engine generator is produced by the general electric heavy engineering plant that's also part of the individual capacity of each turbine two hundred megawatts is quite powerful few pumped storage power plants in the world can boast that. as you just heard the workhorse of the whole plant is made by a company called power machines located in st petersburg they specialize in big powerful equipment like this giant ship propeller. gorst pump storage are being
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constructed at the company's metal factory which has been in operation for over one hundred fifty years over the decades is churned out around twenty seven hundred turbines with a total combined capacity of over three hundred gigawatts. the factories making four by directional turbines each of which can crank out two hundred ten megawatts those new turbines are needed because at present in moscow region there's a pressing need for new capacity. as a result lose hydro is pushing ahead with the second phase here this. is ok it is seven hundred fifty meters south of the existing facility design work started in two thousand and seven. and the first cement was poured in mid two thousand and eight as one of the biggest construction projects in russia at the moment something like sixty million cubic meters of earth to be moved is approaching the suez canal like for portions of the new expansion comes with a price tag of just over two billion dollars. this gives us
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a perfect overview of the current state of the construction site really. we can see how far along. in terms of completion of. the water ducts measure a seven and a half meters in diameter are made out of twenty individual sections the rebars welded together before their hold over to the main construction site or concrete is eventually for in the end two hundred thirty six cubic metres of water it will be able to burst through the pipes every second similar foreign facilities have chosen to use. a pipe made of metal is prone to so. when we were designing our power station it would not be considered employing such metal and even an underground conduit but in the end. economic and safety factors we decided to may not be the cheapest in comparison to those made out of metal it is one hundred percent. according to roos hydras plants the first two turbines will be in
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place by the end of two thousand and twelve while the third is slated for next year and the fourth in two thousand and fourteen and that really can't come soon enough with saying that moscow region alone could use an additional one and a half of spare capacity in fact in order to get the added waters are quickly as possible the structure of the messenger later or maybe part is taking place around the clock with five thousand people employed in three shifts generators will boost existing capacity by eight hundred forty megawatts one will reach that powerhouse by travelling eight hundred pipes the new roughly twelve million cubic meter pool is being built right next to the existing. one end of the. lower reservoir rather than build an entirely new one will be the fourth largest pump in the world it's obvious that if russia should make use of its immense potential for tidal power generation and put it into practice storage power plants would definitely come in
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handy particularly to compensate for tidal plants natural cyclical pattern. no together or separately these technologies are unlikely to save all of society's needs for electricity but they could soon play a growing role in completing the overall energy picture especially by adding stability to sometimes unreliable sources like solar and wind the most important of all the some of the greenest methods of power generation out there interestingly enough perhaps the only ones that don't depend on the sun in one way or the other only time will tell become more than just a nice application. for this edition of technology we'll see you next time and until then enjoy the ride.
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