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tv   [untitled]    October 29, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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for refusing to negotiate with. conflict. is the only way to stop the bloodshed. the protesters the islamic groups developing.
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a very warm welcome to you from all of us here in moscow. has caused chaos to the us presidential election with. voting disrupted but it's the economic storm over the last few years which is wiring the electorate. looks at criticism of the two major candidates. to the rich who are still hogging the wealth of the nation. as our. election coverage continues this week we turn our attention. now you must. accept. a land of opportunity where one can work hard and over time climb the proverbial economic ladder one year that myth was when occupy wall street activists camped out here in the park. nationwide grassroots movement
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protesting corporate greed wealth inequality and middle class today the fact is the us gap between rich and poor has never been wider and unprecedented amount of americans are sliding down the proverbial ladder while the top one percent earning an average annual income of twenty four million dollars not to bet on both horses running in the nation's biggest political race. it's the most expensive political playoff in u.s. history a competition for the country's most powerful position one of the things i suspect governor romney and i probably agree on is let's come back to something the president i agree on no matter who wins the two thousand and twelve election. america's ninety nine percent movement will be left with a one percent president regardless of who we vote for wall street wins i mean
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that's really one of the main messages is that when we're casting our bout we see that we have these corporations giving so much money to candidates and they can't be objective when it comes to the interests of the vast majority of. the bonus loving industry that ignited america's economic crisis real estate collapse job hemorrhage and foreclosure epidemic. is also on track to break campaign donation records for the two thousand and twelve presidential election each election cycle each four years that cost significantly more they did four years ago so running for president united states is now a half a billion dollar undertaking you need a half a billion dollars to credibly run for the president of united states and you're going to raise that from large corporations and wealthy individuals in the case of mitt romney wealth attracts wealth the republican candidate has a reported net worth of two hundred million dollars and according to the center for responsive politics the top eight financial contributors to romney's campaign are wall street banks. with employees from goldman sachs bank of america and morgan
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stanley rounding out the top three. this is the buy the moment changes come to america. in two thousand and eight barack obama became the largest beneficiary of wall street backing in u.s. election history. receiving more than forty two million dollars from the finance insurance and real estate sectors it's hard to believe that smart rational guys and big companies with huge research departments and a real understanding of the society are going to give that much money and expect nothing in return so their donation is probably not a charity since becoming president obama's justice department hasn't prosecuted one person in connection to the two thousand and eight financial collapse on the other hand top executives from j.p. morgan chase citigroup and general electric were recruited to work in the white house what we have cemented into place is a system of legalized bribery public elected officials arnason corporate employees
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you know the flagrant sort of corruption the ability of this small group of haitians class of corporate oligarchy to write the laws write the legislation create a two tiered system this alternately is going to implode according to a two thousand and twelve harris poll the majority of americans see wall street executives as dishonest and overpaid with an overwhelming amount of citizens in support of tougher regulation. and overhaul the occupy wall street movement began championing last year as millions of americans flooded the streets every day thousands facing brutal arrests. to protest wall street greed economic inequality and corporate influence over u.s. politics. that day as election day draws near occupy activists say both candidates have pander to their financial don't. and successfully ignored the biggest american
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grassroots movement to be seen in decades we see little difference between the two parties they're both basically imperialist parties and i think that one thing that i can really do is expose how the democratic system as we have it right now is basically a sham the political system is so broken in so many ways that the reason that we continue to come out in the streets and raise you know ring the alarm bells around economic injustice economic situation in our country is because you know people aren't doing their job millions of americans will soon be heading to the polls lacking support for either major candidate but voting against the one they liked least however with wall street successfully cementing strong ties to both presidential runners some may wonder if the winner of this election has already been declared hurry up or not i r t v our. coverage of the u.s. presidential campaign will continue on air and online all the way up to the vote
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you can stay with us here at our to as we explore some of the most overlooked and ignored aspects of the race. what lies ahead for our q will the movement mobilize calls for a new america who stands for the ninety nine percent us election is close god monday october twenty ninth on our t.v. thanks for joining us on arts who today russia's foreign minister says international powers should put more pressure on the warring sides in syria after the latest truce was wrecked after meeting the international envoy to syria right here in moscow so to get out for off the western states and regional players to engage with president assad you've got a person office been following the talks right here in the russian capital. even though it was supposed to last just four days the ceasefire in syria didn't work and now the question on everybody's lips is what happens next and both russia's foreign minister lavrov and special envoy brahimi are placing their bets on this an
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even communique which was signed by wall power center by just both sides of the conflict in syria to simultaneously put their weapons down and also for equal pressure to be applied on both of them from the outside but according to russia's foreign minister far from all countries which signed this agreement back in geneva are playing by the rules that i see in the in the let's say you'd used russia is probably the only country along those that took part in the geneva talks on the thirtieth of june which negotiates regularly with all sides in the syrian conflict the government and all opposition groups with no exceptions we expect our western partners and partners in the region to do the siege they should get used to the idea that without dialogue with the syrian government virtually nothing can be achieved and this is currently a major problem in moving towards a political process in syria internal special envoy brahimi said he is sorry that the ceasefire plan didn't work it was negotiated to take place during the course of
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the feast of sacrifice was supposed to end today but was in fact broken right on the first day with a deadly blast in damascus then violence continued in different parts of the country throughout the weekend and was told by another deadly explosion in damascus on monday and russia's foreign minister says that with these provocations taking place the syrian government is also making disproportionate responses so mr brahimi is facing a very tough task of finding some sort of a diplomatic solution and more importantly making it work he himself says that your level of distrust between the two sides of a conflict in syria is so high right now it won't even when they begin discussing some sort of obligations each one expects automatically the other one to break its promises. reporting and ken stone from the hamilton coalition to stop the war he says the repercussions from the international community's failure to help me with this peace plan will be disastrous and not just
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for syria. his mandate is to bring about peaceful negotiated political solution to the crisis in syria and if he thought he was in this mission what we were looking at is another mid-east war which would be a catastrophe for the people of syria jordan lebanon iraq iran and many other countries and of russia and china are dragging on the one side and the us and nato are dragging on the other it could be a catastrophe for all of humanity so there's a lot riding on his efforts to achieve a political solution. here watching r.t. and still ahead for you in this hour there's more pain ahead for a struggling greece south and struggles to pass reform as it needs to get another cash injection its creditors are planning to request even more sacrifices. must be prepared and get out of the way america's east coast braces for the onslaught of hurricane sandy. now thanks that's the reaction of
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residents in east london to europe's largest mosque being planned for their backyard it will be right next to the olympic site as r.t. as polly boy found out is not only the sheer size but the islamic group developing it but they're worried about. four times bigger than some paul's cathedral a mega mosque that will fit ten thousand people and it could be coming to london's east end if it gets the go ahead it's built the river in center will be the same size as london's looming but as a promise station it would also be the biggest place of worship in the u.k. of any religion but critics have slammed the proposal saying that it would create a muslim pastor in the forces that are still working to bring the largest mosque the u.k. has ever seen into reality revered architects planning consultants and glitzy p.r. teams all paid for by the organization behind the idea to matt
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a group that's causing significant concern this is a return beat him out of all the islamic groups has created ghettos over in toronto you know and kind of right there around the world is a huge group and wherever they go they create barriers they create hostility they create division they create separatism whether it's unassuming name the riverine centers website claims there's a demand for a new muslim place of worship in culturally diverse east london not that they're happy to talk about it it's representatives refused to speak to us when we approach the proposed site home to their current mosque it does not want to integrate the grounds on which search trying to set up here in britain and a big way and to be british they are going to western but actually they're also anti worldly they're also worldly but this is not just going to be a mosque this is going to be
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a center of training in which to reach out to islam is muslims to harden up and maybe even lies the islam of ordinary muslims in this country and i mean so many muslims don't want that the problem here is that. muslims themselves are opposing this mosque more on the grounds that they don't want to worship their god but on the grounds that women aren't allowed the local population of muslim population has no on the side in how the mosque itself is governed or the local authority would say to us as. a planning application as this is currently being it would be inappropriate. at this stage in many ways if this went ahead to be like a tipping point. there be no stopping fundamentalist islam if this one goes up well if that happens we all need to leave the country over the last one out please turn the lights off while the council ponders campaigners here of all religions say they
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hope the decision makers choose carefully just today let's set up shop in the british capital. r t east london and a lot more news to come your way after a short break stay with us here out. horses and bayonets big bird these are the words of internet legend from the two thousand and twelve presidential debates when a candidate says something dumb or odd to so much fun to make silly pictures like these on the internet ho ho hee hee but the problem is that the person who wins the bait is the one who makes the best argument not he who doesn't make a verbal slip ups people react to these debates like schoolgirls picking prom queen
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or rummy talked about big bird who howard dean screamed yeah gaffes don't matter that much it matters if the ideas the candidates present are effective or not but more importantly it matters if they will actually do them if a future can't they proposed a brilliant economic plan that could save america but instead of saying pennies let the word penis slip our gossip celebrity culture would make him lose the election for sure his opponents army of photoshop are sort of hundreds of copper fellas is drawn all over the internet by the next day a schoolgirl attitude towards politics won't do anything except make fun internet means but that's just my opinion.
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technology innovation. if you walk into the program. greece it will have to another one hundred fifty economic reforms to please its international creditors that's according to a live report from. talks with the troika over the crucial austerity package it
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would need to be saved. by mid november. the editor in chief of trends business magazine says there is no chance. at the money it needs at the same time. it's one of two things you have to accept the fact that you will lose sovereignty. or you will have major problems of the continuity of this monetary union so if you need money if you're in this would call to you like greece is it's in the vital mode that those who lend you the money starts interfering with your policies so it may sound a little brutal or maybe a little bit undemocratic but that's the way things work if you really are in need of that much money for that long period of time it's in a vital that you give up some of your server or anything and as a matter of fact to make this monetary union work in a structural and durable way every state involved in this eurozone in this monitor
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you will have to accept this principle. and it's greeks get even more frustrated over how the government is handling the economic troubles another scandal is flaring up over its failure to go after tax dodgers police have now arrested a journalist who published a list of the country's political and business elite holding swiss bank accounts regarded as potential tax evaders professor of economics i guess but fuck it says politicians are reluctant to investigate because of their own personal involvement . a leading. really to investigate it bordering greece has been arrested for effectively selling the public interest that the vast majority of the elation fear. politicians use are simply. keen to expose the network of court action which in was glad to
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extend good politicians and businessmen for fifty years during this crisis with these being imposed upon the vast majority of workers who'll have no old alternative but to pay their tax politicians of major it's one thing moralizing figures out that we can members of fix or say saying oh you have not been a good x. you've been back to this is why it's after that it will state to now that the do this coming out of their tax evasion and about the fact that tax evasion is again played fairly skillfully bay that it should and as it has been happening for the last thirty or forty years now live to be really keen to be idle in the face of such a list. well i do bear in mind you can always a dot com to find out more stories pictures and analysis also catch up on anything you might have missed on air let's see what one of you there for this hour. should
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all the fans of one u.s. baseball team francisco upside down after the team snatches a last ditch victory of those pictures and details that are to dot com. the golden mystery of russian cargo ship vanishes a c. . one hundred tons of pressure all the other vessels and aircraft are searching the waters at this point no sign of wreckage of any missing crew. six twenty pm on monday here in moscow vote counting is underway after ukraine's parliamentary election with half the ballots counted the ruling party leads but opposition parties have more votes in total and that could at the end of the day present some problems for the president. and the balance of power could actually lie with a former boxing champion turned politician and where he decides to put his party's weight reporting from kiev. the future of ukraine's parliament still looks
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pretty much uncertain as it stands the ruling party along with the communists are winning this election with the majority of the votes but the exit poll results which came out late on sunday suggested that the opposition parties may be gaining some kind of advantage in the future parliament and in that case things would be looking very grim for the ruling party and for the current president victory on the college because the opposition has been saying all along that it would impeach the president should it get a majority in parliament and why in one way or another still the biggest intrigue in the future parliament is who the former boxer the former heavyweight champion of the world. will be joining in an alliance in the case that the ruling party does not get a complete majority in parliament that it will be will be the decisive figure if he decides to join the alliance of the opposition parties which are already signed an agreement to join you in the coalition in the future parliament things would go
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would go in a very much unpredictable scenario in the ukraine the parliament voting itself according to the domestic and international observers have been more or less free of any major force if occasions certainly we are waiting for the official results to come out from the central action commission of ukraine but that may take several days and we have suspecting the final results to come out not earlier than wednesday this week and will certainly be bringing all the latest updates and all the latest results on the grace parliamentary election as we get them. straight to ankara now to kick off the artsy world update where police used tear gas water cannons to disperse many protesters who have been celebrating the founding of the turkish republic demonstrators were stopped as they tried to commemorate. the founder of the state and many they're worried that it's currently on a shift towards increasingly islamic policies the rally was banned by the government but citizens refused. the most recent storm headed for america forced president obama to warn the danger is very serious about hurricane
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that of sandy has already killed sixty five in the caribbean and it's tearing towards the east coast new jersey has been evacuated thousands of flights have been canceled and the subway in new york has been shut down. let's get some business here on the would be joining marina in just a moment. question is that so much about the taxpayers' money maintaining it is a charade everybody people at area how much of a union is it growing separatist movements in europe challenge many conventional wisdom probable zation the nature of state sovereignty.
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wealthy british style roads american president on the rise. in the. markets finance scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds a report on our. motion to be soo much brighter if you knew about someone from feinstein christians . whose friends don't talk t.v. don't come. to least be told language.
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programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on all t.v. reporting from the world's hot spots seventy ip interviews intriguing stories for you to. see been trying. to find out more visit our big all tito. hello and welcome to business here on our we start with the fact that trading has been suspended up both the new york stock exchange and the nasdaq as a precautionary measure because of hurricane sandy now this is expected to cost a lot of people and a lot of money in particular insurance companies and we'll take a look at that in
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a second but first let's discuss this and more in detail and see what it entails when all of this will affect the working pattern of some sixty million people in and around new york city and this is the first time this happened since the september eleventh terrorist attacks and we're talking about trade being counseled sandbags in the hats and to try to limit the damages that are expected and it's not just traders that are staying clear who just days now before the presidential elections barack obama and mitt romney have been forced to cancel costly campaign events in the city well as i said there is someone who will be paying for that and that is european insurance companies and it was like a lot of markets was to that it's a c.e.o. of greg and they are taken a major head because the damages that are expected to be very costly now a quick look at currencies and see where the euro dollar every rubles stand while the trade in session is still go and we know that the euro is weakening against the u.s. dollar when it comes to the russian ruble it is losing to the currency basket the
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sour russian markets are really a reflection of what we've seen across the board and that is as you write a message has the know how to make big moves and the citizens because we don't know what will happen with hurricane sandy in new york city the r.t.s. and the setting roughly a half a percent there as you can see now it will go back and talk about the euro zone and instead stricken members that. we know that everyone is always looking to germany for help by germany itself may be having some issues and we know that for the first time ever it has a looking and checking up of its gold reserves abroad the maria flush has worn this germany owns the world's second biggest gold reserves with a total of thirty four hundred tons worth billions of euros after the second world war the country's infrastructure wasn't up till and with such a valuable hole of gold bars and then at the time of the cold war the fear was that it would be too risky to keep it right next to the hammer of the r. and curtain but today both arguments are equally outdated second world war is
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a distant memory while more than twenty years have already passed since the fall of the berlin wall and germany's gold is still where it's been all alone in recent tweet germany's own federal all jews in the middest the gold's never been physically checked by the bank the banks heed banks saying they can be no doubt in the security of foreign deposits sites but some experts here in germany see the country's become a victim of its good relations with the u.s. dairy not to rock the boat and ask questions in case of choose a lack of trust and take some of the golden shine off their friendship so no one here in germany can really be sure that the country responsible for bailing out its neighbors can bail out itself refreshen r.t. from frankfurt in germany and that's how business looks this hour about staying with economics coming up shortly here on artsy we speak to political analyst sociologist jack goldstone and we'll hear his thoughts on the war europe and the us
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should do to return to a path of financial growth to stay with us. jack goldstone a us writer around sociologist specializing in many things including global population trends and also the cultural origins of economic growth it's great to have you with us here today thank you now even before the euro inception some skeptics were coming out and putting our arguments on why the euro wouldn't function and decides to economic arguments to were also saying the cultural differences were the huge problem between the different you states saying that labor habits are different spending and saving practices are different and many other reasons so how much of all of this.


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