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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2012 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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scraps of. good sound sports bring both great success and great. athletes break their backs to pick out the best put aside their entire lives but a single accident can make all the effort go down the great two years ago a promising russian bobsled a real school of thought was terribly injured during a european cup training session she nearly a lost soul that went through numerous surgeries but she's getting better at is a lot of hearing so what does it take not to lose heart with such a tragedy and start from scratch when you were almost the third we're asking here a girl herself to deal with what. it really was at the very beginning of how professional can really emotionally racing when her life was turned upside down at a two thousand and nine train running germany above i did with another due to
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a mistake by a track to see show when her team was cleared to start despite the privilege of red lights being on irina suffering here if injuries whose multiple fractures to her hips and back german doctors fought to save her life in the show and plan to amputate her leg but eventually managed to save it now was kept in an induced coma from nearly two months after the accident she has undergone numerous operations and her rehabilitation is not yet complete the young athletes story evoked a huge public response money for eeriness recovery was raised both in russia and enjoy many doctors call her rehabilitation mirek us a one in one hundred case they german bobsled referee who wrongfully okayed her does sound was fined three thousand six hundred euro the legal battle for compensation still goes on even. story made. seem sure runs
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a hot topic in russia and media contained brought her plight to the nation and the medical costs were eventually paid but not every injured athlete gets such attention and public support. a welcome to our program hello. yeah well first of all let's start with the latest development school. are you happy with the court's ruling in the case peterhead want to be the buyer who was responsible for your accident. to follow are you planning to finalize your current score dealings in germany. that's just still going on the trial is over does not appear to hell and several other people who were in the cabin were found guilty now we're engaged in
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a civil litigation over financial compensation. i don't know how long that will take this has been going on for a body year. or so. does not admit that it was his fault and i think you haven't received any compensation yet. he has he did not admit his fault and he build a verdict the court found him guilty but i haven't received any compensation from germany yet you're an amazing person i read in one of your recent interviews that you don't even expect him to apologize it was only important for you back when your situation was so bad whereas today it doesn't matter to you anymore. that's right i wanted him to apologize back then and no i don't need it anymore what good would it be was it more important for you to get your money. why did you taken to court then because my entire life was ruined and i can no longer live a purple life i cannot do. things healthy people can. principle for you primarily
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not exactly. i mean it is their fault and they have to pay for it. what it's like to be in a situation like this. whether you'll have enough money for another or another rehab course. it has been like. today i have enough money for a warrant or maybe termer surgeries but there are still a number of plastic surgeries that i have to undergo this is basically a why i have sued the german organizers because i need money for surgeries i can't remain for the rest of my life because of. how hard is your situation what can you expect do you have something or someone in your life. insurance companies. family friends who has been your main support. so far i've been able to rely on
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myself my family and friends as fathers will see as for others it's been different . he insists he had the right. the red light because she did go in the red light. right why then does he insist that he had the right to ignore it's just this mean that there is something in the rules that needs to be fixed or is it simply untrue . their rules make it very clear that he cannot go on their bad light but he says that on that day all the crews were gone and their bad lawit. people down the slope would just tell them on a radio that the next crew could. i don't know if it's true. remember it. that means the whole truck was basically in a mess. to fix the light instead of using the radio.
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the first surgeries were successful. but. an account was also opened in germany by the german federation. so anyone in europe could donate for my surgery. they did how much money did you get. twenty thousand euros. the money donated. to the count in germany. there was no charity involved just so fund accounts in germany and in russia my story was in the media and people just genuinely wanted to help what gave ten
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roubles some gave one hundred gave more they just gave what they could. or was it mostly poor people. i didn't really get into that how much each person gave. confusing. she closed the account with modern nations and took my manya wish i had no right to do and that was the end of it you know we complained to the persecution service and after persecutor stuck to her she returned the money. so she did give him money so was it just as. she said she took the money for her work. for his six thousand euros which i don't know what it was for because russia had paid her ten thousand euros. she was
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a friend of our team. so she works. i guess you could say that she came to defend you and then. she said i want her twenty thousand more and then you spent a year in court trying to get your money back you know we didn't go to court we just filed a complaint with the persecution service and persecutors talk to her works as a lawyer as if everything is all right. does try to explain that it wasn't right first of all there were a lot of mistakes in her bills she would put in things she didn't do and hours she didn't work. and there were men your things she didn't do for instance she didn't tell me it that the hearing in the criminal cord taken place she kept me in the dark and i did not receive any information from her. but she
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sent me a bill for four to six thousand euros. how can you. know just. goes on with her work. the young. and you say you don't need it. how can you carry on. i can't afford to waste my life and my strange touring about such things. it's not worth it. even justice. i believe it's fifty fifty you either believe it or you don't it all depends on the people the situation and the circumstances. are you saying. that if you want something it will happen the way you wanted. basically yes but then again public official who do you think will win.
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how do you think we can ensure a better environment for people in a situation like yours. perhaps we need insurances or something like that a bit ahead of the first of all there should be something in a lawyer. are a lot does not say anything about that for instance size hockey players have huge insurances if something happens to a player his family knows that there will be enough money for medical treatment and . but we don't have it apart from the scores were big money is involved don't have it. if you suffer an injury they just tell you goodbye and you're on your own health insurance companies would benefit from it business is very profitable why don't they work with athletes everybody wants to get more by paying less. you think that russian sports officials save money. but it's
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really hook up with bullshit they don't want to pay the. money. there's a difference in russia people don't have this concept of investing enough plates most athletes have to invest their own money and you don't get much in return it's different of course with a well paid athletes but if you don't get anything i think in addition to individual donations he also received money from the moscow government i did. sponsor. that's right germany was supposed to pay this debt but the russian government paid it and i'm very grateful for the whole says. former russian. spotlight back shortly after the break so stay with.
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us. government no longer represents the. people who are going to take the term. traditional. the way our economic system. the.
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world. technology innovation all the list of elements around russia we've got the future covered.
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two parties keep us politics a one way street thank you will new voices disrupt the power power. but if america changes tracks us election close god monday november fifth on our team. welcome back to spotlight and just to remind you that my guest on the show today is . former russian bobsledder and a bop team racer and she as she calls her. apart from having your court case
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pending in germany and you're also planning to continue undergoing medical treatment in that country i mean well you know what anybody in the media who has a story would mention to miracle. was performed by the german surgeon saved a girl who was supposed to lose her leg and then most likely die anyway he managed to save your leg and your life i mean. the other medical epeat of the medics say. actually. rather than anybody can make their own miracles certainly the german doctors did an extraordinary job saving my life and crucially my leg and practically piecing me back together which was extremely difficult the doctor personally told me their
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odds of survival with such a trauma are one in one hundred i was told i would be a bond for the rest of my life well i'm recovering gradually. i think there's always a chance one chance at least. yes i'll do my best to use it but how some of that become possible will depend upon how my rehabilitation goes. into a regimen rehabilitation is a process i need to consume and that is sometimes a problem. my whole body in fact this will indeed be mainly plastic surgery but if possible there will also be some rehabilitation that.
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they were always. my mother was with me all the time until we came back to russia my brother flew into germany as well but he left two days before he came out of corner he came one more time a while later and that's it my other family member stayed in moscow. but my friends also came to germany carving out one day in their busy schedules to support me and pass some greetings from russia. that everybody gets to deal with such as yours all by themselves. or are you always. well my family has always been there for me and of course there are also times when i just want to be left alone cry a little and reflect on things otherwise there have always been friends and
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relatives there on to me to talk and to support me so no i wasn't deserted or cast away because of becoming disabled. in a car or. as it was. for making you what you are maybe hates. oh no i love sports and i'd love to continue my career in bobsled had i not sustain such series injuries i still watch bobsled events and follow my friends careers. maybe it's thanks to the sport that i'm here today. young people may dream of winning medals money and quarry from professional sport but even for those with the talent and dedication it could all go wrong in an instant spotlights little jimmy there has wore. the triumph and disaster over life in sport in his team. you know was the tourists in one
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championship after. them while training for the one thousand eight alembics she was simply injured and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life she died six years ago however trade you can move in a story has not turned people away from pushing themselves to the limit just recently the world lost two canadians two years both with twenty nine sarah burke in training and the exact reach each year in the race itself survivors of terrible injuries often become companions for the rights of disabled sports people like china saying lang she broke her neck in one thousand nine hundred eight while competing at the goodwill games the incident left her in the will chair she used the chinese national gymnastics team for abandoning her after she was paralyzed sure also filed a lawsuit against the organizers of the games. while on one hand our top athletes are struggling to win gold man also
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a great number of athletes just because we don't have a good insurance system having difficulties to find a job and to make a living let alone those who have injuries that in russia it was in. case which provoked public debate over the fate of the injured fleet there have been even calls for free medical care for life for old spodes people after all they represent their country so the country should take care of them if disaster strikes meanwhile the fate of injured after it's often depends on the amount of media coverage they cases get. to help. nobody to help them. i'm thinking. my case has been. well other people get in similar situations and often face obscurity while there are many charity. work for athletes is it merely an idea
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you're entertaining at the moment or are there any specific arrangements already there's been nothing specific here and i'm only thinking about it i really love to set up a foundation like that i'm new to this so i don't know whether it will work or not there are many charities in russia but none that deal specifically with athletes and especially with cases of severe trauma like that honestly i would really like to help. other words you want to help by using your case your experience and your popularity. do you just want to get people together to join. the. people. everybody has to muddle through on their own you see i think i can not only encourage people to organize but also bring in my publicity to attract more attention and make it easier to find sponsors it is easier to promote your agenda and get people to support you when you're
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someone the public knows about that is why it would be most efficient to do both. a survey exclusively for fundraising or would it have to push. someone. to raise money to assist injured death rates but it would also deal with the underlying issues such as why they were left penniless in the first place and what should be done about it. the root cause is indifference on the part of bureaucracy are negligent executives. that they have. possibly another country. but it's a common thing that athletes are considered valuable as long as they score good results once you've had a bad accident you're no longer valid. and if that's why would anyone want to sponsor. a foundation i'm contemplating what goes provide subsistence for the disabled and support the athletes who have not been injured themselves but do run
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the slightest risk of an injury in their sporting careers. exactly that could include insurance pensions bonuses covering surgery costs of necessary. which a can have so that people wouldn't have to feel desperate and beg officials for help. i have been offered to host a small t.v. show with people who had to resume their lives from scratch. like a road accident whatever when a person has to start over all the telling about such people and how they have not lost their heart and are models to examples from. experience and i hope to get it. so far my experience is not an.
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experience with. the hardships. disabled people. experience. nothing much has changed since about ten years ago. closer look at the topic so i could use to be there are still little to no ramps there are still hard curbs in steps no special evaders our situation remains very challenging i recalled. a metro station. but not use it is intact there are steps everywhere besides that to talk to people with disabilities difference here than in europe this is very interesting you have mentioned. have always toiled for the country. and. the attitude towards the disabled in this country was that so it's not that bad.
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to the disabled as you say it's not bad but i would say they find it odd everyone has always thought it is normal for the disease to sit at home or not to go out so it's as if there are non of them everything is provided the disabled go out and leave an ordinary life they are worse here nothing is made. suitable for them and you can hardly see them in a street so when all of a sudden a disabled person shows up other people start staring which is very unpleasant i don't mean it's everywhere this way but many behave like keepers so i don't mean that there is an overwhelmingly bad attitude to the disabled when it even comes to humiliation but there will always be one of a hundred who will say something nasty their unpleasant glares which show you a young and beautiful lady find it very unpleasant to feel such attention this one is still like that it's not nice and not pleasant but should be broken it must also
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be part of that show you go to the dentist yes sure this show will make public aware that besides healthy people there are also those who are slightly different but it's normal abroad to call them people with limited abilities not the disease abled as they're usually adopt here in other contrie such people attend regular schools and have jobs like anyone else whereas in our country such people don't even attend schools but to get tutored at home as a result desirable children grow up without being fully aware of who they really are. there's been dozens and dozens of guests here in the studio believe me you'll be perfectly all right thank you but thank you for being with us but just to remind you that my guest today was. a former russian bachelor and that's it for the upper wall street spotlight we'll be back with more for their comments on what's going on in and outside russia until then they are to. take. a.
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